The Alt Left Is Revolutionary or It Is Nothing

In my opinion, the Alt Left is either revolutionary or it is nothing. This holds true for the US. What I mean by that is that the system in the US is so damned rotten to the absolute core that it needs to be taken out altogether. We have to take them all out – the Republican Party, the DNC Democrats, the plutocrats, the corporations, and poisonous mass media. They’ve all got to go. They will be “swept aside” by the tides of history is how I would put it.

Now when I say “take them out” and “sweep them aside” I am not talking about necessarily talking about killing people, not that most of our rightwing elites don’t richly deserve it.

Instead, as an example of what I am talking about is what the Greens are doing right now in the US. Right now in the US, the Greens are a revolutionary party who are working to take out the whole system and every rotten person in it. For instance, by those vote fraud lawsuits. Some other examples might be the mass disturbances/riots after Trump was elected.

That’s another example of taking out the system and everyone on it. These Republican and DNC scumbags are not capable of reform, and they probably never have been or at least since 11-23-63 when the Dictatorship was solidified here. It’s gotten so much worse now though.

In fact, at the moment they are blocking all efforts at peaceful change. Now when the Right blocks all efforts at peaceful change, which it tends to do regularly when in power, I would say that we need to start looking at things other than peaceful movements for change. I’m not going to say anymore than that, but for starters, I would say that you can’t murder, wound, or injure a piece of property. So riots, mass property damage, vandalism, etc. might be in order. As far as hurting other humans, that’s a discussion for another day. Most of the US elite are so evil that they pretty much deserve a taste of that, but that doesn’t mean I want to advocate for that right now. Let’s wait until things get a lot worse and then discuss.


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50 responses to “The Alt Left Is Revolutionary or It Is Nothing

  1. Jason Y

    Possibly it would be better advice to leave. A revolution would be massively crushed, leading to a police state, and then next you have some world like on the movie The Hunger Games. Yes, even though it was sort of teenie movie for pre-teen girls, the movie was very prophetic about current times.

    I’m just waiting now for some nuclear war and/or economic fall that the elites will save us from and then institute this sort of Hunger Games world I was speaking of. This is no joke people.

    • Jason Y

      Note the third world is already like on The Hunger Games and has always been that way, with the exception of maybe Argentina which fell into the third world after an economic collapse.

    • The Soviet Union was taken down without a nuclear holocaust. Eastern European Communism fell in many places quite peacefully. One day the system was there, the next, gone.

      The trick I think is to white-ant it. Hollow it out. If no one believes it in, no one has confidence, then eventually no one will pretend it all works. Don’t just leave silently, or ‘protest’, but hit it where it hurts, its facade of credibility.

      You have to smash peoples faith and false belief. Make them heretics.

      The problem is that most activism done online is done to the converted. We speak in echo chambers. We still take it seriously by protesting to reform.

      • Jason Y

        As Trash mentioned those with a 105 IQ will only get employment in the future, and many of those people are utter dickheads, like the southern educated elite engineering brats, or some equivalent in other parts of the nation or in other nations. Total fascists, normally heavily loyal to America and the military, often brainwashed with Christian beliefs.

        • Jason Y

          One of the biggest lies out there is that southerners are uneducated hillbillies, far from it. There are enough smart, well I’d smart-ass, southern youth to keep America rolling for another thousand years.

      • I’m not sure how Trump would be that different from Hillary.

        You could elect Donald Duck and it would not really make that much difference.

        • Yee

          I actually think you guys have the better result with Trump.

          Trump is honest bad, Hillary is evil hypocrisy, Sanders is plain stupid.
          Better have honest bad than evil or stupid, if you ask me. The latter 2 will screw up your country more.

        • Jason Y

          I’m not sure if Trump will be able to be the monster the left makes him out to be. Nonetheless, his method of gaining power was very viscous, so I wonder if I am underestimating him. Maybe he’s really a globalist who used anti-globalism to gain power. That’s what I suspect. Nothing but a gigantic liar, and if he promising to beef up the US military, which he has done to a large degree, then we know his other stuff could be lies.

          OK, one choice is taking up Ron Paul anti-globalism, which would reduce him to Jimmy Carter uselessness, or just lie and actually be a globalist, and a massively militaristic one at that.

        • Jason Y

          If Trump attempts real Ron Paul isolationism, then the stock market will probably do some scheme to sabotage the economy. He would be the biggest laughing stock since Carter during the Iran hostage crisis.

          On the other hand, as I was saying, he’s probably just lying. Well, Obama already lied, actually turning out to be a globalist puppet.

        • Jason Y

          I hope Trump turns out to be a joke who will be crucified by the stock market and globalists. Otherwise, we are looking at Nero II.

        • Are you kidding? They are extremely different! Trump is an extreme fantatical ultraright reactionary. Hillary is far to the left of him, far more progressive. This will make a real difference in policy terms, especially with a Republican Congress that also appears to be stolen with voting machines.

          Look at them on the issues and the differences could not be more stark. Go look them up on Wikipedia. The differences are dramatic on many issues.

          US governments are quite different under Republicans and Democrats. Barack Obama was dramatically different from George Bush. Hell, so was Bill Clinton even.

          The Republicans are extremists and they have been getting crazier and crazier and more and more rightwing with every election for a long time now. All this crap started with Ronald Reagan in 1980. He’s the ultimate cause of turning this nation into a gigantic lake of sewage.

        • Yee are you kidding? How could you support the PCC and Trump? The PCC is a populist Left Marxist party and Trump is as rightwing as you can get. It would be like having Chiang Kai Shek take over China and you guys would go back to feudalism and landlords, landlords raping all the peasant women, stealing from the peasants, beating and killing the peasants at will, and little girls abandoned on hilltops and old men carrying young men on their shoulders walking up mountains.

        • I’m not sure if Trump will be able to be the monster the Left makes him out to be.

          How can you call yourself a liberal and say such a thing? Take a look at his Cabinet appointments. That’s all you need to know right there. You can’t even get any more rightwing than that. If you try to get more rightwing than that, you would fall off the face of the Earth. Anyway, why differentiate yourself from the Left. If you really are a liberal, you are part of the Left yourself. Are you sure you are a liberal?

        • Yee

          I don’t support Trump. None of my business who runs US govt.

          Just say that the other 2 would be worse. Hillary would bring the world more conflicts and lose more jobs for you. Sanders is an idealist. You can admire an idealist, but should never let one runs govt. They should be professors.

        • Jason Y

          In response to Robert, I consider myself liberal but I am just looking at things realistically. I don’t really like Trump no matter what he does, but I think if he tries to go a Ron Paul route he won’t be much a threat cause the establishment will make a joke of him. However, if he’s lying, like I think he is, and has cabinet appointments seem to verify, then we are in for a monster.

    • JASON Y

      Leaving is difficult. Go where?

  2. Jason Y

    I’m not sure if an alt-left movement is even worth the time as now political roads to power are pointless. So what if SJWs are in the left movement?

  3. Jason Y

    The Russians can hack the election and who knows what else the elites can do. Note, despite the massive increase in Latino population (democrat voters) the right is now on the verge of total absolute control and they will not tolerate a left. But that’s no shock, in Latin America, much of the population supports the left, the majority does, but they’re just crushed anyhow.

  4. You realize that the Right is stealing elections all over the US for over 15 years now with the use of voting machines? Anyone involved in stealing US elections or the sort of dictatorship crap that’s going on in North Carolina pretty much deserves to get killed. To me, that’s a death penalty offense.

    However, at the moment, when I say take them out, I mean they are going to be replaced. They will be removed. We will destroy them and then remove them. They will be swept aside and our people will be put in instead. The media will be destroyed and replaced with our media.

    I doubt if anyone needs to get killed after we take power though unless they were running death squads or something, in which case, line them up and shoot them.

    • Jason Y

      Cheating etc.. is why right-wing regimes have death squads and why Communists didn’t allow opposing parties. How can there be a democracy when the other side won’t play fair? So they may ask, “Why does Castro not allow free elections?”. It’s because the elections that are really free are never actually free.

      • I dunno, I am fine with the CP’s staying in power in Vietnam, China and Cuba. It’s fine with me. With a good CP in power, who needs elections? What for? So the Right can take power? Screw that.

      • Jason Y

        Yeah, that’s pretty much the logic behind one party rule and that makes sense.

      • Yee

        “If voting made any difference, they won’t let us do it.”

        This is the ultimate truth for all countries. So why worry about whether you can vote or not? When they let you vote, it’ll mean voting won’t change anything.

    • Jason Y

      Pretty much we don’t live in a democracy now, and I’m not just speaking of a biased media. It’s gone beyond that. The elections are hacked so it’s basically a right-wing dictatorship at this point. My guess it will remain so.

      Fox News was showing reports of left-wingers in Seattle going crazy after Trump’s win, and I don’t mean crying sessions. However, the anger is due not necessarily cause he won, but because the cheating is so obvious and also the permanent destruction of our democracy.

  5. Jason Y

    In the United States, voter suppression was used in most Southern states until the Voting Rights Act (1965) made most disenfranchisement and voting qualifications illegal. Traditional voter suppression tactics included the institution of poll taxes and literacy tests, aimed at suppressing the votes of African Americans and poor white working class voters.[23][24]

    • Jason Y

      Again more fun stuff, besides the cute nigger insults, from the educated southern elite, the ones who once were the main people voting.

      • Where do the “Southern Elite” hurl these insults, out of curiosity? They drive from their nice neighborhoods into the ghetto to make these jokes?

        • Jason Y

          They become total pussies on multicultural campuses,but they become bolder where the white percentage is higher. Of course, always on the lookout for weak targets.

          Yeah, of course, they always target the minorities, liberals etc.. who live in mostly white areas.

    • Not in the Northern United States. The South is sort of a Banana Republic and always has been.

      Immigrants have been “rocking the vote” since the 1900’s.

      Most of what you write about is below the Dixie Line.

  6. JASON Y

    A person has the right to feel however they want.

    Everybody on this blog including myself has a public mask they wear.

    The internet is based on removing masks and displaying your true base opinions.

    Most of us would deny having them in public.

    I would say somebody “hacked into my account”.

    • Jason Y

      That’ s interesting, but note, free speech is really about blabbing your mouth around weak targets. Note, when confronted with those who would kick your ass, then these free speech advocates shut up. So actually free speech is really the right to bully.

      Also, so much hypocrisy. For instance, if the same insults were hurled toward them, say toward their mother etc.., then they would sue for harassment, call up boyfriends to beat you up, call up law enforcement.

      So the definition of harassment is insulting them, but they insult you, then it’s free speech, cause your a little pussy who can’t fight back. Correct me if I’m wrong. 😆

      • Jason Y

        If I actually sat around a college campus, around some of these dickheads and I started insulting them constantly where they could hear it, then they would want to fight me, or they sue for harassment or something similar. Cause they’re gigantic hypocrites.

        Cause it’s all really about power, They want to the freedom to make bitches, but they won’t tolerate being a bitch even 1 percent. There is no such thing is thin-skinned, that’s a right-wing myth.

        • Yee

          Jason, Such things exist everywhere, on every level. You feel annoyed only because you haven’t seen much.

          For example, when Muslim extremists hacking innocent people in China, they’re freedom fighters. When they shooting and bombing in Europe or USA, they’re terrorists. What else can we do but swallow it with a grumble or two?

          Who will apply the same rules to themselves and others? Not even your parents.

        • Jason Y

          I’ve seen plenty, even overseas in Korea with the anti-American crowd and the typical socially conservative attitude there. I’m just not willing to put up with it no more. So when I see giggling and insults I just sue for harassment like a little girl or maybe go over there and punch their face, but of course, that would land me trouble I don’t need now.

          I guess when I punch their face they will say I hit like a girl. 😆

        • Jason Y

          I mean to be honest, which isn’t cool, I will admit I made some mistakes teaching bringing on a lot of the hate, but there is so much political baggage being American that it makes it massively difficult to get along with South Koreans. On top of that, the whole ESL scene is so corrupt and incompetent that failure is inevitable.

          It’s sort of like coming into Tennessee as a teacher and everyone knowing your a liberal or SJW.

      • Jason Y

        As far as blogs are concerned I don’t really care what anyone says. However, as you say there is the “public mask”, but it’s really cowardice when the situation arises where they are being insulted and then they declare war, but they insult you and you have to take it or you’re some thin-skinned pansy.

      • Barack Thatcher

        Jason may have a point in that Appalachia, support for Hillary is seen as a condemnation of the people of the state. No ‘ifs, ands or buts’.

        If you support Hillary, you are against Coal, which means you want to see the state sink back into the earth. If you’re a White guy who does that, then you’re also a cuck/pussy.

        You can try to explain to people that Hillary is all talk and will not shut down coal mines because coal is just another extension of big money and she is subservient to them. It doesn’t work. You can try to explain that their are many tangible benefits (like Obamacare) that will surely go away WITHOUT a truly socialized replacement (in spite of Trump’s promises).

        In essence you have…..
        Hillary= continues to give you tangible benefits.
        Trump= probably full of shit in the positive things he says he will do for you, but will have a tangible negative effect.

        People don’t like to listen. We always fall for a strongman/charismatic candidate….much like Obama in ’08 (don’t get me wrong, he was by far the best candidate that year, but my point stands).

        West Virginia had no competitive races (other than Governor), so I did not feel pressured to vote. Trump won 68%-27%.

        • Jason Y

          Right, people tend to vote for selfish reasons. For instance, in South Korea when whoever is president makes trouble with North Korea, the South Koreans start being dicks to Americans, no matter if otherwise, the president does good things.

          Wherever you are, ethnic groups only care about their group. That’s one reason people hate black Americans so much. They really don’t care about anyone other than themselves. So I guess in a way I can understand the resentment which is also sometimes thrown my way being liberal.

          So yeah, the selfish attitude of minorities, of rural white Americans etc.. annoys other groups because the attitude is massively selfish like say some guys flying a rebel flag out of the back of their truck (as many did a little while back) with no consideration over hurt feelings of blacks and others, none.

        • Jason Y

          Where I live isn’t coal country. It’s coal country once you cross the Virginia line. However, a lot of guys are these right-wing redneck types full of white resentment. They despise liberals and don’t see them as open minded, which is what they are usually, but rather as race traitors.

          Actually, you cannot have an open mind here, it pretty much makes you a traitor/pussy/cuck etc..

        • Jason Y

          Well, actually to illustrate my point, I know this church in coal country. It’s full of blacks and they support Hillary, even though it’s coal country. It’s because, with blacks, race is everything. Who cares if coal miners lose their jobs? Fuck em. 😆 That’s the attitude. But that’s ethnic groups operate everywhere.

  7. YEE

    China has chosen to “colonize” East Turkmenistan-an area they previously built a wall around.

    They have to pull the weight for the Uighurs, who are mostly dickheads, and if they simply said “piss off” as Spanish and Americans told the Philippines, China would be free of a headache.

    Economically-speaking, Turkmenistan does nothing for China anyhow.

    Tell them “thank you and goodbye”.

  8. Barack Thatcher

    Hopefully the DNC realizes these “bastardized democrats” like the Clintons, aren’t winners because they’re “moderates”.

    The right wing is very cultish in many regards and won’t cross the aisle for a “moderate” like Hillary, even if Rick Santorum was their nominee.

    At the same time, Hillary alienates the leftwing of the Democrats, and all together loses in crucial battleground states.
    She still won the popular vote because of the democrat’s “built-in advantage” (there are far more of us), but loses the electoral college.

  9. amspirnational

    I came across a neocon who might have hit on one of the key questions, when does one determine whether they (to use a Russian analogy) go Dugin or go Limonov?
    He almost chortled over the time when as he believed, Trump would have to cross swords with Putin. The issue of Iran when Putin tells him we can’t be friends if you are going to adopt any harsh anti-Iranian policies.
    The guy assumed this is when Trump would turn against Putin. Eurasianists would have to turn against Trump at that time.

    You say Clinton is more “progressive” than Trump? It’s progressive to
    kill in the name of imposing liberal totalitarianism? It’s progressive to
    kill to make sure Iraqi transgenders have a right to go to each other’s Baghdad bathrooms? Why the, sure, she’s progressive all right.

    • What do I care what she does overseas? I mean, I don’t like it, but I don’t live in Iraq, Syria or Russia. I live in the US. And Trump will be catastrophic for me and mine in the US. Trump is my enemy and honestly so is everyone who supports him because you are supporting my deadliest enemies. Why should I be friends with people who support my worst enemies. I mean look, you want to be friends with me, you either support me or you support my enemies. You can’t support both.

  10. Sami

    This movement, sadly, goes absolutely nowhere until the rest of us, openly and unequivocally, disavow Rabbit and what he represents — personal friendship notwithstanding, Robert. The Alt-left must be something entirely separate from the “left wing of the Alt-Right”. If this movement incorporates elements as utterly hostile to non-Whites as is Rabbit, it will amount to less than a flash in the pan, and deservedly.

    • Barack Thatcher

      the alt-left domain name is now meaningless because the alt-left label has basically been hijacked to mean ‘run of the mill greenie’……
      Rabbit seems to be a somewhat more civilized Stormer.
      But it’s all irrelevant.
      Apparently Hannity was projecting about the alt-right and designed the “alt-left” to be bat shit insane SJWs.

      A new name is in order.

  11. We are entering a Anti-Globalist Brexit and Trexit area where everybody says screw the rest of you.

    There won’t be anymore wars for a while.

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