Are Straight Men as Likely to Have an Effeminate Affect as Gay Men?

Another question answered in Quora. The Cultural Left BS is that gay men are no more likely to be effeminate than straight men. It’s a lie. A flat out lie. Why they say this, I have no idea. I suppose they think associating effeminacy with gay men will lead to homophobia and bigotry. But that’s not a good reason to lie.  This is just one more thing the crazy Gay Lobby or Gay Identity Politics faction of the Cultural Left lies about, and this faction tells many a lie.

I would recommend Chris’ response below. It’s not PC but it’s correct. Gay men are vastly more likely to be effeminate than straight men. There’s no contest.


Straight men, as a group, are far more likely to fear being considered effeminate if they express perfectly normal variations in gender expression.

They are heavily socialized to this view.

Exactly. Straight men are extremely paranoid of being considered gay. Which ones? Well, just about every straight man I ever met? They will go to incredible extremes so as not to be perceived as gay. This is the main reason for the exaggerated hypermasculine behavior you see in so many straight men. To me, one reason for hypermasculine behavior is a way of screaming at the world: “I’m not a faggot!” The more hypermasculine they are, the louder they are making that statement.

Considering the straight men I have known, one of the worst possible insults would be to tell them that they act or you thought they were gay. Just imagining the straight men I have known and imagining me implying that they act gay, I can see almost every single one of them getting angry about that. Some might get dangerously angry. It’s a real slap in the face. I generally never imply that about any straight man because I don’t want to get hit or killed. To me that’s a good way to get punched. In some places, the person might even try to kill you. It’s not worth it.

I’m not sure why straight men do not want to be perceived as gay but they just do. Obviously it’s all wrapped up in masculinity but there is more to it than that. For one thing, to be a straight man perceived as gay is an endless headache in straight society both with women and men. And don’t even bring up girlfriends. Straight society simply does not accept straight men who are perceived as gay in any way. They’re not ok with it. Period. It’s just one never ending pain in the ass. The best way to not have your life weirded out by this situation is to act as hypermasculine as possible. Problem solved.

Another reason is that if you act hypermasculine, you can often can along better with other straight men. It’s easier to bond with them if they don’t think you’re a pussy. And bonding with straight men is quite difficult if they suspect that you are gay. A close friendship is nearly impossible. Being respected as a fellow masculine man earns massive points in straight society.

One more thing. It sounds nuts, but there is no down side to hypermasculinity. I don’t really act that way as am a bit of a pure androgyne (extremely strong masculine side by also a strong feminine side).

But sometimes I get a complex where I worry about my behavior and I try to compensate by angrily acting in what to me is an absurdly exaggerated masculine way. This behavior seems so odd to me that I am amazed that everyone is not laughing in my face when I act this way. But bizarrely, no one will laugh at you. No one will ever look at you twice. And a whole lot of men who were not friendly to you before show a strange new respect for you. They signal to you, nodding their heads or giving thumbs up. They are saying you are one of us, the hypermasculine guys, oh man do I respect that, Hell yeah.

A lot of these men will be older White men, but others will be “redneck” working class young White men. No one is going to give you any problems for this behavior. Everything is going to go smoothly with every man you meet. Considering that hypermasculine behavior smooths the way so much in straight society, why should we be surprised if men do it.

Another thing is women. Women are more attracted to hypermasculine behavior than you might think and it’s not uncommon that it actually turns them on mentally or physically. Where I live, the women are all Hispanics and they never look at me twice. When I go into hypermasculine caricature mode is the only time they look at me with sexual interest.

There are other reasons too. For instance, if you are straight, the more effeminate you act, the more like gay and bisexual men are going to come after you sexually. So hypermasculine behavior is surely seen as a way of warding off gay advances. I would say that it works pretty well too.

One of the responses to Chris’ answer says that all males have these effeminate behaviors, but the straight men just had it beaten out of them. That’s sad but true. The socialization of straight boys is quite a brutal affair and a lot never really make it out without scars. It’s like Bootcamp for Manhood. Boyhood is training and socializing period for becoming a man. Little boys are quite sissy, sensitive and wimpy. They break into tears a lot. As you get older as a boy, you learn pretty quickly that boys who cry get hit.

There was a boy in 5th grade named DN. He was called “Fig” for short as a first name for reasons I won’t go into. “Fig” got turned into “Fag” awful fast. He was an extremely sensitive boy who always looked like he was going to cry. Worse, he had the habit of always busting out in tears, often at school. My memory is of incidents where people would say, “Look! DN is crying! Beat him up!” Then I would rush over with about twenty other boys to kick DN’s ass.

It was deliriously fun to beat up this boy who cried all of the time. In case you think I am a sociopath, many other boys joined in, and most were quite normal, not the bad bullies at all. Just regular, violent boys. Of course, the more we beat him up, the more he cried, so it was sort of dumb to hit him, but 10 year old boys don’t think like that.

Why did we beat him up? We beat up for crying, mostly crying for no reason, also just for crying way too much. I never thought twice about why we attacked him instantaneously for crying. It was almost a primal thing. The message is pretty clear, right? You cry and you’re going to get your ass kicked. Man up. Boys don’t cry. A man never cries. Get it?

I am actually afraid to cry nowadays because I honestly think someone is going to hit me because I associate tears with fists. When we were boys, we played a lot of games. One of them was called Kill the Man on the Hoppityhop. It’s a violent game, but boyhood for straight boys is quite a violent affair. You either make it through or you don’t. Boot camp. This game involved riding in a gigantic rubber ball with a handle that you could actually travel along on by bouncing it up and down. You could bounce your way all across a yard on that thing.

In the game, one boy would ride the hoopityhop while all of the other boys would try to throw him off. The boy riding the hoppityhop had to stay on the ball and at the same time fend off all of the attackers. The attackers were pretty violent about throwing you off the ball. Another name for Kill the Man on the Hoppityhop was Smear the Queer.

Think about that. The boy on the hoppityhop was the “queer.” You know what queer means. The job of all of the other boys was to basically destroy the queer riding the ball and throw him of the ball. Whoever was the queer got smeared. Everyone tried to destroy you and throw you off the ball. What’s the message here? Queers get smeared. Queers get attacked and destroyed. If you are a Queer, all of the other boys will attack you with violence. It’s pretty obvious the message that gets internalized with such games.

And that was not the only homophobic of femininephobic game that was played in my youth. It was only one of many.

Are you speaking of effeminate behavior or feminine behavior? Because they are very different. Effeminate means acting like a woman. Feminine is very different. A feminine man might be soft, sensitive, pretty, like to cook, gentle, passive, quiet, like to read or write, and maybe do some other stereotypically feminine stuff. He’s just in touch with his feminine side. e 73% – 3%. That is a pretty extreme difference.

I would estimate that 70–75% of gay men are obviously effeminate or very wimpy in some way or another. The figure may even be higher. I have only encountered two stereotypically hypermasculine gay men in my life. Both were on Youtube videos.

There are indeed some effeminate straight men, but mostly they only act effeminate some of the time and not all the time. I would estimate that no more than 1% of straight men are obviously effeminate. The number of very wimpy straight men must also be small. Perhaps 1–2%.

So the figures are like 73% – 3%. That’s a pretty extreme variation.


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  1. Jason Y

    Like to read and write? Gosh, we need to beat someone up for that !!!

    Anyhow, nowadays only retards, hypermasculine dicks, and boys ages 7 – 12 actually get down on guys for being pretty. I mean the whole 1970s was full of long haired guys!

    Finally, I don’t really like to cook, but actually, the more masculine guys cook because it’s a survival tactic, while the more wimpy guys cannot cook and go eat fast food or make their mom do it.

    Gentle, passive, well, unlike what I might seem on this blog, I am both things. See, I’d rather stay away from dicks calling me a gook lover and be passive and gentle, then kick their ass and go to jail (the attacker are underage). Imagine if I really acted masculine and I stood up to all these people insulting me. Why I’d end up in prison for life.

    • Jason Y

      I bet if a boy or man can’t cook, then they also cannot wash clothes, both wimpy behaviors. How would they survive on their own? It’s the classic definition of a mama’s boy which alphas hate so much.

      • GOOK LOVER

        I only had sex with one white woman in my 17 years overseas. It was a typical drunken joyless affair with a female Navy sailor after some rum in the Philippines.

        Once your penis has experienced the joys of barebacking Arab women’s anuses and the sweet passionate blowjobs of Asian women you CANNOT BE PAID TO GO TO AN AMERICAN BAR ON LADY’S NIGHT.

        Most white women just do not get into sex like the women of the tropics or the Far East. To the Asian woman you are hung like John Holmes even if you are only 6 inches long.

        I’ll live the Jimmy Buffett life overseas of beautiful sunsets on beaches while somebody spends their life in Dick’s Knob, Tennessee in some depressing wooden house watching Suzy their sorority girl wife slowly lose her figure shoving out shit-spewing infants and getting ever more frigid.

        Middle American life sucks anyhow.

        • Jason Y

          My guess too is that a lot of the resentment is jealousy. Possibly most of it mixed in with a little racism.

        • EtherTriforce

          Whites are less conservative sexually than unpaid Asians and typically give better head in my experience. Indian girls in the US are hungry for White cock. Flyover women make the best housewives, especially the Angelic looking Anglos.

        • EtherTriforce

          Here’s a list from an old wealthy man that has shagged women from all over the world: Midwest girls- best wives, Italians- best moms, baby their boys, Latinas- best lovers, wild/passionate but prone to cheating, Asians- most submissive, Eastern Europe- colder, beautiful and feminine.

    • JASON Y

      “Gook lover” where are they going to ever go in this world? Their local Sports Bar?

      Until you have been overseas in Asia and experienced the joys of Asian female sexual delights with two Chinese or Indian women at the same time or sunsets on the warm Filipino beaches what do you know about life?

      I’m a “gook lover” who would rather be enjoying delightful blow jobs from Asian women on warm December nights then watching my college sweetheart lose her figure shoving out shit-spewing infants.

      They might be able to visit Hawaii once every five years. I’ll be a gook lover who wakes up to gorgeous beaches and pretty Asian women every day.

  2. Jason Y

    Think about that. The boy on the hoppityhop was the “queer.” You know what queer means. The job of all of the other boys was to basically destroy the queer riding the ball and throw him of the ball. Whoever was the queer got smeared. Everyone tried to destroy you and throw you off the ball. What’s the message here? Queers get smeared. Queers get attacked and destroyed. If you are a Queer, all of the other boys will attack you with violence. It’s pretty obvious the message that gets internalized with such games.

    Only assholes play that game. They don’t represent most boys. They’re just the alpha jocks of the group, who by the way, are big pussies when they have to encounter real men who can easily beat them up. After that, of course, they cry like little girls, and child abuse charges are brought up. 😆

    Note these fuckers don’t change as they go into upper-grade school and college either. They make life hell for decent people who treat others fairly and certainly they are an enemy to the socialism that you speak of.

    It was deliriously fun to beat up this boy who cried all of the time. In case you think I am a sociopath, many other boys joined in, and most were quite normal, not the bad bullies at all. Just regular, violent boys. Of course, the more we beat him up, the more he cried, so it was sort of dumb to hit him, but 10 year old boys don’t think like that.

    Only assholes beat up crying boys, but yes, most boys don’t approve of crying though they may not admit it. I don’t really think it’s good behavior, not even for girls. It’s just really weak.

    There are indeed some effeminate straight men, but mostly they only act effeminate some of the time and not all the time. I would estimate that no more than 1% of straight men are obviously effeminate. The number of very wimpy straight men must also be small. Perhaps 1–2%.

    Well, what about skinny guys or midgets? Note they’re being attacked for being weak and queer, just cause they look the part. Well, not everyone is doing that, but asshole 7-12 year old boys and other alphas are.


      A husky hairy-faced man high on crack and lurking in public toilets trying to get you to suck his penis.

      I think effeminate gays are more palatable.

      The police officer who arrested George Michael later tried to sue for “emotional damage” as a result of George high off his head on crack cocaine shoving his head into his crotch in a public toilet.

      That is scary.

  3. Jason Y

    Yeah, I know the boys you’re talking about. 😆 They come out of the woodwork for Vacation Bible School and then bully all the weird and weak kids. Yeah, these are the 10 to 20 percent of boys (sociopaths) who put gasoline in kitten’s milk and make fun of Christmas songs inserting dirty words.

    Yeah, but as I said they are about 20 percent, maybe a little more, and women shit them out every year. But by the way, did you know that 10 to 20 percent of girls are exactly the same? They’re mean and evil but in sort of a different way.

  4. Jason Y

    Note, these bad boys only come to Vacation Bible School, not the regular church, unless they’re being forced, which is unlikely because the parents often as mean as the kids. No, these boys are nothing like the massive lot of boys who are nice, note not queer, nice,.

    Anyhow, a lot of times boys get along with each other more than you think. Often these bullying instances come when they think another boy is trying to be king, a show-off (but comes across as dorky or maybe not). Like on that movie St. Vincent, they started picking on that one boy because he made the joke he was Jewish. Now would have attacked him if he had never said anything?

  5. White Dawg

    “one of the worst possible insults would be to tell them that they act or you thought they were gay….Some might get dangerously angry…. It’s a real slap…the person might even try to kill you”

    Yo, yo, yo, Mike, Mike, yo, Mike Mike mike, Iron Mike, Mike Tyson, yeah, over here – Robert Lindsay says you are a queer fag, yeah, ask him yourself, here’s his address. ”

    Good ditty Robert.

    • Jason Y

      Gosh, that type of teasing is so common in schoolyards and in everyday life that if anyone actually got upset to the point of murder then the whole world would look like Fort Lauderdale does today (the mass shooting).

      • Jason Y

        Only massively hypermasculine men would kill someone accusing them of being gay. Other people possibly get hurt by it, but either ignore it or maybe try to insult them back, but in a low-key manner, maybe with some “fuck you” remark or something.

        • White Dawg

          I agree with you, Jason. If you are remotely masculine and not mentally ill, you would counter with a put down of some sort. One might choose to ignore but usually, one does say “fuck you, blow me” in one way or the other.
          Sometimes, during the fighting ages – teens, late adolescence or early twenties, calling someone something similar to this would be the last words used to start the actual fist fight.
          But, murder, no. Maybe accidental manslaughter.
          Keywords are “not mentally ill”.

  6. …And then they end up being forced by blacks to suck penises in the state prison.

    There’s no reward for being macho. Nobody will give an award at 40 because you won some brawls.

    Bet on the gay like George Michael or the dork like Bill Gates.

  7. Jason Y

    A lot of these men will be older White men, but others will be “redneck” working class young White men. No one is going to give you any problems for this behavior. Everything is going to go smoothly with every man you meet. Considering that hypermasculine behavior smooths the way so much in straight society, why should we be surprised if men do it.

    That’s a joke. HA HA. The dating websites Tennessee listings are filled with gays and many of them look like average redneck guys. 😆

    Some of them even have comical names like “Deer Slayer 101” 😆

  8. Jason Y

    There are indeed some effeminate straight men, but mostly they only act effeminate some of the time and not all the time. I would estimate that no more than 1% of straight men are obviously effeminate. The number of very wimpy straight men must also be small. Perhaps 1–2%.

    People don’t really hate effeminate men in Tennessee. They do hate traitors though and people who run their mouth. That’s why social media is so dangerous here. People literally take what you say on social media to heart.

    It reminds of that movie “Biloxi Blues” where Matthew Broderick’s diary gets found by the platoon and many of them get angry. So Broderick said in a private note, “When you write something, people think you really mean what you say, or you wouldn’t have took the time to write it.”

    • JASON Y In some ways I agree with the Love It or Leave It principle. They would not go out to California to live.

      I for one left Middle America and have not missed it for 100th of single second. When I returned 3 times in 18 years I was happy to fly back overseas.

  9. Jason Y

    Well, you know, what a person can do, is just avoid masculine men. Just have no friends or find friends who aren’t masculine. Or you could be like TRASH and just live overseas and get blowjobs under the table every day. 😆 In that case, who really cares about middle America and it’s gender roles?

    • JASON Y Living overseas your entire life as I have has some disadvantages which many 40-year ESL language professors or Army deserters or draft dodgers or alimony flee:

      White women’s pussies feel like a big cavern.
      You will own no house. All of the years that Americans spend making down payments you have spent overseas getting laid.
      You seem and feel like a foreigner.
      Nobody has been anywhere so they seem ignorant.
      Beer is watered-down piss.
      Racial conflict is far far worse than whenever you left. Blacks are openly hateful, Mexicans figure they own the Southwest anyhow, Asians are smart enough to squeeze whites out economically.
      PC is stronger than ever.
      People are poorer than ever. In the late 90’s when I left the U.S. only winos and heroin addicts were homeless. Now homeless families are everywhere. Grad students work in Starbucks whereas high school dropouts once did.

      Yes, you realize that the U.S. is a third world country in the First World plain and simple.

      • Jason Y

        People are poorer than ever. In the late 90’s when I left the U.S. only winos and heroin addicts were homeless. Now homeless families are everywhere.

        Of course, if it were blacks, the KKK would have the shirt “If you can’t feed em, don’t breed em” 😆 Now the joke is on poor whites.

        • Jason Y

          Note the shirt had a watermelon on it I believe. 😆

        • JASON Y

          Blacks actually live in cities with some sort of economy, illegal or legal. There are gangsters and pimps on Chicago streets earning $1,000 a day.

          Poor whites live where there is NO ECONOMY legal or illegal. Police presence is HUGE because so many poor whites see no choice but to become police officers. So there is no drugs or stolen car commerce or prostitution. It’s just poor with no money circulating at all.

          South Chicago is dangerous and poor but there are millions of dollars every day going through it. Crack dealers still buy televisions from pawn stores and car dealerships.

          Poor white towns are safer but there is zero economy at all. Even retail jobs are going the way of the Jurassic Dinosaur.

        • JASON Y The top of the population pyramid is always narrower but the view is nicer, isn’t it?

      • Crusader

        TRASH You mind ranking S.Indian, N. Indian, Flip, Cambodian, Chinese, European-American, Iranian, and Arab pussy tightness? You haven’t mentioned a couple of those but were in proximity.

        • CRUSADER

          I would say Thai, Chinese and Korean women have the tightest vaginas. They are not terribly flexible and sometimes sex with an average white male is painful to them. Filipinos vary according to the degree of Hispanic blood and in some cities like Cebu they are as mixed as Mexicans, their vagina is tight but also flexible.

          Russian women whom I sometimes paid for sex in Dubai have huge vaginas and even Chinese prostitutes who I also hired in Dubai told me that “Russian woman big down there”. It’s true.

          North Indian females are essentially Central Asian quasi-Caucasians and their vaginas are bigger than a South Indian but surprisingly tight for their size-a Sikh woman who is 5’10 and 150 pounds will still have a tighter vagina than a petite white female.

          Arab women and Indian women possess the same degree of tightness which is somewhat tighter than the average white woman but more Arab women enjoy consensual anal sex.

          Bear in mind that most of my own sexual experiences in Asia have been with seasoned pros. I never bothered attempting to seduce conservative local girls and running the risk of angering their dowry-deprived male relatives or a husband because you are going to get lousy sex with reluctant blow jobs anyhow. The “seduction game” never appealed to me although I had sex for free with a few women and to be honest the prostitutes in Asia seem to enjoy sex more than white hookers who just need another fix.

        • Crusader

          Sounds like 2 dollars well spent. Thanks for the specifics.

        • Crusader

          For clarity, when you say Arabs and Indians possess same degree of tightness are you referring to S. Indian?

        • South Indian women will be very dark and have tighter vaginas than North Indian women or Arabs. North Indian women are Central Asian/Arab.

          Sexually even the hookers are conservative and no BJ’s. Arab women will give head and do butt sex which most have done for many years to preserve their virginity and I find that women who do anal sex for a sufficient period of time come to enjoy as a supplement to vaginal penetration.

          Arab women themselves have vaginas about as tight as the average North Indian woman which is tighter than white women-I had sex with one Female Navy girl in Philippines who was drunk on rum and her vagina felt like a huge cave. Since then I have never bothered with white women.

          One poster argued that blowjobs from white women are the best but I disagree. This is of course more subjective where as vaginal length and shape is largely not.

          Going rate for prostitutes from country to country is as follows:

          Dubai Russian women charge more and will do everything but anal. Some use rubbers and some do not. Their vagina is the size of a white girls.

          PRICE 50-100 US Dollars.

          Chinese women in Dubai charge $25 dollars. No anal sex.

          Arab prostitutes specialize in Anal. Arab women in general like Anal sex about halfway through the act. But vaginal penetration will always have to occur first.

          NB in the movies women are depicted rubbing their clitoris but in real life I have noticed that women who engage in anal sex-and only Arab women and Spanish seem to like this-generally like to focus on this form of penetration.

          I don’t know why.

    • One note: SERVING American Military will sometimes take a dislike to “liberal lowlife Americans qualified to survive in foreign countries”. Go into their bars near the bases and they might start a fight because they know you left in disgust.

      I’ve experienced that once or twice.

      • Jason Y

        Well, if your out bragging about blowjobs under the table then you might expect some guys to want to bring the king down to earth, or possibly they just assume your some Jimmy Buffett woman hound just cause they know you’ve been there.

      • Jason Y

        Military guys don’t like liberals. If they know your one, then you’re going to run into trouble. A lot of middle America people don’t like them either as we’ve noted. Of course, a lot of Anglo-Celtics have been reduced to peasants so it’s easy for them to see privileged liberals with much disdain.

    • JASON Y

      Who could care about “gender roles” on the frozen prairies and soggy deciduous woodlands somewhere when one can enjoy warm, tropical sunsets and the delights of dusky tropical women whose libidos have not been frozen by evolution in a cold hunter-gatherer environment.

      White women sometimes remain hot into their 30’s but most end up looking like Britney Spears does now. Their expectations are high and their actual sexual passion is low.

      A white man can take advantage of K-selection overseas. The women are hornier, the cost of living lower.

  10. JASON Y I’d choose a hammock and a tropical woman in Asia over one-dollar beers in a frigid prairie city with Garth Brooks blaring out of the speakers while BLM protesters chant outside in the cold snowy streets.

    Who needs that?

    Macho Big Truck lovers can have these little burgs and complain that Jews are controlling their thought patters and gays should be shot.

    I’ll continue to receive heterosexual oral sex and penetration overseas in a warm lovely tropical place, thanks.

    • Jason Y

      For that Facebook comment, you get a like and a share. 😆

      • JASON Y Why do think so many guys return to Seoul, Japan or Philippines who were stationed there? The women’s pussy does the Watusi because the comparative girth of the white penis and the mouths of nude women are more eager so sex is more easily initiated after some beers beneath a tropical vivid sunset over the sea on the beach.

        Meanwhile Dicksburgh, Middle America has started to have a sinister look to it like the town in Salem’s Lot after the vampires took over.

        Your pre-service sweetheart looks like Britney Spears today after shoving out shit-spewing debt-spawners and you live in a drafty wooden house.

        Unlike vibrant Asian cities with bustling economies poverty is everywhere, downtown brick and mortar buildings are deserted, houses are shuttered as more people retreat into private morbid worlds as their economy shrivels like a penis in ice, meth-heads and crackheads lurk, Wal-mart sells crap and its all you can afford, the Sports Bar is a dank place like the horror films where some “Crazy Ralph” warns you away from the woods and beers are watered-down garbage, police officers desperate to fuel the economy will practically “stitch something up” to arrest anyone.

        I know I would not even want to be buried in Middle America.

        • Jason Y

          True, but you can never admit this in middle America and especially on social media. You’d be the most hated person around within 24 hours. People don’t like it when outsiders bitch about their area, even if they’re saying the truth.

          Of course, the middle American loves to exhibit superiority by claiming Asians are stupid, ugly, funny-looking, barbaric gooks who eat dogs and rats and by holding to a Vietnam War-era view of Asia as this poor shit-hole. Possibly they really believe the whole place is at war now, and that every Asian woman, even in Japan, is a whore for their disposal for only 2 dollars. 😆

        • Jason Y

          Middle Americans want a bitch, like Karl on the movie Slingblade, they want an untouchable class like in India. They want to feel superior, though they themselves are a piece of shit. Possibly they’re very annoyed cause deep down they know middle America is becoming like England during the Norman invasion. A big-shot whose been overseas would trigger this resentment.

        • Every Asian woman, even in Japan, is a whore for their disposal for only 2 dollars. 😆

          Oh, if only it were true!


        Challenge to Middle Americans who voted for Trump:

        Middle Americans talk about backward Arabs but nobody in Dubai is suffering economically like you EVEN IF YOU SERVED IN IRAQ DEFENDING THEIR REGION. They would not cross the street in their Mercedes to piss on an Iraq war vet if he was on fire.

        Middle Americans complain about Jews controlling their brainwaves through media manipulation because they are stupid. Of course Jews are going to have better jobs. They are smart and smart people do well in a democratic meritocracy. They don’t want to “control” Dicksburgh, Flyover residents. They don’t want to live around.

        Asians do not complain about Jews because as Gay State Girl accidentally admitted “Asians are smarter” (Yes kids on the left-end of the bell curve some right-sider folks are amoral and will take advantage of ie Chinese in Southeast Asia).

        Middle Americans are basically serfs and peasants now, not yeomen.

        If you left the United States for 5 years you’d be shocked how awful it seems to have declined in every way.

        • Jason Y

          Well, to be honest Trash, Hollywood pushes a liberal agenda. Who can deny it? Sure, Hollywood doesn’t give a fuck about middle America.

          However, middle America watches its movies. Also, middle America is paying taxes to support NAMS in big cities whom middle Americans believe need to be put in their place (crime) and also need to go to school and get a job. Why should the middle-American work long hours at Wal-Mart while blacks lay around and do nothing, and of course, the blacks want special treatment because they believe whites owe them something for eternity.

          Nonetheless, the irony is that middle-American whites draw as much money as poor blacks and are also as dysfunctional. But they don’t get the pity-party from liberals.

        • Jason Y

          African Americans, for instance, don’t give a fuck about poor whites. They’re convinced whites owe them for slavery and segregation for eternity. They will always vote what’s good for them, even if it’s bad for others. Basically, the whole world to them revolves around their culture. (and liberals play up to their fantasy).

          Note I saw this same thing in South Korea and I’m sure it’s true in most other places.

        • Jason Y

          For instance, South Korea loses the Olympics and the place goes up into a near riot frenzy. The US sells beef to them they believe is contaminated, the same thing happens. However, nobody outside the country cares about it, but if you’re there, it seems so big it;s like World War III coming on.

        • Jason Y

          However, it’s difficult to say, possibly a lot of blacks are working. I don’t think they all draw welfare. However, for some reason, a lot of culturally conservative whites and also so-called white trash have this image of blacks all being on welfare or causing crime. However, the biggest thing which annoys them is the ethnocentrism of blacks. But even that isn’t totally solid.

          For instance, note how black guys come out of their cultural shell when they want a white woman, and it seems like all of them want one.

        • Jason Y

          The WNs want a separate nation for blacks, but a lot of and many most blacks behave as though they live in one anyhow. So again, the idea of it is hateful and mean spirited, but blacks already live in one. Unless of course, like in Appalachia, they roam in around in small numbers, normally married to white women. However, Detroit, Atlanta, Charleston SC etc.. is black territory, an unofficial black nation.

    • Barack Thatcher

      you can not allow Sam J.’s musings to give you an impression of all bitter, poor rural Whites.

      Most really are indifferent to Jews.
      If you get a JOOO like Trump’s big badass lawyer Michael Cohen, Flyover country proles will like him.

      If you get a whiny little JOOO like Michael Gerson, that’s where he’ll get hit.

  11. Johnny Caustic

    Can you tell us what “absurdly exaggerated masculine” behavior you did? It would make this post very useful. Clearly you got good results, but I have no idea what you did to get those good results.

    • Johnny, new policy is all regular commenters have to donate. $10 minimum and you comment forever on the best site on the Internet. If that is a hardship for you, email me and we will work something out.

      Like your stuff. You have been here a long time and would be sad to lose you.

  12. Sort of hard to describe. Just think of the most hypermasculine guy you can think of and imitate him. It might feel like a preposterous caricature that would be so absurd that anyone who saw you would burst out laughing. Go ahead and just engage in that behavior even though it feels like an idiotic caricature. Keep the idea in your head all the time that you need to act as masculine as possible all the time, without any letup.

    Don’t worry about being a caricature or anything like that. It helps if you are sort of resentful and pissed off the whole time too. For some reason that adds to the effect. Be as friendly as possible to any guys you run into. You might find men of all ages nodding their heads when you do this. They are signaling you that they appreciate the hypermasculine thing you are doing because they do it too. Go ahead and nod back to them. Other than that, just act normal.

    • Jason Y

      I get the idea of John Travolta or those guys on “Night at the Roxbury” All in all some fake motherfuckers

    • Jason Y

      It’s tough to be hypermasculine when you’re shaped like a beanpole. 😆 It all seems sort of fake and stupid. It’s kind of like how wiggers come across, often fake.

      • JASON Y Being “Wiggers” is sort of passe and out of style. The kid who would have been a “wigger” in the 1990’s is a “hipster” today with a hillbilly beard.

      • Dude there are very skinny guys all around here who do this hypermasculine thing to a tee.

        Just go ahead and do it even if it feels fake and stupid. I bet not one person laughs at you and calls you out for an exaggerated and idiotic macho act and I bet people might be a lot nicer to you. Women too. Just fucking try it dude. Anyway you probably have a masculine side. Just get in touch with it back into it, access it, be it.

        • Jason Y

          The best way to gain respect is to be quiet. Once you start talking too much then people think you got an attitude and then all is downhill. Do that along with some kind of sports thing, but not really to be tough, but just to do it. For some reason, it makes other men respect you more. For instance, I started taking karate once and this kid who used to give me a hard time in middle school suddenly became more friendly.

          Note, I like to talk, and I don’t think what I say is that stupid or bad, but certain people always take it the wrong way, so the best idea is to say nothing. Note, first they take it the wrong way, next they spread rumors, and then you’re hated. etc..

          I don’t think guys are that difficult to get along with it. I had a high-level science class recently and I was worried some of those guys would give a difficult time, but I just played it cool and we got along great.

        • Jason Y

          Social media is definitely the worst thing to get on to be manly unless you want to be some right-wing jackass. Everything you say is taken the wrong way. Note, I don’t think what I say sucks any more than what anyone else is saying, but some people just don’t like it, mainly cause of political affiliation. Given that I know so much about politics, history, religion etc.. if I get on there I’m going to talk a lot for sure.

          People are incredibly hot-headed. The riots between the left and right in Chile etc.. don’t surprise me at all.

        • Jason Y

          Funny, though, I have a liberal relative, a woman, who talks a lot on social media, but she can do so cause she lives an area where she doesn’t have to get heat for it. Also, a black lady social media friend does the same but lives in a black area. If these people lived in this area, and especially they went to school, then they’d get heat for what they’re saying. I don’t think they would be able to deal with. Possibly they try to sue for harassment considering liberals are more touchy I guess.

        • Jason Y

          The stuff my liberal friends post FAR OUTWEIGHS the stuff I was putting on there by a million to one. But again, they’re not drawing heat because they’re not in rural Eastern Tennessee.

          it’s kind of like what the right-wing pizza guy I mentioned does, but only coming from the liberal side.

    • Barack Thatcher

      Included in that is faking a ‘growley’ voice

      • Jason Y

        If people want beards, then go fight a war or serve a long stretch in a harsh prison, then you will have earned the right.

        I hate bearded pussies !!

  13. Barack Thatcher

    I do find the constant accusations of cuckoldry by the alt-right very tiresome…..mainly because it’s hypocritical.

    Alt-Rightists are bipolar in demographics.
    TYPE A
    -14 year old computer nerd. Effeminate personality.
    -Probably just finding his identity and will ditch the bullshit when he bangs some Clingy Indian broad at their prestigious college.
    -From a variety of geographic locations

    TYPE B
    Just see one of TRASH’s narrations.

    Type A is hypocritical for calling people cucks.
    Type B is justified, but they’re pretty big low-lifes in other genres.

    • Jason Y

      I don’t think computer programming, math, and science are effeminate. In reality, those things are very hard and take a lot of manly discipline to learn. So that’s the irony.

      Being a dumbass like Clint from the movie Dazed and Confused, who 10 years later is fighting blacks at the KFC requires no mental effort. 😆

      • Barack Thatcher

        they may have lower hormone levels…..
        there seems to be a difference between that and ‘brain wiring’ I do agree.

        • Jason Y

          Michael Jackson took estrogen to be a castrato once he got older. I wonder if it messed him up in other ways. Note, the soft voice and whatnot wasn’t all an act.

      • JASON Y

        Clint was about 20 when he was sucker punched on weed and probably ended up getting hooked on a stronger drug a few years down the road in the 1980’s while hanging around gas stations with other greasers.

        The blacks would kick the shit out of him a few times over some trifling insults or crack cocaine transactions around 1986 and by then his already 30 years old. He does a little jail time for DUI, possession with intent to sell to some high school kids from his service job at the gas station, grows a petty criminal record.

        Pink Floyd is the type like Matthew McCoughny whose peak in life is probably high school. He attends college and becomes a teacher or Gym Coach and solid citizen but lacks the drive to really achieve his potential.

        The rest of them blow town and their degrees worth enough to be sough-after in other regions or bigger cities.

      • JASON Y Ethnic groups succeed upon the basis of LOGIC which is reflected overall in their aptitudes for math, science and programming.

        Why do think the Africans are headed for Sweden or Norway instead of hanging around Malta or Sicily?

    • Jason Y

      In regards to WNs, I’d a large number of them are effeminate boys who masquerade on the net pretending to be prison bound neo-Nazi skinheads. In reality, these boys are dicks. The constant obsession with manliness or racism makes them feel superior, but obviously, they’re just these little wimpy geeks.

      • Jason Y

        Finally, some of them are pretending to be libertarians, which would fit who they really are more. However, again you see more obsession with manliness and racism to cover up the fact they (the kids</.b>) are some wimpy. I know one guy like that who posts 24/7 right wing stuff on Facebook, but what about when he runs into blacks on a big college campus or liberals, who contrary to his perception, could beat him up?

        • The internet got Trump elected because people from Flyover States realize how much incredible contempt the San Francisco programmer has for Clint the aging greaser at his gas station job with his petty criminal record for possession and DUI and his anger at blacks who sucker-punched him at KFC for telling them not to cash checks and his inability to make alimony payments and overall backwardness.

          Clint votes for Trump because he knows that Democrats think he is a fool and a townie who never flew on airplane, never lived in another state or another country, is helplessly victimized by the local economy. And so on.

        • Jason Y

          OK, that sort of morphs into my idea that bullies pushed misfits way too much, causing them to form the cultural left as some sort of Revenge of the Nerds.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t particularly like computer programmers either, though. They’re elitist dicks.

        • Jason Y


          Clint: I only came here to do two things, kick some ass and drink some beer.
          [glances over his shoulder]
          Clint: Looks like we’re almost outta beer.

      • Jason Y

        Sorry, mistake in HTML

        Finally, some of them are pretending to be libertarians, which would fit who they really are more. However, again you see more obsession with manliness and racism to cover up the fact they (the kids) are wimpy. I know one guy like that who posts 24/7 right wing stuff on Facebook, but what about when he runs into blacks on a big college campus or liberals, who contrary to his perception, could beat him up?

    • BARACK

      TYPE B needs the government to give a shit about poor whites out of necessity because they are more likely to need the services of the government.

      Alt-left types live in subdivisions with private security, they don’t care about the police.

      They don’t need rehabilitation because they don’t get hooked on street drugs.

      They don’t need Section 8.

      They don’t need free lunch programs because if they are not gay the are sending their children to private schools anyhow.

      Asian-Americans and Jews probably would not care IF THERE WAS NO GOVERNMENT AT ALL.

  14. White Dawg

    I just saw an HLN news report on BBQ brisket where the tall, young, good-looking, masculine reporter after tasting the Q hugs the shorter, older cook and says “I know you are married but you may be coming home with me, big boy”. Well adjusted people can easily, poke fun at themselves including using a reference to Homosexuality. Plus the reporter did look heterosexual and had less to risk as opposed to a feminine reporter who may be taken at a more serious level for the same light hearted joke/comment.
    ‘This type of humor is relatively newer in the US. Probably circa 1970’s as media de-demonized homosexuality and English rock stars romanticized the ability to be bisexual.
    A male not being able to make a joke about themselves about homosexuality may have some type of secret or a problem with esteem or self-doubt.
    I just remembered a comeback to being called a fag or similar: the object of the put-down counters with “how would you like to tell your mother a fag just broke your nose”.

    • English rock stars like George Michael get more sex from women after one concert than the average homophobe will get in an entire lifetime.

      Women will fall to their knees to blow George Michael while a man’s penis is in his ass.

      Homophobic guys are the ones powering the increasingly violent porn because of their anger at not getting laid at Ladies Night at the Sports Bar after they bought some tramp beer all night.

      They must resort to jerking off or risking arrest to drive into bad areas to get oral relief from a woman whose crack pipe often ends up being found by the COPS who pull them over.

      By the way, the “fag” ejaculates more often than the homophobe.

      • Jason Y

        English rock stars like George Michael get more sex from women after one concert than the average homophobe will get in an entire lifetime.

      • White Dawg

        “Fag” meant to be neutral. I should have used a different word. I got zero on gay folks, I think it is natural and healthy release for about 20% of the men under certain conditions and cultures outside of the states. I advocate for homo sex experiences if so desired, but I would not recommend a life of being homosexual. That of course, usually goes with genetics or whatever. The man does not get a choice.
        However, I am not as enlightened with lesbians. Women engage more often in homo sex verse homosexual then men. Of course, probably one of the several related reasons as to why they live longer. They don’t have genetic reasons to do so, either. Most choose to.
        I was thinking more like David Bowie in the 70’s. A story on his movement made Life magazine in the mid-70’s.
        If one is male and of an average wage, he will never get as much penis action as he will hanging with the Gay establishment. No doubt. There are few heterosexual orgies that a regular clock puncher could attend for less than a week’s earnings.
        I meant no disrespect to anyone nor any demographic group.

        • WHITE DAWG I am a straight man who lived in Asia for 20 years and I have had drug orgies with up to 10 girls at a time in the past.

          You’d be surprised how much of civilization is structured around getting women to have sex with you and the cost it incurs. Pleasure results in children who result in 22 years of support or 30 now with the lousy job market. If you are the average player you might get laid once a month or three times a year if you are not in a relationship. You have to hold a decent job, have a house and a car to marry any decent woman who is half-socialized.

          First the anus is tighter than the big caverns that are many women’s vaginas. Why else would men try to talk women into receiving it up their buttholes. Gays probably give good BJ’s as well.

          Imagine if women behaved like gay men aka George Michael and you could get an eye-popping blowjob in a public toilet from an anonymous woman free. No need for wit, charm or the ambiance of a nice restaurant. Just find a public toilet and pull out your junk and a woman will suck it.

          As you stated about orgies, if women behaved like gay men your weekends would be filled with 10 sex partners in debauched orgies full of guilt-free sex, booze and fun.

          Nobody comes to you teary-eyed and sober on a Monday and says they are pregnant and their name is Mahoney or Castellano so they are Catholics who absolutely will not abort the child and Dad is some beefy tough Irish or Italian sailor who wants to pummel you because he knows you just wanted to blow a load and his daughter was your f*ck doll.

          No howling toddlers spewing shit on the threadbare carpets of a drafty house as you and the woman scramble to hire babysitters.

          No hearing 12 years down the road after you divorced the girl you just wanted to have 20 minutes of fun with that the loser she took up with 3 years after your divorce got high and molested your son for some reason and now he has to go through thousands of dollars of therapy.

          This is life for gay men…no wonder they are so much happier than straight men and thus the word “gay”.

          Most children from marriages or relationships that crumbled early on hate their fathers anyhow or are indifferent. There would be no nursing homes if kids really felt gratitude to some guy who divorced their mother when they were 4 years old.

          Now if steady sex in a dark room with partner in a traditional marriage is what you need then you will a) have to study long and hard to achieve qualifications that earn you the degree that will pay for the house and car the woman wants and b) remain faithful c) not even consume pornography (Which women view as destabilizing their value on the sexual marketplace).

          Gays don’t worry about any of that as one crack-addicted Greek named Yog “George” proved. To de-stress in the morning they walk into a public toilet and pull the dong out and some other gay sucks it for free.

        • Of course gays act gay in the happy sense of the word. No need for rubbers to prevent pregnancy and bareback is always more fun.

          No need for dinner and ambiance and wit. Just roll up to a public toilet like Giorgios Panitoyou aka George Michael for a good pipe-cleaning BJ in the morning to put that shine on the rest of your day and clear your head.

          No sitting around at sausage fest Sports Bars on Ladies Night hoping that some dumb drunk woman will go home with you and lie there in the dark sloppy drunk instead of letting you buy her a drink and giggling snottily at your attempts to make conversation.

          Your weekends will be filled with orgies. You might come 10 times between Friday and Sunday. Try that if you are a straight guy and most likely you’ll spend your weekend WITH OTHER DUDES TRYING TO GET LAID or beating off to porn.

          On Monday no Mary Mahoney or Gina Costellano who was really just meant to be 20 minutes of fun comes to your office and tells you she is pregnant and Catholic. No meeting some father whose a tough ex-Marine or greaser who knows as well as you know that his daughter was a breathing blow-up f*ck doll for 10 minutes of fun you had no intention of caring about.

          No divorce settlement and alimony and phonecall that the some loser she met 3 years after your divorce and moved in got drunk or high and decided to molest your son which she has sole custody of.

          No giant squirming populations of Africans proving blacks cannot swim by drowning as they scramble up to Europe because their arid lands cannot support 1/10 their population.

          If all other males were gay and I was the only straight man in the world I’d be happy.

  15. JASON Y I have no reason to be on social media but I would tell anyone from Middle America the following:

    You voted an alcoholic bum into the office and he convinced you to enter a war that turned into another Vietnam and bankrupted the country. Trillions were lost.

    You married a girl who aged like Britney Spears has because that is how white women from Middle-America go: they get fat and start taking pills to kill the depression and look as bad as she does.

    You pay Federal Taxes for NAMS that would like to kill you and spend more money in a day on illegal things than you could make in a week. They have no intention of ever being anything but brigands. You are afraid of them so they have done to you what Scots did to Indians in Appalachia.

    Blacks will continue to rape white females in alleyways and suck up your tax money because if welfare ran out for one day they would be eating you or one another.

    Jews have a higher verbal IQ which is why you watch the garbage they concocted over Margaritas and cocaine lines in LA somewhere even though the picture cost 100 million dollars.

    Mexicans are really cool for getting you hooked on every drug they feel like marketing. Your Mom got raped after she took a qualuude to level off from the cocaine a disco acquaintance gave her and your older sister became a crack-head who sucked penises for 5 years and now your niece is a methhead who sells Oxy pills. No matter what drug is in style, you and the Native Americans will be like fish swimming around in a cage trying to gobble it.

    Asians they do not care about the “messages” of some Hollywood film that will be a yellowing plastic cup in your minivan nobody gives a shit about in 3 weeks. Neither do South Asians. Only Anglo-Saxons gobble it up.

    Porn will continue to warp you brains and destroy your marriages because enough of you molest your step-children for runaways to end up getting pulled from LA busstops into cheap studios.

    You believe having children at 22 is the best thing to do so you will be caught in an endless cycle of substandard education for the most part.

  16. White Dawg

    This is great! Bravo!
    I need to say one thing because I read someone else mentioned it: Overwhelmingly the people on welfare are single mothers who have less than a 7% chance of a positive drug test.
    Mississippi gets their largest single annual budget income (GDP) item from the USA government – mostly in the form of welfare. In terms of numbers (verse percentages) whites dominate the welfare payroll.
    Not to let African American men off the hook, but 20% of black men are less responsible than rats. They need to start listening to the African American women and quit being victims. 60% of eligible Black male voters voted for Hillary. 83% of eligible African American women voted for Hillary. My point is, some folks can’t be bothered enough to take some level of responsibility to get off their asses and vote for the betterment of their friends and families. The Chicago Black men’s group that was on CNN tonight complaining about how President Obama did nothing for the AA of south Chicago and allowed it to shoot itself to pieces is a perfect example. How this is the President OTUS responsibility can only be explained by an AA male.

    • WHITE DAWG ?

      Why aren’t Korean-American and Jewish-American women having to form groups to convince Korean and Jewish-American males to take levels of responsibility.

      Many Asian-Americans and Indian-Americans do not even bother to vote.

      Why isn’t the GDP of California or New York or Boston dependent upon welfare?

      • White Dawg

        Korean Americans, Jewish Americans, etc. I do not have those figures. Eligible White Women voted 50% for Hillary. These were her primary demographics that she was favored to capture and win the election. But, AA males failed her in Pennsylvania and Florida. Had she won those it would be Madame President. AA women came out in hordes. Something like 93% of the 83% that showed up, voted for Hillary. She just missed by 100, 000 votes despite the Putin fix.
        GDP of every state includes welfare from the government but there is only one state, Mississippi that has the claim of getting their highest percentage of their GDP from handouts. All of the other states have higher contributions from other means to their GDP, like Alaska gets most of their GDP from oil production. Or Nebraska from Agriculture, Arkansas from Walmart taxes. Stuff like that.
        In other words, Mississippi doesn’t do jack but take handouts and vote Red because other people cheat on their taxes or some silly thing. They as a political state, are clearly more aligned with Venezuela or Cuba than the USA.

        • Putin seems like Trump and Hillary was more aggressive about Ukraine. What was his angle in ensuring she was voted president?

  17. White Dawg

    You are an amazing writer! Good stuff. Colorful but unfortunately too much of it is true.
    If I read too much of your stuff, I’ll be sitting on top of the Sears Tower picking off people with a paint gun.


      I’m vomiting up facts, not enlightening anyone with a fresh insight or solution.

      The most cynical viewpoint would be that Asians, Jews, East Indians and Central Europeans have fared the best in America for reasons that Latinos and Rednecks and ghetto blacks themselves resentfully know.

      If millions of German Jews, Korean-Americans, Japanese and high-caste Indians replaced the current population of Mississippi I suspect that the GDP might change somewhat.

      • White Dawg

        No doubt. Add to your group of overachievers in the quest for the American Dream; Nigeria, Iran, Chinese, Mormons and 2 more demographic groups that escape me. India, S.Korea, Jewish Americans, Japanese, maybe Isreal, I think so and that leaves 1 more for the top 10. Groups in the USA, so that doesn’t include lower caste Indians. Maybe Polish, just kidding, I meant Ukrainians.
        So much for white power. So much for Christianity.

        • Iranians, Nigerians and even Italians and Jews do well in cities like New York or Los Angeles that are steeped in corruption and corner cutting and political networking because they are coming from cultures where this wheeling-dealing/trading has been going on since the stone age.

          Plant them in Mormon-run Utah or Scandinavian-Lutheran St. Paul, Minnesota or Pennsylvania’s Mennonite country where an ethno-state group already controls the banks, institutions, legislation, police force etc. and they are not going go very far. That is why you meet few Jews, Nigerians or Iranians in Salt Lake City.

          Germans or Swedes or Koreans have high IQ’s in the STEM fields and might do well in bio-molecular research labs or Samsung Minnesota manufacturing branches but they are not going to be self-employed millionaires.

        • Jason Y

          As on the movie Gangs of New York, NYC has always been a haven for the stuff Trash mentioned, all the way from the days of Tammany Hall and the Irish immigrants.


      Being lower-middle class German immigrant Midwest background myself, I am somewhat sympathetic to low IQ morons who followed all the rules and were never late to work one day in their entire lifetime but just are not bright enough to learn to write code.

      However it is equally wearying to hear the thugs and losers who spent junior high toking reefer in the parking lot and bullying other kids before dropping out at 16 do an about-face and moan about what shit their life is because they had kids under 25 with no college degree or maybe two or three and cannot make their alimony payments and spent 10 years hooked on meth or wasting away boozing in Sports Bars and then when they are 30 or 40 they blame Jews for controlling their thought patterns.

      Indeed Springer and Ron Jeremy probably think these sort of poor rural whites are morons for buying or watching their crap and so does China.

    • White Dawg, new policy is all regular commenters have to donate. $10 and you comment forever! Screaming deal! If that’s a hardship for you, email me and we can see what we can do.

      Like your comments on here. Straight up facts but stripped of most racism and even has an antiracist flavor a bit. And you really tell it is like it is too.

      Hope you stick around.

  18. WHITE DAWG Sears Tower? I must confess my ignorance. I don’t get it.

    • White Dawg

      Sitting on top of a tall building using the people down below for target practice – Charles Whitman on top of the tower at the University of Houston, early 60’s. I remember that – it was a big deal. I was really young, 5 or 6. I still hear about it, they made a couple of movies and millions of shows were based on his accomplishment. The Cats in the Cradle dude did a song about him. Boy Scout leader, military guy, sniper quality marksman, church goer. Read some stuff written by some guy named Garbage and he went crazy. A lot of his hits died, in the teens and about 20ish wounded.
      Sitting on top of a building was the original ‘go postal’.
      Did you have any relatives named Garbage?

      • WHITE DAWG

        Unlike many men you might define as hardcore losers living overseas in Asia-divorced men on the run from alimony, pedophiles, drunks etc.

        I left the United States quite young in life when I was 25 there are better places to live. Returning there to climb up a tower and take potshots at innocent people seems less fun than the lifetime of travel and sex with dusky women that I have enjoyed. I’ve also been able to work overseas.

        Doughy Anglo wiggers, Cholos, Homies, Texas Chainsaw Massacre-type hicks and Jews are all equally unpleasant to me. I would not spend a single day in America around them. I would not spend a single day in America.

        I tried to become a citizen of UK and Canada but they did not value my qualifications so I have kept my U.S. passport simply as a document to travel on.

        Unmarried and just graduated from college at that time I cannot speculate on whether I would feel frustrated enough to shoot people from a tower because I missed all the lovely developments since 1999 like the election of an alcoholic bum who bankrupted the U.S. for oil we did not get one drop or September 2001 or the Great Recession or Black Lives Matter Less or anything else.

        If you had lived outside of the U.S. as long as I have, you would be better able to notice how it has declined since those years between the Wall in Berlin coming down and September of 2001.

        Not 1 Oz of patriotism runs through me and I know nothing of my constitutional rights which the oligarch/corporate-run government does not ultimately give one single shit about anyhow.

        Dubai even, was preferable to Arizona to me. Asia has been nearly a paradise. Women fck and sck beautifully and I am unashamed of my love of prostitutes, alcohol and occasionally drugs. These countries are warm in temperature.

        Because I got out of America when I was young and it was cheaper and I’ve stayed out I have no desire to go “postal”.

        But if I had to on U.S. soil I would be so disgusted by the place that I might.

      • WHITE DAWG Whitman had a brain tumor and joined the Marines to get away from an abusive father. In the Marines he was introduced to speed pills and developed a habit.

        In the Kurt Russel version of the even DEADLY TOWER it is pointed out that his walnut-sized tumor would have killed him anyhow and probably triggered the insanity.

        Travis Bickle who complains of “headaches” and insomnia is suggested by Scorsese to have a tumor.

        As early as high school Cub Scouts recalled Whitman as a bully and loner.

        Most nutcases had problems long before a two-year uneventful military stint.

        In the 1960’s when hypocrisy was seen as civilization necessity all males attended church (Charles Manson was once an alter boy), served in the military (Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead and John Holmes the porn star were in the Signal Corps), while prostitutes attended Confession on Sunday. Black men no matter what sort of thugs married the woman they impregnated.

        So again, there were extenuating circumstances to Whitman’s case.

      • Hell sometimes I feel like grabbing a rifle and climbing a tower myself. Last time I felt that way was when those new 9 digit postal codes set me off. Been feeling this way once in a blue moon for decades. Haven’t killed any innocent people yet. I haven’t even held a rifle since I was 13 in the Boy Scouts.

        It was not reading something by a guy named Garbage who set him off. No one knew what did it, but upon autopsy he was found to have a brain tumor. The suggestion is that the brain tumor drove him nuts and made him do this, which is actually possible.

        1. Weird, now these mass shootings happen all the time and no one bats an eye. The only thing everyone does when they happen is jump up and down and yell, “We need more guns in public, dammit!” LOL humans are such fucktards, I swear.

        • As the Kurt Russell film depicted it is fairly difficult to defend against a sniper in a fortified structure who did a stint in the military.

          Unlikely your handgun is going to do much good from a 400 yard distance at an elevated firing position.

          Also most of these killers intend to commit suicide anyhow even if the police do not gun them down.

          That gives them a certain degree of advantage.

        • Every single one of them has more or less the same CV dossier:

          Usually a harsh father who is overachieving-they have money to purchase firearms after all-but financially well-off in a respectable job.

          Superficially flawless high school and juvenile record during which the killer is recalled as never having a serous or even steady girlfriend and was sullen or withdrawn and a bully to younger students to some degree with sudden outbursts of unexplained anger.

          Short and uneventful period of enlistment in the military during which subject is remembered as being combative, sullen to superiors, eager to actually leave the military, serving with no distinction.

          In early adulthood a few months or years of drifting through jobs and usually a relationship that ends. Often the killer is obsessed with women and not getting laid.

        • White Dawg

          Ha ha. You are right. If I climb the stairs to the perch, I’ll have a water gun filled with beer and plenty of extra ammo.

        • White Dawg

          My first comment starting with Ha ha was for Robert’s post.
          2nd is for Trash – you just described our president-elect.

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