The Chukchi – A Glimpse into An Ancient Past?

Mike: Are the Chukchi actually Paleomongoloids?

Actually, I believe that they are Ancient NE Asians. This race lived from 10-20,000 YBP and gave strong inputs to NE Asians and also most Caucasians, even Europeans. The race seemed to have characteristics similar to what a precursor to the Caucasian and NE Asian races would look like.

The bizarre thing about Chukchis is that on autosomal DNA charts, they are actually all the way over into the Caucasian square! Just barely, but they are there all right. I tell this to people, and they flip out and say, “But they look Asian!” Indeed they do. It is with races like the Chukchis where racial terms like “Caucasian” and “Asian” lose their meaning. I believe that the Chukchi are ancient proto-Caucasian-NE Asians.

Another group that may well be remnants of the Ancient NE Asians may be the Ainu, but they only showed up 14,000 YBP, and by that time, the Ancient Northeast Race was well underway. However, the Ainuid types seem to have spread out quite a bit. Remains from Northern China from 9,000 YBP appear Ainuid. Ainuid or Australoid types were the first people to come to the Americas. There are a few tribes left who seem to be the remnants of these ancient people. One was an extinct tribe in Baja California called the Guaycuru. I am thinking that the Gilyak may also be part of this ancient race. In phenotype, the Gilyak look more Japanese to me than anything else.

The Ancient NE Asian Race may well have been an Australoid type race. Australoid inputs were significant in the formation of the Caucasoid race. An ancient Caucasoid skull from Southern Russia from 33,000 YBP has been classed “Australoid” based on skull type.

The Australoids were in a sense the original Out of Africa people. Yes, they are primitive, sure, but do you think our most ancient ancestors, the OOA people from 70,000 YBP, were not primitive?


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9 responses to “The Chukchi – A Glimpse into An Ancient Past?

  1. Jm8

    “The bizarre thing about Chukchis is that on autosomal DNA charts, they are actually all the way over into the Caucasian square! ”

    Are you sure about that? It seems hard to believe. They certainly do look Asian, and they seem to be fairly close to Native Americans (and certain other North Siberian/Siberian-like N. E Asians), who all tend to plot closer to Asians, (though they are all, as you say,—mostly at least—offshoots of early proto-mongoloids who were not so sharply differentiated yet from early West Eurasians—not yet so diverged, and they likey have some remnant Caucasoid-like affinities lost in other Asians also). I believe Ainus plot autosomally as closest to Asians (as a unique offshoot of very early proto-Asians), despite their distinct sometimes oddly racially ambiguious, often quasi-Australoid, proto-mongoloid range of looks.

  2. Jm8

    “”…they are actually all the way over into the Caucasian square!”
    Are you sure. What is the source for that? It seems hard to believe.”

  3. Actually I’ve heard it stated they are thought to be Native American tribes who did not enter North America.

  4. Mike

    So are Chuckchis rather caucasoid-neomongoloid transitionals?

    • Perhaps you could see them that way, but I would rather see them as Proto-Caucasoid-Mongoloids. They were the precursors to the Neomongoloids that initially appeared in Northern China and to the more modern Caucasoids such as Europids, Indids, Arabids, Armenids, Iranids, etc.

  5. MIKE Inuit and some Native American tribes still live in the far East of Siberia.

    Inuit could be considered “transnational”.

  6. Mike

    Do you mean the very ancient people are progressive?

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