The Future


This is going to have to be the way forward. In the next 20 years, 50% of all jobs in the US are projected to be lost due to automation. I do not believe any of the rosy scenarios idiots are trying to paint out of this. “But we will need humans to run/fix/maintain those machines!” being just one of them. Another one is, “Cool! Now most of us can just kick back and be rich now!”

Not so fast.


At that point the only way forward will be for the humans to form a Neo-Luddite Movement and rise up and destroy the machines. This revolution may even have popular support. People are waiting in line at a checkout counter in a Big Box store. Several young men wearing black baclavas rush into the store with hammers and smash up a few machines before running away.  All of the people in line cheer and a mob forms to block the security guards racing to the scene. As the Black Bloc guys race through the parking lot, cars stop and tell them to hop in on.

We could have property-destroying revolutionaries everywhere, cheered on by onlookers who obstructed police and security, refused to cooperate with law enforcement, and even offered the revolutionaries a mass base of 10’s of millions who would support, feed, drive and hide them. I’m already down with it.

I fantasize regularly now about being one of those revolutionaries, pulling up to places at all ours of the day or night, running up to some machines with a hammer, smashing away at some machines, and taking off. I’ve already committed some crimes like this before against some of my enemies, both individuals and businesses. Crime is a rush like no other that I have ever experienced. Nothing else comes close.



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  1. Lin

    I remember a certain statement of Jesse Ventura the pacifist:
    “A war is justified if you’re willing to send your son. If you’re not willing to send your son, then how do you send someone else’s?”
    Hey, if I’ve a sapien robot servant and I want war, I’ll send it to fight, well before it becomes sapien enough to be anti-war or has human like emotional attachment to me

  2. Jackilb

    I dont understand economically how this will all pan out? Fewer people in employment means fewer people paying taxes. And fewer people earning enough money to actually buy the products the robots are making? It doesnt make sense. Also, how long before a Wikileaks style attack on robots happens and they are hacked and start revolutions 😀

    • Dave Mowers

      “But we will need humans to run/fix/maintain those machines!” ~Lin

      That was the point of Immigration Reform by this present Congress. They intend to expand a new category of visa called the ‘H2-B’ which is for low or no skill labor designed to replace any American unwilling to work for next to nothing, no career, no benefits and no opportunity.

      There is a test model being run right now in the State of North Dakota which was sold by the legislature as a remedy to the lack of workers willing to take low pay since the oil boom. In that State, these foreigners, do not have federal wage rights, organizational rights by State law and can be deported by their bosses. They biggest U.S. companies taking part in the program even got the corrupt state to pay for housing, state-government subsidized housing for these people!

      You mean nothing to those who have everything in America. You are just numbers on a piece of paper.

      “Fewer people in employment means fewer people paying taxes.” ~Jacklib

      Unlimited immigration equals unlimited taxes.

      “And fewer people earning enough money to actually buy the products the robots are making?” ~Jacklib

      Two recent examples come to mind; the bail outs and Fed Z.I.R.P.

      The first proves that no matter what as long as you are a major employer the government through the central bank will cover your operating losses to save those jobs. Trump and Pence just did this with Carrier!

      The second is a recent article from Europe on banking issues and statements in another article by Elon Musk about printing money or creating credit in an automated future just for those institutions whom already exist and employ people to continue them indefinitely. Now they are literally saying that the Constitutional authority to, “coin and issue,” money should be given/handed over to the rich so that democracy is ended and kings are made on earth again.

      …because, hey, they are already Kings right?

      This is the end of America for most Americans. The sad, sad irony is that even conservative pundit Jon Stossel is claiming that since companies like Google give you free stuff you should get rid of Constitutional rights in exchange! Last night he had a one hour infomercial for Google trying to convince Americans the Right to Privacy technically no longer existed and for a myriad of reason should be abolished.

      Stop whining! The King will throw out bread on Tuesdays minions!!!

      • Lin

        ““But we will need humans to run/fix/maintain those machines!” ~ Lin

        But u forget that a machine can almost work round the clock 7 days a week save a few hours of maintenance/week. They don’t strike and need no pension nor unemployment insurance. Some robot-tended factories don’t even need lighting.

        Some scenarios:

        — Ever read Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’? Time for a Butlerian Jihad.
        — Robotics and/or Star Trek Communism provided nuclear fusion, and material ‘converters’ could become reality. Only come after massive revolt.
        — Human Zoo. Fed by the elite.
        — Engineer a new human race by merging androids with biological humans. As Andy Warhol said: “I wish I were a robot…”

  3. JACK LIB Anybody born in the 1970’s (I’m 43) can remember when “The Mall” was the center of the North American universe. A Mecca of prosperity and consumerism even 20 years ago when MALLRATS was filmed.

    Today white and Asian people’s capacity for technology allows them to order products online so these places are half-closed meeting grounds for loitering thugs and brawls.

    …That is society as people with IQ’s under 100 CANNOT BE TRAINED OR EVEN ORDER THINGS ONLINE IF THEY HAVE THE MONEY.

    Whites and Asians who are employed or live off their previous generations money and land will hide inside their houses.

    Outside are Morlocks roaming around.

    • Brian Damage

      Pretty soon like the gated Fuji communities in Flip.

      • BRIAN I LIVE IN A “SUBDIVISION” in the Philippines-whites, a few fortunate middle-class Filipinos and all Fuji Chinese live in the same subdivisions together.


        Squatters. Mostly pure Filipinos who do not own land and have “squatted” for generations while driving taxis, working as police officers, bar girls.

        Spanish Filipino Mestizos ranging from dirt-poor but own land to rich, rich owners of vast properties who are almost pure white.

        Most Mestizos are the children of Mexican immigrants and their “barrios” can be dangerous but not as dangerous as squats.

        Subdivision merchant class.

      • Filipinos would be like the Morlocks and Spanish-Mestizos would be the Eloi who owned vast land since their great-great-great grandfather was a colonial administrator for Spain.

        Chinese are kind of an intermediate class who interact with poor Filipinos as owners of pharmacies or white-collar workers.

        NB Chinese-Filipinos and Americans live in subdivisions as I did (Which is how I gained insight into Fuji Chinese behavior.

        NB ii Some Chinese are poor and have their own ghettos. Fuji Chinese poor in the Philippines are also sometimes criminals or drug addicts. Don;t walk through a poor Fuji Chinese district in Cebu or Manila either at night.

      • Chinese-Filipinos have to interact with the public and as a result their kids are kidnapped or whatever.

    • Dave Mowers

      So people with low I.Q.’s or, perhaps, “ugly,” in appearance don’t count and are not human?

      These people should not be accommodated right?

      Perhaps you know of a, “Final Solution,” to the matter?

      Maybe if the Morlocks didn’t exist then…?

      • Physical geography and location become the dividing point. Rich males and a few supermodels or actresses live in overpriced cities usually on the coastline while rural and interior areas are vast swathes of poverty.

    • Jackilb

      I don’t understand your reply TRASH?
      Imagine all big global corporations sending huge swaths of the population out of work because of replacing them with robots. What do those out of work people do? How do they earn money to buy the products the robots are churning out? What is the answer?

      • JACKILB Like low-caste Indians or Filipino peasants thousands live in total poverty in squats with a kind of hand-me-down economy of driving one another around in old vehicles or motorcycles, women sell their bodies or work in bars elites own, enough of this money trickles into the squats for them to pay women to cut their nails, cheap BBQ spits, water distilleries etc.

        A sub-economy. The elites will not care at all. They’ll be able to order products off the computer and never leave huge estates of walled-in compounds.

      • They won’t buy them and a few middle-men or other rich will buy them.

        Mercedes and Harley Davison have outlets in Philippines, India and all other poor countries.

  4. Brian Damage

    Just like “The Second Renaissance” part 1 & 2 in Animatrix.

  5. Yee

    Did you sleep through your classes, Robert?
    (Back in school, the teachers loved to ask us this when we failed to answer a question.)

    When machines replace all human labour, it will be time for the realization of communism. Check your textbooks. Or rather, check ours. HaHa….

    And happy new year to you, Robert, and to everyone.

    • YEE Human labor is worth nothing at all to the owners of production who presumably will possess enough technology and police to shield themselves from the dumb masses as say, Henry Sy and the Spanish Filipinos families do from the Malays?

      Gee, they’ll become Communist immediately when human labor has no capitol at all. Because they need the worker that badly at that point.

  6. YEE They’ll tell the workers what Fuji Chinese tell Malays-no unions and if you won’t work for slave wages some other poor person will walk by in 5 minutes who will.

    Perhaps workers will do what “NPA” in the Philippines hills do-kidnap a few people and become criminals and drug dealers to finance their resistance.

    But I doubt that the United States or West has enough social cohesion for this.

    • Yee

      There will be no need for violence by the time, TRASH.

      Marxism is all about productivity.
      When machines replace all human labour, productivity will be high enough to provide for all people. Everyone has enough, there will be no more conflicts. What a beautiful picture… But it won’t happen in my lifetime, so why worry about it?

      Go get drunk! TRASH.

      • Brian Damage

        Marxism is about spreading the wealth. The result of the urgency to succeed is productivity. Productivity goes down when there is no need to work harder.

        • Barack Thatcher

          Yes, but the idea is that there can be ways to motivate people to produce in Marxist societies. One of which could be abstractly described as “self-actualization”.
          I have not read Marx, this is just my understanding from observation.

        • Hi Drain Bamage, new policy on the site is all regular commenters have to donate. Minimum $10 and you get to comment here forever! If that’s a hardship for you, email me and we will work something out. This does not apply if you donated before, but I do not think you did.

          I would also like to tell you that I really value your comments here. You’re one smart guy.

          Thank you for your cooperation.

        • Brian Damage

          Hi Robert it is coming. Sorry about the delay. Got caught up with the holidays and being lazy.

  7. When robot replaces human, elites will kill the useless 80%.

  8. CREADERS I suspect that they will physically wall them out as Malays are walled out by Whites and Chinese in Southeast Asia. The 80% will become like human cockroaches-stealing, going through rubbish, sleeping in shanties, getting shot like dogs by police etc.

  9. Truth Seeker

    I am an Indian, and I recently read your article about “India Is a Shithole”. Guess what? I am impressed. India is really a shithole. In India, corruption is like drinking water. But everybody in India is not a Hindu. There are so many Muslims, Christians, and many more religions.

    So, regarding the article:

    I want the corruption to end in India. But it will not end in a million years. I read some comments regarding the article “India Is a Shithole,” and so many comments are by brainless idiots. They didn’t accept the truth but are defending one of the shithole countries in the world. Think with your brain, you brainless idiots. India is really a fucked up country.

  10. TRUTH SEEKER Parsis are probably the most successful religion in India. They are of course Persians.

  11. Jason Y

    People are becoming useless, so I think they should just give us checks for doing nothing. 😆 Boy, that would make Republicans mad. However, the checks have to come from somewhere. That’s the problem. If there is no tax base, then money won’t magically appear.

    • Yee

      Just tax the capitalists. Simple.

      Tax the owners enough to give everyone a cheque, so people can buy all those robot made stuff.

      The rich has all this money and you worry about tax base?

  12. Jason Y

    One savior might be the writing profession. So far, they haven’t been able to make machines that can write like a human. They’ve tried but they’re still not good enough. One of these doo-dads, tries to mix up sentences and change verbs and stuff to sound original. But even those still sound robotic and need a human editor.

    But isn’t it funny how search engines in their search for original content have pushed people toward desperation measures because they don’t want to pay real human writers?

    • I was a print journalist in my twenties and that profession is gone. Wiped out. Few towns have a newspaper and magazine publishers like Hefner, Flynt and Al Goldstein are wiped out now.

      Later I wrote ad copy. This gone too.

      Don’t get a journalism degree. I did. Its a useless degree.

      The drawback is “fake news”.

      • Jason Y

        I don’t think writing is dead. Maybe journalism is. Writing is in huge demand due to the internet, but nobody wants to pay a decent wage. However, the websites must excellent content to rank well in search engine listings, so that provides a lot of work to those who can do the job, and they have something to bargain with.

        • The mid-sized city newspaper I was a staff writer for is gone. Photojournalism is gone.

          The downside is that news is dubious. Fake stories nearly start wars. Nobody knows what is fact and fiction.

      • Jason Y

        I’d like to write myself, and I may seem like an effeminate wimp, but gosh, It’s so fucking boring 😆 That’s a big problem. If you want to write for a living you might have to write about stuff you don’t like and possibly it’s tough to get over the massive writer’s block.

        Now posting on forums is a bit easier, but there isn’t enough work around.

        As Robert said, getting work is more difficult than it seems. Finding the right work is hard, even though finding work is easy, and you everything doesn’t sell easily. For instance, some people might spend months trying to sell out a room at their house for the right price or sell a domain name or anything else.

        • Jason Y

          Fast food or cleaning jobs aren’t so bad compared to writing because there isn’t any writer’s block. It’s just robotic work, and If you get bored, you can always play mind games in your head to make the time go quicker.

        • Jason Y

          A big problem with boredom comes from the fact that if you don’t enough about the topic, then it’s massively hard. So maybe boring isn’t the word, but hard. You’d have to be a super-genius to automatically know a lot about iPhones, finance etc.. so you can write it out in a decent amount of time with an average amount of mental effort.

          Of course, another route is tutoring math or science, but if you don’t have credibility, then it’s tough to get over the hurdle over the 1000 other monkeys trying to sell themselves.

        • You cannot make any kind of living from journalism. I wrote for newspapers, was later an advertising copy boy.

          Its gone.

        • Jason Y

          Teaching English in Asia is way out for many people, but it’s tougher than it seems cause the students don’t want to talk, the schools are corrupt, and the schools are unreasonably discriminatory.

          I really think, as with rock stars, that the people who do well over there sell out spiritually to get the power to make students like them. It’s literally a thing where you have to have magic to them overcome their repulsion to your speaking, national origin, and what is often seen as an ugly appearance.

          I know for a fact at least two teachers over there were into magic and satanism.

        • Jason Y

          Sorry meant to say (keyboard keeps messing up)

          I really think, as with rock stars, that the people who do well over there sell out spiritually to get the power to make students like them. It’s literally a thing where you have to have magic to make them overcome their repulsion to your speaking, national origin, and what is often seen as an ugly appearance.

        • Jason Y

          You could also sell out to the good side, as with this strongly religious teacher over there I knew. However, I really feel that those unwilling to sell-out to anything, good or bad are often cursed. They do not have the magic to win the crowd in an often unfriendly foreign land.

  13. If all the people who were employed doing what the machines do, are going to have to be re-employed fixing and maintaining them (at a higher wage most likely), what’s the point of automating the jobs in the first place?

    • Jason Y

      I’m guessing only a small percentage of workers would be hired to fix the machines. Also, as some have argued on here, not everyone has the IQ to fix stuff. I mean, it was stated most people could not to advanced math or science or computer programming.

      • Nobody with an IQ under 105 will have a job in ten years.

        “Interactive Solitary Sexual Stimulation” ie Sitting on a computer and having virtual sex will phase out the oldest profession in the world. Marriage is declining as males furiously beat off their penises to internet porn now that you do not have to buy porn in seedy sex shops.

        • Jason Y

          Of course selling your ass as a prostitute, webcam girl or in a strip club is a desperation option for women only, 99 percent of the time.

        • Jason Y

          Well, I think my IQ is above 105 and I can do advanced math and science, but even with those skills, there are millions of other people, including in foreign lands, who can do the same thing. So unless you have money for advertising then you won’t out-do them. Plus you have people with actual advanced degrees in math, science, so unless they got university jobs, then shit out of luck. A person will choose the most qualified.

    • That’s assuming society wants to retrain everybody.

  14. Robert, have you ever read the Unabombers manifesto?

      • I’m not trying to draw a comparison, but the argument put forwards was that technology would rob people of the ‘power process’, that is, the means by which we use our efforts to attain goals which are related to supporting ourselves. He was highly sceptical of technology and didn’t believe that we would be able to control it for the mental and physical wellbeing of people.

        Rather than making our lives better, technology, including automation deprives us of our sense of ownership and accomplishment. I’m inclined to agree. While working at a factory floor 12 hours a day isn’t great, moving people away from productive jobs towards bullshit ‘service’ jobs, or just leaving people to do unproductive hobbies won’t be as great as it might sound. We’re by nature social animals who cooperate to secure our existence and prosperity, and a high level of automation and technology can rob us of all that, making us nothing more than consumers. A reason for the machines to exist.

        Could you imagine a future where factories works almost independently non stop to produce stuff, and the only reason we are kept around is to consume that, and give the factory a reason for being?

  15. Erik Sieven

    one problem the Neo-Luddites would be that machines and technology in general are especially good at securing things. Human strength is a joke to the power of machines.
    Also Neo-Luddites would probably only be able to scratch at the surface of the technological world. Like somebody smashing I-Phones at an Apple Store, destroying a value of of maybe 20.000 $ but having no access to Apple plants in Far East with robots etc. and a value of several billion $. What could work better is beating technology with technology. Terrorists who hack in nuclear power plants or the regulation of water dams, putting humanity back to stone age (or worse). But all of this would be much more a destruction of human life than a destruction of technology, and this of course not what is intended

    • ERIK SIEVEN Police forces will be staffed by poor and working-poor so desperate that they will fire shoot people dead for such crimes.

      If you are half-starved and unemployed and police are willing to shoot you then smashing a few department stores is not going to change anything.

      The hacking by Russia of this latest election is typical of how technology has enslaved us anyhow. 50 years ago during the Cold War it would have never happened.

  16. What you get is a completely bi-furcated economy like the Third World where those with nothing pedal those with nothing on rickshaws or dig through garbage for bottles for slightly better-off people to recycle.

    Blacks in the U.S. would ALREADY be in this situation-Detroit and other factory towns are the most dangerous-because their parents job is was replaced. Except for Federal Welfare and illegal commerce.

    Mexicans and Filipinos or other Southeast Asians have jobs for the moment because people prefer small brown women to clean their house or care for them and not big black sullen ones.

    • Jason Y

      Aluminum cans and scrap metal would be the lowest form of desperation.

      On one show I watched Russell Brand was commenting on Africans digging thru garbage and I have to agree with him that the whole scene is revolting. Being poor in simple housing and living off the land is one thing, digging thru trash is another, especially if they’re actually looking for food. However, those people could have been simply looking for stuff to recycle.

      • Go to Bangladesh, Manila’s “Smoky Mountain” or India. I have. This what the most desperate people do just to get enough food for rice everyday.

        Presumably American society will maintain some form of welfare so that the poor can be off the street and fed and clothed but in the rawest I-don’t-care-about-you capitalism of the Third World you’ll have 40% of people squatting their whole life.

        • Jason Y

          It’s difficult to say why people are reduced to this stuff in the US. It seems they could at least get fast food jobs. Of course, the right-wing constantly argues those who are reduced to begging are effeminate and won’t work.

      • You have to own land to live off of it. In Third World countries where 70% of the population does not own land, they are screwed. In any event what are you going to grow in an arid strip of land with 3 goats.

  17. JASON Y Spend too many years overseas and you end up like me: you cannot return because you are 43 with a old degree from a middling college (I’ve taught English, written ad copy, edited English-language magazines) and America is worse than when you left.

    A great many English teachers who make $20,000 a year (As I did) are trapped overseas because they’ve been overseas for 20 or 30 years (18 for me).

    America seemingly declines-maybe if you left China in 1999 and returned it would be an improvement.

    At any rate, many English teachers who have been overseas since college and never mortgaged a house and have no relatives or friends are in a hard situation.

    I know I would be.

    • Jason Y

      Plus you have to have the magic to win people over in that field. The Asians are sort of assholes and they discriminate based on looks heavily; they despise the handicapped or anyone too skinny, too fat. It’s sort reminds me of that rule in a strip club where customers are told to keep comments to themselves, but Asians always comment.

      • JASON

        But remaining overseas for 20 years as I have creates problems in itself. Millions of Americans who have lived overseas all their productive lives will return at 50, 60, 65 with little savings, no contacts, no friends (If you left the U.S. in your twenties), no job contacts and possibly no support network.

        It’s bad enough for Americans who lived in their small town their who life but those who lived overseas can sometimes be really screwed.

        One 63 year old I knew named John returned to Canada after 40 years overseas as a record producer.

        • Jason Y

          Yeah but they had jobs, but probably they have sold out to some degree. I mean even normal looking people with naturally appealing personalities can sometimes have this force field of hate around them, where students just don’t like them.

          Well, if the guy was a champion over there, then he should have been saving his money, or perhaps he used it all on booze or whatever. Sad to say, he has only himself to blame.

  18. JASON Y

    Web cam strippers may remain popular but in the future prostitutes and strip joints may go the way of the Adult Book Store.

    • Jason Y

      I don’t know. There is nothing like it being live. I mean, it’s sort of like being on acid. I mean where in the world are you going to see stuff like that. Like at this one club I was at when they finish stripping they walk naked over to the bar and just start chatting with people, a lot of them. It’s just a bizarre place and worth the money.

      • Jason Y

        No, it’s nothing like what you’d see on internet porn, not even the Japanese type. You cannot recreate the shock and bizzare world of a strip club. Webcam girls? They’re horrible compared to a strip-club, even if on webcam you can pick the exact girl you like.

        • JASON Y Strip clubs are seedy places with drug dealing activity or other crimes taking place in the background.

          If the staff are provoked they might kill you.

          Most clubs are owned by various criminal elements-Italians in East Coast, Bikers in Anglo-Celtic towns, Russian mobsters. You cannot tell me that 90% of strip clubs are owned and operated by organized crime syndicates.

        • Jason Y

          There was a fight one time at one in Knoxville and they brought out some tasers.

    • Jason Y

      If it weren’t for zoning, a strip club biz would make a profit in the upper East Tennessee area as the only ones are too far away in Knoxville.

  19. It is not naked women they are trying to “Zone Out” but Italians and Bikers. Come on, Jason, you and I both know that 80% of strip clubs are mob fronts.

    • Jason Y

      Well, there is definitely massive money to made as there is no competition in this area. You could even have a little shack with a couple of women taking turns stripping and make a huge profit.

      • Soon some ape on a Harley would show up and want to buy you out.

        Scots have always been the Wall that kept Italians out and in modern times Guidos cannot move into the South because of Scots fierceness.

        But WHAT ARE YOU? A Scot? Light-skinned black? Part Amerindian.

        Exactly what are you Jason?

        • Jason Y

          I’m mostly a white guy with German and some Scotch-Irish ancestry and some Amerindian. But it really doesn’t matter. My dad’s family looks strongly Amerindian.

      • Within a month the Bikers would extort you.

    • Jason Y

      How in the hell does my area go from having at least 4 and even at one time 5 or 6 strip clubs to zero? I guess it was cause of Christians, but you say it is zoning.

      • Strip clubs attract drugs, pimps, organized crime, petty thugs and everything that goes along with it.

        It is not a naked vagina that is being banned. It is the petri dish of crime and corruption of local law enforcement that blossoms inside the vaginas being displayed.

      • Due to lack of business. Strip clubs in my area were thriving in the late 90s until perhaps the early 2000s. All of them are gone except for two which are tourist destination clubs who market themselves heavily and are financed during slow times by the rich owners who also have other hospitality businesses.

        Nowadays it is quite hard to operate a strip club and make the kind of money that’s worth the hassle. Regular clubs have a tough time competing and strip clubs with niche clienteles are harder. Regular clubs make their money on Fridays and Saturdays. Just one slow Saturday in a month would set a club back by a huge margin. Staffing is quite expensive. Security staff alone would cost any clubs a lot. Regular and strip clubs need to have adequate security so normal customers would feel save. Without adequate security, regular and strip clubs would turn into gang infested meeting places and that’s when things start to go downhill.

        If there are major sports event on Saturday, strip clubs would lose revenue and the rent and lease payments for the month may be hard to come by and cash flow would be unmanageable. Even Vegas strip clubs are struggling in this new economy. Fremont street used to have many strip clubs and now not even one.

  20. John the Korean English teacher who owned a Recording Studio in Seoul spent most of his money in “Blowjob Bars” as he was unattractive. He claimed (I do not know I never went) that there are bars in Seoul where the women will give you BJ’s write at the table.

    • Jason Y

      In Itaewon – the foreign district in Seoul, but also one with many GIs coming in, the hookers try to grab you off the street and it’s not even only at night.

  21. He told me that the Korea female manager blew him right at the table as he drank his beer!

  22. Destroying technology is NOT the answer. We will need strict birth control policies so that the population can gradually be reduced. This is what the Elite are doing regardless.

    Destroying technology is foolish. I lived on a farm in south India with no electricity for 6 months and it was a pretty intense experience, to say the least.

    One way or another, the human population will need to be lowered. Otherwise, it makes no sense having 8 billion humans on the planet when there are only enough jobs for like 1 billion people.

    • Jason Y

      And I’m sure elitist psychos like Bill Gates or Ted Turner are planning to do just that. You say the population needs to be reduced. Well how, without killing people?

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