Israelis, Islamists, Hindutvadis and Fascism

William: Robert- I suppose it may be splitting hairs, but isn’t Israel about the Jewish faith? I mean it’s not like they’re all secular Jews – they’re linked by faith as much as bloodline.

Jews by blood but who have never been religious are not granted citizenship to Israel, although they are allowed to immigrate/reside there (green card equivalent).

RL: So Israel’s about the Jewish faith? “So what,” I would say. What does that have to do with anything?

William: Lindsay- I’m just saying it makes it not blatantly fash. Just kind of crypto-fash. There is a pretense not about race/bloodline.

OK, I can go along with that. I have always worried that these Lefties people calling Christian fundies Christo-fascists and the Islamists Islamofascists were going too far.

But in India, those Hindutvadis, well, they are pretty close to real deal fascism. They are not racist fascists. I suppose they are religious fascists. But the Hindutvadis are far more fascist than the Israelis or Islamists are.

There is a real question and a good debate going on regarding whether a religiously based fascism is even possible. But there was something resembling that in Croatia under World War 2. There was a racist-fascist (Nazi) regime called the Ustashe that killed Serbs, Jews, and, well, anyone who was not a Croat. However, a number of Serbs were given opportunity to convert to Catholicism and become in effect Serbs. The opportunity was given at gunpoint. It was covert or die, just like the Muslims did and sometimes still do. This would seem to be a Nazi-like regime that seemed to be based on religion at least in part.

There were also Chetniks roaming around in the mountains. These were Serbian Far Right guerrillas, often with a Serbian Orthodox priest traveling with them in the bands, who killed everyone who was not a Serb – Catholics, Muslims, etc. I believe they also fought against the Nazis though. The Chetniks would seem to be a sort of religiously-based racist fascism. There were also much more numerous Communist guerrillas roaming around the countryside at the same time, and they and the Chetniks did not have good relations.

Some Leftist theorists have recently been suggesting that the Taliban regime in Afghanistan was actually fascist in a sense, and they laid out a theory on why that was. I am not sure if I bought it though.


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  1. Barack Thatcher

    Not to bash Hindus, but my understanding is that the Hindu faith justifies Casteism- which is essentially a function of your place on the Autraloid-Aryan bloodline continuum.

    Most High Caste Indians in the U.S. appear to be Neoliberals- not exactly racially discriminatory. I suppose that could be because they are the victims or potential victims of racism.

    • Barack Thatcher


    • Lin

      I said it before and I’ll say it again:
      –Judaism is vehicle of Hebrew nationalism or sanctified Hebrew nationalism
      –Sunni Islam is sanctified arab nationalism within Middle East. Shiite Islam is a Persian dilution and is hated for that.Outside M.E., it’s Pan-Arab cultural movement. Evidence abound; no need to elaborate further. A muslim woman wearing a burqa in non-islam land is like waving a placard:”Fuck u,I’m not going to be assimulated”. Don’t blame them,they’re entitled to their ‘nationalism/tribalism
      (From another site: Europe to arabs is like land of Canaan to Hebrews. Remember Ramsy:”His god is God” in the movie “The 10 Commandments”?
      Hebrews fled slaveryArabs fled US facilitated wars.)
      –Christianity was a jewish reform movement perverted by Jesus’s disciples. Jesus never claim explicitedly he was the ‘Messiah’ which is the title of the Jewish king and jesus had no political ambition but Jesus was kind of carried away by his followers(jewish nationalists but supposedly most not of the violent zealot type)who want jesus to lead a liberation movement. Evidence:When the jewish Pharisees brough jesus to the roman governor, the Pharisees claim Jesus was called ‘king of the Jews’ by his followers to justify crucifiction. The romans were obliged in order to placade the vassal jewish king Harod and his theocracy. Let me repeat: Jesus’s disciples were the perverters of Christianity
      Christianity started off as a religion for the poor and became a state theocratic tool after taken over by Constantine
      –Hinduism is Casteism/racism(Aryan conquerors lorded over the conquered)sanctified.
      Casteism is just racism. Reincarnation is mental opium fed to the oppressed poor not to rebel against the Brahmins:”You deserve your present misery because of your evil previous incarnation”

    • BARACK

      Indian-Americans would belong to the higher-castes like the Cuban Gallegos who dominate business and industry in Miami (More than the white Anglo rednecks in fact).


      In this way BRAHMIN are like the Andalusian ruling elite of Mexico who stay in Mexico because they are better off there than they would be over the border in Texas where Anglos do not differentiate between a Cholo or Castizo and a Peninsular or Criollo.

      Spanish-Indian class systems in Latin America would be roughly comparable. At the top are always the Gallegos or Celtic Spaniards from the Western Atlantic Pyranees towns, a few Basque French like Pinochet’s family, some Catalan folks. Below them are the Andalusian folks who form Mexico’s ruling elite but have Arab blood and came from the South of Spain. Below the Andalusian folks are Castizos who are 75% Spanish with maybe one Indian grandmother or great-grandmother…You cannot distinguish Antonio Banderas from a Castizo or Al Pacino because Sicilians and Andalusian people are nearly as dark. Below the Castizo are PURE Mestizo or Ladrino people who might be 40% Spanish. Below them are the Indians. And at the bottom are pure Indian villagers with a rope holding up their pants.

      • Malla

        Yup, very similar to India with brahmins at the top with the original native Indians ‘adivasis’ (translated from Sanskrit to English = aboriginals) tribals of the forest who are beyond the caste system at the bottom.

        • Malla

          In the earlier diagram, Vaish are Vaishnav Brahmins (upper upper caste), Meghawals are lower castes and Bhils are jungle tribals. Closer to Europe genetically, the higher you tend to be but this is not always compulsory. Pathans are the the pastuns of Afghanistan. ANI are European like peoples who came to India and ASI are the original black natives of India. But it seems, all of us in the Indian subcontinent are mixed up to some extent.

        • Pathans have not graced UK with their civilized gifts…they have turned cities into chaos with prostitution, pimping, drug-dealing, car stealing, gangs, addiction, alcoholism, bar fight…

          My point? Pathan are LESS CIVILIZED than Tamils in fact.

        • Malla

          This is the blog of Justice Kadhu, ex Chief Justice of India

          From the webpage
          “As I have explained on my blog ‘ What is India ? ‘, ( see ), India is broadly a country of immigrants, like North America, and that explains the tremendous diversity here—so many religions, castes, languages, ethnic and regional groups, etc. The ancestors of perhaps 95% people living in India today came from abroad ( the original inhabitants are the pre Dravidian tribals known as the Scheduled Tribes e.g. Bhils, Gonds, Santhals, Todas, etc ).. So to live united and in harmony we must respect every group of people. “

  2. Malla

    Hindutva barbarity in action

  3. Malla

    More barbarity

  4. MALLA This is only in the rural middle of North India, I should add. You’ll never see Brahmin doing this in Kerala or Mumbai.

    Foreigners should simply stay on the Western coast.

    • Malla

      TRASH even the North East is quite good. Place like Sikkim, a state near the country of Bhutan. Most people are of the Tibetan North Mongoloid stock mixed a little with the Caucasoid-Australoid mainland Indians. The population there are good natured, civilized and the place is very clean.

      • Malla

        It was much better before we Indians conquered and colonized it but is still is one of the best places in India.

      • MALLA I don’t consider Dravidian people as a whole to be that bad, truthfully.

        I’d feel safer around them in Kerala than Pathans in England.

        • South Indians are pretty good people. It’s the north indian assholes that everyone has a problem with, including south indians.

        • Malla

          South Indians are better than North Indians no doubt but not by much

          There was a riot some days back in Tamil nadu state in the South and one of the women caught said she did it for a plate of chicken biryani!!!!! LOL

        • Malla

          And some of the attacks on African Students took place in the South recently

          Since South Indians are very dark skinned, skin colour is not the issue I think.

        • Indians hate Africans. but what I can’t understand is why Africans would even go to another 3rd world hell-hole in first place.

  5. Chinese do not have the kind of religious sick head like others (we have our Taiping, or Yellow hat in Han dynasty, but the nature is more of peasant revolt).

    Below Chinese top Iman Hu Song Shan said fuck you to Saudi, and urge Chinese Muslims to serve the Chinese state interest.

  6. I went to military forum where some USA military personal contribute. I remember reading a thread on discussing the possibility of fomenting Chinese Muslim to rebel against Chinese states.

    Many white man pundits contributed that this is a pipe dream.

    In fact, when China Xinjiang Turk proclaim starting First East Turkestan Republic, Chinese Muslim get so piss off that they went in and murder the terrorist, and deliver Xinjiang to Han Chinese.

    The reason why Chinese state is able to produce good Sunni while white man produce satanic Sunni is because Chinese are good and clever to educate our Sunni to be good.

    Meanwhile White man elites think white culture is fuck up and preach tolerant to Sunni. It is a matter of time white man will deliver their women vagina to Sunni to redeem the sin of white man.

    • Malla

      Most satanic Sunni in Europe are not European to begin with. They are outsiders how reside in Europe. They have no genetic or cultural link to the native Europeans or many of the other outsiders residing there. Only link they may have is they were part of some European mega empire in the past. That is why it is a mess. Similarly the Satanic Sunnis of Australia have nothing in common with the Majority Anglo Celtic Aussies or the Aboriginals.
      If the Sunni were predominantly were White English Sunnis or White French Sunnis or White Swedish Sunnis, religious relationships would have been better. They might have rejected Wahhabi ideology spread by the fat decadent Saudis. Russia many native Slavic White Muslims as well as non Slav muslims such as Tartars, Chechens, Dagestanis etc… but there are much less problems compared to Europe but things are not that hunky dorky as many of those muslims are outsiders from Central Asia.
      Also Turkish muslims in Germany are better behaved compared to Algerian muslims in France or Paki-Bangladeshi muslims of Britain. It maybe because Turks are more closer to Europe genetically as well as culturally at least compared to the others.

      • MALLA

        Europeans who accept a 25 year old male Sunni who has lived in poverty in North Africa will have more problems than Americans do with an Egyptian doctor or Hong Kong does with a Kuwaiti businessman who is rich.

        Muslim terrorists BORN IN Europe always had drug problems as teenagers, belonged to gangs, ended up in prison and were Radicalized in Jail.

        These will be children of Sunni immigrants from countries with no oil OR these children will have had long histories of mental problems, drugs and so on.

        There ARE a few exceptions like Jihadi John. But usually the patter is poor immigrant parents, bad neighborhood, drugs at 13 and street gangs, jail, etc.

      • Malla

        Also Persian Shia muslims integrate well with Europe. I had Persian friends drinking and appreciating French wine and enjoying high European culture. I think except for the fact that the Sunnis of Europe are racially too different, most of them are of lower class backgrounds. Educated upper class higher IQ pre westernized (Westernized from colonial times in their homes countries) tend to keep quite or even join in on European culture. Indeed I know of one such gentleman doctor from Algeria who avoided the large Algerian community in France when he came to France, realizing that most of them were the lowly trash of Algeria and most of his friends were native Frenchmen. He was Sunni but his ancestors were highly Westernised/Francified high IQ elite professionals from the days of the French Empire.

        • MALLA

          Persians have done better in India than any other country-Parsi have produced many successful people since they sailed to India 700 years ago.

          They have managed to avoid all the problems of the caste system, Hindu and Muslim conflict, British rule and so on to quietly prosper as merchants and professors like TATA family or Freddie Mercury.

        • MALLA Persian Zoroastrian in India have done very well over 700 years since they sailed to Gujarat from Iran. TATA, Fred Mercury etc.

          Please, explain why Iranians Zoroastrian minority managed to avoid the Hindu-Muslim conflict, Caste killings, British domination and everything else to quietly prosper in Mumbai suburbs?

          Persians did well in India and far better than other arrivals.

        • Malla

          TRASH, the Parsis had very good business relationships with the Brits and other Europeans like the Dutch and Portuguese. They westernised or Anglified the earliest among all Indians.

      • Sunni are loser. They engage in terror and hijab their women in order because otherwise they cannot compete in modern society.

        When their women hijab, and they murder, Sunni feel they are the most righteous people, the most moral people. And Sunni believe that by murdering others, they will reap reward from Allah.

        A sick attention seeker like Sunni who have a cosmic self-worth, and who find their life purpose in murdering, is far more preferable to the life of maggot, otherwise they should be condemn to.

    • Like Uighur who set off the bomb in Bangkok at the Chinese Buddhist Temple, right CREADERS?

      The U.S. has not involved itself in Tibet or Russian or Uighur disputes with China and surely would not financially back them.

      No value in it.

    • Brian Damage

      A bunch of bollocks. The main reason is Wahhabism never reached China.

  7. MALLA

    Why have Zoroastrians done so well in India? We never read that “Parsi” are involved in caste-killings, terrorism or anything else in India.

    For 700 years they managed to quietly prosper in India completely avoiding the horrors of Partition, British rule, etc. etc.

    • Malla

      I think, that the Zoroastrians Westernized the earliest and the most as a whole community keeping their cultural identity. Hence the enlightenment ideas have had the most influence on them. The crap you see in India among Hindus and Muslims are a left over of feudal India. It is the unfinished business of civilizing India during British Raj.
      Many Indians get angry saying India had an ancient civilization and all that crap. By civilizing, I mean the enlightenment ideas of the West without loosing our a lot of our cultural identity. Say like modern Japan. Japan maintains many cultural aspects which are Japanese. Similarly Germany is still different from France culturally. Europeans today do not dress and behave like Medieval Europeans. But we behave like Medieval Indians to a large extent. Had the British civilizing mission had been successful, most Indians would have been like the Parsis in behaviour at the least if not wealth. Maybe the Brits should have stayed longer.
      Also maybe the Zoarastrians who escaped Persia during the Islamic attacks were the priestly, aristocratic and mercantile elites who escaped. Besides that, Iran even today is a much cleaner country than the Indian subcontinent with a much higher standard of living.

      • Malla

        Sorry posted in the wrong place earlier
        Ex Justice Markandey Katju explains this better in this article.
        “India is presently passing through a transitional period in its history, from a feudal-agricultural society to a modern and industrial one. At present we are neither totally feudal nor totally industrial, but somewhere in between. While we have achieved a certain level of industrialization, feudalism continues to exist in our society in the form of casteism, communalism, superstitions, etc. We have a long way to go before we are as highly industrialized as North America or Europe.

        A transitional period by its very nature is marked by agony—full of turbulence, turmoil and bloodshed. If we read the history of Europe from the 17th to 19th centuries, when it was passing through its transition from feudalism to a modern industrial society, we find that this was a terrible period rife with wars, revolutions, chaos, social churning and intellectual ferment. It was only after going through this fire that modern society emerged in Europe.”

        “At present in India, as I mentioned earlier, there are still a lot of remnants of feudalism in the form of casteism, communalism, and superstitious thinking. Vote bank politics proves this. A mighty struggle will have to be waged by all patriotic Indians, who will have to make great sacrifices to combat and feudal ideas and destroy regressive norms in our society, and replace them with modern, scientific practices and ideas.

        Can all this happen without a great deal of turmoil? No, it cannot. There will be fierce resistance by the champions of the old, feudal order, who dislike changes. One may wish that the transition is without any pain or turbulence, but unfortunately that is not how history functions. So the next 20 years or so in India are likely to witness a lot of turmoil and bloodshed before the new, modern, prosperous society is created.”

        • Malla

          If you are interested you can check out his video.
          He is a top top caste Brahmin but he OPPOSES the caste system completely. He is the ex Chief Justice of the country and he is brilliant.

          If most Indians were like him, things would be better.

      • MALLA Whatever the case the genetically non-Indian Parsi have fared better than either the Indo-Aryans or the Dravidian Tamils.

      • MALLA As a “Gora” who lived in Dubai and up and down the Malabar coast I did not observe many Brahmin or Bania engineers or white-collar professionals or even my odd Muslim co-workers behaving in a Medieval Fashion.

  8. And yea, the south-western coast of India is pretty progressive, all the way from Mumbai down to Mangalore in Kanartaka and Kerela. I heard Kerela is very progressive, and has had a communist government for a while now. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing though.

  9. MAGNETO Cochin is Socialistic with a Syrian Christian elite and a few Anglo-Indians owning some land.

    Nairs chased the Brahmins out somehow and they ran up to Mumbai.

    I worked in Cochin in a high-profile industry at one time.

    Nowhere else in India did Socialism work.

    • Socialism only works amongst white people. Socialism doesn’t work amongst brown and blacks.

      We can only have socialism in our white countries if our white countries have a white majority. Otherwise a bunch of parasites from 3rd world countries will flood to the white socialist countries just to get free shit.

      We need NATIONAL SOCIALISM. Socialism combined with a feeling of COMMUNITY in our RACE.

      • MAGNETO Minnesota Swedish-Americans with some Lapland blood and Sicilians in New Jersey with a splash of Arabic are hardly able to have a felling of community.

      • Barack Thatcher

        I like your stuff man but not offense that’s highly unlikely.

        Whites, or at least Anglo-sphere Whites are not a very collectivist people, not primed for socialism.

        Now IQ would probably be limiting for any society under socialism as opposed to any other form, but it would probably be more of an upgrade in Black or Asian societies as opposed to White.
        PS I assume when you say “White” you also mean NE Asians. They’re not third world and/or uncivilized

        • Socialism ONLY worked in Scandinavia and Northern Europe and when Turks and other Muslims started showing up it went haywire.

          You have to be an incredibly responsible Swede who sees society as a family and wants to go around picking trash up off roads for your community in order for socialism to work.

          NAM’S lack of empathy creates dog-eat-dog societies where a few are rich and many are poor with an ever-changing array of strongmen who rise and fall like Tony Montana or Papa Doc or Idi Amin.

          K-strategy male mating patterns involve a great deal of strutting and preening and high-status is instinctive: NAMS will accept welfare but sell drugs, steal cars, engage in black market activity in order to gain reproductive K-strategy status.

        • BARACK Actually I think it is the zero-sum you-or-me dog-eat-dog mentality of blacks and some Asians that makes any adaptation to Socialism impossible.

          Look at African or Asian societies…A few rich dominant males and hot women with high fertility value and a mass of writhing poverty beneath them with the Strong Man rulers rising and fall like the temperatures with a season.

        • Barack Thatcher

          My understanding of NE Asia (and Africa, to a lesser extent) is that families are the reapers of success. For instance,members bring honor or dishonor onto a family, hence motivating the family members to perform well for the whole family will be ashamed otherwise.

          The same is true of the country as a whole on a lesser scale.

        • Various forms of social liberalism or even democratic socialism have worked very well in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the UK, so Anglos can do this. xIt’s just that US Anglos are a lot different from the rest of the Anglos.

          I’m not sure what sort of blood it is, but you can’t see it. The US is an extreme outlier in this regard. We are probably the most anti-socialist place on Earth.

      • This is not true. Various forms of socialism and Communism have worked about equally well everywhere they have been tried. Communism worked equally well in Southeast Asia, Asia, Northeast Asia, Central Asia, the Near East, Russian Europe, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. It worked pretty well in Mozambique too. I love Samora Machel. I heard that under his rule, you could walk from one end of Maputo to the other in the middle of the night and it was completely safe! This in an all Black African city!

        Various forms of social democracy or democratic socialism are actually the norm in almost the entire planet! Few people know this. These forms work just about as well in one place as in another. They didn’t really work better in North Europe. It is only that these people were able to rise to a high standard of living, but that was independent of socialism and had more to do with their character.

        I agree though that welfare states do not function well when you have lots of people who just want to take advantage of the system. In the USSR, refusing to work was a crime called “parasitism.” These people would be punished and sent to some type of work camp, which I actually think is a good idea.

  10. American whites are from so many different parts of Europe that this is tough.

    West Virginia rednecks and Northern California hippies are unlikely to hold hands through a Red State.

  11. Barack Thatcher

    That would be the intuitive way to think, but that’s not the case with African Immigrants here.
    I have known just a few Indians in my life.
    College profs- Brahmin and Merchant Caste

    My dad worked with two engineers; Brahmin and Dallt.
    So..anecdotally 50% High Caste, 25% medium, 25% low.
    Compare that with India being only 5% Brahmin.

    • Barack Thatcher

      I suppose the gas station merchants in Cali (there is no such phenomena on the east coast) would be expected to come from lower, non-Brahmin castes. I’m not sure.

      • BARACK No, lower-caste people never scrape the money together for the price of admission so to speak.

        A man who OWNS a 7-11 is definitely not from the lower-castes. They are driving a rickshaw in India.

    • BARACK

      Nigerian or Caribbean blacks barely relate to African Americans who are basically a Mulatto from the 17th century with a load of Irish and some Indian blood.

      You’d think every Cuban looked like a Madrid tourist if you lived in Coral Gables, Miami as well. Such is the Immigration screening process because India is a lonnnnggggg way from the U.S.

      No Europeans want to immigrate to the United States anymore anyhow.

      • Barack Thatcher

        Yet ShamRen Neanderthals have said Madrid is a non-White place.

        What imbeciles.


        • You’d have to get way down in Southern Spain in Andalusia to possibly find 5% Arabic blood and even then I doubt it would be consistent.

          Most American “Anglos” have more Amerindian blood than 5%.

        • Barack Thatcher

          TRASH I’m not sure if it’s Nordicism.

          They think Hispanic is a race and confuse Cholos with Spaniards.
          They’re really dumb, but they think they deserve master status cuz of their race.

          A brutal illustration of “stupid people don’t know they’re stupid”.

        • You’re average white American on Amren probably has more Amerindian blood than the average Andalusian possesses Arab blood.

          For my money the whites with the most Arab blood are probably Italian-Americans in New Jersey from Eastern Sicily nearest Tunisia. You can see it in them.

          And the Arab influence is only felt WAY down South in Andalusia.

          I’ve been through parts of Spain and Madrid is Far North of the Arab part of Spain.

          But of course your average Amren poster who thinks Spanish people eat jalapeno peppers and drive low-riders would never know this.

        • BARACK

          Cholos range from pure Indian to maybe 25% Spanish. Spanish would not hang around on the street smoking PCP and stealing old cars and calling one another “Esse”.

          Rural whites on Amren are mostly Anglo-Celtic with some Amerindian great-grandmother. They have nothing to do with Germany or Scandinavia which were backwater parts of Europe anyhow.

  12. Barack Thatcher

    TRASH I assume most White Mexicans in America simply had the border cross them. Keep in mind Mexico is not a very White and place and the few there are hence well off.

    But in South America it’s different. Some of the countries are 40% White. I grew up in an area with few Hispanics at all (2%- I’m actually not from Florida btw) and there were two White Peruvian girls in my high school class of 300. Not all White South Americans are rich. It’s not possible because there are so many (assuming rich operates as part of a bell curve)

    • BARACK

      Bardem’s NO COUNTRY character was an example of Canary Islanders who have always been U.S. citizens and lived in Texas as Colonial Administrators. They never “crossed over” from Mexico.

    • BARACK WHY are WHITES well-off in Mexico. Supposedly MEXICO HAD WAR OF INDEPENDENCE AGAINST SPAIN. But Spanish people still own and run Latin America.

  13. Barack Thatcher

    the Anglo/Protestant individualist mindset is a very distinct way of thinking abnormal from the vast, vast majority of the world.
    A lot of people are more group minded.

    It also is the source of poor people in the U.S. not just saying ‘that’s just the way it is’ or ‘the system’…they like to scapegoat. There’s always Individuals who are EVIL to blame, not something else.

  14. BARACK Wealth is more evenly distributed in Anglo-Protestant countries than others, however.