The Peopling of Indochina

jw: Hi Mr Lindsay, where did the South Chinese come from? Are the Indochinese the same as the South Chinese?

The Vietnamese people came from Southern China about 4-5,000 YBP. There is a Vietnamese legend that says that the forefather of the Vietnamese people came from an area in Southern China near a large lake, the name of which escapes me now. I believe that legend actually lines up with the facts. There was a huge Southern Chinese Yue invasion of Vietnam 2,300 YBP.

There was also a huge movement of Chinese from Yunnan into Thailand 900 YBP.

There was some sort of similar large movement into Laos. In addition, in the last 300-400 years, there was a large movement of Southern Chinese Hmong people into the north of Laos. The indigenous people are composed of a number of small Mon-Khmer speaking groups in the southeast of the country. The Khmu are an example of such a group. The Lao people proper are very similar to the Thai linguistically and anthropologically.

The Indochinese people have a lot of Chinese blood in them, particularly the Vietnamese and the Thai. In both Thailand and Vietnam, the population is heavily mixed between an indigenous group of Paleomongoloids and the newer influx of Neomongoloid Southern Chinese. A good representative of the earlier stock of Paleomongoloids in Vietnam would be the rather primitive Montagnard people in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Thailand has a large Indian component mixed in. Cambodia also has a large Indian component, and their Indian admixture is greater than that of the Thai. The Khmer are probably Paleomongoloid indigenous + Indians + a smaller number of Neomongoloid Chinese. The Khmer may have the largest Paleomongoloid component of the four nations.


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7 responses to “The Peopling of Indochina

  1. Farid

    yes you are correct. The origin of people in these areas were polynesian/Hinduism which then dominated by people from south china. Robert, is my theory is correct that SOUTH CHINA is originally populated by polynesian which then replaced by north white mongoloid? my theory is based on native people in taiwan and japan. If they present in these islands then why not the land itself?

  2. ghkv

    I’m an ethnic Zhuang. It is said that there is some linguistic connection between the Zhuang and the Laotians and the Thai. Some IQ estimates show that an average IQ score for the Thai is 91 and it is 89 for the Lao. I wonder if there is any study about the IQ of the Zhuang ? Please let me know If you have any source on Zhuang IQ study. Thanks.

  3. TRASH 2


    Thai people are thought to have come from the Yunnan province in the North of Thailand and in Laos.

    However, my wife and most Chinese belong to the Teocheow group of later.

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