What Sort of Fascist Is Trump? A Berlusconist, a Francoist, or a Latin American Right type?

amspirational: Trump would be the first fascist without a core of street activists which even Oswald Moseley had. Why, he’s not even as authoritarian as Putin, who indeed has NASHI and other fascist-like groups.

He’s a fascist. And his supporters are thugs. But he doesn’t have a Brownshirt army running around doing his will. But did Franco? I am thinking that at the very least Trump is a Berlusconi fascist, and he may be as bad as a Francoist fascist. He is clearly not as bad as Moseley, who was a real deal fascist all right. I do think comparisons to Hitler and Nazis are not good and a comparison to Franco feels a lot better to me.

He may not have all of the accouterments of fascism to be a 100% pure fascist, but he sure has a lot of fascist tendencies. So maybe he’s Fascism-Lite. Trump is the most fascist President in US history. That’s so obvious. We have never had a President with so many fascist tendencies as this man.


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  1. Jason Y

    No, he has no official brownshirts, but a lot of redneck guys in their 20s willing to harass opponents. Normally what they do is start saying, “This sucks” or “Pussy” 😆 when they get around outspoken liberals. They do on college campuses all the time.

    • Tainto

      Most blue collared Southernors I’ve talked to are friendlier and more talkative than the average Yankee. I get called pussy, fag, ect. by a latrino metrosexual at work every day and he’s my best friend there.

  2. Jason Y

    It’s funny though how these young guys are such punks on social media, but a liberal cannot also be a punk on social media. In other words, again, it’s all about power, they want to dominate. It’s never about free speech, two political opinions held with mutual respect.

  3. RockT

    Trump is no fascist at all, I think you all need to study your ideologies better.

    @JasnY- you are living in some alternate universe or something.

    • Jason Y

      OK, more attacking of me, but not of Robert. Robert said he was fascist first. However, it is against the rules to go against Robert too much cause of the disrespect thing.

      • RockT

        Jason, the things you are typing are beyond ridiculous, you are living in some John Gresham novel or something. You cannot expect to be so abominably silly without comment, sorry.

    • Look Rock, I am finally going to have to ban you. You simply cannot support Trump on here. It’s not allowed. In addition, you’re a rightwinger. I don’t care how many times people scream that I am a rightwinger, conservative, reactionary, fascist, etc., I am banning all of the rightwingers and conservatives from the board.

      Have a good day and a good life. I have no personal animosity towards you whatsoever. You’re an interesting and decent person, and I wish the best for you going forward.

      • Themaker75

        Why can’t this board have conflict? I hate talking to or simply being surrounded by people that carry the same opinion as me. That’s why I prefer to travel to a place only once, listen to all types of music and watch all genres of film.
        Should only close minded college professor types post here because they don’t hold any right wing beliefs? I come here to get different opinions and thoughts than my own. Maybe that’s not what these articles are for? Unlike many people these days I can disagree with something, understand the opposing thought, think about it and move on without my heart rate even rising a beat.

        • No rightwingers allowed. If you let them in, it’s like a cockroach or termite infestation because you cannot get rid of them. For a long time, this board was overrun with rightwingers. Rightwingers love to go to leftwing blogs and fight and attack us all day. Why they do this I have no idea. I think there is something wrong with their heads. At this point, at least the ones supporting Trump and the Republicans are my enemies. Trump and the Republicans are like a guy who is trying to kill me, which I have dealt with before in life. In that situation, you try to kill/take out/put out of commission the guy(s) who are trying to kill you, and then you try to get away. The way I see it is Trump and the Republicans are trying to kill me, and it ‘s either they kill me or I at least try to kill them. There’s no alternatives. The Republicans are like some guy who broke into my house and is pointing a gun at me. They are a first one A1 all out emergency immediate menace.

          Now the people who support these folks, guess what? They are supporting these guys who are trying to kill me. Not just my enemies but my worst enemies of all. You do not get to do that in my life.

          I have been staying friends with Republicans and rightwingers since high school. It’s driven my half insane but I did it. They have finally gone too far and now I am flushing all the conservative sewage out of my life once and for all. They’re never coming back either, for the rest of my life I’m done with them and they are all dead to me.

          Yeah this is an echo chamber, so what. But not really, we disagree on all sorts of thing here. If you want to read the effluent the rightwingers expel from their demonic mouths, go to their websites and imbibe all of their poison you want.

          Why should I pollute my site with their crap. I already know their position on everything and they’re wrong on everything, they always have been, and not only that but they’re evil.

      • RockT

        Rob baby, I am not supporting Trump, I am pointing out the utter silliness of refer to him as “fascist.” These days, every single thing is “fascist,” which is impossible. Why can somebody not be liked on who they ware without using inaccurate terms? Was Obama a “communist?” That’s all I’m saying.

        • OK RockT, I will put you back on. Thanks for the heads up.

          You need to donate though based on the new policy unless you have donated before. $10 minimum and you comment here until I die! Deal or what? If you have some hardship where you cannot come up with that, email me and we will see if we can work something out.

  4. You missed all points of comparison : Trump is neither a kind of Hitler, neither of Mussolini, neither of Franco, neither some milder type such as Argentina’s Juan Peron, Portugal’s Salazar or Greece’s Papadopoulos : Trump is an African-type type of fascist, such as Zaire’s (former Congo) Mobutu, Uganda’s Idi Amin, Centrafrica’s Emperor Bokassa or Haiti’s Duvalier. Trump is America’s true “Black” President. After he has ruled, America is bound to look like this continent, including its division into warring feudal dictatorships. You are looking for a praetorian guard, brown or black shirts as you call them : they don’t wear any particular shirt for the time being, but such a guard there is, a kind of private secret service thanks to which he can dispense with the state’s existing security service. The Bikers for Trump, which are heavily criminalized by vocation, can be thought of as of an outer sheath of the same movement. Most probably that praetorian guard will be composed, as were Duvalier’s infamous Tontons Macoutes, on a “voluntary” basis.

    • Alpha Unit

      “Trump is America’s true ‘Black’ President.”

      This is interesting. Could it be that his supporters are truly “Black” as well?

      • ALPHA UNIT

        Blacks are fascist at heart. Look at African “Strongmen” or local gang leaders in African-American ghettos. The strongest, richest and most ruthless business-minded man rules. Idi Amin, Freeway Rick, Superfly.

        Trump they respect as the White Tribal Leader. He has “props” (Jewelry and material items) and “pussy” (Model and ex-athlete wives) and “cheese” (Wealthy fantastically.

        They therefore respect him more than a liberal.

        • Alpha Unit

          Whether Blacks are uniquely fascist at heart is questionable. I’m guessing, since you refer to Trump as a White Tribal Leader, that you disagree with Judith Mirville that he is “Black”?

        • Jason Y

          Do they? If they did then why didn’t they come out in droves to vote for him? From what I see on Facebook posts, a lot of blacks think he’s the devil.

        • Tulio

          You sure as hell are offering up a lot of stereotypes about black people. Funny that I’ve yet to meet a single black person in real life that has anything but utter disgust for Trump.

        • Juanny Boy

          It may be hard to believe but we see the Black Vote
          2004 (last election with two White candidates): 89%-10% (+79 for Dems)
          2016: 88%-8%-4% (+80 for Dems)

          Trump did 1% better among Blacks than John Kerry. This is despite Trump doing 5% worse than Bush did that year.

          Blacks do not love Trump, but the factors mentioned above made him outperform the 2% some people were predicting.

        • Juanny Boy

          Trump did 1% worse among Blacks but 5% worse overall.

    • Barack Thatcher

      although it did start as a joke among Hillary supporters, it is true that we can look to Africa as a guide for what may happen next.

      There is some open preaching against minority tribes/groups (African nations are almost always ethnically plural) as an attempt to appear “strong”…
      There are many people in Africa now living under a President who spoke negatively about them.

      Sometimes tensions boil over into ethnic based violence and civil/regional wars, other times it does not.

      • Physical space prevents this from happening in the United States or it would have already.

        Nobody in West Virginia likes Californians and they do not like West Virginians either.

        Only the vast amount of space between such states allows people to get along.

        Nobody on the Canadian border of Michigan has anything in common with somebody in Alabama.

        America is a capitalist society and semi-meritocratic which merely means people of a less IQ cannot AFFORD to live in the same neighborhoods as those whom they despise.

        Liberals, for a variety of reasons, tend to live in places that rural whites or ghetto blacks or Mexicans cannot afford.

        Mexicans and Ghetto Blacks cannot live in the rural areas. They can barely use a rake on their yard.

        Rural whites do not understand the unwritten code of the street and cannot survive off “hustling” so they are trapped far away from either coast.

        • Barack Thatcher

          “meritocratic segregation” is of course strong in the U.S., but in terms of geographical distances it is not.

          NAMs in the ghetto are the poorest people ever. Yet burbs just outside of these areas in the cities are the richest.
          It’s simply a matter of a breakdown in civil order allowing people (brownshirts) to walk nearby…
          the funny thing is that now the NAMs and Burbians are aligned against Trump.

        • Jason Y

          It always amazes me how close the poor are to the rich, of how Beverly Hills is just a drive away from Compton. That seems amazing cause in Tennessee, the differences don’t seem as stark. At the most, there are some lower-middle class and middle-class neighborhoods and then down the road there might be some projects or trailer parks. However, there seems to be enough distance for people to feel safe.

        • Tulio

          “Nobody on the Canadian border of Michigan has anything in common with somebody in Alabama.”

          Uh…Ted Nugent?

    • Never thought of it that way, however I HAVE suspected that the Alt-Right is a very “Black” acting movement.

      I mean, the obsession with how to get pussy from the PUA types, of being the top-dog, the alpha, the tough guy, its all very, um, well, stereotypically characteristic of some African cultures. Their veneration for a blow-hard ‘God-Emperor’ who gets pussy and crushes enemies.

      The Alt-Right, despite what it likes to think of itself, is actually quite antithetical to the best of White Western civilised values.

      • Alpha Unit

        These people are proof that there is nothing uniquely “Black” about this type of thinking and acting.

        • Barack Thatcher

          nailed it.

        • To Alpha and Barrack,

          Jewamongyou had posted an article asking “what is the Alt-right?” and a commentor pretty much imploded onto himself in logic when he went on a rant due to his tribalism.

          He was convinced what he said was profound and said “not even a nigger could understand what I said.” I’ve e-mailed JAY a good response for him to use,


        • Barack Thatcher

          Well it’s silly to say “all you know-whats” in reference to any race…even the profoundly low IQ ones like the San.

          It’s interesting to me that this is the mindset. When average ability is lower or stereotyped to be lower it is believed that all members of the race come from this position. In the job market this is referred to as the human capital theory….
          in the PC era very few people think like that, it relates to “He’s Black, he’s from the hood and doesn’t have as good of an education regardless of innate abilities”
          or “she’s not good at math cuz she’s a woman”

        • Barack Thatcher

          it would be interesting to see if low ability Whites benefit from the Human Capital Theory, employers think they’re smarter!

          It is very cliche but I think the lack of respect for the notion that races have a wide range of IQs comes from the fact that many of the Whites and Asians who prescribe to this ideology are low IQ themselves and don’t like to be reminded of it.

        • To Barrack,

          “It is very cliche but I think the lack of respect for the notion that races have a wide range of IQs comes from the fact that many of the Whites and Asians who prescribe to this ideology are low IQ themselves and don’t like to be reminded of it.”

          You know, this phenomenon seems somewhat similar to something I’ve seen recently but with a different group, but it’s pertains to sex differences rather than ethnic ones.

          I’ll go deeper into it when I post my article.

      • Jason Y

        As I said in another comment, people dish out hypermasculinity, but they cannot take it. The rudeness and hate from blacks massively hurt the feelings of posters like Sam, yet WNs go on and on about how white men need to act manly, keep women in their place, and exercise the right to say how they feel, regardless of sensitive feelings of others.

      • Tulio

        It’s not that they are affecting black males. It’s that they are attempting to usher in an era of white male hyper masculinity. Black cultures have always been hyper masculine. Getting pussy, being an alpha, being gangsta, intimidating your rivals. These hyper masculine traits, not black traits per se. It’s just that more blacks are hyper masculine. You’d see the same behavior among Russian street thugs.

  5. Black_Rose

    Nashi is fascist?

  6. Barack Thatcher

    Well he’s not openly talking of racial/tribal superiority, that’s for sure. He’s no hitler from what I’ve seen so far.
    His remarks on Islam and punishment of individual Muslims is kind of Francoist-ish/culturally fash. There also is an African strongman element.
    He identifies as a civic nationalist, iiuc.

    • BARACK

      Show me one ghetto black who wants to walk around in the woods with a AR-15 killing whiteys in Appalachia. He knows he will die, slowly and probably painfully.

      Show me one “Brownshirt” who wants to walk-even armed-through Brighton beach surrounded by thousands of tough, armed Russian street Jews who have been raised fighting on the street.

      Burbs are where people with a great deal to lose live. They have the house, the white collar job, the car, the BBQ, the occasional Blowjob from their secretary, the trip to Hawaii.

      They have too much to lose to be radical in their political opinions.

      • Barack Thatcher

        you miss if the ghetto NAMs went into the burbs.
        I agree that it would be unlikely to happen the other way around.

        Believe it or not in RSA some White areas did have Blacks commit crime in them…despite the fact that they’d be dealt with harshly in the criminal justice system.

        • We’ve all seen CLOCKWORK ORANGE where inner-city punks drive into the exurbs for a home invasion.

          This happens from time to time.

          An outright invasion and long-term assault on suburbs by poor blacks? Unlikely.

        • CLOCKWORK ORANGE home invasions by inner-city thugs will happen.

          A long-term or even day-long assault is impossible. Blacks simply lack the capacity for logistical planning, supply route chains, weapons, artillery and so forth to remain in the suburbs.

        • BARACK NAMS In The Burbs

          NAMS cannot stay their long, they lack the gasoline or ammunition or food. Occasionally they will enter a suburb for a home invasion but this is so rare it makes national headlines.

          Usually they are friends or suppliers of some drug-addicted teenage child of a respectable middle-class couple and that is how they know somebody there.

          Now that pills and meth have replaced cocaine with its necessary NAM sources this is more rare.

        • themaker75

          I live in a ritzy subturd in NJ. Trust me, people here are armed to the teeth. I think it would be a big mistake for ghetto anyone to come in here looking to cause trouble. I’m involved with my community as my kids participate in many activities and the conversations come up. I’m also friendly with a good amount of police officers in town and they have verified that firearm ownership is very high. And we are not even near the real shitholes like Camden, Newark or Atlantic City.
          I also think the assertion that rich suburbanites and people from the ghetto are united against Trump is plum wrong. The suburbs that are very intellectual (around college campuses) that may be the case, but rich suburbs that are full of bankers and lawyers (cut throat people), they could give a rats ass about anyone but themselves.

        • Juanny Boy

          Does this area have a lot of Italians, themaker75?

          TRASH believes Italians (or at least South Italians, which is the predominant type here) are for all intents and purposes NAMs and likely to be aggressive and defending themselves.

        • Juanny Boy

          they are remarkably productive success story I guess.

        • themaker75

          Juanny Boy, if I had to guess, I would say 20% Italian. Other large chunks of the towns population would be Jewish, Indian, Irish, various Asians mostly Chinese and me the token Puerto Rican.
          Yes, I would agree that Italians are more apt to throw down than a Jew, but in a home invasion situation that won’t get you anywhere. If anything the hyper reactionary Italian will not have enough composure to hit a target 3 feet away.

    • Native Americans are actually poorer than African-Americans.

  7. Trump is the son of German and Scottish immigrants. I do not believe he has African blood.

    • Jason Y

      I think Scots and Irish have some African blood and some point, explaining why so many whites have black type hair in Tennessee, who obviously are not mixed with blacks, at least not at a recent historical date.

  8. Trump is not a fascist. The is an amoral businessman and leader of a right-wing Republican administration. He has a massive ego and a competitive/belligerent personality and takes delight in pushing people’s buttons and breaking politically correct mores. If he is a fascist, so is Hillary Clinton and all the other bought and paid for politicians and presidents.

    Stop listening to the hysterical liberal/neoliberal media that is still in denial over HRC having her ass handed to her by a repugnant reality show clown. (They cannot accept that the corporate Dems are a morally bankrupt bunch of shitbags who lie with a smile and whisper reassuring neoliberal platitudes about “innovation” and “entrepreneurial spirit” into the public’s ear as they destroy the middle-class and turn America into an oligarchy.)

    The trouble is more and more people are noticing a rift between what they experience every day and the picture the media and the Obama administration paints for them. You can only tell people who live the reality of the neoliberal “markets über alles” dream how awesome the economy is doing before they catch on that they are being lied to by shameless corporate whores beholden to Wall Street and Silicone Valley. What was HRC offering? More of the same Wall Street + identify politics (speaking of “fascism”) and “Vote for me, I’m not Trump”. She lost but not because she was a lame candidate…NEVER! Putin and Trump conspired with WikiLeaks to throw the election of course. And Dems join the loony right in conspiracy theory land. Read the Podesta emails and DNC emails and see exactly how scummy and corrupt the Democratic Party has become.

    They threw Bernie Sanders under the bus because it was Queen Hillary’s “time” and, oops, she lost. They didn’t respond to criticism with reasonable and rational arguments but by accusing critics of misogyny and racism. They still lost. (Remember the outrage and hysteria when Trump said he might not accept the results of the election if he lost? Well…)

    Trump is the product of capitalist America – the same America pushed by HRC and Obama. Nobody called him a “fascist” or “evil” when he was just a billionaire fleecing his employees and being a good sociopathic capitalist. But now we are to believe he is the next Hitler (alongside Putin and Assad)? Give me a fucking break. He has helped bring the racist right out of the closet and some of his followers may have fascistic tendencies…but the man is not a fascist. He is an American Silvio Berlusconi. And if the liberal “left” keeps pushing IdPol nonsense and mimicking 80s era Republicans (pro-war, Red scare tactics) America’s slow-motion deterioration wil continue.

    The “is Trump a fascist?” stuff is just another distraction that takes away focus from the Dems major fuck up and inability to offer anything worthwhile to the citizenry.

    • *He is an amoral businessman….

      Pardon the typos…

    • Like Reagan Trump can convince the United States that it is Great Again but in reality it is a bankrupt and demoralized former Superpower like the one Carter left Reagan in 1980.

      It will be another attempt to cut taxes in order balance the budget and isolationism and actually there will be no more unpopular wars.

      • If Trump doesn’t start any new wars or ramp up existing conflicts , either directly or via proxies, that would be a tremendous and unprecedented change in American policy. I don’t see it happening. All that money spent on “defense” and the massive profits in involved means war is pretty much inevitable.

        I don’t doubt he will be able to convince his core supporters that America is “great” again. Empty sloganeering and bullshit delivered eloquently and with a straight face is enough to keep Obama’s fan club convinced he didn’t betray his supporters and fail to keep his election promises. It will work for Trump too.

        He can cut taxes (even though that only really benefits the wealthy) and make a few high profile token gestures to convince people he is making America “great” again…iow, the same sleight of hand bait and switch stuff as usual and people may buy it…for a while. But he won’t touch the most pressing problem – the ever growing wealth divide – because that would mean “socialist” government intervention in the economy on behalf of citizens. (Handouts and legislation to “help” the rich and corporations/banks are perfectly ok and will continue of course.)

        If people keep getting poorer and working more hours for shitty pay and burdened with debt while the “elites” get richer and richer nothing meaningful will change. The so-called “hard left” (lmao) Bernie Sanders was enough to scare the living shit out of the scammers and trough feeders and any real opposition to unfettered capitalism will continue to be crushed. But if no alternative to the current state of economic affairs is offered, the stink and rot of a declining America will get even worse… and more dangerous.

        Putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t mean the pig isn’t a pig anymore. And until Americans realize they have to take on the capitalists lipstick on a pig is all they’re going to get no matter which party has the upper hand.

      • Jason Y

        Reagan waged no wars, but he funded other people’s wars like in El Salvador, South Africa, and Afghanistan. He also massively increased nuclear weapons spending and military spending in general.

    • The best rant about Trump’s election win I’ve seen.

      Jonathan Pie hits the nail on the head, with every single word.

    • themaker75

      Agree with pretty much everything you said except you forgot to state that there is no difference between Dems and Reps. They’re just part of a corrupt system that keeps their pockets lined.

      What people may be seeing is that it is “them” against “us” Not so much to do with Democrats.

      And to take it a step further, the social divide is coming from perceived notions of what groups of people are sucking the tax dollars dry. Those people on assistance are placed in the “them” category and that’s what will fuel social chaos. I don’t know which will come first, but it will either be people refusing en mass to pay taxes or public assistance will be slashed and people will go fucking bonkers. Everyone should have a plan B of where they’ll go if this happens. Stock piling guns and food would only buy you some miserable time.

      • If you call yourself a liberal or progressive in any way, shape or form, how can you possibly say there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Look at the people Trump appointed. Look at his stance on everything. Go to Wikipedia and read Donald Trump on the issues and then go to the page Hillary Clinton on the issues. I mean my God, they are like people from two different planets. Obama is not ideal and Clinton was not either, but compared to Republicans, even Third Way Democrats are like people from another planet.

        The American people do not want the safety net wiped out. Poll after poll endlessly down through the years have shown that. It’s only a minority of Americans who want that. Unfortunately a party has just been voted into power which represents that minority.

        • themaker75

          If anything I view the Democratic party as more evil than Republicans. They promise the world and deliver a rotten bologna sandwich that barely keeps you breathing. All you get is Death and Destruction. And as the Exploited said, “Don’t forget the chaos.” Thankfully my parents left Puerto Rico when I was young. Look at the democratic shithole it’s citizens are left to deal with. For me that’s far worse than someone that frankly says “piss off” The Democrats promise so they can keep their fancy jobs and all the back door dealing that come with it. They fuel the prison and legal system. Find me a Republican judge or anyone working in a courthouse. They’re no dummies. They need their jobs. They need Chicago, Detroit, Camden, ect. They need riots, they need racial divides. They’re casualty vampires of the highest order.
          But look, at the end of the day I hate them all with an unholy passion. Another trap this country sets is it discourages it’s citizens from traveling, because then they can see how truly unfree this shithole is. My eyes are open and I don’t like what I see. Dependency on any government is a death sentence for all our freedoms.
          I don’t even know what I classify myself as. I don’t even think I want to. I’m just gonna find a tranquil place and ride out my days peacefully. In my travels I’ve found that I see more peace in racially homogeneous countries. Usually these are 3rd world countries and quite hot aside from Japan and Korea. I still haven’t figured it out 100% yet, but there’s just a calmer aura when people are around their own and I’m the token. I’m itching to go to Iceland next. I hope they continue their fight to keep Iceland for Icelandic people. It’s just so damn expensive I don’t know if living there is a possibility.

        • themaker75

          I’m progressive because I would rather tear it down than deal with mildly lesser evils. Rapists who rape women aren’t OK in my book just because Pedophiles are worse. They’re both scum, just like 99.9% of anyone in government is scum.

  9. We merely see another Ronald Reagan – era of deregulation, cut taxes, “morning in America”, isolationism and Cold War (Because the U.S. is too bankrupt to actually invade anywhere).

    • Barack Thatcher

      or maybe another Dubya.
      The new Alt-Reich line is that anytime Trump does something they don’t like he’s just “playing muh 3D chess”…..even with no logical basis.

      What fucktards.
      “it’s easier to fool a man than convince a man he’s been fooled”

    • Jason Y

      Right, Trump is showing day by day and more and more to be another globalist Republican. The Ron Paul talk was just a scam to get into America’s panties, so to speak.

  10. Barack Thatcher

    why do you hate hyper masculinity but then defend Blacks?
    I’m just saying it’s kind of ironic in some ways.

    I suppose you have no exposure to Blacks but assuming you’re not masculine it’s probably better that you live in “Dick’s Knob, Tennessee” then Watts.

    • Jason Y

      Oh, a lot of blacks are hypermasculine alright. Oh, should I like hypermasculinity, even though it’s mostly for insecure, pretentious, douchebags? Anyhow, not all blacks are hypermasculine, some are just masculine and even a lot of black guys are big fags.

      So when some hypermasculine white guy is doing his show, maybe he’s trying to out-do a similar thinking black guy. Yeah I already mentioned a lot of blacks were generally selfish and the rapper types are as dumb as the poster boy redneck pizza guy I mentioned, but only blacks will get bashed by white nationalists.

      • Jason Y

        I never defend hypermasculine blacks no more than hypermasculine whites. But I’m not obsessed with rappers cause they haven’t given me a hard time, but I know for sure they would if I was in prison. But then again, punk whites use prison type bullying at the grocery store, school wherever. All bullying is the same regardless of location.

        • Tainto

          “punk whites use prison type bullying at the grocery store” Blacks would forcibly sodomise you in prison, that’s the difference.

      • Barack Thatcher

        Well I’m not some WN dumbass who thinks “White hyper-masculinity= Good” while saying “NAM hyper-masculinity= bad”

        The problem is a lot of Ghetto Blacks really really hate Whites. You get harassed for your race by some of the more macho ones. Now, if one weren’t harassed for their race I wouldn’t see much of a difference (assuming these specific subsets of each race have the same crime rates).

        I’m not harassed about my race by rednecks. I have been called anti-semitic remarks (I’m not Jewish but could pass to some) but I’m White like them.

        • Jason Y

          Most of my family were harassed for having black type hair, but we’re not black. A lot of that stuff was childish bigotry, narrow-mindedness.

          Yeah, of course blacks harass you cause of your race. When I was in Charleston SC, some blacks called me honkey at a mall while I waiting on some food at a Chinese food court restaurant. In another scene, while I was walking in the mall, one said “Get out my way honkey !!” 😆

          But then again, you gotta wonder why these ghetto blacks, some of them, hate whites. Some have had jail-time and they’re probably over the top with jealousy over whites whom they view as rivals (the poor white ones) or ones to feel jealous of (the rich white ones).

          The same thing is true in Asia, but there is no jail-time, but generally Asians view themselves as being in a colonial situation and added to that the ESL teachers are getting all the money, attention and women vs 18 – 24-year-old guys making peanuts. But the attacks are quite viscous including massive mockery and insensitivity about the 9/11 attacks (I was there a few months after it happened,)

          A lot of times they will also say fuck you to foreigners, and not always because they hate them, but just cause they’re different. It’s like being called a motherfucker in a black neighborhood.

          But the thing with WNs is they’re massively sensitive over the fact that ghetto blacks hate them, without really pondering why they hate them.

        • Jason Y

          Notice how on the Beevis and Butthead show they mock everyone with no consideration for their feelings? Well, that’s typical hypermasculine behavior. That’s why WNs hate blacks. It’s why some people hate Koreans and Chinese. It’s why a lot of people hate rednecks. It’s kind of hit and run thing. A reaction to childish mockery etc..

          What’s odd is that WNs want a world where saying “You Suck” to a comedian or ball player is the norm, 😆 but they can’t take the insults of blacks when they go in a black neighborhood. In other words, they demand hypermasculinity from whites but then condemn NAMS or Asians for displaying it.

        • Juanny Boy

          I always felt that I would have to keep any Latrino ancestry under wraps.

          I always was called a “sand nigger” after I said a negative thing or two about Trump.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t really believe in being oversensitive but the ethnic solidarity thing you mentioned produced people in my family who at an old age still suffer from PTRD (post-traumatic-racial-disorder) and others won’t grow their hair out beyond 1 cm, others have become massive conservative conformists (self -hating)

          Every day I have to listen to massive crap from my sister about my nephew who has light curly hair and is getting indoctrinated by her on how he should be ashamed of who he is. It’s sort of a reverse black pride thing. All the time she does this stuff and also around the rest of the family, and we wish she would just shut up.

        • Tainto

          Dark black hair has been idealized by poets from Ireland to Persia. I’ve a cousin and a friend with black hair, both Irish, from small towns and they don’t get shit. Your problem is real but very niche with a lot more factors than just hair. The masculine alpha gets laid more than the Uncle Tom, regardless of race. There’s other benefits but overall masculinity is good for all men.

    • Jason Y

      Koreans and Chinese etc.. aren’t white and are pretty annoyingly hypermasculine. Everything is tribal just as with rapper type blacks.

    • Jason Y

      People in Dick’s Knob TN are just as mean as in Watts though it may seem hard to believe. They would like to beat me up, lynch me up to a tree etc.. but they only don’t because they can’t get me alone. I mean these people are full of venomous hate, not as much now as a few years ago, but it still there. I don’t see your reasoning in saying blacks can kick someone’s ass but whites cannot. Human nature is the same across all races. I haven’t seen a gentle race. When they get mad, then they will go all out.

      Note, there are no drive-bys and that would be one advantage, but really these rednecks are no different than high-caste Hindus. It’s cause their parents indoctrinated them in all this shit.

      • Jason Y

        The fact that I have the same white skin, and even pale by the way, as these rednecks makes no difference. So I’d get the same treatment here as in some black neighborhood, assuming I made the locals angry, or the same as in South Korea. See the selfish, I guess sinful human nature is the same. They’re all tribal and they’re bound to tradition and also they got their egos etc.. Basically, people in TN and really everywhere are very mean. All it takes is just a group of punks to spread gossip and then you’re marked.

        I’ve had the experience of being in an Asian culture on the street as one of them sort of, and one in my area and the same mentality is there. All the jealousy, egotism, tribalism, racism all is a major negative force.

        • Jason Y

          People in the Phillippines too are not so great, but I bought them off with money being a tourist, so I didn’t really get to see the mean side of them, but it’s there alright.

  11. Barack Thatcher

    We’re just a bunch of pontificating blow-hards…


  12. Barack Thatcher


    One could easily ask why people like Sam j. hate NAM’s so much.

    Really a lot of this is just an expression of pathologies. There’s no reason why someone’s life should revolve around hatred or love of another race. It’s just something that doesn’t even register to most regular people.

    I have to walk on eggshells with talk of NAM’s but you just do it, and don’t care, why obsess about it?

    Such is why 90% of hardcore WN’s are mentally ill (anecdotally).

    • Jason Y

      A lot of these WNs express the same hypermasculinity as ghetto blacks, yet they point out the black macho-ness as something evil. Now, of course, blacks, unless the whites are drug addicts, are more likely to do crime. However, the odds of either WNs or ghetto blacks picking on weak people, or just people, of other races are about the same.

      Basically, a lot of this stuff is a childish, selfish mindset of pointing out the faults in others, but not looking at your own. Isn’t that in the Bible somewhere?

    • Jason Y

      Right, Sam could move up from Atlanta into the Appalachians. It’s only a two-hour drive and then he’s smack in an area where nobody will hassle him. In fact, you have the opposite situation of rednecks coming into play.

      Also, there are many things to do in life: play sports, music, hunting animals (except coons 😆 ), so I think there is a lot to occupy Sam besides hate.

      • Jason Y

        In Sam’s case, relocation is really easy. Now other people may not have such an easy move as Robert Linsday pointed out once.

  13. Juanny Boy

    A lot of it has to do with ethnic solidarity.
    If an area is 97% White, with few real non-Whites to pick on, they’re going to start picking on Whites with curly Black hair.

    I had a friend who grew up in East LA, he had a Chicano mother and Anglo father, and he was harassed by the other Latins (darker Amerind, etc.) as “Whitey” just because his skin was lighter.
    There were no pure Whites/Anglos to harass so they picked on the lightest skinned Mexican.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah but it produces people who either become massive self-haters (people who were picked on) or ones who just become massive traitors to their race, and who can blame them?

    • Tulio

      Yeah, I know a white-skinned Mexican in L.A. who got picked on by mestizo Mexicans for being not a “real” Mexican.

    • Jason Y

      And would this Mexican have a right to call this harassment or does it mean he is some sissy cultural left person ?? I’d say not putting up with any disrespect is the best call.

      • Juanny Boy

        White Latrinos are put in a difficult position in that they are typically not accepted by normal Latrinos as Latrinos, but are also not accepted as Whites by Whites.

        It is true that there are relatively intelligent people who accept such subtleties in both races, which could lead to a “win-win”…
        but such “relatively intelligent people” are not found in East LA.

        • Juanny Boy

          I honestly felt desperate to get a DNA test.
          I turned up 97% Eurasian, 2% Black, 2% East Asian.

          Whiter than I thought, and possibly no amerind.

        • Juanny Boy

          1% East Asian

        • LOL I love that word Latrino. That is so cool. I LOL every time I see that word.

          I honestly felt desperate to get a DNA test. I turned up 97% Eurasian, 2% Black, 2% East Asian.

          2% Black? Dang.


        • Jason Y

          I’d just leave East LA, but of course, people have said leaving is an impossibility for many, but I cannot think of another solution. Some areas, this area being one, is so racist, that you have to avoid certain counties and areas of certain counties to avoid over-the-top racists, or heroic rebels as Rock T calls them. :lol:.

  14. JASON Y If this is true why do rural whites brag of having a “little injun in them” in the Flyover Land?

    • Jason Y

      This is a generalization about the Injun stuff. But anyhow, it is true they don’t hate Injuns that much, assuming the whites are not skinheads or something, However, they do hate blacks. Now back in the days of Andrew Jackson, it may have been different, but that was like over 200 years ago.

      Anyhow, I do know Cherokee, based on what a Facebook poster who I went to school posts, possibly don’t like whites that much, though the Cherokee did fight for the southern side in the Civil War. Probably a lot of Cherokee don’t like blacks, but I think the younger generation is more mellowed out and a lot of Cherokees in the past married blacks (Tina Turner, Michael Jackson etc.. had injun blood.)

    • Hey Trash, sorry but I am going to have to ban you. I warned you nine days ago that you needed to donate to keep commenting. I realize you are all the way over in China and this may complicate things. Donation is $10 minimum for lifetime commenting. If you have some sort of problems donating, please email me and we will see if we can work something out.

      Hope to see you back soon.

  15. Jason Muniz

    I assume Fascism is gaining more ground in those lands(only referring to the US) east of the 100th meridian. Even then I think in the northern states, fascism will have a more “pan-European” outlook whereas in the southern states it will focus more on “Anglo-Celtic” heritage. No?

    I’m not really sure of the Pacific Northwest(Cascadia), they seem to liberal and quasi socialistic as well as isolated from the rest of the country.

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