PUA/Game: A Lot of Women Go Nuts for “Pure Androgynes”

Jason Y: A suspected queer in the family. Great, another way for the narcissist to feel superior.

He is not a suspected queer. Only the NPD called him gay. No one else in the family ever did. In fact, if you called my friend gay to the rest of the family, they would start laughing so hard they would almost fall on the floor. It’s because he’s the opposite of gay. It’s like laughing at a very skinny man trying to insult him by calling him fat. It’s preposterous.

That’s because my friend is so hyper-heterosexual that he is almost like the most wildly heterosexual man that ever lived. Even though he is rather “feminine” (quiet, soft, likes to read and write, and I think he even sews and knits lol) in some ways, he is not effeminate (acting like  a woman) at all.

All these PUA guys go on and on about acting masculine, but you would not believe how many of these “feminine” men I have met who were such crazed womanizers that it would blow you away.

But most of them had a masculine side going too. A lot of them were involved in illegal activity like selling drugs. They were almost all “bad boys.” Like bad to the bone. That’s the thing, everyone thinks that it’s only hypermasculine guys who are bad boys, but that’s not really true. You would be amazed at how many “feminine” (not effeminate) bad boys there are out there. Some of them are pretty bad too. Like, real bad.

Really, a lot of the craziest womanizers I have known had a strong feminine side along with a heavy masculine side. They were basically “pure androgynes.” I am thinking that the feminine side enabled them to get along with women well and maybe even understand how they think, to the extent that can be understood at all.

These PUA guys selling hypermasculinity like a drug are fools. My observation in life is that a lot of women and girls go absolutely nuts for these pure androgyne types. By no means all women are like this, and a lot of women say these guys are not their type because they prefer a more traditionally masculine man. White and Asian women especially go nuts for these guys. Black and Hispanic women, not so much. I think those women want or even demand hypermasculine guys. I am sure they are socialized that way, but still.

Iggy Pop said David Bowie got more women than any man he had ever known. “From waitresses to heiresses, they all wanted him,” he said. Go to a Bowie video on Youtube and it will be full of women and even girls gushing about how much they want to fuck him. And what’s a bit funny is there are quite a few guys, gay or bi I guess, who are saying the same thing. It’s like everyone wanted him. All the guys and all the girls, they all wanted David. Must have been nice.

For pure androgynes,  I am think maybe Jagger or James Dean. Or even Marilyn Manson maybe. Or Russell Brand for sure.

You don’t have to be a he-man to get women. That’s one of the biggest lies out there.


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20 responses to “PUA/Game: A Lot of Women Go Nuts for “Pure Androgynes”

  1. Tulio

    Good points. I remember guys like that in high school. They might have been called fags by the jocks, but maybe they had an artistic aura about them and they always had their market of women. A lot of goth guys fit that archetype. Prince was another great example. I was watching the scene from Purple Rain last year where he was on the bike with Apollonia. I was thinking that those were two beautiful people. Here Prince was looking so feminine with his clothing and eye liner, yet doing something so masculine, riding a gorgeous woman on the back of his motorcycle and playing her like a toy. It’s a rare guy that can pull something like that off.

    • When it comes to guys like Prince, it’s a combination of softness and security.
      I remember reading one time on an article that women were attracted more towards “softer looking guys”. This would basically be “gracilized” features that are round and narrow as opposed to more robust, angular o traits. This makes sense when you see the same appeal with men towards women.

      The other factor is confidence, basically how they “own up” to their less stereotypical habits. If you are “soft looking” but show little will you aren’t going to be as lucky.

      I believe makes them seem more “approachable” and “relatable” compared to those closer on the meathead spectrum.


    I remember sucking my cock in front of a 18 year old college girl and she started to licking my balls as it aroused her.

  3. jose

    Here this kind of androgyne or quasi androgyne “bad boys” maybe exist in some little circles, like between goths or something like these. Because there is no place for them for being taked as “bad boys” if are quite femenine. Real “bad boys” will kick their asses. A punk, a skater, a hip hopper, etc., can be accepted as bad boys (according to their behaviour obviously). But not effeminate men. They will be mocked, and common “quiet” men will not take them as “bad”.

    If a quite effeminate men have a wild behaviour, in some moment will have to change this femenine side, or hide it, because will have problems everyday if he deal with “bad boys”. It will be mocked and attacked.

    For being a thug you have to act like if you were in jail or something like this. Dress is not so important, as long as you don’t dress effeminate (this can carry many problems).

    In other Latin American countries probably this goes much deeper. Something dressed like Marylin Manson or David Bowie pretending being bad (even if is bad) can’t walk quiet in the street with that attitude. It have to “accept” the mocking and be taken as a “fagot”. I think in Paraguay or even little cities of my region of Argentina and someone like this will not be quiet even in a normal neighborhood. Normal people will mock someone like this, not only “bad boys”. Not to mention in working-class places or some towns that are quasi rural and people that lives there it’s enterly from working-class and lower-class.

    In big cities it’s different because people it’s accustomed to see “rare” persons like that.

    • Tulio

      Yeah, a lot of this stuff is relative to your society’s culture. If we’re talking about hypermasculine societies like Africa, Middle East, Slavic countries, I don’t think androgene guys will make it two steps out the door before getting their asses kicked. These David Bowie in Prince types will fare much better in Asian countries or liberal Western countries. Even within a place like the USA, the experience of such a guy is going to vary widely. How would a Bowie type survive in West Texas or the Florida panhandle? He’d clean up in San Francisco or Manhattan, of course.

  4. Yee

    If it means less male chauvinist, willing to do housework and dress fashionably, then it’s just typical Shanghai men. No problem at all with women. They make good husbands.

  5. YEE Times are changing and less educated women in China want to be married at 20 anyhow.

    • Yee

      Less educated women always marry early.
      Times are indeed changing, in that they don’t stay married if not marry to a rich man, they marry again and again. It’s worse among the peasants, because they have a worse sex ratio than city dwellers. Always some men waiting for a wife.
      I expect your “circle of poverty” story will happen here soon.

      • Chinese peasant women I met in the Middle East seemed quite happy to be out of China and making money and being able to live easy in Dubai.

        I mean after all, they have to have sex with the white and Arab customers, but they do not have to cook and clean for any of them.

        There was an endless-and I am sure it is still happening-flood of Chinese women from “Near Russia” or down in the Fuji Province packing hotels to the ceiling to make money.

        To be honest they did not exactly seem as if they were looking for a male soulmate.

        They seemed happy to be making money and buying things.

        • Country Bumpkin

          A Brahmin I know has expressed the sentiment that Islam is bad for Indians because they often times move to Dubai or Qatar and “are treated like scum”?

          It is probably a “business of crooks” in that the Hindu Nationalist leader of India has worked with Dubai for this to happen.

          Qatar is 30% Indian iirc, yet you never hear about it. I suspect they live in servants quarters.

  6. YEE A Funny Story

    My wife is from a Yunnan Chinese community. She owns a restaurant and is a chef.

    Her husband, some farmer I have never met, got into an argument with her over visitation rights of his son (Who lives with us) in China Republic.

    She called him a “water buffalo” (Chinese provincial insult) and told him that her that her white husband had a larger male organ!

    • Yee

      Yeah right, I believe you.

      Sting an angry ex and gamble he wouldn’t snap and stab her? That should gain a lot of good for herself and her children. What clever women wouldn’t do that!


    Many of the low-caste Indian Muslims are scum. Why wouldn’t they be? They are uneducated, drink too much, have kids they cannot afford, beat their wives, fight in the street.

    Baluchis own these places, they are now citizens of these Arab Gulf countries. Cheap hotels where the low-caste women sell their bodies, cheap bars, cheap rooms where 5 of them live, shops where they are employed.

    Arabs themselves are so removed from these places that they directly are not treating them badly.

    Low-caste Indians are idiots including the ones that convert to other religions. For the most part they are idiots.

    Kerala Nairs have built up a kind of anti-caste socialism. They work for one another in the Gulf. Others drift around stealing and scamming.

    Brahmin Indians are educated at St Xavier who mostly come to Dubai. Some have already done a stint in California or Canada. They are educated.

    They’ll live at about the same level as White Foreigners and prefer being around whites. In the end, Brahmins are our Aryan cousins and all whites know this.

    At the bottom and regarded as total scum are the Indian Muslims, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankans. These are the laborers, prostitutes, bootleggers, smugglers, doormen, drivers, criminals.

    The real low-caste Hindu/Muslim sections of Arab Gulf cities are full of Indians fighting, beating their wives, drinking liquor, youth gangs.

    Balushi Pakistanis have now got citizenship and they tend to be running these places: landlords, pimps, wholesale drug dealers etc.

    They are paid nothing and live in rooms packed to ceilings.

    Gujarati Muslims have been in the Gulf for 300 years and have done well as merchants-Sindhi people too.

    Brahmin people are usually middle-management up to CEO as Arab owners have their fingers in many pies.

    One or two English consultants run a company and beneath the are various castes-what caste you are determines where you will be in the company in Dubai.


    Arabs would be happy if no low-caste Indian (Meaning a Muslim or other convert) or Sri Lankan Tamil or Bangladeshi came to work in Dubai.

    India has trade relations with the Arab Gulf through Gujarati Muslim-descended Arab Gulf citizens.

    The Filipinos are far more pleasant and less troublesome. Low-caste Indian men drink, often brawl, beat their wives, smuggle drugs, cheat, steal and….stay in the Arab Gulf forever and ever (25 years most of them).

    Brahmin tend to use the place as a stepping stone to Britain or Canada.

    Muslim Indians are dumb, macho, drink to much, have kids with too many women, use drugs, get into fights and generally live by a self-destructive macho codes.


    Gujarati Muslims created the trade agreements in the Arab Gulf. Sindhi as well.

  10. Jason Y

    East Asian women often like pretty boy androgynes with that sort of Rod Stewart look.

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