Chinoys in the Philippines: Oligarchs and Revolutionaries

My association with “Chinoys” in the Philippines was a result of joint ventures. If you are doing any kind of business in the Philippines you will interact with Chinese-Filipinos whether you want to or not.

Fuji Chinese can be incompetent but their economic grip on the Philippines means that even the morons among them who would be homeless in China hold some position in the Philippines.

You realize that the head of the armed Maoist rebels called the NPA which wishes to destroy, overthrow and sweep away Chinoy rule in the Philippines is a Chinoy himself, right? His name is Jose Maria Sison, and he is one of my heroes.

The ruling class in the  Philippines is indeed stone evil, but it also includes some Malays. Aquino, Marcos and Duterte are all Malays. Much of the ruling class is actually landowning Mestizos. There are also a lot of Chinese, but Malays in the ruling class are not unknown. I have had three different psychiatrists and one physician from the Philippines, and all were Malays, albeit with Chinese in three cases or possibly Hispanic blood in one case. That’s a high-paying job. Physicians are part of the elite.

They were all staunch defenders of the Philippines ruling class, although one doctor said he went back to his home village one time, and the whole  place was run by the NPA. From 10 miles away in, it was one rebel checkpoint after another. The village itself was full of NPA walking around in broad daylight in full uniform and armed to the teeth with AK-47’s. Everybody acted like this was completely normal. The army in the area knew about the situation but had apparently simply ceded the area to the guerrilla and had decided not to go in there. Mexican standoff.

He went back and looked up his old school friends and they had all joined the armed revolutionaries. They found out he had an MD, and they asked him to join to them to be a field doctor for the guerrilla. He declined. He did not hate the NPA though. His attitude about them was more, “What do you expect? Of course we have armed revolutionary movement in our country. Why would that surprise you.”


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15 responses to “Chinoys in the Philippines: Oligarchs and Revolutionaries

  1. The Chinese diaspora is the part of the elite in almost all Southeast Asian countries, in Malaysia the Chinese are both the communist revolutionaries of the 60s and the business elite class of today.

    Jews have a similar story, in the 19th century Europe there was Karl Marx and the Rothschild family, its interesting to notice tha Karl Marx lived his last years in England where all the rich Jewish bankers made its home.

  2. I had never heard of NPA, though I am familiar with Huk. A lot of the Filipino revolutionaries also had Chinese ancestry such as Rizal, who’s heterogeneous ancestry practically made him a personification of his nation, and Aguinaldo.

    No doubt Duterte will try and crush NPA. Whenever I see a story about him on social media I always look at the comments section. There will be ten to twenty Filipinos rabidly defending him and claiming he’s either justified or the stories about him are Western propaganda. I wouldn’t be shocked if he has an army of shills, but considering the election margins I’m sure they do it for free. I know several Filipinos, they all hate him and ashamed he was elected.

  3. Yee


    Durterte was actually a student of Jose Maria Sison in late 60s at university.
    But I don’t believe it means anything. Durterte is pragmatic.

  4. Themaker75

    The current NPA in the Philippines is a pathetic shell of its former self and hardly worth mentioning. At this point it’s not much more than a scrub gang full of idiots running from the law.
    Where is this guy from that the NPA is running a town? A doctor from some far flung mountain province in NE Luzon? In the 80s the NPA actually stood for something and had legitimate strongholds. By the early 2000s they were resorting to desperate attacks to feed themselves. Today they’re the definition of rag tag.

    • Mindanao.

      Not really, I have seen recent videos of them moving through the jungle going from village to village and everyone welcoming them along the way.

      I also saw a number of photographs of a large NPA rally in Mindanao where ~27,000 people showed up. The army knew about it but let it go on anyway for some bizarre reason. There were photos of trucks loaded with people passing through military checkpoints being waved through by soldiers. Then I saw some photos of the rally.

      I believe that they have 8,000 fighters under arms, and they carry out attacks pretty regularly. Also there are some people who are open supporters of their aboveground organizations in the Congress. I knew a Filipina who told me that most of the radical students at Filipino universities go off to the jungle to join the NPA at some point. I have also seen videos of pro-NPA marches taking place in Manila. There were quite a few people in the marches.

      • Themaker75

        When the NPA was operating in Luzon and the major islands of the Visayas they actually had some power. Being relegated to Mindanao shows how far they have fallen.
        Do you know if they clash or are friends with the MILF/MNLF/Abu Sayaff? I wonder if the military is letting them exist to keep the Muslims from spreading out of the ARMM. I have a very close friend from Bukidnon in Mindanao and she says no NPA there. It’s a very secluded area with lots of coffee and pineapple farming. I’m curious as to exactly where they are.

        The NPA used to keep corrupt politicians in check. The only thing to stop these scumbag Filipino politicians is the very real threat of a bullet to the head and the NPA was very good at assassinations.

        The further you get from Manila the less you count in the Philippines. Mindanao is as far away as you can get and I’m sure the New People’s Army is using the disconnect as a recruiting tool. In their heyday the had a lot of control in Bicol and Pampanga. Basically surrounding Manila. They also owned the mountains of Cebu and a few towns along the coast. I’ve hiked straight across Cebu from Tuburan to Cebu City and never saw an NPA. It’s like an urban legend these days. My girls family was begging me not to go as the NPA would surely kidnap me. I actually wanted to meet some as I’m sure we would have gotten along. I even brought some Tanduay rum and knives I bought in Mandaue City to hand out but alas it was an uneventful hike.
        In Cebu at least the coastal towns were not a fan of the NPA. They would show up at your house at night and demand food and provisions. Not really the best way to win fans.

        • Negros still has NPA running around. NPA might have been founded by one Fuji Marxist but basically it is a way for Malays to extort Chinese-Filipino traders in backwater towns.

          NPA are not in Cebu, which is basically a Spanish Mestizo province overrun now by Koreans, Americans, Chinese and anyone who wants to make a buck.

          Chinese-Filipinos are fairly well-armed and can shoot back.

          NPA was defeated in 1991 up North and Mindanao was more in the orbit of Malaysia than of Manila anyhow.

          Mindanao Christians are primitive backward people. This might be because the mixed-blood and cultural infusion.

    • “No Permanent Address”. This is largely because of Estrada, I think. But I did not arrive in the Philippines until 2001.

  5. Yee

    The Philippines ruling class is rotten to the core.

    The Yankees sure has screwed up their own colony. And they unabashedly tried to shift the blame to the Chinese there. Unbelievable.

    • Themaker75

      The US set up the Philipppine educational and governmental system and then pretty much left aside from the military bases. Pretty much it was “We think this a good way to set up your country, we’re outta here” I wish the US was still like that. I wouldn’t blame the US on the Philippines horrible condition.

      The Philippines was a beautiful country that was fucking leveled during WW2. Go to Manila and you can see how the city was just pieced back together. The one thing that does piss me off about the US relations with the Philippines is that the Philippines stood with the US. The US is the one that bombed Manila to the ground to get the Japs out and we just left. Didn’t help them rebuild their infrastructure.
      Filipinos hate Chinese and with good reason. They just see the Philippines as an opportunity to rape and pillage for personal gain. A combination of American ungratefulness and Chinese greed is what has doomed the Philippines. Duterte won because the little guy wants to rise up over the Chinese upper class in Manila.

      • THEMAKER

        Mindanao was a primitive nearly pure Malay backwater (With the exception of Chavacano Spanish and some Arabs/Indians). That is why it had no power.

        Americans from DAY ONE did not want the Philippines as a colony after the Spanish War and it was run by pale Spanish Mestizos like Latin America.

        Chinese like Anglo settlers in America had the advantage because Spanish mostly left a race of orphan Mestizos around like Mexico while Chinese arrived as tight-knit families.

        Chinese do not “rape” or “pillage” in the Philippines any more than Koreans “rape” or “pillage” East LA. Not physically anyhow. What they do is pay Filipinos nothing, have a low opinion of “Malays” (Expressed to whites in private), sell drugs that they cook up as much as possible (Duterte can kill millions of street level users but not Chinese generals who are behind the sale of meth), bribe anybody who is useful to manipulate politics to their petty advantage etc. NB Chinese-Filipinos will sometimes resort to violence but pay others to carry out the hits.

        Malays are dull and also of weak character-men lie and steal, women trade their bodies for cash and cheat on husbands and also gossip and steal and lie. They can be hard workers but generally lack initiative.

      • TheMaker75 Chinese greed corrupted the government and caused the drug war BECAUSE Malays are of weak character and intellectual dull for the most part in addiction to lacking initiative. They are prone to alcoholism, addiction, promiscuous sex, out-of-wedlock birth, gossip, lying, theft, impulsive violence.

        So its easy for Chinoys to hook them on drugs and booze, bribe their politicians, sell their women, pay them nothing, own the economy.

        Intelligent Filipinos first reaction is simply to get the hell to the United States or Australia. Point blank. They will marry 90 year old German men or wipe asses in nursing homes to do this. Whatever it takes.

    • YEE The ruling class is basically white-pale Spanish elites who own vast tracts of land and make up 5% of the population. They are mostly dual citizens.

      Chinese being opportunists and self-interested are going to exploit Malays as a cat will eat a mouse: its not nice but its what they do for protein.

      Chinese don’t care about Malays. SO WHAT? Arabs don’t care about Chinese, for that matter. It’s hard to get different races to give one shit about other races (I don’t care about Confucius and I am married to a Chinese woman who has produced my two children).

  6. ice.cold

    “Aquino, Marcos and Duterte are all Malays”

    Noynoy Cojuangco Aquino and Cory Cojuangco-Aquino are part of a powerful Filipino-Chinese clan. Duterte’s maternal grandfather is Chinese. Also, there is a rumor that the real father of Ferdinand Marcos is a Chinese.

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