One Thing People Keep Forgetting: Alt Leftists ARE Leftists

From Facebook:

Dan Paton: Little do they know that if we starve enough people, we’ll have a Communist utopia.  Yes, of course. First starvation, then the Utopian Star Trek society. Because trade is no longer necessary. It all makes sense now.

Alt Leftists are not supposed to be rightwing anti-Communist fanatics. Even those of us who do not like Communism criticize it from the Left, not the Right, and even they have a certain amount of respect for it even if they think it doesn’t work. The whole “Communism starves the people” nonsense has been proven endlessly to be not true, and it’s just rightwing anti-Communist cant.

We have to keep reminding people forever that Alt Leftists are Leftists. The word “left” is not put in there as some sort of a joke. It’s real. And it says, “left,” not “right.” If you really more on the right, head on over to the Alt Right or the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party or Hell, even the DNC Democratic Party nowadays. But leave us alone please.

People just don’t get this about us, and I have to keep repeating this over and over.

I remember a White nationalist posted an interview of me saying, “Alt Left, these guys are interesting.”

This other WN said, “Meh, it’s just the same old namecalling Left. Racist, sexist, prejudiced, bigoted, homophobic, etc.”

And they other guy said, “Well, what do you expect? I mean, they ARE Leftists. But it’s a step in the right direction.”

I cannot emphasize this too many times. We are Leftists. Now we might be really, really weird Leftists, but we are still Leftists and always will be. People keep forgetting that, and we get called Nazis, fascists, reactionaries, conservatives, Republicans, bla bla constantly, and none of it is true.

As a matter of fact, one of the pillars of the Alt Left from the very earliest days is “Anti-Conservatism.” We dislike conservatism at its very core essence from
Burke to Kirk to Trump and before and beyond, especially the US conservative movement and the Republican Party.*

It’s just that we think that the Cultural Left has gone so far to the Left in their anti-conservatism that they are off in La La Land. We are on the Left, but we are not insane! And this is our main and only beef with the Cultural Left.

We hate conservatism and SJW’s! We think they both suck! We disagree that everyone needs to pick one of these terrible/insane choices. We happen to think there is a middle ground between the leftwing loons and the rightwing malignancies. But that said, we definitely hate conservatives much more than SJW’s. The conservatives are the our deadliest enemies, and there can be no peace with them, ever. The fight goes on until we take them out or they take us out. Zero sum game. I’m serious. Dead serious.

The SJW’s, on the other hand, are mostly just annoying, insect-like creatures similar to mosquitoes or gnats. Now granted, sometimes they are as bad as Alaskan mosquito swarms, but at the end of the day, it’s still just a damned mosquito, and bug spray still works pretty well. I highly recommend bug spray for both mosquitoes, SJW’s and other buzzing, swarming insects.

SJW’s are annoying pests. Conservatives are Enemy #1.

*We might be open to some other types of conservatism such as the Marine Le Pen Right in France. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Marine Le Pen is not even rightwing at all. Instead, she’s straight up Alt Left.


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10 responses to “One Thing People Keep Forgetting: Alt Leftists ARE Leftists

  1. Barack Thatcher

    The more I think about it, it’s unfair to describe the alt-right as ‘advocating an anti-White savage culture’ as I and Jason has done. There is some truth to the notion that it’s suspect that “pro-Whites” are fond of women-hating Muslim MEs like Roosh, but I digress.

    They simply seek a “Asiafication” of Whites. A more group minded way of doing this. Honor and dishonor in groups. Still not “Pro-White” but far from “jungle savages”….

  2. The only reason I can see allying with conservatives would be some sort of accelerationism. This means that regressive forces are supported in order to bring about a more rapid deterioration of an already bad system, and so create conditions that are more receptive to radical change. An example of this would be Marx’s thought that societies had to go through an aggressively capitalist phase of harsh capital accumulation and then collapse due to over production. Huge amounts of capital had to concentrate into very few hands and even large numbers of the bourgeoisie would have to be dispossessed and become proletariat, who themselves would face deepening poverty. All of this had to precede the socialist revolution in Marx’s thought.

    My thinking is that the defeat of the SJWs is a necessary precursor to a more effective kind of leftism emerging. The SJWs are class blind – deliberately so in the case of their academic and media leaders – and are a huge hindrance to left wing thought in a number of ways. So they need to be challenged. But to be an effective opposition, the alt-left must also oppose conservatism at every turn.

    Clowns are to the left of us, jokers to the right, as the old song says …

    • You accelerate to the end, and then what?

      What if that radical change is from a more reactionary element? What if like in Egypt during the Arab spring, you trade bad for bad?

      The idea of accelerationism sounds appealing, but without a replacement ready to go, it’s very dangerous. And there is no replacement system ready to go. The Left don’t have alternatives anymore. Occupy demonstrated that there is disdain for the system, but no one can really put forward anything concrete as an alternative to our current neo-liberal system.

  3. Jason Y

    SJWs mainly came about because conservatives are such bullies that they’ve alienated people. Conservatives etc.. are incredibly judgemental etc..and hypocritical. So the SJW movement is just a middle finger to those people, but it has lately grown into something insane and beyond control.

    • Jason Y

      People forget how intolerant and mean the cultural right actually is. In that case, it’s no wonder the cultural left spawned and then later the insane extreme cultural left and SJW stuff.

      I’m more aware of how mean the cultural right is because I live in an area dominated by these monsters.

    • Jason Y

      Note, when some Facebook cocksucker makes funny memes about oversensitive wusses (24/7), then he forgets it was dipshits like him (the Facebook poster) who created these alienated people, to begin with.

    • mott69

      @Jason Y-

      Wow! I actually totally agree with you!
      I was just thinking about this the other day. The right-wingers actually created the SJWs- it was their horribleness that gave birth to them, and that has continued to nurture them. An SJW is someone woke up one day and declared war on the bullies on the right, and won’t let up now.

      SJWs have actually do have good intentions, for the most part, and they are oblivious to the downside of what they do. The worst part about them is their mantra that white straight men (and Christians) should just die and go away, or report for reprogramming.

      The right-wing consists of bullies who feign horror at being bullied back. SJWs just need to get the memo that white straight men aren’t the real enemy.

  4. Realist Left

    I agree and yet also respectfully disagree.

    To me, the anti-Regressive Left, anti-SJW, anti-post-structuralism/PoMo in many ways is the bait. People are sick of it from across the board, and if that means that Libertarians (cultural or ideological), populist-conservatives, moderates, or even the Left wing of the Alt Right get attracted to it, all the better for us, because that gives us a platform to listen to our economic views, which in popular discourse has been completely neglected. Ultimately though, our “base” will be “liberal”, “center-left”, and the non-Marxist “Left”.

    In my experience, Communists, Anarchists, modern Marxists, etc. are a lot more trouble than it’s worth. They’re tiny, and yet they’re incredibly divisive and prone to conflict, and moreover give off a terrible message to anyone else given their cataclysmic human rights and economic failures. We (or I at least) don’t want them around or to be influential, or to be the ones holding up the microphone for our groups (or at least mine), and especially in any position of power or influence within our groups. They’re welcome to join, listen in. There’s even some room for Marxian analysis here or there when it’s interesting (and especially when it comes from those who are more interesting and prescient, i.e. Kalecki, Baran & Sweezy). But I don’t want to hear about “bourgeosie”, neo-imperialism, labor theory of value or any other buzz-words. It doesn’t matter too much anyways, since most Marxists/Commies/Anarchists are themselves Regressives as well. So when the opportunity comes around to distance ourselves from Communists/Marxists/Anarchists, I’ll gladly do so. Castro is terrible, Stalin is far worse.

    (clearly, I do not put Ryan England/Agent Commie in this group. He, unlike many Marxists, has actually read Capital and articulates its good points. And, of course, he’s not really a Marxist/Commie as we all know).

    Same thing goes for the “Left wing of the Alt Right” – you’re welcome to hang around, bash Regressive Leftists et al, but I don’t want to hear about white identity politics, minority bashing, Jooish Conspiracy, etc. There is NO place for that here.

    I DO want more conservatives to read things like the Realist Left / Alternative Left, or at least a certain type of them. I will always be against the Religious Right (of which the Reg-Left seems like the new moral puritans), against neo-conservative hawkery, and I will of course always be against “neo-liberalism” or worse, libertarianism and corporatism, that’s found within modern “Conservative” movements. But you have to realize, “Conservatism” is a VERY maleable concept. 150-200 years ago, Conservatism was busy trying to keep the last vestiges of feudalism, monarchy and agrarianism alive and even included protectionism and industrial policies. 40-60 years ago, we had “Tory Keynesianism” and Nixon’s “We are all Keynesian now”. I’d like Conservatism to go back to being more sensible on economic policy, and perhaps better on foreign policy too as they were. They may be more socially conservative or religious than we are, but that’s okay. Conservatism will always be around, so let’s try to make the best of it, instead of ceding it to the worst forces possible.

    One extremely important things is we absolutely cannot become another mirror image of our images. We cannot become the Alt Right to the Regressive Left. We cannot become the Communists to the Fascists. We’re basically somewhere between the center and left, and we’re non-dogmatic about what the “truth” is, rather we’d prefer to intellectually be in pursuit of the “truth”. Let’s not become another religion or ideology as has befallen so many of the others (Marxism, Intersectionality Feminism, Libertarianism, neo-liberalism, Alt-Right

  5. amspirnational

    People on the Alt Left can adopt any strategy they want. I didn’t believe it when you told me the old CPUSA championed American commies voting for centrist liberal Democrats, but you were right. I guess there were other pro-Soviet commie groups here who found that disgusting. The USSR funded extreme right neo-Nazi groups operating in Germany after the war.
    (Socialist Reich Party) to the exclusion of funding leftists.

    According to Martin A. Lee, the SRP never openly criticised the Soviet Union[4] because the Soviet Union funded the SRP as it held anti-American and pro-Soviet views. The Communist Party of Germany, on the other hand, did not receive Soviet funds because it was viewed as “ineffectual”.[5][6] Remer said that if the USSR ever did invade Germany, he would “show the Russians the way to the Rhine” and that SRP members would “post themselves as traffic policemen, spreading their arms so that the Russians can find their way through Germany as quickly as possible”.[7][8]

    If one is a Eurasianist, or putting it more aptly, if one believes in multi-polar
    power and minimizing the ability of the US Empire to continue exerting world hegemony, one could certainly promote the accentuation of differences between Trumpists and minorities at this time, pretty much as Steve Bannon recommended as applied to periods in the recent past.
    If the center cannot hold the center cannot hold.

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