The Pretty Little Lies We Live By

To me, life is all about telling yourself pretty little lies so many times that you believe them. You can even make up a fake past for yourself, which I have somewhat done. If part of your life seems failed or lame, just say it didn’t happen or substitute a fake successful history for that and tell yourself that this is what really happened. If you are relatively healthy, you will realize on some level that of course this is a lie, but you tell yourself in a covert way that you are going to pretend that this is what really happened.


Nevertheless, convincing yourself that a made-up past is what really happened and what really happened never happened doesn’t sound real healthy to me.


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3 responses to “The Pretty Little Lies We Live By

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  2. ROBERT In Asia there is sort of a duplicitous existentialism hovering around every foreigner that you meet.

    Like convicts, there is a code. You cannot ask too many questions about where he has been or what he did or why he (Usually a he) is in Asia.

    But many will invent stories about their life prior to Asia. You’ll never know if they were true.

  3. Jason Y

    In this movie, the young Scottish doctor, deluded by power, idealism, the exotic location, love bombing, and a common hatred for English, rides high until the end of the movie when he finds out the truth about Amin and is hanging from meat hooks.

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