“Normal” Delusions

A previous post suggested making up a fake past for yourself to cover up for failures, but I think on some level, you ought to know it’s a lie, but just not care that it is.

I suppose when you make up a fake successful history for yourself and convince yourself that your true past is the fake history and not your true history, but that sounds like it’s getting pathological.

Yet I think many people do this anyway. You would be stunned at how many ridiculous and insane completely false fake ideas people have about what really happened in their lives.

I know a guy who has convinced himself that is stepson is his son, except that the son was actually fathered by his future wife and his own father three months before he even met her! She gave birth to a full-term baby about six months after she met him, so she was three months down the line when she met the guy. Nevertheless, he insists that he fathered the kid somehow, possibly by time travel I guess.

I know quite a few other people who have convinced themselves of many a crazy and easily disproven thing. Attempts to disabuse them of these comfortable delusions are often met with rage or even possibly violence because you are really chipping away at an elaborate defensive fortification here, and people don’t enjoy having their Defensive Fortresses fired on with heavy weaponry. That’s the reason for the near-violent response. You are hitting the rawest of nerves, the biggest lies of them all.

People will defend the lies they live their lives by with extreme ferocity. They feel that they need these falsehoods to make it through life because they think if they themselves the truth instead of the lies, they will collapse in self-hatred. They probably won’t, and secure people do this all the time with little to no problems, but good luck convincing them of that. Actually a not uncommon response is for the person to say that if his lies are taken away from them and the truth is accepted as real, they will have to kill themselves. So their lies are like life-saving medication to them, or so they see it.

Technically these are delusions, but studies show that an astonishing 14% of Americans have a diagnosable delusion at any given time, so going deliberately nuts must be pretty popular. One of my psychologists told me that they only diagnose psychosis if the delusion is causing you some sort of serious problems in your life. If you can live your life smoothly, I suppose you can go ahead and believe all sorts of crazy things. Knock yourself out.


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11 responses to ““Normal” Delusions

  1. ROBERT Clark was a man like this I met in the Philippines. I suppose he was in 40’s and a Polish-American from Texas. Wysneskiowalkiezxew or some other unpronounceable surname.

    He was drunk when I first met him and was supported by an older American from Boston whom he lived with and served as a cabin boy. Clark lived on a few hundred dollars a month.

    I was co-owner of a sleazy girly bar in provincial Philippines at that time.

    Clarke told me he was wealthy and had been a businessman with interest in Eastern Europe.

    Later he had a stroke and when his roommate called his father it turned out he was on the run from alimony and had beaten his father up. Nobody cared and nobody was willing to pay his return ticket.

    Don’t know what happened to him.

    Anyhow, this is the sort “faux existentialism” that exists in Asia. Nobody knows anybody’s deep past if you are a foreigner.

  2. Jason Y

    People might make up fantastic stories cause it’s wimpy for people to admit failure. It goes into that hypermasculinity thing and being cool.

    • No foreigner in Asia ever expresses the truth. They think their country is shit. Alimony back payments. Felony warrant for something not serious enough for extradition. Easy access to cheap alcohol.

  3. Jason Y

    OK, regarding the comment that Trash made, I cannot say ALL ESL teachers and other expats are narcissists with massive delusions, but I think most of them are. The delusion is a drug for them, an escape from reality. It’s no different than some ghetto person shooting up heroin or something.

    Myself, I was guilty of it to a degree. I mean there isn’t much going on in flyover country, so isn’t it nice every few years to just leave to go to Asia?
    Well, anyhow, the amount of deluded teachers overseas would be over-the-top cause Asians are constantly treating them as kings, something important when many of them could only get McDonalds jobs back home.

    Finally, everyone loves fun and adventure, nothing wrong with that, but it’s debatable if delusions that come with some sort of power are healthy or not?

  4. Jason Y

    Rock stars would be over-the-top also in delusions, thinking they can do anything, but then land their foot in poop. For instance, a friend of mine was criticizing Steven Tyler of Aerosmith’s venture into country music. Note, I hate to see any get booed or hated, but maybe narcissism leads some rock stars into foolish choices.

  5. Jason Y

    Case in point, the typical western tourist goes to Thailand or Phillippines and is treated as a rock star with everyone kissing his behind, never insulting him even if his jokes suck. All laughs and whatnot from the happy-go-lucky tour guide and others serving the tourist. They go get prostitutes off the street and the lucky guy gets to score and also score for a much longer length of time than back home, and maybe even get married despite being dorky, old, or even handicapped.

    All is paradise and the guy becomes more deluded believing himself to be an emperor and a great humanitarian, possibly going into 2nd phase where he feels bad about all the sexual exploitation of poverty and wants to help street kids and locals with business projects. Gradually his AC/DC lifestyle withers away, but by that time he runs out of money, so he had to head back home, believing himself to be a saint, despite the Dirty Deeds Done Cheap he did under the influence of narcissism and intoxication.

  6. “White Sugar Cube” is what Filipinos call that sort of foreigner: another words Filipinos are like ants crawling all over it.

    “Feed a Barangay” is another expression.

    Two, three years…he’s gone. Not a good thing when it was your entire pension.

  7. Jason Y

    Next, you’ve finally morphed into John Lennon reborn, but a dark side of you still feels like Amon Goth (Ralph Fiennes) on Shindler’s List. You stay for a year or so, and then you come home and your Catholic priest reaffirms your worst fear, in fact, you are Amon Goth, you whoremongering piece of shit. 😆 How did you become so deluded to think you’re Mother Thresa? How much of your family buys your Jimmy Buffett stories, or do they side with the priest, the smart money, is secretly the 2nd is true?

    The sugar cube seems to be gone but the Filipino hassles you on Facebook for donations.

  8. Jason Y

    Often you hear the argument from Christians and other dissidents from NWO thinking, that perhaps people like John Lennon or now Russell Brand are deluded by narcissism and power. I mean if we really judged things by the standards of say nuns, then we can see that rock stars are living wicked lives. However, they’re convinced some sort of salvation exists without a real repentence, but that’s the whole NWO thinking and is common now.

  9. Jason Y

    Again this comment fits in well:


    In this movie, the young Scottish doctor, deluded by power, idealism, the exotic location, love bombing, and a common hatred for English, rides high until the end of the movie when he finds out the truth about Amin and is hanging from meat hooks.

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