Filipino NPA Guerrillas in an Alliance with Duterte

TheMaker75: When the NPA was operating in Luzon and the major islands of the Visayas they actually had some power. Being relegated to Mindanao shows how far they have fallen.

Do you know if they clash or are friends with the MILF/MNLF/Abu Sayaf? I wonder if the military is letting them exist to keep the Muslims from spreading out of the ARMM. I have a very close friend from Bukidnon in Mindanao, and she says no NPA there. It’s a very secluded area with lots of coffee and pineapple farming. I’m curious as to exactly where they are.

The NPA used to keep corrupt politicians in check. The only thing to stop these scumbag Filipino politicians was the very real threat of a bullet to the head, and the NPA was very good at assassinations.

The further you get from Manila, the less you count in the Philippines. Mindanao is as far away as you can get, and I’m sure the New People’s Army is using the disconnect as a recruiting tool. In their heyday, the had a lot of control in Bicol and Pampanga. Basically surrounding Manila. They also owned the mountains of Cebu and a few towns along the coast. I’ve hiked straight across Cebu from Tuburan to Cebu City and never saw an NPA. It’s like an urban legend these days. My girl’s family was begging me not to go, as the NPA would surely kidnap me. I actually wanted to meet some, as I’m sure we would have gotten along. I even brought some Tanduay rum and knives I bought in Mandaue City to hand out, but alas, it was an uneventful hike.

In Cebu, at least the coastal towns were not fans of the NPA. The NPA would show up at your house at night and demand food and provisions. Not really the best way to win fans.

The NPA currently has a huge backlog of candidates wanting to sign up as guerrillas and it also has a backlog of people wanting to be candidates. It’s a pretty long process they have to go through to ward off infiltration and ensure loyal and committed cadre.

The NPA have always had an excellent relationship with the Muslim guerrillas down there.

As ceasefire is in effect with the election of Duterte. The NPA has actually formed some sort of an alliance with Duterte believe it or not. They are very pleased that he declared himself a socialist. The NPA’s aboveground organ gave him a list of Leftist suggestions for his Cabinet and he actually appointed a number of them. So the NPA in effect is part of the Cabinet of the Philippines government now. Duterte was apparently a politician of some sort down in Mindanao and he had an excellent relationship with the NPA when he was down there.

However, the NPA is very worried that the army which they call fascist will prevail over Duterte’s pro-NPA sentiments. Also the NPA says that the army has been violating the ceasefire mostly by doing propaganda, intelligence gathering, civic action programs, etc. in NPA areas. However, there has been no armed combat to my knowledge in six months. The NPA is also angry that the army has murdered four peasants in that six month period.


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  1. Themaker75

    The NPA and Duterte could work very well together. Both prefer to elliminate threats on the spot rather than deal with corrupt judicial systems.
    The Philippine military is not happy with the past administration and is working better with Duterte as he represents the common man. He’s currently purging the military of corrupt higher ups so he doesn’t have their support, but he has the support of the everyday soldiers.
    Duterte also wants to avoid strife with the Muslims. He has a good record of working well with them and it’s been proven that opposing politicians have bombed markets in the name of the Moro Islamic Front and Duterte hasn’t bought it. He’s even pinned the CIA on some of the bombing which I tend to agree with. Politicians like this will need to wear bullet proof helmets in the coming years.

    It’s a very interesting situation the Philippines.

    • Themaker75

      I’ll also add that Duterte is starting to implement Social Programs in the Philippines which are sorely needed. I hadn’t given the NPA much thought since over a decade ago, but you really got me thinking and they could be his behind the scenes Army. And these social programs are things the NPA has fought for forever.
      Only thing is Duterte doesn’t believe in social programs for drug addicts.

      • Chinese-Filipinos fire all their workers after 6 months. If it were not for remissions payments from other countries, ordinary Filipino elderly would beg in the streets while “Chinoys” walked over them.

        Spanish-Filipinos who own all the land are dual-citizens who live in Spain or LA or Manhattan. What do they care?

        • Themaker75

          Duterte has made that illegal “ENDO” and has halted all licenses for employment agencies. This was done in July. It was one of his first acts as president.

    • THEMAKER He’s a long way from breaking up Chinese family cartels or repossessing huge landowning Spanish families.

      So what if Filipinos are not on meth. They’ll still have to sell their bodies, will still get drunk on liquor, will still have to steal, will still have to show up for jobs in Chinese-owned businesses where they earn 200 pesos per day.

      Shabu was only around since early 1983 and did not really boom in popularity until the 90’s. Marcos stamped out heroin and it did not lower out-of-wedlock birth rates, raise wages, or anything else.

      Philippines problems began looooonnnnnggggg before Crystal Meth came onto the scene in the 80’s.

      • Themaker75

        Did I ever blame the Philippines problems on drugs? In fact I totally disagree with Dutertes war on drugs. Drugs isn’t the problem. Poverty is the problem and my heart bleeds for the 2,000 plus civilians who have been executed. Drugs is a problem, but not the problem.
        The Philippines biggest enemy is its geography. It’s geographical makeup. A nation of islands is hard to manage and damn near impossible to unite.

        • Themaker75

          Race is part of the geographic challenge. Mindanao is close to Malaysia. The people are Malays with some Arab or Indian blood. They’ve got nothing in common with Spanish mestizos in Manila or Cebuano Chinoys or anyone else.

          Actually Shabu was useful in preventing worse poverty. A poor squatter who did not want to be treated like a farm animal by some snotty Chinoy being paid 200 pesos a day could sell shabu to tricycle drivers or tourists (I used shabu myself in the Philippines a few times, it was okay but not that addictive) and have a decent standard of living. If he was smart, he would not get hooked and earn 1,000 pesos per day.

          Now that economy is gone and what is actually going to replace it? Any cop can play a thug and threaten to throw people out of helicopters but Duterte is so dumb that he scares off the Americans when they are the only potential investors. So where are the jobs going to come from?

          Chinese-Filipinos will tell a white man “I’m from the Philippines but I’m Chinese”. Let’s face it, they don’t like Malays much and have little interest in using their economic advantage to improve the country-America is sending money to a country with billionaires.

          Filipinos screw themselves by having the same behavior and circumstances as blacks. Their mothers were all 17 when they started having kids and they ended up being raised by some grandmother. Dad was never around. Half of them are born out of wedlock. There is alot of alcoholism and instability in the family. So their labor is worth nothing and Chinese-Filipinos can say that if they don’t want to work for 300 pesos being treated like a farm animal

          Secondly, Spanish pale elite don’t care much about Malays either. They also want some American taxpayer in a trailer to cover the mess their colonial and post-colonial influence has caused.

          Thirdly-and I agree with this-Americans do not give a bloody shit about the Philippines. They NEVER wanted it as a colony. Spanish did not give a shit about the Philippines.

          So the Filipinos have always overestimated foreign involvement or concern and it never shows up. Russia or China can have the Philippines. We don’t care. We can take our sex holidays in Thailand or Cambodia or get our mail-order brides from Mongolia. No difference.

        • Themaker75 I used shabu in the Philippines a few times. Lot’s of foreigners try it, wondering what the fuss is about. It is not THAT addictive.

          Poor Filipinos make poor Filipinos really quickly so Chinese cannot be forced to raise wages. They know if one person quits the next will walk by in 15 minutes to take it.

          Spanish Filipinos and Chinese Filipinos own the land so many Filipinos mostly have to be homeless squatters. How will Duterte change this?

          Drugs were actually an economy in the Philippines that worked. Chinese could make it cheaply and ordinary Filipinos could sell it and earn 1200 pesos a day. I never knew anyone my age (30-35 at that time) who had not tried shabu at least once in their entire life.

          My point is that taking away the drug economy might have reduced corruption but now what? Tell Filipinos that the only choice is to be treated like farm animals for 200 pesos a day by some Chinoy who hates Malays?

          What’s the solution?

        • Themaker75 Vigilantes cannot get to the Chinese-Filipino or Chinese chemist cooking it up in his warehouse. They can shoot some prostitute addict on the road who is unarmed and helpless or a tricycle driver but how does this stop the source?

          All the money goes right back into Chinese laboratories anyhow. Duterte would have to fly up to Taiwan and bomb them.

          You’re getting a white foreign opinion from an American who only lived in Cebu a few years, I should add.

          I tried shabu, of course. All foreigners try it. But I could not understand why this drug in particular appeals so much to Filipinos.

        • Themaker75

          Good post Trash. Can’t say I really disagree with much of what you just said. Geography, race, the chicken or the egg it’s a huge problem.
          It boils down to this. EDSA revolutions. When Marcos was overthrown and then later when Erap was overthrown, you have one section of the country being paid to march and the rest of the country is forced to follow suit. Whether you like Trump or not imagine if every SJW in NYC matched in front of Trump tower and forced him to resign. What if you’re some guy in Colorado going “WTF is this shit? I had no say in this” Fuck NY, I want a say. This is the Philippines. Luzon, The Visayas and Mindanao should probably all be separate countries.

          I never tried Shabu. On one of my disappointing adventures I decided I would walk through Tondo for the day to see how dangerous it really was. I made a few friends, ate Chinese food, got a few girls numbers, played with some kids, was invited for a few beers but no one even gave me a dirty look. What a disappointment.

          I would like to go back for a year to get a feel for what’s going on now. It’s a very exciting place. The last time I was living there I got to witness first hand the failed coup at Manila Hotel. It’s funny how the human condition gives us a false sense of security. There’s tanks going down Makati ave, M-16 fire and I’m just standing there watching it like it’s a movie. It was awesome.

        • Themaker75

          Trash, my understanding is that Duterte has gotten some pretty big Chinese cookers. I remember reading about a very big one in Bicol over the summer. And I saw a video a few weeks ago of Chinese dumping tons of drugs overboard as the pathetic Filipino navy came after them. The man is trying, but it’s always a losing battle.
          I was never into drugs so I don’t know, but I’ve heard that shabu is just a cheaper form of alcohol if that’s even possible in the Philippines. And it doesn’t leave you with the munchies. I’m fine with a Red Horse. Filipinos have very addictive personalities. They can’t do anything recreationally.

        • Jason Y

          If the US tried something like that it would be akin to making the US a Nazi police state. Pretty much whole areas of Tennessee would be

          As for poverty, yes it’s the problem, but as Trash suggested possibly bad family life is at the root of it. After that, the people from the bad family hang with bad crowds, do meth. The same is true in the US.

          Some people hang out with the worst people.

          However, note bad people are as clean as Mother Theresa, sort of like that family at the community college.


    Homeless addicts in the Philippines will either be Tanduay drunks or addicted to “dorms” (Dentists use as a pain-killer). Shabu addicts will have jobs. That is one reason they use shabu. It’s a stimulant.
    It’s an economy. Average street dealers make about $1,000 PHP per day. Some FOREIGNERS sell shabu for money, in fact. Koreans especially. If you drive a tricycle you might be lucky to make 200 pesos per day.
    In order to have a psychotic episode from Shabu or endanger your health your habit has to be 2,000 PHP per day (According to my Chinese-Filipino friend who was a dealer). This is usually past the financial spending power of most Filipinos.
    There is no horrible “comedown” like cocaine or hangover. Effects subside after six hours and you feel tired and sleep well. Unlike cocaine which is another stimulant, you do not feel depression after use.
    You’ll eat less.
    You’ll work harder.
    Unlike heroin or alcohol there is no physical addiction where you are in physical pain if you cannot have it. Most shabu users might smoke it twice a week or on a weekend.
    Prostitutes use it because it makes sex more pleasurable and also is a stimulant.
    You can give it to a prostitute or any female user and get free sex.

  3. Jason Y

    The guy hates America, so it’s no wonder he’s down with the NPA. I’m also sure the NPA has no use for drug addicts in their socialist society either, but it seems like they’d be a bit more compassionate.

    • You can go to their webpage. They say there that they are not too happy about Duterte’s executions of drug people, but that was only a sentence or two in a long article, most of which was favorable. It seemed that the NPA was very pragmatic and was emphasizing their alliance with Duterte and playing down any differences they might have had with him.

    • themaker75

      Does he hate America or does he hate the way America has treated the Philippines like a red headed step child? and even worse a pawn in their geo-political games. He did the whole song and dance going to China, (got red carpet treatment) called Obama “The son of a whore” Trump gets elected and all of a sudden he’s looking forward to his visit to Washington this year.
      He needs protection from China and we need the Philippines to spy on China. It’s all a song and dance. He’s a hard headed man that wants to do things his way. Trump will say “Kill as many drug addicts as you want, I don’t give a shit We just want a place to keep some navy vessels.”
      A large portion of the NPA is people flying under the radar. I’m sure they have their share of addicts. I would assume mostly to coconut wine though. [Tubat]

      • Theamerica75

        Spanish are the Westerners whose Filipino mistresses great-grandchildren mismanage your country 100 years after Spain left and Spain was the white country that screwed the Philippines.

        I’m not sure why Filipinos are focused on Americans. Great-grandchildren of Spanish colonists with green eyes and white features are sitting on Hacienderos while Malays squat. Blame them, they have not gone anywhere.

        Pinoys are poor because they are raised up by grandmothers while irresponsible young Mommy is out meeting some man or working because Filipino men don’t want to pay for their kids. As a result they are sort of weak-minded as two parents were never present.

        Pinoys are poor because as you agree they tend to have addictive personalities and to be addicted to shabu or Majong or Tanduay.

        Pinoys are poor because Chinese-Filipinos are better at business and have no mercy for them and their own politicians will not enforce laws to protect them.

        Pinoys are poor because many are of weak character and will be corrupt or if females will engage in street-level prostitution.

        Pinoys imagine some close relationship with the U.S. exists. They over-imagine their importance as hard workers or the allure of Filipino women.

        A white man who lived in the Philippines and did not always enjoy is giving you a straight-up impression of how all whites feel about the place.

        • Themaker75

          I’m not Filipino. Half Puerto Rican half Spanish.
          I like to tell Filipinos they should be thankful Spain colonized them if not they would be living under sharia law fighting over which sect of Islam is best. I do think that’s not far from the truth.
          You’re 100% correct in many of your assertions of Filipinos. There’s a lot going on underneath all those smiles.

      • Philippines cannot spy on China. Impossible. Trump would seek out South Korea or Russia for such a task.

        “Haciendero” great-grandchildren of Spanish men’s mistresses are running the Philippines still and not Americans. 120 years after Jose Rizal but they are still there calling the shots.

        Why blame the white Americans?

        • Themaker75

          America just needs Luzon for its location. Ofcourse the Philippines can’t spy on them. We do that. If you look at where our sub drone was stolen the other week it’s right off the coast of the Philippines. You could probably smell the pussy in Olongopo from where it was jacked. It’s absolutely insane what China lays claim to.
          I don’t blame white Americans for anything.

  4. Yee


    I don’t think Duterte really care about the drugs. He’s not doing this to wipe out drugs, or at least it’s not the sole purpose, but as a means to strengthen his national support. For good reasons.

    Everyone knows the Philippines is controlled by powerful families of province level. The president has little authorities beyond metro Manila. Therefore, if Duterte want any kind of progress for his various development plans, he must have support on grass root level to fight off oppositions, otherwise he will have nothing done. Such failures have happened before. Like that 80 mile railway in Luzon which China provided loans to build last decade. After 9 years and tens of millions spent, it had failed and abandoned.

    Any development will damage some people’s interest, and they will fight. Duterte must have something in his hands to stay in power if he don’t want to repeat the failure of Arroyo.

    Of course, it’s just an opinion of a manipulating Chinese.

    • YEE Duterte is a cop and knows little except killing criminals. So that is what he does because shabu addicts steal and rob people to pay for drugs (He’s not after cocaine users because they are wealthy and do not have to steal to pay for their drug).

      He has ZERO experience doing anything else.

      I’m not sure he cares about grassroots support and if anything Manila probably detests some provincial Mindanao Malay like him.

      He may believe, somewhat rightly so, that buy stamping out drugs some corruption is curbed. But this will not actually improve the economy.

      Economically he will not be the Lee Kwan Yew of Philippines. He’s not an economist.

      • Yee

        It hardly matters whether Duterte knows economics or not. He just need to decide which way the country wants to go and try to stay in power. The Chinese State has enough economists to make plans for the Philippines economy.

        • YEE Filipinos have driven every the Spanish and Americans crazy with so if China wants to colonize them they too will soon go nuts from dealing with dishonesty and theft. Beneath this is a hostility.

          Good luck to the Chinese planners.

          However I think Chinese-Filipinos would object to Centralized Economic Planning more than the easygoing Malays.

        • YEE If the Chinese State assumed control over the Philippines it would be the Chinese-Filipinos and the few Spanish-Filipino ruling elite who fled the country with their money.

        • Yee

          Why would I care about the elites? They’re evil. Screw them. I support better lives for the poors.

    • Themaker75

      Japan has proven to be a more efficient and trustworthy sponsor in present day Philippines. Japan has provided a lot of infrastructure especially in Cebu. The thing is Filipinos still harbor a distrust and hatred of the Japanese for how cruel they were in WWII.
      I’m curious to see what direction Duterte goes in in regards to the battle between China and Japan for land in the Philippines.

      • Themaker75

        For the record the Spanish Filipino ruling elite are Andalusian, according to them. I’ve been at their Haciendas and they are actually polite, intelligent, cordial people…they just don’t give a shit about Filipinos as Catalan Spanish in Puerto Rico don’t really care much about blacks and Spanish in Mexico don’t care about Aztecs/Mestizos.

        They do not oppress the Filipinos. They simply leave them to their own devices.

        Spain DID UNITE the Philippines from a bunch of warring fiefdoms into a country that has remained intact. This is not a small feat.

        With this I agree.

      • When I was in Cebu they were pretty pissed off that the Japanese government built that shrine to dead soldiers. In fact, I think the Philippine government tore it down.

        Koreans are probably the most dependable sponsor in the Philippines and spend the most money there. They love the place.

        • themaker75

          The Koreans spend a shit ton of money tourist wise and drive up the prices for everyone else. A friend took me to a “Macho” bar on Mactan Island because I said I wanted to bang a Korean chick. I’m like why the fuck are you taking me to a male strip club because I want a Korean? She was right.
          The Japanese government actually spends real money though. They basically built the newer Mactan bridge and are working on the railway which may come to fruition in the next century. The older generation hates Japan with a passion but the younger generation is sorta ok with them. The Japanese go strictly for the sex, the Koreans actually do family vacations with sex sprinkled in. Though I’ve heard that a good amount of bars in Angeles are Korean owned and non-Koreans are pretty much not welcomed.
          That’s funny about the monument. I hadn’t heard about that.

  5. You go to Lahug and wait until closing time in Cebu if you want to pick up a drunk Korean girl.

    Koreans love to fight in bars and if you are in a Korean bar you’ll probably endure a drunk trying to start a fight with you.

    Women from Korea will have sex with foreign men. This I have experienced myself. Meeting them is kind of a random, you-might-get-lucky-thing. Bars are actually not the best place because they are shy in front of Korean men.

    • themaker75

      Yea I guess that’s why a male strip club is a good place to pick up Koreans 🙂 The Korean guys are out getting into fights. I haven’t been to Lahug in a while. I hear it’s really nice now. The name evades me but there was a Korean owned bar right across from IT Park that was VERY popular and yes a good place to meet Koreans.
      I hear they’re pretty good fighters. They have some top fighters in the UFC. Judo is mandatory from a young age and they have forced military service. I think I’m a little too strong for the average Korean though. They’d be best served picking on a Japanese guy since they hate eachother anyway. Koreans and Japanese just get embarrassingly drunk. Holding their liquor is not a strong point!

  6. I had a few Korean drunks try to start fights with me. If you hang around their bars in the Philippines you’ll be in one. They don’t care who comes out on top, they just love to fight in bars.


    Remove socialism and some underlining inalienable right to decent food, shelter and healthcare will result in the Philippines where some separate ethnic group lets another remain mired in poverty and hopelessness.

    Allegorically I do not believe Native Americans care much about African-American urban poverty or Asian-Americans of any background care about rural white poverty in the Flyover or that Jews care about Asian-American poverty in New York Chinatown.

    I don’t know if this is elitist or raw capitalism in a meritocratic society where Asians will probably make their fortune in IT while Jews in New York invent convoluted Ponzi schemes while Irish-American LBGT make a killing running a gay bar in San Francisco’s Castro district.

    But Native Americans for the most part will do none of these things. They are a no-purchase in a meritocratic capitalist economy.

    In America we feel no-purchases in an economy still have the human right to shelter, food and enough education to do basic math.

    • Jason Y

      Well, in my own family, one member has made it into the elite and indeed their family are snobs with one of the kids posting right-wing stuff on Facebook, stuff that would get his face bashed in, or possibly killed if he ventured even on the big college campus in Tennessee, or some black area or maybe even a poor white one.

      Basically, the elite care about staying in their own neighborhoods, churches, schools, and military places (for some of them). Often they are incredibly condescending people as you would expect.

  8. An elitist from the Flyover land would not impress or condescend to anyone in Manhattan, Boston or San Francisco.

    Outside a regional radius they are nothing and their juice and qualifications impress nobody.

    In the Flyover States and South white elites know that nobody in Manhattan or San Francisco gives a bloody shit about them which is one reason they seethe with anger.

    No matter who you are in your little corner of the world you are nobody anywhere else to anybody else.

    Let’s see some Southern elitist try to intimidate gays on Rodeo Drive in LA or Iranians on Sunset Boulevard or Irish-Catholics in Boston….Whewwwwww they’d be really impressed by these “elites”.

    • Jason Y

      Yipee !!! 😆 Let’s pack up the Klan (pun intended) and go on the family vacation in our brand-new mini-van. But we gotta get back with in a month, cause our precious children have to community college to study to be engineers so they can be just like mom and pop !!! Oh and we must make sure the kids go into ROTC training so they don’t become liberal effeminate queers like Jason Y. We don’t them feeling any real compassion for niggers and other sub-humans that might occasionally spit on our food at IHOP. Oh, and we always tape all the Duck Dynasty episodes.

      • Engineering degrees from COMMUNITY COLLEGE?

        Unless you want to be a nurse Associate Degrees are not worth the paper they are printed on. What kind of “elite” are you if you cannot get into a State School?

        At least join the National Guard like I did for two years if you don’t want to be a complete fairy or queer. ROTC is for “wannabes”.

        These are your “elite”? Community college and doing about-faces on some college track? The guy who rents three houses to students must be Donald Trump!

    • Jason Y

      Definitely, the military is one way people enter the elite but also they’re very ambitious with stuff like medicine, engineering. With the rise in globalism, it’s possible for military people to live the same American dream that existed in the 50s. With such people, of course, they’re going to be dweebs, bullies and be condescending to working people and welfare recipients whom they view as (L)osers. Always saying, well these people are lazy, effeminate, purposely choose bad stuff, and that’s why they have nothing.

      • Jason Y

        And of course, people lower than them are stupid. Such idiots, no wonder they have nothing… blah blah blah (mocking people they hate). 😆

        • Homeless foreigners in Seoul Korea are always ex-military. Homeless foreigners in the Philippines are always ex-military.

          I doubt few of them could even Teach English.

          You find out which American is which overseas when they are trying to stay employed in a foreign job market.

          The foreigners who scrounge around Seoul subway station-the government of Korea NEVER GIVES A SHIT and there’s 15 or 20 of them-are always enlisted military personnel who fell in love with a Korean hooker in a music bar.

          I was only there for one week but I know that.

      • JASON Y

        ANYBODY can come off the street and enlist. I did for two years-mustered out on a heart murmur.

        Actually globalism is phasing out the American military bases across the planet. Japanese and Koreans are tired of the occasional prostitute getting beaten, women harassed after dark near the base, the taxi driver robbed for $9.

        Many countries have told the U.S. no bases. More probably will.

      • Enlisted military personnel make a maximum of $30,000 a year at NCO’s. You have to have 2 or 3 years to get that promotion.

        I think recruiting officers make $40,000 with quota bonuses.

        National Guard is minimum wage.

      • JASON Y I earned $5.25 in the National Guard until I was mustered out. Non-commissioned Officers at Enlisted Rank 5-6 can earn a maximum of $30,000 a year.

        If you do the math, that’s hardly the “elite”.

        The average gay hairdresser and his bistro-owning boyfriend are earning $100,000 a year.

        They can afford to travel to Korea and stay in nice hotels, not barracks where other guys are jerking off next to you under the military-issue blankets.

        Whose the one getting “pushed around like a fairy” by socio-economic forces? The gay hairdresser is crying that “He’s got kids and needs the government to bring his job back from Mexico”.

        • Jason Y

          This particular family has a father who is an engineer and was also in the military.

        • Jason Y

          They can afford to travel to Korea and stay in nice hotels, not barracks where other guys are jerking off next to you under the military-issue blankets.

          Yeah, I agree and you know a lot of these ESL punks actually go online and complain. Go to and see what I mean. What are they complaining about? They’re making a lot of money for a single person, get cable TV usually and often more. And of course, they are not digging ditches, sleeping next to guys like in a prison dorm etc..

          Note I’ve complained about Koreans, but not really about the money. My complaints were mostly from a liberal humanitarian angle. Actually Iv’e often felt sorry for GIs because all liberal college activists in Korea hate them even though they’re defending them from South Korea.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t think ESL teachers can get nice hotels all the time, but they can live alone in a comfortable apartment, yet they go online, and despite all the white worship and attention they get, they still bitch about Korea.

          Basically, the ESL teachers are sort of like low-end rock stars. They go there, get a lot of attention, make a lot of money (cause they’re single with few expenses)

          Now, note I do think the ESL system is corrupt etc.., but I’m not complaining about the money and lifestyle. But I don’t think many people can survive there very long given the conditions for coming (anyone is accepted with any college degree) and the fact they don’t have good materials and training.

          OK, some complaints about the Korean disabled and discrimination against teaches due to skin color are valid. However, complaints that the food is too spicy or that the apartments are bad, or that Koreans drive too recklessly are very wussy. But you do hear stuff like that from those privileged brats who come over there. They sort of remind me of Miley Cyrus needing therapy cause Trump won the election or the coloring books offered to college students to deal with the pain.

        • Jason Y

          Note, again, not complaining about the money and stuff, but I do make complaints sometimes about treatment cause I’m only human.

          Note, a lot of the Korean kids are brats, used to getting whatever they want, and they don’t like Americans due to the nationalism and stuff going on in the news in the 2000s. So if you put two and two together then it’s going to be a rough ride getting along with them. And of course, given the fact the students won’t’ talk to you and there isn’t a lot of training and materials to overcome the obstacle, then again it’s tough.

          Here is a better explanation:

        • Jason Y

          Finally, in some of the schools where I did well, I was just being a clown and playing games. For some reason, I rubbed off well there. However, even in those places with favoritism, the whole -clown-entertainment thing won’t sustain a teacher thru a whole year, so eventually, the teacher falls.

        • Yee

          I wish you knew me earlier.
          Let me tell you what makes a successful teacher in East Asia: give your students tons of homework that they can’t finish until midnight, get them to memorize a hundred new words every week, give them tests.

          Teachers in east Asia are all sadists. Act like a slave driver. We are’t used to nice ones.

  9. Dan the ex-Sergeant homeless man in the Philippines explained why he would not return to Washington: “The only difference between here and there is that I could have a Food Card but I’d still sleep under a bridge and it would be more dangerous than this beach” (Filipinos will usually give you rice and water and a cigarette or two). You won’t freeze to death on an Asian beach.

    I’ve met a few homeless Americans who went bonkers in the Philippines on the sidewalk with no money. But the reality is that being homeless in the U.S. in a cold climate where bored youths will play “knockout games” with homeless middle-aged men is worse than a beach.

    I’ll further add all the homeless foreigners in Asia are Americans because European and other white countries provide a higher level of social security for their citizens but the U.S. is a country that simply sucks.

    You do not know HOW MUCH THE U.S. SUCKS TRULY until you visit other First World countries. Then you realize the U.S. has internal third world countries and a two-tier First World/Second-World standard of living.

    I laugh when Americans brag that they live in the “Best Country in the World!” because the poor idiots have never traveled out of the country to realize how much better working-class whites in Australia or Europe have it than they do.

    • Jason Y

      There was a guy like that in Korea. An alcoholic half-Mexican bohemian type, but sure not liberal, hated black people. He was always under threat from immigration to be deported. The whole time I knew him he had no job (he was once an ESL teacher) but managed to survive drinking and living in these really cheap dorm-like apartments called go-shee-wans.

      Just a punk drunk like Jim Morrison, minus the rock star money. I shouldn’t hate the guy, but he’s not very lovable and the racism is unbelievable.

    • Jason Y

      The US doesn’t SUCK if you’re in the upper class like the engineering family I was telling you about. The lifestyle of the upper class, (note the middle class only makes 20,000 a year now in the US, ironically) might be comparable to good living in the UK or Japan.

    • Yee

      How come they have no money saved from the military pay? Should be little expenses in the military bases.

      • YEE Not trying to irritate you but the same can be said of the People’s Army Female Personnel who make up 60%-70% of the prostitutes in Dubai. These women are not career sex workers and most of them actually build dams in China or were combat nurses or whatever.

        But at 40 the People’s Army is done with female soldiers.

    • themaker75

      Hell I found out how badly the US SUCKS when I visited other 3rd world countries. When I saw how under the boot we are with laws, laws, laws and cops on every corner looking to jack you for a driving violation I saw this country was a complete farce.

      They work us to death here and if we’re lucky we get 2 weeks vacation, but good luck getting it 2 weeks in a row so you can actually go someplace worthwhile. We live on a huge island between the 2 biggest oceans and our government loves it because 99.9% of the population is fucking ignorant and on pills and wine.

      Speaking of wine, seriously everyone must be a drunk and they’ve found that it’s more acceptable to buy 20 bottles of wine rather than a handle of whiskey. I go to my local swanky supermarket and soccer moms and their pathetic husbands have fucking carts full of wine.

      • Themaker75

        If you had lived outside the U.S. since 1999 as I have you would observe how the living standard has declined since the Clinton era.

        There was less tension between Anglo people and Latinos in the Southwest at that time. Spanish have been in the Southern United States since Columbus and Anglo people tended to respect the fact. Now there is seeming furious rage towards Mexicans etc.

        Blacks were not as angry at whites.

        Back then the only homeless were HARDCORE winos or addicts, now you see normal-looking entire FAMILIES on the street. You would never hace seen that in 1998.

        I was a young man at that time in the late 90’s and even high-school dropouts could get a job.

        Exactly what happened after 1999 when I left I am unaware.

  10. YEE Chinese female military personnel make up 60% – 70% of the Chinese women who feel the necessity of selling their bodies in Dubai. I’ve asked them what they did in the army and some were honor guards, combat nurses and so on.

    But they told me-most are actually tell the white customer how they do not like doing what they are doing- that after a certain age they are out of the People’s Army and many seem to be single mothers.

    Not trying to irritate or insult you but I suppose the same is true of any military. Nobody really cares if you spend 3-4 years in a uniform.

    • Yee

      You’re dead wrong about Chinese female military. Or maybe you were lied to. They’re precious among officers, no problem finding a good husband. Because there’re very few of them, I suppose.

      Prostitutes are always peasant or inland small town girls, a large number are from northeast three provinces, rust bell of China. No big cities girls would go into the trade, as they get good education or connections to secure a decent job.

      • Yee

        Forgot to mention, military girls in China are almost all from military families. Those usually are ones with power. No way their daughters will end up prostitutes.

  11. Most said they were from “near Russia”.

    I felt rather sorry for them because most told me they despised Arab customers. $10,000 for three months of that seems like not much money so they must have been very poor.

    At any rate, this was years ago as I am long since married and I’ve only been with my wife once to see her Chinese relatives in Hong Kong.

    • Jason Y

      Ironically, even prostitution has massive competition. Just cause desperate women are willing to do anything doesn’t mean they will make six figures or even survive.

    • Yee

      “Near Russia” is correct, that’s the northeast.
      I feel sorry for them too. There have been better days. But few investment will go there nowadays, which is partly their own fault. The govt and the citizens are both corrupt, treat outlanders badly. After awhile, nobody wants to there. And their young people are leaving too. But many of them don’t have nice personality, a lot of young men end up thugs, women prostitutes. It’s well known in China.

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