Resolved: Young Boys are Straight-Up Evil

RL: Another question answered in Quora. The Cultural Left BS is that gay men are no more likely to be effeminate than straight men…

…Think about that. The boy on the hoppityhop was the “queer.” You know what queer means. The job of all of the other boys was to basically destroy the queer riding the ball and throw him of the ball. Whoever was the queer got smeared. Everyone tried to destroy you and throw you off the ball. What’s the message here? Queers get smeared. Queers get attacked and destroyed. If you are a Queer, all of the other boys will attack you with violence. It’s pretty obvious the message that gets internalized with such games.

Jason Y: Only assholes play that game. They don’t represent most boys. They’re just the alpha jocks of the group, who by the way, are big pussies when they have to encounter real men who can easily beat them up. After that, of course, they cry like little girls, and child abuse charges are brought up. 😆

Note these fuckers don’t change as they go into upper-grade school and college either. They make life hell for decent people who treat others fairly and certainly they are an enemy to the socialism that you speak of.

RL: It was deliriously fun to beat up this boy who cried all of the time. In case you think I am a sociopath, many other boys joined in, and most were quite normal, not the bad bullies at all. Just regular, violent boys. Of course, the more we beat him up, the more he cried, so it was sort of dumb to hit him, but 10 year old boys don’t think like that.

Jason Y: Only assholes beat up crying boys, but yes, most boys don’t approve of crying though they may not admit it. I don’t really think it’s good behavior, not even for girls. It’s just really weak.

RL: There are indeed some effeminate straight men, but mostly they only act effeminate some of the time and not all the time. I would estimate that no more than 1% of straight men are obviously effeminate. The number of very wimpy straight men must also be small. Perhaps 1–2%.

Jason Y: Well, what about skinny guys or midgets? Note they’re being attacked for being weak and queer, just cause they look the part. Well, not everyone is doing that, but asshole 7-12 year old boys and other alphas are.

I guess according to you all normal young boys are assholes.

I got some news for you. None of my friends were macho jock assholes. I wasn’t, and none of my friends were either. We were actually the direct opposite of macho jock assholes, about as far as you could get from that behavior. We were the most normal boys you ever met. We were not even all that popular. I mean we were sort of popular, but we were in the In Crowd. And we were not hypermasculine or macho either. Some of us were getting called pussies ourselves. I doubt if they were particularly conservative either. We were not homophobic macho jocks! Homophobia is normal for all young boys!

You say only assholes beat up crying boys. Let me tell you something. Everyone beat that guy up. Everyone. Both of my brothers beat him up. One was in second grade, and the other wasn’t even in kindergarten. Even my four year old brother helped beat that guy up. He really loved it too. He got into it big time. There really was not anyone who did not beat that guy up, I think because it was so much fun. And almost all of the guys beating him up were simply regular, normal boys, not assholes or bullies or jocks or anything. Just run of the mill boys.

Skinny guys are typically not effeminate. I can think of a Hell of a lot of skinny guys I have known in my life, and I am having a hard time thinking of one effeminate or even very wimpy skinny boy. I have never known or met any midgets. I had a good Net friend once who was a “little person” as he called it, and everyone loved him and left him alone. Being skinny or a little person is not the same thing as acting effeminate.

The guys you are talking about are hypermasculine homophobic psychos. When we were that age, we never called any skinny boys fags or beat them up. Some of us were pretty skinny ourselves. Only the crying boy got his ass beat. There were some skinny but very faggoty effeminate boys named the Hunts. We called them the Cunts, and we used to torment them and call them fags. They never rose to the bait though so we never hit them. I have to admit that that was pretty fun too. We really loved tormenting those boys because their faggoty behavior was so ridiculous. They both acted like Liberace + Paul Lind. Our attitude was that that behavior was simply outrageous and offensive and that’s why they got teased.

The way I see it is boys are simply diabolical. We all tortured insects and we even had Nazi style mass killing machine experiments for some common garden pests that were eating the crops in our garden. We experimented on all sorts of ways to kill snails and pillbugs. We had “bullfights” with tomato worms. We would put them in the “bullring” and then throw nails at them. Every time we threw a nail we yelled “Picadors!” which you gotta admit, is pretty funny. I believe we also set those things on fire. We burned ants with magnifying glasses.

We or at least I used to conduct science experiments on some bugs. The bugs were not harmed. I would pain the shell of a snail blue and then release it. A few days later I would go looking for it. I found that a damn snail could travel awful far in only a day or two. Some of them went all the way from the backyard to the front yard in only a day or two. I found this fascinating.

We stole stuff from the workmen building the new houses in back. We would go back there at night and steal whole boxes of nails, tools, you name it. It was actually pretty fun to steal stuff from them. It was quite scary and exciting. We used to go fishing at this place called “The Smelt Place.” We could catch up to 100 smelt in a day at this place.

Mostly we just threw them back but after a while, we were catching so many of them that we started murdering them. We would leave them on our lines after we caught them and then cast the line with the fish on it over onto some nearby rocks. Then we would yell, “Acapulco Cliff Divers!” which was a funny thing to say, I have to admit. Then we would reel the poor things back in over the rocks. The fish  would come back in battered but still alive. A few casts and it was threw. I think we just threw the dead fish in the estuary. One friend took a live smelt and tied it to a rope at the end of his bike and dragged it aways. He was trying to see how far he could drag it before it died. We thought this was hysterically funny.

Thank God we never killed or even harmed amphibians, reptiles, birds or God forbid mammals. Killing insects is almost normal, and killing fish is not that pathological, but as it escalates, the behavior starts getting more alarming.

We we were the best of friends, but a lot of us fought constantly. My brothers and I were best friends but we fought and beat each other up all the time. We also broke up into teams and had “Berry Wars” or “Dirt Clod Wars.” We used hard green small fruit of some tree as berries. We would arm ourselves with these small objects and then throw them at each other. It could hurt to get hit with those and those wars often turned quite violent. It was not uncommon for them to end with us screaming  that we were going to kill each other.

The next day it was all good and everything was normal. I remember once we flew up to see my relatives and just before the plane back, we got into a horrific berry war with my cousins. As we were being hauled into the car to the airport, I remember my brothers and I screaming at my cousins that we were going to murder each other. My mother found this quite alarming. Next time we went up to see them, everything was fine.

I simply think that young boys are wicked. They are often mean and they can be quite sadistic. Sadism seems to be a normal part of boyhood. They love violence, they love to tease and torment other boys to provoke a violent response in order to have an excuse to beat up the guy you teased. We were always provoking each other into violence. We all had very mean nicknames for each other. If you called the person by their mean nickname they would usually try to assault you. So of course we called each other by these mean nicknames all the time in order to provoke a violent response to we could respond by beating them up.

My girl cousins came and lived with us for a while. I learned all about females then and later when we became best friends, but while they were living with us, it was nonstop warfare. We were pre-pubertal, so it generally took the form of girls versus boys, which was a real blast of course because we thought, no wait we knew, that we were better than girls.

I think boys are just normally evil a lot of the time. Most of them just age out of it and turn into quite normal adolescent and adults, but some of them go way too far and end up being antisocial or worse adults. I have also observed that little girls can be quite evil too, but the violence is more verbal than physical. They seem to delight in being mean to other girls, forming cliques, excluding others, sadistically making other girls cry, etc. Girls seem to be pretty sadistic around that age too. Most of them seem to grow out of their childhood evil too. This antisocial or evil behavior seems to be a normal developmental stage in both genders, but I do not understand why that would be.


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7 responses to “Resolved: Young Boys are Straight-Up Evil

  1. Jason Y

    Having snowball fights is normal; making kittens drink gasoline laced milk is not !!

  2. Jason Y

    No, it’s NOT normal behavior. What these 10 to 20 percent of boys need, is to get beaten up themselves. Why do you think they had to use a bullwhip so much on southern plantations? OK, WNs go on and on about hypermasculine blacks and they need “law and order”, but then they excuse boyhood sadism, as long the boys are white of course.

    Go to Saudi Arabia or Singapore and you will find a lot of obedient and quivering youth who would no more look up at you than a worm would. 😆

    Yeah, the neo-Confederates will say there was no black on black violence on southern plantations. No shit !!!

  3. Jason Y

    Boys and girls are only straight up evil, cause the parents won’t put them in their place !!!

  4. jose

    Shit, you are right in everything.

    I remember that I also had cruel experiments with insects when I was a kid, like set fire to an ant, put crickets in cobwebs to see how the spider kill them, throw many kind of insects into an anthill (including throw big ants into an anthill of small ones that are majority in my house), etc. It was very sadiscit, it was like “sutdy” or “witness” the insect pain, that is I think that many serial killers does with people (and they usually start with animals). My limit were vertebrates, I would have kicked the ass of anybody that were killing or torturing any vertebrate animal, the exception were fishers (in the case of the obvious killing by take the fish out of water, but I would have not tolerated torture), but fishing is very common here, and people fish for eat after all (now I think that is unnecessary, and I don’t fish because I am a bit ecologist, and also I don’t hunt, but in the case of hunters, I hate those that hunt for fun, or hunt animals like cougars, tigers, bears, wolves, etc., I would hurt seriously this kind of hunter if I know anyone).

    And I also had random fights with other kids, but, at least in my primary school time, there was not someone very bullied. Everybody were pretty “equal”, but obviously there was some leaders that fought better than the rest, so they were “untouchable”.

    In secundary there was a bullied boy but for talking “rare”, like those kids that watch too much cartoons (in Argentina we recognize them because they use many words of a “neutral” Spanish -because cartoons usually are dubbing by Mexicans or Central Americans-, like say “tú” instead of “vos”, or “columpio” instead of “hamaca”, etc.). But he was more mocked than attacked phisically, and was more in the first years of secundary, then he change his vocabulary because realized his “fault”, and bullying decreased a lot, also because everybody was more “mature” in the last years, and also many of them were snobby boys of middle class, so they were less violent than probably another grade with more working-class or low-class teenagers. For what I saw in movies, TV, etc., apparentally kids are more violent phisically in United States than here, at least with bullying (here there are many fights, or in a common level, but is not common that 4 boys hit one alone, or put their head into a toilet).

  5. Jason Y

    You cannot fight anyone nowadays. I punched an Irishman in South Korea at a bar (a fellow co-teacher) and then I lose my job immediately. You cannot instigate a fight at a community college or you get expelled and lose everything you were working for.

    The only places where you can fight are grade school, prison, the army.

    • jose

      But this in the case of the work. If you are in the street you can fight with everybody, at least here. Or any greengrocer, taxi driver, bus driver, butcher, builder, etc. can fight in his job if someone disrespect him without the risk of loose his job.

  6. Jason Y

    I’ve seen the Andy Griffith episode where one mean kid mocks Opie as dopey. 😆 However, kids like that are not the majority.

    Nonetheless, as Robert said that taunt their victims into starting a fight, and then the label the bullied person “a faggot – cocksucker etc..” and the whole school hates them. Note they hate the victim already, but once he/she fights back, then it becomes 100 times worse. Note my experience was in the 7th grade. For some reason the 6th grade mostly I just didn’t have classes much with the meaner kids.

    At the community college also, especially at one 98 percent of one race, you’d think the students have grown up, but I found they were just as hateful.

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