Daryl B. Talks Alt Left


The real group that needs to be purged is the group of people that don’t have a true sense of Marxist dialectics but think putting in a LGBT, female, or minority President on its own is an accomplishment. Why is it an accomplishment to maintain the enforcing state of capitalism but with a new trendy ethnic/sexual face on it?

This applies even if you are not a Marxist. If all you are going to do is Obama/Clintonian neoliberalism + neoconservatism, albeit more progressively than the Republicans, why bother to have a gay president? Or a Black president? Or an Hispanic President? Or a Jewish President? Or a lesbian President? Or, Hell, a woman President? Or a transsexual, pansexual, disabled Eskimo President?

What’s the point if all they are going to do is enforce crappy policies? Why should I, a measly low income citizen who gets crapped on by every Administration, care whether it’s a woman or a queer or a Black or whoever who is screwing me over? They’re still screwing me over. Why should I prefer being screwed over by an Hispanic, a Jew, or a lesbian? Why would I rather get screwed over by them than by your standard White guy? What difference would it make to me in the end?

This is what the Alt Left is really all about, right here. The bankruptcy of SJWism for its own sake or as a end in and of itself.


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5 responses to “Daryl B. Talks Alt Left

  1. Jason Y

    I don’t think it was ever about race, gender etc.. but more about social class. However, some have the wrong idea that someone who is discriminated against under conservatism, typically someone who isn’t straight, white etc.., would always have more a heart. However, we saw with Obama, that while he did have a heart, he seemed in a lot of ways to be a sell-out to the global economic establishment.

    However, I can see where the cultural left originates. Note, recently as evidenced by some comments, I saw this video about the satanic roots of rock. OK, well the evidence is pretty convincing. Nonetheless, I have some doubts. For one thing, social conservatives and economic ones to some extent created the cultural left. It created people hostile to going to church. It wasn’t all the rock music, the established conservative order brought on much of the hate against conservative moral values because they’re dicks.

    So anyhow, the typical alt-left person shouldn’t be shocked that the cultural left, which I’m all for, has morphed into the extreme cultural left, one that I oppose.

  2. Jason Y

    Anyhow, I’m wondering how much compassion should be shown. On a recent show of Vice Principals, a funny show on HBO, the vice principal cannot give out regular punishment at school and is expected instead to have sessions talking about feelings. Of course, he is upset and sometimes he goes overboard and mocks the whole situation. For instance, some girls were cheating on a test, and during the session, he asks them if they want popcorn, and then he throws it at them 😆

    Anyhow, note that now the Trump haters have more to feed on because Miley Cyrus and some groups were all out crying having tearful therapy sessions with coloring books cause Trump won the election. Now while I think Trump is a dick, no doubt, I think that being so sensitive about his loss played into the right wing propaganda. They can now say “Oh look at those cultural left pansies that need crying sessions and coloring books. 😆 “

    • Jason Y

      Another odd irony is that Trump is a gigantic pussy. Bill Maher commented for instance, well we have a woman and pussy running for president. 😆 So now the pussy is the one portrayed as a real man defending masculine values when, gosh, there are so many other better picks. They could have picked Arnold Shrawzenegger, assuming he could run, Mitt Romney etc. There are lots of truly manly men the Republicans could have picked.

      Possibly I think people hate Trump not cause he’s a man, which he isn’t, but because he’s a dick.

  3. I may add some “alt” ideas but overall I would say I’m far more aligned to classical Marxism. I’d say the LGBT stormfront over the bourgeoisie state is the alt left.

  4. Daryl B

    I may add some “alt” ideas but overall I would say I’m far more aligned to classical Marxism. I’d say the LGBT stormfront over the bourgeoisie state is the alt left.

    (originally posted Janurary 2nd 2016)

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