Egotism Versus Narcissism

Apparently I have some narcissistic traits according to a therapist. But I have seen a lot of these guys, and he is the only one who ever brought it up, so I do wonder.

Another therapist called it egotism, implied that he was that way too, and said, “So what? So you have some egotism? What’s wrong with that?”

I would agree with this. I have big ego. So what? What of it? Look around you at important people. Quite a few of them have huge egos. It goes with the territory. Now you can also become a huge asshole if you have a big ego, but it is not necessary by any means. My egotism doesn’t seem to bother anyone very much.

In fact, I note that a lot of other men feel this way too. I am not particularly arrogant, but it is something I have to work at constantly. Because I have tendencies this way, I often have to manipulate my mind when I am around certain people. I tell myself lies like, “I am a worm. I am nothing. I am zero. This person is so superior to me. I am ashamed of myself.” I don’t really believe any of that, but I can play that role if I need to and brainwash my mind into thinking it is true for a bit. You would think that people would regard a person who thinks this way as disgusting and pitiful, but possibly because I do not really believe the lie I am telling myself, apparently it just comes across and nice and friendly and not pitiful and self-hating.

When I am not doing that, I have my normal egotism thing going, which just means that I like to have a high opinion of myself. I have no idea why this is pathological, and I believe everyone should have high self-esteem. Sure it runs into arrogance, but you can control that if you try. I figure I’m great. What’s wrong with that. Everyone should think they are great. That’s how I see it.

Of course there’s no evidence that I am great, and in fact, there is a lot of evidence that the opposite is probably true, but so what?

Playing roles in life is one thing (you can technically play all sorts of different roles in life as much as the finest character actors if you work yourself into it. Actually I advise it because by playing all sorts of different roles ion life you will realize that there is no real you, there is no true self, and there’s no need to figure out who you are because its constructed and you can deconstruct it or construct new selves any old time you want. People get way too trapped up in the somewhat nonsensical belief in “being yourself” or “finding the true you,” or “figuring out who you are.” To some degree it is as silly endeavor.

Anyway when I am doing my egotist thing, I notice a lot of men are very friendly to me, and they go into this egotist mode themselves where they seem to be communicating, “Hey, I have a high opinion of myself too! I see you’re great. So I am I! We’re both great, you and me.” If high self-esteem only provokes others into a similar high self-esteem mode, I fail to see the problem.

On the other hand, narcissism is a bit like a box of matches. Sure it can be very useful in life, but it can also cause you all sorts of problems if you get careless or carried away with it. You can even burn the whole house down.

Taoism applies here. The Middle Way is moderation in all things, and I would add narcissism to that list.


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  1. Jason Y

    Some showing off and ego is fine in certain places, for instance, social media. However, too much is not acceptable and there can be an unpleasant backlash.

    Other places like blogs of this sort are narcissism and ego city, but that’s fine.

    I think certain places are bad for narcissism cause it’s sort of a form of trolling. Actually it isn’t, but it comes across that way to a lot of people.

  2. Jason Y

    Oh, your kid’s pictures posted on social media are so wonderful. 😆 and I’ve seen them a million times. Don’t worry, I won’t be some mean un-PC Trump-like jerk who might for giggles say your children are ugly or brats. No way!!

  3. FACEBOOK opened the door to stalking and that weird kid in 5th grade who hated you blaring out personal details about your life in cyberspace.

    I got into a fight with a kid in the 8th grade named Dom. He hated me for some reason, was a bit bigger and once or twice we fought. Quite hard, too.

    A year later when he was 15 years old in 9th grade he was kicked out of school for possession of marijuana. He went to live with his father somewhere else, never saw him again.

    I’d forgotten about him 21 years later when he FACEBOOK’ed me. Had no idea who he was. It turned out he was a strange guy. Harassed me, asked me if I remembered him. I did not. Asked who he was.

    Another was some Portuguese girl I messed around with at 14. Didn’t remember her.

    Got off FACEBOOK.

    If I want to know you, you will have my e-mail.

  4. My problem is that I don’t have a bigger ego or higher level of narcissism. I know the artificial inflations that boost the ego/ narcissistic supply, but I don’t drink the kool-aid.

  5. Wuwei

    Both narcissism and egotism are about the self, and SELF = Surely Everybody Loves F…ing. Both verbally and physically, I mean.

  6. WUWEI I’m both and it is not necessarily a recipe for an unsuccessful life.

    Narcissists tend to find ways to be productive. They want something out of life for themselves.
    Narcissists are actually less likely to be violent. They don’t care what other people think. Also, they feel their life is far too important to worry about such trivialities as “respect” from others.
    Narcissists are less likely to bother sticking it out in relationships. They’ll use one sex partner after another.

    • Trash, have long have you been an NPD? If you really are NPD, this has no doubt been going on since early adulthood at the latest with antecedents in childhood.

      Assuming this has been going on in one form or another for decades now, and by age 42 it’s going to start getting quite severe and cemented in, do you have any idea how many people you are pissing off with this behavior?

      I mean you have probably been pissing people off, turning people off and making people mad at you all over the world for decades now simply because that’s what always happens with these people.

      Does it bother you that you are making so many people mad, turning off so many people, pissing so many people off? Is that ok with you?

      Also I assure you that this personality style gets in the way of what you want to get out of life and it’s definitely going to cause some problems for you in life no matter what benefits you get out of it.

      Is it worth it?

      • ROBERT

        NPD is more complicated than you think. For example, I do not believe I am a genius (You are much more intelligent than I am for example) or look like Brad Pitt.

        I disagree that NPD are violent or dangerous. Most have the same morality as others, more or less. We just have a sense of entitlement and want to live easy and selfishly for the most part.

        It is just very difficult for someone like me to CARE what other people think about me UNLESS IT IS BENEFICIAL TO ME.

        For example, if a NAM told me to s*ck his penis on the street I would not feel any anger. But if my business associate told me to suck his penis or called me a faggot I would feel grave concern that I MIGHT GET LESS OUT OF HIM.

        This is one reason I moved from job to job and country to country to get the BANG FOR MY BUCK. In Southeast Asia you get more bang than in Missouri if you live on $1,000 a month as I do.

        People don’t dislike NPD AS MUCH as psychopaths who endanger others, they are just coldly detached to us because we do not give a shit about anything but ourselves and personal gratification.

        Women in prostitution would tell you that most guys who visit prostitutes are Narcissists. A few are psychos but most are just self-absorbed males who cannot be bothered to pleasure others.

        I have the basic morality of everyone else: Don’t harm children, don’t steal, don’t cheat people.

        But when NAMS have called me a “bitch” or some other childish insult or somebody has said “suck my d*ck” I just cannot get angry or have any feeling about.

        Relationships are the same. Its why I married an Asian woman. Not that I am one of these sadistic freaks but there is of course submission.

        • Ok you really like being this way and you wouldn’t change for a million bucks. I get it. All you folks are like this.

          Have you ever been diagnosed other than self-diagnosed?

        • A lot of people like narcissists. A lot of folks think they are the greatest people around. Your average NPD can have a pretty big fan club because they often have something impressive about them which is the cause of the NPD in the first place. The problem tends to develop in folks who already have something going for them. A lot of people seem to be utterly blind to the pathology of the NPD. I do not get it. NPD’s can be very nice to those who they feel are useful to them in some way or another. 

          I have known NPD’s who had long-term friends who they treated well their whole lives. Then again, there are the rivals who are their sworn enemies who they will never make peace with.

        • Jason Y

          I really hate men who post their own picture on social media constantly, but I like it when women do so cause of the sexual part. However, for both genders, I am sure it is unhealthy behavior.

      • ROBERT

        In all fairness the semi-public response of Indians to you is one of mass-hysteria and some of them are psychotic.

        Indians have a strong reaction to your work.

      • ROBERT

        Overseas, most incidents are unprovoked because somebody hears your accent. You don’t know them, they don’t know you. They just have an angry opinion about America, West, Whites, infidels.

        Example: I walked into a gas station and two young males began calling me “white boy” in line at the gas station in the Philippines.

        • Jason Y

          I think that’s just human nature or young male nature. It would be the same of when I was in a mall waiting in line for Chinese food in a food court, and these black guys were giggling and saying “Honky” or when I was walking around the mall alone and this guy says, “Get out of my way Honky!” Of course, Korean males massively hate American citizens. Once I was in a bathhouse and I saw some who felt annoyed at my presence. Once I turned my head, the cowards said “Go home Yankee”

          But as Robert said it’s all stuff that should be taken stoically. I mean we can’t let it shake us up like a little girl, can we? We are trying to build a superhuman man-of-steel. 😆

        • Jason Y

          But for all the smart-ass youth in Charelston SC, most blacks were genuinely decent people and a had a great time. Most Koreans are decent also. I’d say Filipinos can be mean, perhaps 25 percent of them have a massive problem with the US, but I didn’t run into too many.

          Blacks in Atlanta also hate Koreans. One time some poor Korean guy was in a library and these two black preteen girls were calling him a gook behind his back. Saying, “ha ha look it’s a gook.”

        • Jason Y

          Flipping things around (no pun intended) I’d say the US is full of smart-ass youth who hassle non-whites and also liberals. Of course, we have already noted so much of it already. Therefore, I don’t buy anyone is innocent that much.

        • Jason Y

          Kids are assholes, pretty much any race, stone evil as Robert said. Why in the hell should they be glorified on Facebook? Especially once they’re past the age of 6 and into evil hyper-drive.

          Parents need to get a clue about real human nature. No, I don’t think I’m being some sissy as some might think for just admitting kids are evil. I mean, yeah some of it is cause they’re mean to me, but well, get the picture.

        • Jason Y

          Like today I saw a Facebook post of someone bragging about a little black girl’s report card. OK, that’s great, but I bet she has a high probability of being either a bitch now or later in life. She will be the type picking on the poor gook man at the Atlanta library with her “cool” girlfriends. You can bet on it !!

  7. Wuwei

    Thank you for telling me what you are,Trash.

  8. My purpose is to learn from OTHER Bloggers and gain knowledge, not talk about myself.

    Everybody’s opinion is as valid as mine. The purpose of debate is to learn more about other people’s valid points, not win arguments.

  9. Juanny Boy

    From my experience the problem with narcissists is that they are largely incapable of reflection and self improvement. This can be damaging in social relationships but also in strategy.

    They become easy to mock, briefly have a crisis over their self worth, then double down on their narcissism after doing some mental gymnastics.

    From my observation is not solely about being self-serving but about generally the lengths one is willing to go to be self serving, and the ability to question and doubt one’s self.


    5th GRADE

    A large and slightly older kid was pushing the rest of the class around and also me, slightly small for my age. He was Polish and I called him a “Polack C*nt Features” because he was fat on this occasion at recess.

    He lunged at me.

    The son of the Irish-born Principal was a kid named Francis who was my good friend and he spat in this Polish kids ear from one side as he stomped to face me. I then spit directly into his face…the entire recess kids-5 or more-then spat on him as he ran through them tear-streaked and there was spittle on his clothes.

    His parents pulled him out of the school and I suppose he had to be held back. I never knew but his father saw me in public and gave me a hard, dirty look.

    Sometimes I wonder if this was the beginning of a traumatic life, being spat on and rejected by peers like that. Would he remember?

    HIGH SCHOOL An older kid who was from U.K. (Dad engineer of some sort expat) hit me after biology class from behind (He 11th grade, I 9th. Big difference at that age). I went into the art class and burned a hole in his art project, a t-shirt he had designed painstakingly for several months as his Art Project.

    He knew it was me who did it but of course the faculty could not prove it.

    I thought is was kind of mild prank but he told other students “So and so is a bastard and if I see him out of school I’ll kick his ass”. He never did but I was surprised such a prank made him that angry.


    I enrolled in a Theater class in university and was talking to a girl and the theater professor Berglund told me there “don’t talk in my class, pal”. This was day one, not a good start and he started giving me bad grades. Finally he told me to “withdraw” from his class to avoid an F. So I withdrew.

    My major was broadcast-journalism and I wrote for the campus newspaper.

    The next semester I gave his play a TERRIBLE review in the campus newspaper and this professor went nuts, even coming into the newspaper office but he made me editor furious so he looked like the bad guy. I was 20 and he was 40.


    A much older student named Larry was my boss at work. Larry had one problem-he could not drive his car because his license was suspended from constant speeding tickets and he even had a probation officer. He drove anyhow, on a suspended license.

    He was my roommate and threw me out because his girlfriend wanted to move in with him. No notice, I lost $300 rent as a sub-leaser and had to leave. I argued and he had the police inform me that as a sub-leaser I could only take him to court. It was a lot of money that month, actually.

    So I found out the name of his probation officer and called him telling him Larry was driving the car when he was not supposed to.

    I pretended to be a friend “concerned” because “Larry won’t stop driving the car” even though it was suspended.

    His probate officer gave him an enormous amount of sh*t and extended his probation by six months which cancelled out a summer trip he wanted to take.

    Larry’s brother had to pick up the car and drive it 50 miles back to his hometown-so I heard because I was living away from him at that time.


    A Korean came up and put me in a headlock. I knew a bit and we had a falling out.

    His visa, which Jason will appreciate, was long-expired and he was married to a Filipino woman with 2 children. In Asia, you have to pay a visa fee every few months.

    I paid to cops to push him around because he had overextended his visa anyhow. They threw him in jail for a few hours, it was in the papers and the Korean Embassy had to intervene.

    I heard he was near tears even though he was 45 years old.

    The Filipinos were laughing about him being in tears as the Immigration Police arrested him.


    I was walking past a Chinese-Filipino at a Temple who was drinking and for no reason this Chinese man said “F*ck you, white” and I responded “You’d like that and you would also like to suck my c…”

    He jumped up and ran after me. I raced into my gated subdivision I was renting and he reached through to try and unlock the gate.

    The security guard came up behind him and tried to pull him off. He resisted and another security guard held his arms and the first one punched him the


    I bought mace as I was tired of random street situations that were unprovoked by me. I carried it everywhere.

    I was standing on the sidewalk at night and from behind a burly Chinese guy pushed me aside for no reason instead moving around me.

    So I swung and removed the mace and gave him a blast in the face with it from 2 feet away.

    He howled in pain into the night and ran madly into a Jollibees to splash his eyes.


    I screwed an Indian guy’s wife by mistake. He was angry and I blew town, fast.

    NB Better not to screw Arab or Indian women free, just go to prostitutes because that is their job and the Arab woman’s husband, brother, father or son might get very angry.

    Two months later I e-mailed his father company’s e mail and told him that I had given his daughter-in-law herpes.


    I was talking about a business deal on the subway as I had made a great deal of money.

    An angry homeless Scot said: Shut up you American wanker.

    The train conductor told him to get off the Tube.

    To this day I have no idea why he said this.


    My roommate John had a religious Baptist Born-again Christian mother and at the same time he was having sex with a Polish-American girl who was Catholic and got her pregnant. She would not abort and had the baby when he was 23. It was adopted.

    One time I said something he didn’t like and he slammed me against the wall. I did nothing. His name was on the lease and I did not want to get kicked out on the street having paid my rent in full that last month.

    2 months later another buddy gave me a job as photojournalist in Dubai for a publication. I left the United States at that time.

    John kept my $200 for security deposit. Never sent it to me. I’d had enough.

    I e-mailed John and said I would tell his Baptist Born Again mother that I would tell her about the baby he’d had out of wedlock and given up for adoption.

    “NO! That would be TOO UNMERCIFUL,” he pleaded pathetically. “NOOO. Please, don’t!”

    It was funny to hear the sheer horror in his voice at how this grown man’s Right-wing Christian mother might react to her granddaughter given away fro adoption.


    If you really have a beef with someone and spend a long time formulating a reprisal make sure to be faaaarrrr away (ALREADY MOVED) when you do it.

    After you do it, you can call them up and listen to their depression and impotence, knowing they cannot do anything to you.

    1a If people want to assault you and you run some place secure and THEY TRY TO GET IN THEY ARE TAKING IT UP TO A FELONY HOME INVASION THAT WILL PUT THEM AWAY. Once you have locked your door on them and they try to BREAK in they are in far more trouble.

    1b If people RUN AFTER YOU because you provoked them THEN THEY ARE ALREADY ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE LAW. Chase after somebody and you are looking at a Felony charge. I can run fast, hard to catch up.

    1 c People can talk all they want about “getting you” but if you are in another city…they cannot actually afford the gas. Much less another country.

    Overseas some people just detest Americans viewing us as all living in Hollywood like they see in films.
    If somebody is provoked to assaulting you, make sure you can run to somewhere that you can secure yourself in.

    • Jason Y

      Ironically most of Americans do not live in Hollywood, but rather lead boring lives.

      • JASON Y

        If the Normies actually chase and assault you all of the sudden their Hollywood fantasies of ass-kicking go out the window…

        There is a spell in jail while frantic parents try to get them out through lawyers, which cost a bundle, and bail bonds.

        The nightmare of court and community service.


        • Jason Y

          Unlike in the movies, most bullying is verbal, possibly 99 percent of it, but that might be a stretch. Words do make people angry though, so big stoic men have to ignore it, like myself. 😆

        • Jason Y

          The biggest threat is that the taunted will start the fight, not the taunters. In my case, I started a fight in library class in middle school after my speech being mocked and paper wads thrown at me. It’s normally that way. They drive you to the edge, then, of course, you have to pay as much as they do and sometimes you pay all of it. Your one in jail etc…

        • Jason Y

          A lie from cultural conservative is that words aren’t a big deal. Like you might complain about verbal harassment and they will “Oh, that’s all? 😆 ”
          However, it’s words which provoke the fight, and often you’re the one starting it.

      • Sean Penn’s films actually accurately depict the sort of lives that many Americans who are working class live. Movies like BAD BOYS (That’s an extremely hardcore case), COLORS, AT CLOSE RANGE.

        The endless menthol cigarettes, the cheap booze to soothe the soul, the aimless days and bleak milieu.

        For the working class and middle-class it is not all boring. It’s a nightmare sometimes.

        Mostly, like Penn’s characters, it is their fault. Their ignorant, not terribly smart, not handsome, not anything.


        • Jason Y

          Possibly in a highly concentrated NAM area one could avoid gangs by staying out of their way. I mean the Mafia has always been in NYC, but ordinary people also live there.


    Remind yourself that when some lowlife insults you for little reason that the next day he will still be miserable about his situation. He’s not worth fighting because of a Grammar School insult like faggot. What does he know about you personally. Nothing. Its just intended to provoke a prescribed response, as Swayze said in ROADHOUSE.

    If somebody as shouting at you, move backwards and don’t respond. Don’t argue a point, extend proximity.

    Once somebody CHASES YOU the law is on your side. If 40 people see a man chasing you that is not aggravated assault that is felonious. A felony will make the average person’s life a nightmare. Jail, probation, court.

    If you have to “get back” at someone and burn them really bad, make sure you do it after you have left town. That way they cannot really get to you.

    If somebody is mad and chases you and TRIES TO GET INTO YOUR RESIDENCE that is not aggravated assault that is a home invasion.

    When people are facing jail time who are normal, it really affects their life. They lose their job and so on.

    When you have some dreadful secret on somebody…they will turn to jelly. They will plead and beg, most of the time. Nobody is as brave as they think.

    • Jason Y

      I have to disagree. A lot of taunters have responded to what they’ve heard about other people via rumors and especially on social media. That’s why you’re a target.

      However, in a lot of other cases, people are just targeting you to get a cheap thrill. That’s normally the case when another race is involved and you’re outnumbered.

      Note, often your own race will leave you alone for the most part. The trouble comes when you start running your mouth. That’s why it’s a good idea to stay off social media.

      • Jason Y

        There can be situations where you piss off another ethnic group AND you’re a target only for cheap thrills. That’s double-time and can be hell.

      • JASON Y Social media is for teenagers, not adults like us. You have a private e-mail. Who needs to on FACEBOOK when they are our age?

        • Jason Y

          That’s a myth. Most adults are on it. The idea it’s for teeny-boppers or sissies or something is from the past.

          No, actually I don’t get on it much. I only use it to drive traffic to some websites. I don’t hang around it cause it’s dangerous socially speaking.

        • Jason Y

          It’s because it feeds into the “attention hound” nature of people. That’s why Zuckerberg is a billionaire.

      • JASON Y Cheap thrills is a great description. By the way, thugs themselves DO have territoriality: KKK members do not hang around Crooklyn calling people K*kes, Crips do not go deep into the Texas woods armed with only a handgun to insult Leatherface and his family by themselves, Italian mafia operate only in cities of the Northeast, Cholos never leave their barrio for the woods.

        Thugs of all races KNOW what happens when they are caught out in a situation by themselves.

        The crocodile does not leave the watering hole and the lion does not swim in it.


      • JASON Y Curious

        Where do people who presumably HAVE SOME KIND OF JOB and ARE LEGALLY ADULTS and enjoying a regular life-sex, fun, parties-get THE TIME to HARASS A MATURE STUDENT LIKE YOU WHO IS CLEARLY A WHITE-COLLAR PROFESSIONAL AND NOT A KID?


        • Jason Y

          It’s all about what Robert was talking about, narcissism. I mean who cares what some monkey says on social media? Narcissists do and they are always looking for someone to pick on. Normally, while I might have a big problem for posting stuff, the people who are getting angry always have a much larger problem.

  12. TRUMP is a narcissist. I’m sure. Probably a semi-sociopath as well but definitely a clinical narcissist.

    • Jason Y

      and a 10-year-old trapped in a man’s body, but WNs are mostly the same also.

      • White Nationalism converges with survival at some point when whites earning under a certain amount of money either have to live in fear like Sam or live far out in the wilderness.

        The reality is that if you are a white who is not earning more than $50,000 a year and live in the city you are facing day-to-day risks from people who have no job to lose, who think jail is a hotel, who will be on charity their entire lives.

        • Jason Y

          If it just wasn’t true Sam could drive 300 miles to Appalachia where blacks are few and far between and mostly fear whites.

        • Jason Y

          No 300 is too much. Possibly it would only be 100 to 200 miles out of Atlanta and your in rural white country. However, be sure you go north or northeast.

        • Jason Y

          Sam’s home of Atlanta is an African-American area. I mean, what moron would move to a place like that and not expect some heat? Note Robert also lives in a NAM area, but he isn’t complaining about them to the degree Sam is.

        • Jason Y

          $50,000 ? If your single, that’s a millionare paycheck and with kids it’s bearable.

    • He’s way worse than you, Trash. That man is seriously and I do mean seriously ill.

      • ROBERT Speaking as lower middle-class I have to say this is because he had to stay in an environment that I fled from.

        Life was better in the late 90’s than now for poor whites but I know what they go through:

        No decent jobs or job security. There is dignity in work but Dairy Queen pays a teenage wage. A grown man is expected to earn a wage to provide for himself, his wife, his children. Teenagers are expected to work for minimum wage to have pocket money and buy that old used car.
        Exploitation. I ran a bar and paid Filipino women as little as possible to make money off their drinks: they alone did the blow jobs in the room above the bar and kept this money. I was not a pimp but still, I wanted to pay as little as possible to earn 500 dollars a month myself.

        Corporations operate on the same principle.

        Getting out. I was 25, single, no girlfriend, college-educated (Lousy degree however), reasonably sound of mind AND my brother lived in Arizona. Nevertheless I barely made it out of Michigan.
        Property value. It goes down fast. You cannot GIVE your house away.

        I have some sympathy for poor whites who simply did not know at 18 that every decision-having kids young, not getting a degree or trade, not selling the house at the right time, maybe a DUI…SCREWS YOUR LIFE.

        • Jason Y

          I wonder though about these plants normally around small towns. They hire for machinists etc. Do those jobs require special skills or do they hire anyone? Could Sam work at one and make a decent living?

          Perhaps there is massive competition for these jobs despite the ads.

        • Jason Y

          Normally jobs like fork lift operator, machinists, general labor is normally advertised.

  13. Jason Y

    No offense to Robert, but most of the time, people who use their own name for the website URL like are massive narcissists. I mean get a clue. What kind of douchebag uses their own name?

  14. JASON Y I’ve met a few whites like Sam and in my experience they were born in that place. Born somewhat poor and raised up with bad experiences with whites.

    Their house is worth nothing on the market and if they sold it at 50 to move where would they go for employment?

    Usually they lack the qualifications to obtain white-collar or even skilled blue-collar employment that would allow them to live in the suburbs or exurbs.

    Its the same reason poor whites stay in Flint or South Africa. Nobody elsewhere wants them, their house is not worth much and they have kids-possibly they produced them early in life.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah but they can also be poor in Appalachia where they don’t have to deal with non-whites. They can get some job at fast food, but without being hassled in the parking lot after work.

  15. Yee

    Why would Americans worry about narcissism and egotism ? That’s American character, that’s you.

    As a nation believes in individualism, if you’re not narcissistic and egotistic, you are not a TRUE American.

    Even your govt is narcissistic and egotistic. Ever wonder why some people in foreign countries hate you? Surly not because of your charming and handsome self.

    • Jason Y

      Good point. Yes, it’s the American way.

    • Jason Y

      I’ll backtrack my statement. I think narcissism is universal but often expressed in different ways than in America. Competition is something central to people all over the world, and all sorts of people abuse the concept.

    • YEE

      Marxist communism was kind of misunderstood by Confucius Chinese and this why a small number of politicians wield massive power over millions with their self-interests in mind. Also corruption, bribery, etc.

      In Southeast Asia its a toss-up whether Malays hate the Chinese or the Americans more.

      Malays accuse Fuji Chinese Community of the same Narcissistic Egotistic qualities even though they have BEEN in Southeast Asia for 100 years: No concern for society or anybody but their own community, a disregard for the Malay country, no interest in anything but making money for themselves, arrogrance, racism…

      • Yee

        Everything come to China would get twisted in some way to suit our culture, for example Buddhism, or even KFC. It doesn’t matter, we’re not fundamentalist, we’re pragmatic.

        Communism is easy to accept because we already have some kind of clanism version similar to it in place for a long long time. We had “great grandfather’s land”, which is owned by all clan members, not allowed to sell by the existing ones because the unborn ones also have a right to what those lands produce. The current state system is just enlarged from “clan” to “nation”. It is acceptable, no matter what communism originally meant to be.

        I support it because I believe the rich will have less mercy on us people than the govt. So the govt must be stronger than the rich, mustn’t become the puppet of the rich. Since the world is run on money, so it’s only logical that the state should become rich, richer than the rich.

        The state has responsibility to the people, the rich don’t. You can’t have a revolution every few decades to redistribute the wealth, can you? The current way is preferable.

        Chinese in SE Asia prove my point, the rich care shit about the people. Although I care little for the Malays either, I still believe their govt should protect them. I don’t blame the rich anywhere, SE Asia, USA, China, I blame the govt.

        Maybe it’s difficult for an American to understand, but Chinese don’t view the govt as enemy. And corruption and bribery don’t exist exclusively in China. It’s silly to blame it on communism or a twisted version of it.

        We’re poor not because we’re brainwahed or stupid, but because we start industrial revolution 200 years late. Of course, there’re countries that haven’t even started yet, so no matter what “ism” they picked, people there have worse lives then us. It’s actually quite simple.

        • YEE

          Malays are weak. The men do not want to raise their children and neither do the women, who go off to discos and let their relatives raise the child. Malays are often alcoholics, females as much as the males. Malays are promiscuous cheaters (females even more than the males). Both sexes will sell their body like other people shake hands. Malays get addicted to ANYTHING-gambling, drugs, power.

          Finally, Malays are DULL and unmotivated.

          All governments are corrupt in some way, somehow, to some degree.

          Family values are important. My children study Confucianism at a Chinese school.

          As a philosophy, it is good common sense.

          Every individual has an “opinion” and mine could be wrong.

        • YEE

          Malays are so dull and weak of character that no government could probably save them from themselves completely.

          Chinese are not really doing anything but advancing their own interests.

        • Yee

          If your wife is still Chinese enough, your children will be forced to hardworking in school. Poor kids.

          I don’t want to remember my school days.

  16. YEE My wife is Chinese Buddhist and our children attend a Chinese school. We have been together for years now.

    Governments in every country will ALWAYS be corrupt to some degree. Just as some men and women will sell their bodies or others will lie or steal. No system can stamp that out.

    Russians or Thais or probably Koreans would step in to take over the Economies of Malay countries if Chinese left and I am not even sure the Malays would enjoy the standard of living they do now.

    • Yee

      What I mean was that typical Chinese mom will push her children relentless to work hard at school, no matter what they study.

      Typical Chinese children work hardest in their entire life at age 7-18. No employer later in your life dare demand you get up at 6:30 in the morning and work until 10:30 at night. Only your parents would. We grow up under the rule of slave drivers until escape to college. Overseas Chinese might change some, I don’t know.

  17. YEE

    Overseas Chinese are sort of committed to running the family business. A few marry some white guy and move to Canada or Australia but if they stay in the Philippines or Thailand they are expected to work in the business.

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