Please Don’t Be an Insufferable Ass

Are you insufferable, Bob ?

Santoculto perfectly fit this definition.

I agree that Santoculto could definitely be an insufferable ass. But he also had some nice, concise and brilliant views on a lot of things, particularly human psychology.

Recall that he is gay. Gay Politics won’t let us talk about this, but many gay men are narcissistic. That is one of the reasons they used to think it is a mental illness. No one quite knows why they are like that. If you think about the very shallow gay male scene in the US with its emphasis like good looks, youth, polymorphous perversion, out of control promiscuity, endless brief, near anonymous and loveless relationships, you can see how it would create a lot of narcissists. Of course it’s horribly homophobic to bring this up,  so I guess I will be a big fat homophobe and share this with you all right now.

The gay novelist John Rechy is profoundly narcissistic.

Novelists Jerzy Kozhinski and Philip Roth are notoriously narcissistic. Kozhinski actually made a vast phony history for himself full of many things that never happened. He didn’t get called out on it for a long time, and when he finally was, he simply denied it. His books are good, but he is a bit of a literary fraud as he plagiarized and made up lies about his life. In fact, his entire life could be accurately described as a gigantic fraud.

VS Naipaul in a recent biography comes across extremely narcissistic and it is generally agreed that he was a perfectly awful person.

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons is one of the most insufferable narcissistic asses in all rock and roll, and he has a lot of competition. He is probably one of the most hated people in rock music and for very good reason. Salvador Dali was extremely narcissistic, but he was so weird that it never bothered anyone. Pablo Picasso was a huge asshole, whether he was a narcissist I am not sure, but he probably was. He had a massive ego and treated a lot of his female models like crap. He had a habit of screwing his young female models, making babies with them and abandoning the girl. He did this over and over. He was a great painter, but a lot of people who knew him well said he was an awful human being.

Many actors are narcissistic. If you think about it all of the performing arts, especially film, lend themselves to narcissism. They attract narcissists and then the nature of being a performer on a stage of some sort in and of itself drives a lot more narcissism. If they get famous, that drives even more narcissism. At some point it is probably an endless feedback loop. My mother said all actors are narcissists and she said you have to be narcissistic to be an actor. There is an old joke where the journalist has been interviewing the actor. It has gone on for 45 minutes of the actor going and on about himself enjoying the sound of his own voice. At some point, he realizes his violation and tries to rectify it.

After 45 minutes:

“But anyway, enough about me. Let’s talk about you now. What did you think of my latest movie?”

Get it?

Am I insufferable? God no! I am not an NPD! I don’t even think I am all that narcissistic. I cannot stand pathological narcissists. The idea that I might be one of these people I hate so much pisses me off. I have a not of problems, but that ain’t one of them. Nobody calls me that. I used to get called arrogant, but I have been working on that one really hard. I have to work on that a part of the time when I am around people, but I cannot manage it pretty well by faking it and getting underneath people.

I do not have a lot of disdain for the people I meet in day to day stuff. Most of them seem like decent enough people even if I do not wish to make personal friends of them. There are some lowlife ghetto types around here who I dislike, but they deserve to be hated, and I do not waste time thinking about them anyway.

I have been called a lot of things, but insufferable is not one of them. However, people do remark that I have a big ego, that I have have some egotism, etc. I have had some complaints that I am vain, conceited, self-impressed, etc., but that is just a vibe you will get from my mind. You will not find me talking like that because I am not a braggart and a showoff and I hate people like that. If I do have some impressive accomplishment I wish to divulge, I have the art of false modesty down to a T, so I can relate things that would normally seem like bragging, but nobody gets upset because it seems like I am embarrassed or ashamed of this accomplishment of mine. It’s an act, but so what?

I do not care if people dislike the vain, conceited, self-impressed vibes I give off. As far as I am concerned, they should feel that way too! Everyone should think they’re great! Start being great today! What are you waiting for?

I hate insufferable people. They are often quite impressed with the sound of their own voices too and they can be downright soporific when they go on one of their endless narcissistic monologues. It’s all just too much, the whole thing. It’s way over the top and typically even offensive. You often want to leave the room when they are going on and on. Of course they cannot see anything wrong with their behavior and they will barely even notice if you walk out. You’re not part of the Me Show anyway. You’re the audience. Some of the audience is leaving before the performance is over. No big, this happens all the time. They have for all intents and purposes little to no insight into their behavior.

I think narcissism is a tendency a lot of us have to watch out for. Just go look at some pathological narcissists, figure out why you can’t stand them and use that as a model for how not to be. Watch yourself on a regular basis to make sure you are not falling into that lousy mindset. Narcissists suck, and a lot of people hate them for good reason. Do you want to suck? Do you want to be widely hated for being an insufferable ass? That’s terrible! I would be ashamed and embarrassed if I acted like that.


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24 responses to “Please Don’t Be an Insufferable Ass

  1. Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!

    perhaps lesbians are also narcissistic. pumpkinperson has made up everything about herself. why would someone do that? it must be some kind of mental illness.

    pumpkinperson is female.
    she is a lesbian.
    she is half white and half black.

    all of this can be found here:

    some quotes:

    Lots of women have close friends. Doesn’t make them gay. Women are different that way. As a man you cant understand.

    As a hybrid I feel no loyalty to any race and this allows me to be one of those rare individuals who can be almost completely objective on matters of race.

    I love Oprah so much I can’t stand it.

    if you peruse these it’s pretty sick-making. of 1400 comments over a 5 year period almost every one is on something related to oprah with a smattering of comments on michael jackson, janet jackson, and other black celebrities.

    it also seems clear that pumpkinperson was sexually abused as a child.

    you know who i am. here’s something pumpkin wouldn’t post:
    BGI Cognitive Genomics Lab
    Building No.11│Beishan Industrial Zone│Yantian District│Shenzhen 518083│China
    认知基因组学 │ │
    ST-RM, BGI

    for those who comment at both blogs, now you know. very weird.

    • Juanny Boy

      Lol that disqus account is a great find.

      That’s PP’s I presume?
      PP is a smart guy it’s just he sometimes has idiosyncrasies like that.

      schizoprhenics like you on the other hand seem to be at very least arrogant people. For aliens or the CIA to be ‘following’ you or whatever, you have to have an exaggerated sense of self importance. Think about it.

      • Vancouver Vancouver! This is it!

        For aliens or the CIA to be ‘following’ you or whatever, you have to have an exaggerated sense of self importance. Think about it.

        obviously, but i don’t think that.

        try again. you’re either retarded or a sockpuppet.

  2. Jason Y

    Eminem claimed faggot didn’t mean gay. However, gays are dicks, so it’s sort of a deception.

    • Jason Y

      Sorry meant to say:

      Eminem claimed faggot didn’t mean gay, but a dick. However, gays are dicks, so it’s sort of a deception.

  3. Jason Y

    Alt-right fags was a name some commentator on here said recently and he’s more on target than many probably think. Going on Stormfront is exposure to a whole nest of drama-queens with a 10-year-old-child morality.

    Note, of course, racist thinking automatically goes over into selfishness because they think everything about behavior is genetic. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that living in an amoral society is totally justified. That would be the world of Amon Goth (Shindler’s List) shooting Jewish kids from his balcony once finished taking a piss.

    • Jason Y

      One big commentator on Stormfront, not sure if it’s male or female, sounds like the wicked stepmother on Cinderella or the queen on Snow White. Pretty evil person, selfish. You can just tell by their bitchy, wussy voice.

      • Santoculto

        I don’t think you are capable to judge moral discerniment of other people while you don’t make a real self-examination, you will not to do in this life….

        One of the worst things humans can do is by ”good intentions”…

    • Santoculto

      Of course you have a very poor understanding of the ”other side”… why believe you are expert on right’ers’ people*

      In other hand, your ”tribe” is out of touch, you are absolutely perfect.

      Sometimes what define sociopathy from ”excess of liveliness and exuberance” is the sincerity levels, i’m very sincere…

  4. Cocorico

    What do you think about this article wrote by pumpkin person ?

  5. Santoculto

    I am what you hide from others, and especially when I am commenting on blogs, on anonymity, because in real life, I try to hide my narcissism, but nevertheless I am not totally narcissistic because I have excellent understanding of my Own defects. But I’m not to blame for having excellent qualities, or I have *;)

    When I’m commenting on blogs and about subjects that I like best, I’m being truthful myself, of course at the customer’s will.

    Most people, most people REALLY, have very poor understanding of their own defects, they are or tend to be real narcisistic but more subconscious than conscious.

  6. Yotta

    Bob, what is your cognitive profile ? I guess it’s high verbal & social with average spatial & maths.

    You have a feminine brain but you are very masculine in the sens that you are extremely dominant & have a lot of testosterone.

    • yeah verbal is great, I can do those IQ geometry puzzles very well. I hate math though but I am in the top 70th percentile so I am better at math that most. Not sure about social. Used to be fantastic, now not so sure.

      The last sentence is correct.

  7. Santoculto

    I’m self-sexual and search for my ”half of the orange”, 😉

    Gays tend to be more EXPLICITLY narcisistic, but most people are in some or in other way narcisistic…

    self-awareness ==== narcisism.

  8. Santoculto

    Cocorico have ape-sapiens on PP to say the same, but i think he’s black too…

  9. An old 80s New Wave Band had a song called, “Pablo Picasso was Never Called an Asshole.” He has been now.

  10. Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!

    it seems NPD is just another delusion.

    the NPD values rank and status above all else and though he may lack it in fact he believes he has it and insists that all others believe it too.

    it’s like that woman who claimed to be anastasia.

    NPD is a stupid person’s solution to the cognitive dissonance caused by knowing that one’s betters are not in fact better most of the time.

  11. Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!

    as noted by nash, it is much under-appreciated that mental illness can be a solution to a problem, escape, rather than a problem, suffering.

  12. Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!

    i think mssr lindsay would do well to read Crazy Like Us if he hasn’t already.

    is psychiatry a pseudoscience?

    yes and no. that is, the phenomena of mental illness are genuine, but their investigation is sorely lacking in rigor.

    this added to the fact that psychiatry is a business in the US and the anglo-sphere more generally results is huge over-diagnosis, pathologizing difference, etc. and children are the easiest marks for this con.

    some facts:

    • What does Crazy Like US say? I do not believe that psychiatry is pseudoscience. I actually work in mental health. I am a psychological counselor. I saw a client just this morning.

      • Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!

        it’s not a very long book, and it’s easy to understand. you could just read the introduction. that’s all i did + the section on japan.

        the author did lots of radio interviews. here’s one:

      • Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!

        no. psychiatry and psychology are not astrology.

        but…they’re a lot closer to astrology than other sciences, genuine or fake.

        my own opinion is that taking the current state of these fields seriously is itself a mental illness.

        and that includes behavior genetics.

  13. Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!

    as far as i can tell the therapist can do good for his clients to the extent that his clients have much lower IQs than he does.

    contra above commenter i am not an SCZ though i have suffered depression. in every case the cause was the same. i overcame it by growing up, maturing, becoming more Cynical.

    i still take “california rocket fuel”, but now i take it for sleep and an old shoulder injury, not for depression.

  14. Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!

    psychiatry is just another weigh station on hegel’s way of despair.
    many get stuck.
    the way stretches before you mssr lindsay.
    leave the station.

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