Is 116 a High IQ?

My answer below from Quora:

What is wrong with that? Most people are average. Is there something wrong with being average, ordinary, typical, everyday, or like everybody else? I mean if you are average, you are about the same as most folks around you. 67% of the population has an IQ between 84–116. A 116 IQ is called “high normal.” If there was a footrace of 100 people, you would come in 16th. You would beat most of the people in the race. What’s so bad about that? Everyone can’t come in first you know. Only one person can come in first. If there are 10 people in the room you are smarter than 8 of them. If there are 20 in the room, you smarter than 17 of them. In other words, most of the time you are in a room with other people, you are smarter than most people in the room. Isn’t that cool?

Also I must say that IQ’s in this range differ a lot. I had a commenter on my site with an IQ of 117 and he was one of the smartest people on there. I have one with a 115 IQ, and he is smart as a whip. I have a 147 IQ and it is hard to say that I am smarter than either of those guys. You cannot raise your IQ, but I think people at the same IQ seem smarter or less smart depending on how much they have stuffed into their heads. That 117 IQ who seems to perform far above his range has been stuffing his head forever. If you want to be as smart as possible, just keep stuffing your head and challenging your mind. I think you might be very surprised at how smart you will end up seeming to be.

You also might look into extra-IQ factors. Extra-IQ factors have been shown to increase your effective IQ on the job by 10–20 points. A book by James Flynn showed that Chinese and Japanese first generation Americans were performing at jobs 10–20 points above what would be expected based on their IQ’s. The reason they were performing above their IQ levels was due to beneficial extra-IQ factors that served as a sort of “synthetic IQ points.” The extra-IQ factors made them seem to have IQ’s that were 15 points above their own, or it made them perform just as well on the job as someone with an IQ 15 points higher than their own.


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12 responses to “Is 116 a High IQ?

  1. Tulio

    It’s the same reason beautiful women are notoriously insecure. It’s not good enough that they are far more attractive than average. They see women with even better genetics, pointier breasts, firmer asses, better hip to waist ratios, nicer facial features, nicer hair and feel inadequate.

  2. My verbal IQ is high and a fat lot of good it has done me. Unless your IQ is spatial or especially left-sided being smart won’t do much but allow you to win “Scrabble” contests.

    Having a high verbal IQ and analytical ability will make you seem cynical and piss other people off but not necessarily lead to a 7 figure job.

  3. I have a very high spatial score. My verbal is average. I pay my bills with my ability to connect the dots and solve problems and most definitely not because of my people skills. I am at that age where I don’t give a sh!t anymore. When I was younger, I connect the social dots, play along and pretend to be an outgoing guy quite successfully but not anymore. It is just too tiring. I rather spend my time taking new interesting personal projects, Right now I am dabbling in buying broken but cool motorcycles and bobbing them. I think it will last until next summer and i will get bored. They seem to last for about 2 years then I get bored and go for something else. I got so many equipment and tools from my previous interests. One thing that’s constant is my music playing.

    • Beyond a certain IQ level in some aspects, you are actually at a disadvantage. Jews and Asians are prone to various psychological OCD and Neurosis that people with a lively inner-life end up suffering from. You’ll never meet a NAM with OCD. Asians all the time.

      • Alcohol comes in handy. 😉 Seriously. alcohol played a huge part of my life. Making things much easier to digest. As I get older, I can’t handle that much alcohol anymore.

      • Barack Thatcher

        The IQ- life outcome correlation is indeed not as strong above 120. Although still positive up to at least 150 it diminishes from 120 up.

  4. Barack Thatcher

    I have a global IQ of 124 (PSAT and online) presumably with a P=V (same scores on both sections). In terms of pure g this probably regresses towards the median. When suffering from severe anxiety and depression my score dropped about 5 points- all verbal.

    My mom scored 1330/1600 on the modern sat equivalent and my dad 1200/1600. My parents would hence have IQs of 134 and 124 respectively, although my dad tested at 136 on the WAIS-IV. His SAT regressed from
    his WAIS which is possible. 97% Eurasian, 2% Black, 1% NE Asian is my ancestry.

  5. Lin

    How to improve ‘spatial IQ”:
    1)Learn Chinese. Chinese is ‘pictorial’ or ‘ideogramic’. Example: A good evidence of occupation castes in ancient China is the family name ‘Zhang’ which has a bow pic part. The original Zhangs were archers.
    2)When I learned geometry in hi school, the text books back then didn’t have that many diagrams. It usually sketched out a diagram(even 3-D ones) with a paragraph and the learners must envisaged and drew the diagram from those few sentences. Kids nowadays could do the equivalent reverse: Look at a diagram, memorise it,put the diagram away and script the diagram in words

  6. Barack Thatcher

    That comment above was for Robert because he seems to like to know these things. I assume the rest of you don’t care :).

    Anyhow, the problem with IQ-HBD realm is that the correlations between things like life outcomes, Head size, etc. aren’t that high.
    They are 0.4 (income) and 0.33 (head size)

    That means IQ just accounts for 16% of the life outcome and 10% of the head size of a person.
    Who is to say the other 84% and other 90% are completely controlled?

    I understand there have been a few ‘environmentally controlled’ studies, but is it enough? In those studies the gap is diminished between Whites and Blacks.

    The IQ of Sub Saharan-Immigrants conundrum (based on education levels they’d only be expected to have IQs 18 points above their median countrymen) also shows the African IQ is either
    a.) 90
    b.) has a higher standard deviation.
    if B. is true we could expect Blacks to be over-represented as geniuses. This would be perhaps because Blacks, who have existed as a race longer (not specific sub-sets of Black, but the negro race in general) and have more diversity in phenotypes.

  7. Jason Y

    A lot of people are smarter than they seem but they hang with bad crowds, possibly cause normie buttholes rejected them way back

  8. Santoculto

    When curiosity AND logic reconcile many good things can happen. Usually the very curious are also easy to get lost in, so the logic works as a compass to guide us when we are far from the collective comfort zone that is common sense. As if we were native Indians exploring new lands, we still need the tribe’s wisdom so we can stay alive.

    Creativity is more a dispositional state of mind than a invariably permanent state of behavior as temperament and personality.

    Other important thing is to do what you do must like and all the time criticize, talk with yourself.

    I don’t know if you will become a ”genius” but at least i think you will start to like intelligence, and not see it as an obligation only or fundamentally, but as part of you.

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