Are Brownshirt Gangs a Necessary Component of Fascism?

In many respects, Trump and Trumpism looks like the Latin American Oligarchic Right. He also looks a lot like the rightwing, basically fascist Right in Latin America. Every time I look at his regime, I think of the Venezuelan Opposition Right. In fact, the Republican Party increasingly looks like the Latin American Oligarchic Right, and it has been slowly resembling them for some time now.

The rightwing fascists in Latin America do not all have Brownshirt street gangs, do they? Where are the Brownshirts of the Latin American rightwings? They have death squads, yes, in a number of countries, and they have street rioters, but Brownshirts who actually go around attacking the Opposition? Not really.

But there is something like this in the Chilean Right, which regularly engages in all-out street riot-wars with the street fighters of the Left. In this sense, Chile represents Germany in the interwar period.

Something similar goes on in Venezuela, where the Right engages in relatively continuous rioting, and sometimes there is fighting with leftwing mobs. Most of the fighting is with the police though.

The death squads of El Salvador were often made up of the fanatical anti-Communist street thugs of the lower middle class neighborhoods. Have you ever seen an ARENA rally in El Salvador? That looked something like a Brownshirt mob, but they did not take to the streets.

Yes there is a thuggish rightwing in Brazil, but is it really of the Brownshirt variety? The recent coup was a legislative one.

There are something like Brownshirt mobs in the east of Bolivia (who also fashion themselves as White supremacists), but they have not been very active lately, and they are countered by leftwing Indian mobs in the capital and east of the country.

There were rightwing Peronist mobs a while back, but that seems to be through. The only mobs in Argentina anymore are with the Left. The Right only has the support of the out of touch Rich.

The only rioting mobs in  Peru are on the Left, and riot they do, on a near-constant basis. There is no rightwing presence on the streets in Peru, as once again, the Right here is simply an out of touch White wealthy elite.

There are death squads in Ecuador, but they are not active anymore. The Right only has a presence in the security forces. The huge street mobs are in the capital and are of the Left.

The mobs in Nicaragua are mostly pro-Sandinista, as the Right down there has no street presence, since nobody much likes them.

The street is owned by the Left in Honduras too. The Right only has presence in a small number of rich and the security forces.

There are no street mobs of any kind in Guatemala. The murderous Right is present in the security forces.

In Colombia, the Right does have support, but there are no rightwing street mobs. The violent Right down there are the death squads run by the security forces who work in concert with civilian paramilitaries. There are not even many leftwing protests since a few weeks after huge leftwing protests, 10-15 of the protesters will end up murdered. So the Left in Colombia is armed to the teeth yet underground by necessity.

I do not think you need Brownshirt mobs to have a deadly fascist state as many examples in Latin America show us. When the rightwing government is running around murdering the Left, I am not sure if it matters whether that government is classically fascist or not. They are murderous rightwing thugs whether they earn the official fascist moniker or not. Officially fascist or not, they are still coming out to kill you, so at the end of the day, what difference does it make?


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68 responses to “Are Brownshirt Gangs a Necessary Component of Fascism?

  1. Jason Y

    Actually, as I mentioned in other comments we already have angry guys who harass liberals in my state. They’re not brownshirts or skinheads, but I would call them militant Republicans or militant Christian Fascists.

    Now there are actually people worse than those guys. They harassed a mixed race couple (black man/ white woman and mixed kids) out of my mountain valley.

    • RockT

      It seems perhaps that you, and the liberals you know, are extremely, intensely, unimaginably hypersensitive and emotionally trial. Some simple backtalk and some disagreement above a whisper seems to frighten you guys into an amazing tizzy. Don’t worry, you still have the state, the church, the corporations, the campuses, the U.N., the entertainment media, etc on your side; so what if a few of the little people mock you a little bit?

      • Jason Y

        It’s not mocking. It’s massive disrespect. It cannot be tolerated. Hey, look. Robert doesn’t tolerate mocking of him on this blog. It’s sort of the same idea. So it’s either respect or get the fuck out.

        Nobody can function normally with such disrespect going on. It’s not a matter of being thin-skinned. Also, right-wingers cannot tolerate the same hate they dish out. But hey, I understand. If NAMS or liberals are being unreasonably bullying in their talk, then that makes life hell for a conservative or just an average moderate conservative.

        OK, imagine your conservative, and you go to class every day and your spit on and called a cocksucker by liberals. OK, you’re saying that tough people can ignore that. Right?

        • I’m being banned anyhow and I mock these White Nationalists left/right because I live in Asia so I do not care.

          If you had spent 18 years overseas (Nearly) you would notice that sometime in the 2000’s there was a massive decline in the standards of people who live in Flyover Land and that liberals are at least able to support themselves or their children.

          It’s the Conservatives in Smega-ville, Oklahoma who desperately want the “gooks” to give the shoe factory back while Sam Walton does not give a shit where his crap is produced which bankrupts downtown areas.

          Sam Walton works for the Chinese in turning charming downtown shopping areas into dangerous crack-filled ghettos after the merchants have to leave.

          Chinese laugh at the poor Flyover Land peasants whose father had his leg blown off by a Chinese-made bomb in Korea who now wants a “job to come back” (Some New York City Landlord will do this).

          Liberals are primarily JOOS and Asian-Americans and Irish-Catholics and Polish because these people have higher IQ’s and do not blow their beans in their high school girlfriend.

          Flyover Land conservatives are the pitiful fools who drink cheap piss-tasting beer in “Sports Bars” watching blacks play children’s games better than they can and then they go home to beat their meat to Hebrew Studs in porn films and then they do a line of coke to support the cartel overrunning their border because they are stupid.

          And nobody really gives a shit.

      • Jason Y

        I’m supposed to laugh off being called a pussy or a nigger? How about a pussy nigger? 😆 What exactly do you define as bullying as opposed to something like brothers joking around with each other? Note the teasing starts small, but it never stops. That’s why it has to smashed at the start.

        The right claims to be civil but brings out the worst insults. But I’m sure the left does the same, but all in all, it’s bullying.

        • JASON Y As a man in early middle-age like me, where do you encounter young thugs who refer to you this way?

          You are not in junior high or high school anymore.

        • Jason Y

          I had went back to community college.

        • RockT

          Nobody is calling you the n-word, that is all in your head. As for the p-word, well, you are being very emotional and sensitive, and that is unmanly behavior; which leads to begin called that. That’s just how it is, did you not go to junior high school? Ans those are simple insults, while the people you are whining about have little advantage in life, and don’t have the state, the church, the corporations, etc on their side. Jason, face it my man: you are the establishment, they are the rebels that you believe you are.

        • Jason Y

          Rock T. I still say shut the fuck up (to the so called rebels) OK, rebels, DIE 😆 That’s what you do to rebels. Behead them. See if they’re torn off heads and chopped off tongues can say anything.

          😆 har har har.

          No, disrespect isn’t tolerated by a teacher constantly, so why in the hell should I have to listen to it? I’ve been thru times in my life where people didn’t disrespect me so I run across times where I’m not, as with some disease, I want to do something to stop it, mainly by stomping their ass har har har

          No offense to you personally.

          You cannot exist in an atmosphere of bullying, even just teasing. Iv’e been there and done that. it makes life hell. It all starts with little teasing and then it never stops and then often explodes into worse stuff.

        • Jason Y

          Ignoring it never works either, so so much for being manly. At this one church, two monkeys calling me a gook lover and I manly ignore it. But it’s been 10 years and they still call me that, so I don’t go up there.

        • Jason Y

          Bullshit, nobody is calling me the N word. Too bad I don’t have a video camera. Yeah, typical racist lying, no different than SJW lying. Totally denying how people actually behave.

        • Jason Y

          Another thing is that once people have a low view of you, it’s pretty much over. That’s why you have to stomp out bullying. You cannot win their respect once they start the teasing stuff. Then next the teasing spreads like a forest fire until the whole school, prison or whatnot is treating you like a worm, dog etc.. So who in the hell is supposed to tough that out? Thin-skinned or over-senstive ??

        • Jason Y

          I can honestly say that at the community college I did not whine about being bullied for the most part. I simply said unpopular things on Facebook, that’s all. So it wasn’t about unmanliness as at the school I ignored this horrendous abuse like a big man.

          Now when I was actually in junior high school I did make threats which could have been seen as unmanly and made things worse. However, as the experiment at the community college shows, it may not be about that, but simply because the people are dumb racist hicks seems to be the real reason.

        • Jason Y

          OK, I did say “douche Dynasty” on Facebook But honestly, really, those people say similar things 24/7 on social media. So they bust people’s balls, but liberals cannot do the same. So it’s all about domination and power. These punks (dumb racist hicks) want to force everyone to bow down to the way they think. Note if it was really just about differing political opinions, then they wouldn’t have resorted to such gutter insults at the community college.

          The fact that these peasants have resorted to such gutter speaking speaks badly of their character cause those with a higher character would have ignored “douche dynasty”. But also note I said many sensitive things on Facebook about concern for NAMS, but of course, that’s a capital offense in hick-land. So someone has to do something about it, and they did.

        • Jason Y

          What hicks consider wussy is any kind of social concern. So you see that the minority, what you would call hicks, where I live were mocking me for social concern for NAMS and others which of course leads to gutter talk.

          This is true regardless of whether or not I used ball busting insults to get at them.

        • Jason Y

          Call me a bitch. but I never have liked this fucking area. I’d like to string up a lot of the locals like King Edward Longshanks on Braveheart. 😆 Fuck em.. They deserve it !!!

        • Jason Y

          Quote from another post by Jason Y (myself)

          Note at the community college, unlike what Rock-T said, the real power is the students, not the official PC environment of the school. The school is 98 percent white, so obviously bullying of liberal or NAM students is what it is. The people doing the bullying are not rebels. They would only be that if the student body wasn’t dominated by whites.

          OK that sums it up I think. It doesn’t matter about official PC policy. This place is mostly white, so that’s why white assholes are so bold with their attacks on people they don’t like. They wouldn’t be so bold in an area with more NAMS or Asians etc..

        • JASON Y 40-something and hanging around the halls of school campuses being bothered by teenagers? That’s sad.

          Do your courses by correspondence.

      • ROCK T Actually the don’t give a shit because they can afford to live in 3 or 4 cities on the West Coast or 2 that matter in the Northeast.

        They usually are making decent money because they did not blow beans up their high school girlfriends snatch and then have to leap to get any sort of menial job to pay for this.

        They were officers if they served in the military at all.


        Less of them are actually on food stamps even if it is the folks in Flyover Land who complain about.

        Keep going to your Sports Bars to drink $1.00 Pabst godawful beer while they home-brew theirs or drink expensive foreign brands. Smoke your meth and complain about Beaners while they toke weed from their expensive homegrown set.

        Trust me, they don’t care and “little people” cannot actually leave whatever small town they are in.

  2. Jason Y

    Even my brother, who at times seems to be sort of alt-left, has suggested that an open minded compassionate person (I don’t mean like a gay Elton John or anything, just someone who cares about all people in a realistic humane fashion.) cannot exist in my state without massive harassment, unless, of course, they are in some liberal hipster area or maybe a college campus.

    • Jason Y

      But college campuses are also sometimes hotbeds of hate cause they can’t legally keep right-wing redneck guys from attending. As mentioned in another thread, they go out targeting liberals with verbal harassment.

      • RockT

        They do nothing of the sort. The liberals are the ones harassing, and they have the laws and culture on their side. Not to mention twitter. The campuses are “hotbeds of hate” because they are dominated by liberals and their echo chamber, there are no rednecks to speak of at college.

        • Jason Y

          Again, depends on the college and the area. There are actually community colleges full of redneck whites. Plus, even if a college has a liberal majority that isn’t a green light for persecuted right-wingers to bully people they don’t like.

        • Jason Y

          You mentioned social media which again, what you see is dependent on the area. The area where I live is full of posts by angry white men. However, posts in Calfornia or in Atlanta etc.. would be full of minority posting, liberal posting.

    • JASON Y Little opportunity exists for liberal hipsters in your sort of states anyhow who usually make a living in law, journalism, film, publishing, fashion, nightclubs.

      So you won’t see them.

      And most of your would be liberals-gays, out-and-out drug fiends, aspiring entertainers move West as soon as they graduate from high school.

  3. RockT

    Trump soes not have brownshirt gangs. No Trump guys have harmed anyone at all. Can you all at least wait a bit for something significant to ‘happen’ before you all preemptively write a macabre history of the future?

    As for brownshirt gangs (the real ones), they were a counter-measure to the red gangs. That’s right: red gangs. The word “counter-measure” have “counter” in it- that means red gangs happened first. It’s not the brownshirts fault that reds can’t fight as good, they should’ve consider that before throwing their (light) weight around.

    • Jason Y

      As Trash mentioned, political groups of both types, left and right, are normally pussies. They don’t want to clash with each other, but rather stick to areas dominated by their ideology, for instance, Trump supporters in East Tennessee.

      If they feel a need to feel manly (sarcasm) they might pick on some local liberal wuss they don’t like. Likewise, blacks in Atlanta will beat up some local honky rather than drive up a few hundred miles into the Appalachian foothills where they’d get shelled with shotguns 😆

      • Idiots rarely have gasoline money to go very far.

        Elites see enough gain in their chosen professions to keep their opinions to themselves.

        • Jason Y

          Well, the Tennessee stoner/redneck pizza manager I was telling you about has said enough material on a 24/7 basis to justify torture and beheading on site, assuming he went to Seattle or parts of Atlanta. 😆

          Actually, he would get a strong booing also just at the UT Knoxville Campus. I’m actually worried about family member’s mouth who is a big Republican FB poster. What happens when he’s outside the right wing suburban comfort zone?

        • Jason Y

          Interesting. It seems people who make money want to be private, so that means the blabbermouths are generally sore losers. However, I do know a retired army guy doing well who also is like the pizza manager. So possibly the real source is some mental disorder.

        • Jason Y

          Only 14 percent for the pizza guy? Something must be wrong with the software. 😆

    • ROCK T/JASON Y ?

      What is a conservative going to do about a gay man? Beat him until he is straight? Stroke his penis and then shove it inside of a vagina instead of a man’s anus. Who gives a shit if gays don’t procreate? Or what they do.

      Brownshirts for what purpose? To fight trannie hippies in the street or BLM protesters? That’s what the police are soaking up public funds to do.

      The expatriate American (Me) sighs in contemptuous boredom at these problems and preoccupations in North America.

      • Jason Y

        Brownshirts would be notorious in already redneck areas. So it would just be bullying little bleeding heart wusses like myself. Would these brave guys go into Seattle and start stuff?

        Likewise, some green-earth asshole or radical atheist is a big shot in Seattle, but they won’t come to Tennessee.

    • Jason Y

      They all seem like pink gangs to me 😆 Red or brown, all cowards.

    • ROCK T I’m German-American and all of this pitiful allusion to some ancient period in German History is really sad.

      “Brownshirts” could overwhelm the black ghetto? The barrio with its cartel backing? Coney Island Jews?


  4. amspirnational


    Every time an overtly white nationalist group holds a public rally they get more than harassed by minority racists and their allies whom outnumber them in spades, pardon the pun.
    Alert me when the situation changes, like when it reverts to the 1950s when the opposite was more the norm.

    • Jason Y

      Depends on the area. That would be true in California, for instance. It sure as hell isn’t true here.

      • JASON Y White nationalists can play paintball in an Appalachian woods where no economy or material gain would draw vast numbers of NAMS anyhow.

        But in Queens or East Los Angeles they would not march around because the bullets from Jewish or Latin snipers would be real.

        Like I said, only physical distance and settlement patters (Scots migrated to Appalachia, Jews to the East Coast and Columbus in the extreme Southeast with Latins) has prevented civil war.

    • Jason Y

      Basically, the majority is normally tyrannical. A Mexican dominated California will have bullying Mexicans, a Scots-Irish Appalachia will have bullying whites, etc..

      • The hardest hillbilly in Appalachia will be quiet as a mouse in East Los Angeles or Queens New York.

        Go to the Federal Pen where Russian Jewish gangsters and Italian mobsters from the East Coast, bikers from the Flyover and top Hispanic shot-callers are locked up in equal numbers.

        There’s little conflict.

      • Climactic conditions lend a hand-Scandinavians in the Northern Midwest are more comfortable in that climate that Latins whose ancestors are Andalusian Moors and local Yaqui women and Scots are at home in Appalachia which so resembles the highlands.

    • When did you say White Nationalists in New York City or the Jewish Defense League march in Georgia or Black Muslims march in either a Jewish or rural white neighborhood.

      Latinos and Asians care little about anything in the interior of the country anyhow.

    • AMSPIRNATIONAL In Chicago the American Nazi Party fled bleeding and terrified after thousands of lowlife working middle-class Jewish fighters in their bars and stoops rushed out with baseball bats.

      Raised on an ample diet in sufficient numbers in population centers there are enough Jewish-American or Asian-American thugs and brawlers to be a match for some small number of NAZIS.

  5. Barack Thatcher

    Trump begins to run the White House and the government like the mob, having his U.S. attorneys and IRS target political foes of any nature. The GOP congress does nothing because they are unscrupulous turncoats.

    Plenty of Federal Agents, may be “Straight edge” (dedicated to keeping poor Whites off drugs) which has some WN leanings. They begin to harass Mehicans cuz they is ‘poisoning muh master race’….no one in the burbs speaks out because they don’t want to be targeted by the IRS- Trump has the power.
    Flyover country Whites agree with this behavior and cheer it on.

    Get it?
    Indifference of the Wealthy when Trump has power + Support of the proles= equivalent of brown-shirt.

    • Mexicans do not want to live in the Flyover States anyhow. I doubt they’ll care.

      Whites in the Flyover are poor sad fuckers who actually believe their frozen prairie states are worth a shit to anybody but them. They aren’t and no Mexican, black, Asian, Jew or Italians wants to be that far away from the action of trade on the coasts.

      Poor people will do anything to stay under some influence anyhow.

  6. Southwest border towns are run from pale Spanish elite mayors down to the Indian laborer on a kind of Latin corruption. Good luck infiltrating and dismantling this deeply embedded system.

    Indifference? True, suburbanites are indifferent to all this.

    • Barack Thatcher

      As we saw by Trump’s early border tour the “pale elites” don’t give a fuck. Their willing to kiss Trump’s ring and ‘blame the be@ners’ to feel high and mighty about their Whiteness.

      They are just another extension against the “indifferent elites”…
      Trump has the support of a lot of White Hispanics for God knows what reason. Maybe they see it as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from Mestizos.

  7. China has her own “Brown Shirt”. The PLA in definition is not a national army, but the private army of CPC.

    It is easier to impose ideology with a private army than with state army. The top person of PLA are not division or corps commanders but their respective political commissars.

    • Jason Y

      Asians are notorious big-mouths. If your blacklisted in Asia, then soon everyone from the local mob to grandma down the street wants to kick your ass. 😆 They probably don’t even need social media to spread gossip.

  8. Chinese have para-military groups everywhere but North America where whites forbid them to have “Chinese-Filipino Fire Dept.” etc.

    In Southeast Asia they tend to try to rule by bribery but a few hard-liners in the Chinatowns will resort to force.

  9. Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!

    if trump’s “wall” is built and it is an impregnable physical barrier this may do some good for mexico.

    how can that be?

    because it should greatly reduce the power of mexico’s narco trafficantes. who are, to use a trump-ism, “not nice people”.

    it may be the heroin and cocaine/crack will get in via some other route, but the mexican cartels will be over.

  10. Jason Y

    I think everywhere is full of douchebags of some sort. Remember that scene on Boogie Nights where Dirk Diggler is tricked into getting into a car, called a faggot and then beaten to near-death? So where I live a lot of guys are just searching for something to hate. They might not even really be Republicans or white nationalists. They’re just hearing rumors and using it as an excuse to fight.

    It’s sort of like the scene on Dazed and Confused where the sweathog stoner says to the class nerd at the party “Yeah it was me smoking the reefer motherfucker. What of it? So I’m a fucking pothead?” 😆

    • Jason Y

      What about when that sweat hog (on Dazed and Confused movie) says to the nerd, “Don’t cash a check your ass can’t cash !!” 😆 But of course, on social media, it’s happening every day, but people are just cowardly avoiding the opposition.

      • The same sweathog 10 years later is the one worried about getting pushed around at the KFC by blacks, getting busted for DUI and possession, hoping the “jobs will come back”.

        These sort of guys are the ones who end up moaning their entire adult lives that they are trapped in some poor neighborhood, that their kids have to attend public schools, that they cannot get a decent job…

        Most of all that “liberals” and nerds don’t care about the state of their lives.

        • Jason Y

          I think there are jobs for stoner sweat hogs. I know one myself. But I think the problem is with drug screening and drug/alcohol convictions. A lot of times these guys are forced into taking the worst jobs or working for themselves which makes life much harder than it could be.

        • Jason Y

          There are jobs in construction, painting, you name it. Of course, there is competition for these jobs somewhat, but like I said, the convictions and drug screening force a lot of guys out.

        • Jason Y

          Working for yourself is a nightmare because you must have capital for advertising and your typical sweat hog cannot afford it, or at least not much of it.

    • Dirk was selling his body in a dangerous part of the city at night back when these sort of attacks on gays were common. He’d been doing this since we met him 6 years earlier in 1977 at the Disco where he would jerk off for $5 for other men.

      The class nerd in Dazed and Confused sucker punches the hoodlum who is clearly 3 or 4 years older than he is after escaping physical confrontation the first time. He sucker punches him rather viciously in the mouth actually.

      As for the sweathog himself, you get the feeling he’ll be a full-fledged alcoholic by 25 falling asleep in front of the television or haunting Sports Bars selling weed to high school kids.

  11. Jason Y

    I will say that a person at a party should be thick-skinned. You should expect disrespect at a party, so Rock T is right in that regard. A School is a different matter. Any hint of disrespect is catastrophic so that’s why it cannot be tolerated. Same goes for a prison. That’s why gaining respect is such a big deal there.

    • Jason Y

      You can expect mockery and also rape and other horrible things at a party or at a bar, so I think people who go cannot cry about it after the damage is done. But as I was saying, schools, prison, and other social institutions are a different matter.

  12. Job market fluctuations aside when the 35 year old tattooed unemployed man with the out-of-style mullet complains about the difficulties for the “working man” we get a perfect mental image of him at 17-knocking books out of some kid’s arms in high school or maybe a minor assault, smoking marijuana in the parking lot of the high school, screwing various sluts who were impressed with his assholish crudity when they got pregnant.

    He’s the one complaining about the plight of the working man. Deep down we all know where he was as a young man. Bullying younger and weaker students, smoking too much marijuana and maybe graduating to other drugs, getting a police record for minor charges like DUI with possession and intent to sell.

    • Jason Y

      Some oppression comes from capitalism, but some is self-inflicted unless you want to get into the argument the sweat hog’s parents and/or society made him that way.

  13. Jason Y

    The death squads of El Salvador were often made up of the fanatical anti-Communist street thugs of the lower middle class neighborhoods. Have you ever seen an ARENA rally in El Salvador? That looked something like a Brownshirt mob, but they did not take to the streets.

    As I was saying the slightly well-off, which are often engineering students and the like in Tennessee, are often the most fanatical right-wingers, and unlike what Rock-T said, they are full-fledged bullies, not just guys joking around.

  14. Jason Y

    Brown shirt gangs would be big in Latin America because they’re afraid of a communist take-over unlike in the US where the most you will get is a democratic party take-over. So basically, it’s all a fear based reaction, a reaction to the so-called “Communist threat”.

  15. Jason Y

    OK, I mentioned some rolling heads and stuff, but I’m not a school shooter. I don’t want cops coming around. No, I don’t believe in violence, but isn’t it ironic that rednecks praise lynchings etc.. but think a white guy who demands chopped off heads for insults is some hypersensitive wuss. Isn’t that ironic ??

    OK, some bullies insult me and in a comedy fashion (not really saying it) I say may some heads roll. However, a white guy in 1940s Mississippi is insulted by a black and then a lynching happens within 24 hours or less.

    Hmmm 😆 Again, bullying is a lot about power and domination, not freedom of speech.

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