John Lennon and Yoko Ono – Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

So many Christmas songs, but this is always one of my most favorite of them all. Harlem Community Choir in the background! 1971! Of course it was about the Vietnam War, but this song is surely timeless as long as man is killing his fellow man in war, which is sure to go on until I die and quite clearly long after that.

There is something truly joyous about this song. I am not sure quite it is, but that’s the “can’t put a finger on it” quality that all great art has. With songs like this, you are thinking, “If there’s a Heaven, you know they must play this song up there.” And how could they not?

And of course, wishing all of my readers, lovers and haters, the right, the wrong and the indifferent, the good, the bad and the ugly, all of you tired sailors splashing in from the rain, in your gilded, ragged humanity, from one gleaming eye to another uplifted chin, all of you, every one, a very Merry Christmas, and as we stumble forward, half-blind but singing in the wind anyway because Oh Hell why not, a Happy New Year.


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16 responses to “John Lennon and Yoko Ono – Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

  1. Malla

    Happy New Year, Robert.


    We were discussing the dangers of anal sex and HIV. This last dead icon of the 1980’s (19 years old when he first hit the charts and only 21 when hit the stratosphere in 1984 with CARELESS WHISPERS) is sad punctuation to the end of an era.

    Slowly the 80’s of my childhood (I was born in 1974) is fading into mists of time.

    Wake me up before you go….

    • Prince, Bowie, George Michael: year for gay/fey death.

      • What is a surprising is what ghetto drugs killed these celebrities. Cheap wine and pills? George Michael smoked crack? Crack? You’d think with all their money they could do decent drugs.

      • Gondwana, new policy is all regular commenters have to donate to the site. $10 minimum and you can comment here forever. Deal or what? If that is a hardship to you, email me and we can discuss the matter. I hope you agree because even though you are new here, I really like your contributions.

        Looking forward to your cooperation.

  3. The last days of the New Year marked the death of the 80’s: AIDS and the 19 year old Greek kid from London who created MTV in 1982. He was a cheerful drug addict and homosexual who cruised for good times in public toilets.

    My generation who are now in their first decade of middle age and were in 3rd or 4th grade in 1982-1983 will remember this.

    • Jason Y

      I’m wondering how these people are dying at 50 or how people, in general, die so young. There seems to be way more to it than what is reported. Obviously smoking tobacco, doing drugs have to be the culprits. I mean nowadays many people live to 100 and some115.

  4. peterparker123

    Happy new year robert.

    This year was full of surprises, with brexit and trump’s victory.

  5. I have a hard time understanding why left economics + race realism = fascism. Perhaps he can enlighten us.

    Yes the IP has really gone too far all right.

    Thanks for stopping by Pumpkin!

    • Barack Thatcher

      I said if often leads to (or will) Fascist ways. I mean “HBD” by that, I shouldn’t have said race realism. I believe it should be censored.
      It’s about “this race is dumb, so they can’t handle socialism. Socialism just for muh master race”

      -He himself praises Hitler all the time!
      – He’s not pumpkinperson. Check his gravatar.

      I considered myself Alt-Left, but I think any talk of HBD should be curtailed.
      The proxy should be culture.

      • Barack Thatcher

        this guy pretends to be pumpkinperson to have others to take notice of him/think highly of him….he’s not affiliated with PP, I should point out he actually hates him.

      • “I considered myself Alt-Left, but I think any talk of HBD should be curtailed.
        The proxy should be culture.”

        Well one culture overlaps with HBD, second while I see where you are coming from, as a solution how effective would censorship be given the state of things now after taking similar measures?

  6. Racist, Classist Jew C0ck Sucking Cubano-Mehican Shabbos Goy

    “PUMPKINPERSON” (Mugabe sock puppet)
    You are over-blowing this.
    I was just pointing out the reasons why NAM HBDers are typically libertarian (at a higher rate than White and Asian HBDers, even).

    Socialism which essentially seeks to have government control markets to better achieve equality is often hindered by low-IQ people, tribal tensions, etc.
    When you get into the business of saying these things are genetic then that means Eugenics AND genocide is the way for socialism to succeed
    That’s pretty fash, bro.

    But what I still agree with;
    Reasonable Cultural homogeneity
    An end to identity politics
    Immigration reform
    subtle eugenics like keeping abortion laws the way they are

  7. Bernardista

    Happy New Year, Comrade.

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