The Terrible “Fake News” Non-Phenomenon

This “fake news” concept literally makes me sick. The term first came up to represent actual fake news sites that have sprung up recently. These sites actually make up false news stories out of the blue, apparently for clickbait or maybe just for fun. The recent run of fake stories about scary clowns running about terrorizing US citizens is a good example of fake news.

Sadly, the MSM liked the look of this football, so they took it and ran with it. The Elite and especially the MSM decided that they needed this term because we on the Internet are finally starting to break through their Propaganda Wall. Hence this new dissident press in America is a real and present danger to the Elite and MSM, so they have decided to label all of us either “fake news” or “Russian propaganda.”

It’s all pretty pitiful, but the US Oligarchs are a pretty pitiful bunch if you ask me. The US elite and the people who run the US MSM are quite frankly some of the worst human beings on Earth. I honestly do not care if 90% dropped dead tomorrow. If they are not deliberately creating the problem, they are part of it by continuing to parrot lies and propaganda that they should have disproven easily with a few clicks of an Internet mouse. The propaganda of the US Oligarchy is so poisonous to the US and the world that everyone who is helping to parrot this poison is better off dead if you ask me. I don’t necessarily think they should be killed, though quite a few of them clearly deserve it. But I could care less if they died tomorrow.

That’s how poisonous this propaganda is. It’s like a cancer or an abrasive, bleach-like substance that is eating away at our very soul as a nation, if we even have one anymore, or if we ever had one.

Because there is actually a dissident press in America available to most citizens with the mere click of a mouse for the first time in a long time, the MSM and the elite that they are part of is flipping out.

It’s really the Deep State that’s flipping out. The elite are all part of the Deep State and the entire MSM is part of the Deep State. It sounds horrible, but when you have the entire US elite and the entire US MSM parroting obvious false flags and lying “Reichstag Fire”-like narratives, at this point, we must say that the entire US elite and the whole MSM is really working for the CIA and the intelligence services. The CIA, intelligence services, Pentagon or State Department cook up conspiracies or allow our allies to carry them out. Then the entire elite starts screaming the lie that the false flag or conspiracy was meant to create, and the MSM parrots the new lie or false flag all over the world with giant bullhorns.

Have you noticed that the US media all say the exact same thing on a very large number of issues, domestic and foreign? That’s not an accident. The MSM is the voice of the US Elite, which is the Oligarchy of the United States of America. This Oligarchy made up of wealthy people and large corporations and those millions who do their dirty deeds has an agenda on domestic and foreign policy. Although they differ on a some things, on many others, they are right on the same page. In other words, the US Oligarchy has a “party line” on many issues. Whenever you see the entire US MSM and the Elite along with them all parroting exactly the same line as if they were actual mimes or mimics, you know you are reading the Party Line of the US Oligarchy.

The Internet is Media Democracy. And that’s the last thing this vile elite and their propagandists want. They have to kill us any way they can. Getting rid of Net Neutrality was one of their principal goals. In addition to making money, which is the #1 goal of the US Oligarchy, the purpose of getting rid of Net Neutrality was to destroy the burgeoning dissident press in the US because if making money is the #1 goal of the Oligarchy, then the #2 goal is obviously mass propaganda in the service of the Oligarchy.


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19 responses to “The Terrible “Fake News” Non-Phenomenon

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  2. When USA MSM lost credibility of people like me and you, soon they will lost credibility to the peasants.

    It is actually a manifestation of downfall of USA. One important pole of USA power is the perceived impartiality of USA MSM — in the past.

    It has allowed USA to discredit her enemies and sway opinion on her favor.

    But today RT and Sputnik, the successor of USSR media has more credibility than USA.

  3. Perhaps like the Soviet Union (there are definately parallels), one day people will stop pretending to take it seriously and openly display their lack of faith.

    What keeps the MSM in power, is the facade of legitimacy that we give it. Despite the fact that most people are sceptical, that facade remains and imprints on the viewer the MSM as a higher, authoritative source.

    Once we start to see people getting interviewed who no longer take the interviews seriously, other public figures just refusing to take part in it, then they will lose power over us all.

    • When Princess Lea and George Michael are revealed to be crackheads it is hard to take the media-machine seriously.

      Twitter and texts and all the rest of it are wiping out this 20th century force.

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  4. The Chinese official media are boring. But I suspect there are many deliberate leaks from the government or from people who have access to the government, and output in the form of blogs. They are extremely interesting.

    • Yee

      The lower level media have degenerated into yellow journalism.

      No wonder BA/MA are considered the stupidest of all

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  5. Twitter from the sources makes them unimportant.

  6. Barack Thatcher

    Okay, I agree that the MSM can be a “weapon of mass distraction”….
    but they allow the media to give “fake news” the “rope to hang themselves” with things like Pizzagate, Alex Jones, etc.

    Trump says x
    Media says “Trump said x”

  7. Jason Y

    Of course, fake news would be a reference to Russia’s supposed hacking of the election. Anyone agree, disagree, or somewhat agree Putin was hacking the election?

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