Crime Is a Rush Like No Other

Vandalism is a kick like few others that I have experienced in this sordid life of mine. I don’t feel guilty about any of it, as it was all paybacks, they all deserved it and then some, and they should have thought about that before they stole from me or wrecked my property.

A slingshot and a pellet makes a glass door collapse like a curtain, and at 5 AM, there’s no one around to hear or see a thing. A homemade bomb attached to a windshield of a car blows the windshield to bits and the sound of the explosion is both thrilling and terrifying. A sharp enough knife shreds right through a car tire. A firebomb on a front lawn burns a black hole right through the grass. A baseball bat swung at full speed smashes a front door right in. A telephone is actually one of the most terrorizing devices known to the average man. What fun you can have, what terror and misery you can spread with the mere touch of a dial.

It’s scary but vandalism/harassment crime is also one of the most exciting and exhilarating things I’ve even done. I see why men turn into criminals. Crime is a search and destroy, loot and run, terror and thrill rush like few others.

The only thing that comes close it is when some men have tried to kill me, and I had to try to kill them to escape, but that was 0% fun and 100% horror and terror. Even trying to kill a man is no fun. It’s sheer terror and horror almost as bad as when he’s trying to kill you. I don’t see how killers get off it. You have to be sick to enjoy something like that.

In contrast, crime’s half fun and half terror, and even the terror is sort of fun if you get away with it.


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5 responses to “Crime Is a Rush Like No Other

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  2. Pat Thornton

    That game of life is called Cops and Robbers but there are other less dangerous/terrifying forms of it – totally agree on the thrills.

  3. …NAMS who COULD work in Burger King for minimum wage are going to prefer the “street life” for that very reason.

    The main economy in crime is drug commerce but everything that grows around it like weeds around a septic tank is thrilling-the fencing operations of stolen goods, the underground casinos, the elicit sale of firearms.

    NAMS are not in crime out of sheer desperation but because it is much more entertaining than minimum wage at WALMART.

    Many have a high enough IQ that they could be retrained for some boring low-level clerical job…but the thrill of the score is much more exciting.

  4. Jason Y

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. One of the few things I stole from a store in my life was a porno mag when I was around 16 and I got away with it.

    Possibly I wouldn’t want to steal things, even from people who are scumbags, because of karma.

  5. Jason Y

    Blacks and NAMS seem to have a problem with stealing. Note, I could be wrong and be racist about the statement. However, I’ve seen too many testimonials and witnessed too much NAM stealing. However, possibly it might have to do with the culture, not genetics.

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