Yes, “Soft” Bad Boys Exist in the US

Jose: Here this kind of androgyne or quasi androgyne “bad boys” maybe exist in some little circles, like between goths or something like these. Because there is no place for them being seen as “bad boys” if are quite feminine. Real “bad boys” will kick their asses. A punk, skater, hip hopper, etc., can be accepted as bad boys (according to their behavior obviously). But not effeminate men. They will be mocked, and common “quiet” men will not take them as “bad”.

If a quite effeminate men have wild behavior, at some point, they moment will have to change their feminine side or hide it because he will have problems every day if he deals with “bad boys”. He will be mocked and attacked.

For being a thug you have to act like if you were in jail or something like this. Dress is not so important, as long as you don’t dress effeminate (this can carry many problems).

In other Latin American countries probably this goes much deeper. Something dressed like Marylin Manson or David Bowie pretending being bad (even if is bad) can’t walk quiet in the street with that attitude. It have to “accept” the mocking and be taken as a “faggot”. I think in Paraguay or even little cities of my region of Argentina if someone is like this, people will not be quiet even in a normal neighborhood. Normal people will mock someone like this, not only “bad boys”. Not to mention in working-class places or some towns that are quasi-rural and people that live there are entirely from working-class and lower-class.

In big cities it’s different because people are accustomed to see “rare” persons like that.

Effeminate and feminine are not the same thing. Effeminate means acting like a woman. Here in the US, mostly only homosexual men act truly effeminate. This is the sort of “faggoty” behavior seen in ~75% of gay men. But effeminate straight men are quite rare. I would be surprised in 1% of straight men are effeminate.

These guys were not really feminine at all, but they do have a soft side. The guys I knew were pretty bad. They were juvenile delinquents, drug dealers, surfers and they stole things like ten speeds and marijuana plants. They were almost like gang or street kids. But they were masculine enough that no one would ever want to fight them. It’s just that you could see a feminine side going in a lot of them. In the US we have quite a few men who have a very strong masculine side and then they have a pretty strong feminine side going too. As long as they have that good strong masculine side going, no will fight them or even mess with them. I knew some guys like this who were criminals! One guy was a huge drug dealer in San Fransisco. He kept his cocaine in one house, lived in another house, and I forget what the 3rd house was for.

You are confusing effeminate and feminine. Effeminate means acting like a woman. Feminine is just a soft sort of guy. But a lot of White men have hard and soft going at the same time because you can do that in our culture. As long as people can see that masculine side, no one cares about the soft stuff. It sort of becomes invisible. Plus if you have a strong enough masculine side going, most men just leave you alone, don’t challenge you, don’t mock you or make fun of you, and don’t start fights with you.

I live in what is almost a ghetto. It’s a barrio. But no one ever starts one single thing with me here. No one bugs me, starts fights with me, or even insults me. But I have a strong masculine side, and I get into it in this hood, and a lot of people have told me I look scary. One advantage to looking scary is that most people pretty much leave you alone and don’t fuck with you.

This why I doubt Trash’s comments that a White man will get his ass kicked or robbed for sure in this type of neighborhood.

But in US White society, you do not have to be macho or hypermasculine like in Latin American society. Here in the US a soft man can be a bad boy or even a criminal. For instance, I get called bad boy quite a bit. People see me in a store or something, and they start laughing and say, “Hey there, bad boy!” Or I will be talking to a woman and I give her one of my million dollar smiles and she starts laughing and says, “Ohhhh, you’re a bad boy!” And I am a pretty damn soft guy. But somehow I give off a bad boy vibe somehow.

Here in US White society, a bad boy is any sort of rebel who looks like he doesn’t play by the rules and has a sort of devilish air about him. Macho or hypermasculine behavior is not necessary anymore.

I used to wear men’s kimonos! I wore these things called short kimonos. It is actually Japanese men’s wear. You wear it over a shirt and pants. A lot of guys did hate it when I wore that. I would see guys who looked like they wanted to beat me up when they saw me wear that. But nothing ever happened. Plus women loved it when I wore that kimono. They went nuts over that thing, while the guys acted like I was wearing a dress and they wanted to beat me up.

But at that time, I was also a punk rocker with a permanent scowl who wore lots of leather and spikes. A lot of people acted like they were afraid of me, and usually nobody started anything.


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20 responses to “Yes, “Soft” Bad Boys Exist in the US

  1. Santoculto

    ”This is the sort of “faggoty” behavior seen in ~75% of gay men”

    Most homossexuals i know are not effeminate. They look ”normal”.

    • Here in the US, probably 75% of gay men you meet are obviously effeminate in behavior in at least some way. Effeminate means acting like a woman. And you hardly ever see straight men engaging in this faggoty effeminate behavior. There are a few, but it quite rare. Many straight men are FEMININE, but few are effeminate. People cannot seem to handle this difference for some reason. And some of those who are not effeminate are very wimpy to extremely wimpy. The straight acting gay are often quite soft and resemble many feminine straight men.

  2. ROBERT It is the “bad boys” who end up taking it up the anus from society, from the government, from the rest of the world.

    They lack the educational qualifications to belong to the 1% and are out with the left because they are too crude and rough.

    Sure, they seem hard as hell at 16 and 6 foot 1, 210 pounds.

    But they are the ones who end up pleading for the “jobs to come back”. The dorks move on to bigger and better things in other places for better pay.

    They are at the mercy of the socioeconomic whims of fate, for the most part.

    So who is soft for being at the mercy of society?

    • Jason Y

      Bad boys, in reality, are often the wimps. They won’t work hard in school, while the people they hold in scorn are breaking their back. I mean think about it, all the macho jobs that bad boys love, well, they’re not hard to do. Any dumbo can turn on a chainsaw for instance. Next, these bad boys want praise for being “The Working Man”, “The True American”.

  3. Jason Y

    Actually I suspect feminine behavior is ignored by most guys, even some of the worst homophobes, however, running your mouth and cheating people is not. Of course, sometimes it’s impossible not to cheat others, as in South Korea where they hire anyone (for ESL jobs) with a college degree and provide inadequate resources and training for dealing with students who will not speak to you.

    Anyhow, finally, I think race is a bigger deal in most places, then feminine behavior, despite what many claim on both the left and right. The world and even the US is not post-racial or post-national, not by a long shot.

    • Jason Y

      Again, I feel like those on Facebook running their mouth will have a day of reckoning, depending on how soon it is to the situation where they become “a fish out of water” or “or become the crocodile leaving the swamp”. Perhaps, they are really are the big cowards I think they are, they might hide away even to their death in the redneck boonies, or some inner-city ghetto, or beatnik area of Seattle or Nashville, wherever.

    • Jason Y

      Case in point about running your mouth. This black lady is on Facebook and runs her mouth with anti-whitey rhetoric day and night (true story), but she lives in Atlanta. However 😆 She used to live where I live, KKK-land. Now, note, she moved before social media became really big.

      Of course, it’s a 99 percent certainly if she lived now where she used to live, then she would be harassed beyond imagination. It would be another hate crime story making national news, OR she would be a coward and she wouldn’t say how she really feels on social media.

      I know, Because at one point, I was saying liberal stuff on Facebook, and ironically, what I was saying was simple stuff compared to what she says.

      • Jason Y

        Another case in point, a Cherokee Indian lady with anti-whitey rhetoric, but lives near North Carolina. If she lived here, people would start stuff with almost absolute certainty.

      • JASON 90% of Americans despise one another and if none of us were “cowards” then I suppose there would be civil war.

        People in the Flyover Land know that people in the Northeast states or on the West Coast think they are.

        Jews hold white Christians in contempt for being less intelligent and Christians despise the amount of success that Jews have.

        Asian believe blacks are barbarians and whites are inferior.

        Whites believe that the guests have taken over the hotel they built.

        If everyone walked up to everyone on the road and spoke their mind…well, we the U.S. would collapse.

  4. Jason Y

    But in US White society, you do not have to be macho or hypermasculine like in Latin American society.

    Latin Americans and Filipinos (males) are not that macho. Most of are just average though not feminine. As in Dick’s Knob, TN a certain group of yahoos run about making fun of people and/or acting idiotically over-macho etc.. I’d say that’s true most places in the world.

    • Jason Y

      Again your typical peasant anywhere in the world cannot fight themselves out of a paper bag and often are boring and stand-up comedian challenged.

  5. Jason Y

    Plus if you have a strong enough masculine side going, most men just leave you alone, don’t challenge you, don’t mock you or make fun of you, and don’t start fights with you.

    People mock people they hate. Where I live, for instance, they flat out hate liberals. so a person who is conservative, even if they were a known fag, would be left alone. As I was saying, people who run their mouth with unpopular opinions and cheaters have a tough time in most places.

  6. Jason Y

    I lived in sort of a Hispanic neighborhood in Saipan. Saipan was once colonized by Spain but now is a US commonwealth. Anyhow, I lived as one of them for a long time and people left me alone. However, when I was a teacher I taught at this private school where the Chinese admin didn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

    They made me teach Koreans and locals in the same class and I couldn’t pull it off. So I was interpreted as a cheater, a bad teacher. At that point, a group of hypermasculine middle school age students started mocking me etc.., typical stereotypical stuff. For instance, making mocking crying faces when they would go by me etc.. calling me a bitch and a motherfucker.

    Ultimately being macho doesn’t mean much, but rather the ability to pull off a job and make people happy.

    • Jason Y

      So with no job, I got along great with locals, with a teaching job it was always a disaster and bullies would come out.

    • Jason Y

      Another thing which angers people is jealousy, but that’s something nobody has control over. The situation of going to South Korea to teach arousing hate back home I had no control over. So if you’re in a situation of jealousy, then often it can be tough to please the population despite avoiding all the other social pitfalls I mentioned.

    • JASON Y

      Foreigners always believe Philippines and Saipan are Asian. But as you might have discovered, they are more like Latin America.

  7. Jason Y

    I really hate pussy ass rednecks. It’s this type who post cute redneck stuff bashing political correctness, but then turn around and whine about their life. But of course, they get a green card, because they hang with the Confederate crowd. 😆

    One posted today, Oh boo hoo, my life is so shitty and miserable, I wish it was over. 😆

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