New Open Topic Page Up

It is here.

I had to close comments on the last few posts because the comments filled up so rapidly that it was hard to even load the pages. So if you all are looking for a place to c carry on your conversations, head on over here!

Have fun!


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19 responses to “New Open Topic Page Up

  1. Barack Thatcher

    “PUMPKINPERSON” (Mugabe sock puppet)
    You are over-blowing this.
    I was just pointing out the reasons why NAM HBDers are typically libertarian (at a higher rate than White and Asian HBDers, even).

    Socialism which essentially seeks to have government control markets to better achieve equality is often hindered by low-IQ people, tribal tensions, etc.
    When you get into the business of saying these things are genetic then that means Eugenics AND genocide is the way for socialism to succeed
    That’s pretty fash, bro.

    But what I still agree with;
    Reasonable Cultural homogeneity
    An end to identity politics
    Immigration reform
    subtle eugenics like keeping abortion laws the way they are

    • Racist, Classist Jew C0ck Sucking Cubano-Mehican Shabbos Goy

      In response to a comment he made on the Lennon + Ono post.

    • BTW barrack, I agree with your point on the South Americans terms of mobility and how it silences colorism’s oppression.

    • Socialist control over markets never works. Centrally-planned government never works.

      All you can do is raise the tax on the general population to a degree that more is redistributed.

      Stupid people will have children that somebody has to pay for no matter what happens anyhow. Central market planning cannot fix this problem.

      Smarter people will complain bitterly about supporting the 30 minutes of fun that morons love to have no matter what.

      Greater wealth redistribution…sort of works. Centrally planned economy. Disastrous.

      • Yee

        The Chinese bank that rent Trump Tower is the work of Central Planning, TRASH. It certainly works to some extend, it’s currently reaping profit in the USA to subsidize the poor inland of China.

        Actually, the State Assets Supervision Commission is the biggest single capitalist in the whole world. It owns/holds all kinds of domestic and multi-national companies. The state gets it’s share of the profit from them.

        Basically the companies under central planning are no different from your private ones, just different owner or shareholders. They’re the competitor of the capitalist class around the world.

        For us sheep around the world that awaits shearing, it makes no difference who shear us, private or central ones.

        • How does paying rent in the United States help the poor of Chinese rural villages who keep their money under a mattress.

          You’ve lost me there.

        • Yee

          The bank is doing business in US, isn’t it? And it has a yearly profit of some dozen billions. I’ve forgotten the figure, but it’s making money for sure.

          As the major shareholder, the Chinese state gets it’s share of the profit too. It’s the same as tax money, to be spend anywhere needed. At least some of it goes to the inland for all kinds of infrastructure, agriculture subsidies etc, a lot, I suspect.

      • Barack Thatcher

        “Greater wealth redistribution…sort of works. Centrally planned economy. Disastrous.”
        That appears to generally be the case. However, nationalizing some industries to essentially diminish producer’s market power has positive benefits.

        I for one am a fan of the Mitterand-ish French model.

        • Barack Thatcher

          Americans often are jealous of French benefits in things like early retirement, paid maternal leave, etc.

          A lot of it comes back to lower costs in these nationalized industries allowing more money to be invested in social security equivalents etc. This was done under Mitterrand.

    • This makes no sense. There has never been a Left or socialist group that did anything like this. It just never happened. And it probably never will either. The Left just doesn’t do stuff like that.

  2. Trump should move his casino into the building so some luck-worshipers can gamble their money and lose on the house.

    All legitimate Casinos in Philippines are white-owned.

    Believe me, we know where Chinese want to spend their money.

  3. TRUMP CASINO should move right across from that bank. That would put money his government’s pocket.

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