More on Israel and Its Neighbors, or How Christians Invented Suicide Bombing

Jason Y: So do you think Israel is more hated by its neighbors and people it oppresses than by the neighbors of Apartheid South Africa and the people it oppressed? Possibly the settler colonies run by Europeans had a mix of NAM’s who either liked them or didn’t. Perhaps Israel is unable to win any friends at all among NAM’s.

It’s because of how they act! South Africa, same thing. Look at how they acted.

First of all, about half of Israeli Jews are affectively NAM’s themselves! 50% of the Jewish population of Israel are Mizrachi Jews. These are the Jews of the Arab World. They are pretty much just Arabs who happen to be Jewish. Their culture is Judeo-Islamic as the Ashkenazi culture is Judeo-Christian. They lived around Muslims so long that they become rather Islamicized culturally.

Most of them have become some of the most fanatical Israelis of them all, but that’s another story, and they’re not all like that. They are caught between two worlds. They really are just Arabs who practice a different religion like Arab Christians. They have  IQ’s to match. Their IQ’s are ~90. Apparently they never went through the brutal selection for intelligence that occurred under Talmudic Ashkenazi Jews from 1000-1800. High Jewish IQ is the result of a direct selection for intelligence. However, now most of them ferociously deny being Arabs to the point where if you call a Mizrachi Jew an Arab, you might get punched.

There are not many non-Jews over there who liked Israel. There are practically no Arabs who like them. No Iranians like them. Even Turks and Greeks hate them, and they are not even in the neighborhood.

The Israelis are bullies. Have you ever noticed what happens when bullies bully lots of victims for long periods of time leaving the victims with no way whatsoever to fight back? The amount of absolutely insane and frequently homicidal rage that builds up in victims that are not allowed to fight back is terrifying. This is what is going on with the Arabs and Israel.

There some Israeli Druze who fight in the Israeli Army. Why the Israeli Druze support Israel, I have no idea because the Syrian, Lebanese and Golan Druze hate them with insane fervor. And Druze are so weird that if you ask me, they’re not even Muslims. That religion is completely outside of Islam for all intents and purposes, and Druze are very secular people.

Many Israeli Bedouins have sided with Israel for some crazy reason even though the Israelis treat them horrifically.

The Maronites in Lebanon have long been Israeli allies for complex reasons. For one, they hate Arabs with a passion, especially Muslim Arabs, and they insist that they are not Arabs, even though they are. They say they are “Phoenicians.” It’s bull.

The Gamalist Maronites are the people who first brought fascism to Lebanon. I mean the real deal. The ancestors of the present day leaders were open Nazi sympathizers. One had Nazi flags in his locker at school. I suppose they hate Arabs and Muslims and Israelis do too, so there’s your alliance. For many years, they served as a proxy army for Israel in Israeli-occupied South Lebanon. Many of them went to Israel after the occupation ended because they were afraid they would be killed as traitors in their own country. Incidentally, this Occupation is what created Hezbollah. That’s right. Hezbollah is Israel’s baby.

Now since then, this group of Maronites still hates Hezbollah, but things have calmed down. In the 1996 Israel-Lebanon War, the Maronites were officially neutral. Mostly they set up checkpoints outside their neighborhoods. They said they were defending them against Hezbollah. After that war had gone on for a while, even the neutral and formerly pro-Israel Gamalist Maronites started getting mad, and they said if they wear did not stop soon, they would take up arms against Israel themselves. They said they would not fight with Hezbollah but instead would fight separately.

A separate group of Maronites, the Aounists, are in an alliance with Hezbollah for some years now. So about half of even the Maronites in Lebanon are allied with Hezbollah!

During that war, the Israeli army went into a Christian village in South Lebanon in the middle of the night. They got about halfway into the village. The Lebanese Army was in the village and knew the Israelis were there but refused to come out and fight. That’s because the Lebanese Army is pretty useless.

The village appeared to be deserted. Every light in town went off when the Israelis came in and the whole place went dead silent. It was rather eerie. The Israelis got halfway inside the village, when out of nowhere the whole village opened fire on them with automatic weapons out of complete darkness. The Israelis rapidly retreated from this village. This village is 100% Greek Orthodox Christians.

There is a party with its own army called SSNP which is pretty much the party and army of the Greek Orthodox Christians in the region. It was SSNP who opened up on the Israelis. The SSNP are some of the most crazed and fanatical Israel-haters of them all, and they’re all Christians! During the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, we saw mass suicide bombings for the first time. For some time, almost all of these suicide bombings were the work of SSNP fighters, often women. So you see that the suicide bombing phenomenon was largely started by Christians! If you want to know why the SSNP hate Israel so much, it’s because they are some of the craziest Arab nationalists of them all.

Israeli officers work alongside Turkish, US, British, Saudi, and Qatari officers inside Syria alongside Saudi, Qatari, US, British and Jordanian officers in Jordan to help the Syrian rebels. One of the main groups that those officers are helping in Jordan and Syria is Al Qaeda.

That’s one of the reasons Arabs on the street often hate the Saudi, Qatari, and Jordanian governments – they work with the Israeli military.

The Israelis and the Saudi Royal Family have long had some crazy alliance. I have no idea what it’s all about.

The Israelis and Jordan have some sort of an alliance.

Egyptian and Israeli officers work together in the Sinai at the Gaza border. That’s one reason a lot of people hate Sisi. His army works with the Israeli military.


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53 responses to “More on Israel and Its Neighbors, or How Christians Invented Suicide Bombing

  1. Malla

    As far as Saudi Arabia being friendly with Israel, I guess that is because both fear the crazy Ayatollahs of Iran. Saudis have all the latest weapons but would they face the Iranian Army, so the lazy dumb Saudis would be beaten like a drum. That is why they want a good relationship with Israel to handle Iran.

    But guess what, Muslims have the same ‘joo everywhere’ mental disease you see in Neo Nazi losers and some idiotic Brahmin Hinduvadis like Vadakayil.

    This same idiot also claims how ancient Hindus Brahmins (who are are the source of all knowledge and wisdom and science to the World) flew around in spacecraft while the rest of humanity grunted in their caves.

    Many Muslims are now claiming the Saudi royals are hidden joos. LOL. Muslims see joos everywhere.

    I remember this American female correspondent being gang raped in Egypt because someone in the crowd claimed she was a Jew. ‘Joo everywhere’ Muslim disease.

    • Sword of TrutH

      Let’s face it, “not seeing the jew” is a bigger issue than “seeing jews everywhere”. In my view the idiot/loser is the one with the knife in his back. Those gangrapists raped her because they are subhuman and most likely would’ve raped her regardless.

      • Malla

        Listen buddy, I cannot understand how a people whose entire population is less than the population of Bombay have so much power, it is impossible. Many years back nobody cared about Jews, in India now I hear many Indians talk about joos trying to destroy Bharat Mata, it is a recent phenomenon. I mean the Brits at least invaded the country, they were here and they won. But I see no Jews in India and yet many Indians have started claiming strange things about joos recently.
        I mean look at the crap they write in their blogs
        It seems like any problem India faces, from demonetization to the TATA scandal, Mallya running away after looting the country of Rs 9000 Crores, Aadhar card or the blog writer’s stomach ache, they blame it on the joos, Rothschild or so called globalists.
        We desis have habit to blame everybody else for our problems may it be Brits, Martians, Mooslims, Pakistan, China and now the joos/globalists have joined the list. We need to look inwards and improve ourselves (near impossible task) than blame the finger at others. Maybe improving India, Indians is such a mega gigantic task that it is easier to blame some outsiders.
        The muslims have the same disease.

        • Sword of TrutH

          Indians are a confused lot. Rothchilds are jewish and the most elite illuminati family according to many. Muslims I feel are pawns in the game.

        • MALLA

          Joos in India are mostly junkies in Goa. I’m sure they’ll take over the place when they aren’t high.

  2. Jason Y

    OK, I see what you’re saying. However, why do WNs still insist on defending Apartheid South Africa and the Jim Crow system in the US while meanwhile bashing Israel, a place practically acting the same?

    • Basically it can be summed up with the web Zionism and what it represents in terms of ethnic domination outside of just local concentrated rule like the ones you pointed out.

      That and they felt the other ones were justified based on points on who built the infrastructure versus who acted backwards.

  3. Jason Y

    I don’t think the Jim Crow south or South Africa aroused as much hate as Israel though they did arouse a lot of it. For instance, a lot of NAMS had decent (though not great) jobs in the Jim Crow South and South Africa, and a lot of stability existed at that time at least.

    • Barack Thatcher

      I do marvel at how Blacks were not repatriated to Africa or the Panama Canal Zone after the 13th amendment (that’s what Lincoln wanted to do) there may have been reasons surrounding cheap labor (Blacks predominated share cropping, drove down costs/rights/etc. from Whites too). It always comes back to economics or sex…lol

      • Well one would be that Liberia failed as a nation in terms of social stability between American and native blacks as well as ability for actual independent rule, arguably worst than certain post independence African countries.

        • William

          Phil- Liberia was essentially inherently designed for just a few AA’s to move over since they were the elite. Once try began to run the show, they’d reject attempts to send more folks over. As for Don Black and Dominica, as you mentioned on another thread, I think he may have picked Dominica because it was a small island – even more so than Barbados? I am not sure it was Marxist, but there were references made to the “bayou of pigs,” so perhaps it was.

          Barbados is supposed to be pretty nice. My step-Grandfather lived there for a time. It has less space to raise armies and less ethnic tension I assumed.

        • As for Barbados, though having similar social qualms as other Caribbean nations, stands out somewhat for it’s effectiveness.

          To put it briefly it’s essentially the Afro-Caribbean equivalent to Botswana and for similar reasons, like immigrants and priming of the Black population.

          As for repatriation…it’s begs the question where? Keep in mind, the actual “colonization” of Africa into meaningful territories didn’t really even start until the 1880s, though even by then only some were actually formed.

          The funny thing is, as I’ve mentioned long before, Liberia would be among the places of West Africa blacks in the New World would be least related to.

          Plus they would’ve been either British or French territories, so the U.S would have to go through the trouble of convincing these other empires to take their former slaves despite trying to deal with their current black populations.

          But when you get down to it where would the inherent motivation even be? You have Creole Groups of former slaves in places like Sierra Leone that are still more attached to the piece of Africa they current live on then the parts where their actual “heritage” came from, and the ones in the U.S who weren’t as culturally endowed weren’t ripe enough yet for the Black nationalist mindset characteristic the latter parts of say Du Bois or Garvey’s influence.

      • Jason Y

        The popular music in the US would be horrible had they sent them back, so I’m veryglad they were not.

        • Jason Y

          I think cultures should change somewhat. The US culture changed because of blacks, look at the popular music, and it was for the better, as I doubt would have had a much of a unique culture had the blacks been sent back to Africa in 1865.

          Another thing with WNs is they are not open minded. You couldn’t listen to a lot of types of music if they ran the show in the US. No rock, no blues, especially no rap, and no jazz. Just a bunch of bluegrass jingles or classical. Forget it !!!

      • Jason Y

        They didn’t want to send them back to Africa because the Union wanted to punish the south for the Civil War, so they gave them full citizenship and took away the vote from Confederate veterans, hence giving control of the southern states to traitorous politicians and blacks,

        However, after 1877 the southern whites had full control back but still wouldn’t send the blacks back. The only reason has to be that they saw them as potential profit. I mean, they could have sent them out if they really wanted to. The southern governments could have paid for it or something.

        Any other ideas of what went wrong?

        • Jason Y

          I’d say the reason lies with white farmers who wanted cheap labor after the war and the fact African Americans had as much identity with Africa as southern whites have with Scotland. Basically, the confederacy started the whole problem as they brought them here, took away their culture and language on purpose,, etc.. So if anyone is to blame it’s the Confederacy, yet these WN fools want to fly rebel flags. 😆

      • William

        I’m obviously not trying to say repatriation would’ve been good. I was just saying, putting myself in the mindset of the day, I can’t see how this was avoided.

        As ShamRen chimps have unusually rightly pointed out, if Lincoln could see modern day Watts he would’ve insisted they go back louder than he had.

        • William, not to be off topic, but I think Philosopher Broke.

          Or does he often joke like this? He first talks about an imaginary Black author and book that support segregation, then with a further glance he seems to be making fun of stuff focused in for blacks like media representation, but on the other hand he suggests that based on how blacks adapted to their environment should limit expectations which would be an appeal for HBD.

          He tops it of by tying it all to a jewish conspiracy. I don’t think hypocrisy even covers the brand of inconsistency he’s spewing. This is a shame because I was starting to see his point on evolution being closer to long interactive, shifting nature of the atmosphere in meteorology compared the the fixed, generalized approximation of a moving particle in Lagrangian Mechanics.

        • Back on topic with repatriation, really it was the limits and practicality of really initiating it. Whites certainly would’ve wanted it, but then it’s a horse and drought issue.

          Like what Robert said years back, with Blacks now you can pretty much forget the idea of them going to Africa on their terms and this was post Black Nationalism.

          Then just consider my point how, before efforts to build infrastructure around them was made, there wasn’t a clear “Africa” to Join them with aside from Liberia.

          Sure, you have strips of land settlements that would be the foundation of future colonies by France or Britain, but they already had “blacks” to deal with so I don’t see what adding more as citizens would be seen as an asset.

          Or to at least contain them before reuniting them with other tribes would be a bust as they wouldn’t necessarily see them as kin or would probably make them slaves again.

        • William

          Yes he does joke like that a lot.”Randall McOprah” is supposed to be Oprah’s troubled brother. I think he’s trying to say that ‘Zion could’ve picked Randall instead of Oprah and given him a better life while Oprah is homeless’. Kind of bizarre, even if Oprah is a “zion puppet” there is a lot of competition/selection to be a “Zion puppet” or anything close at all. Puppet or not she is still rich.

          As for the items on Black community, it comes back to the “fundamental flaw in the HBD theory” that low IQ people don’t really think as much (can’t) and hence they can’t control themselves. They’re not purposefully violent/evil.
          He claims to have an IQ of 146. I was always skeptical of that (I never liked him) but I do think there is quite a case to be made that such is bullshit.

          His “philosophy” is filled with God Awful logical flaws (like what is discussed above) and has does not participate in technical discussions.

        • “Yes he does joke like that a lot.”Randall McOprah” is supposed to be Oprah’s troubled brother. I think he’s trying to say that ‘Zion could’ve picked Randall instead of Oprah and given him a better life while Oprah is homeless’. Kind of bizarre, even if Oprah is a “zion puppet” there is a lot of competition/selection to be a “Zion puppet” or anything close at all. Puppet or not she is still rich.”

          Fair enough.

          “As for the items on Black community, it comes back to the “fundamental flaw in the HBD theory” that low IQ people don’t really think as much (can’t) and hence they can’t control themselves. They’re not purposefully violent/evil.”

          Well that sort of depends if one’s contention that their lack of abstract thinking does make them “evil”. Technically the issue with psychopathy (Robert touched on this with Idi Amin) could be argued with blacks but in general the harms of lower abstract thinking and impulse control at least lends the argument that they could pose a real threat whether intended or not.

          Now, it does leave the question open of how, as a population, it should be dealt with.

          “He claims to have an IQ of 146. I was always skeptical of that (I never liked him) but I do think there is quite a case to be made that such is bullshit.”

          If it is, it’s likely not balanced or he’s also affilicted with some mental condition.

          “His “philosophy” is filled with God Awful logical flaws (like what is discussed above) and has does not participate in technical discussions.”

          I’ve seen that, his exchange were more like insults towards his opponent and repeating his ideas rather than constructive replies.

  4. Sunni genocide against everyone is reason why non Sunni side with Jews.

    Sunni are among the most FUCK up people in planet.

  5. Chinese has longed talk down of mandela and all the politically correct bashing against South African white

    If you can read Chinese, the article titled Mandela is NOT A HERO.

    The blacks destroyed S Africa. The blacks are lazy, have HIV, anyhow fuck, and want free lunch. If they dont get it, they accuse the white of racism. S Africa government impose quota against the white in favor of blacks.

    S Africa now a shit hole.

    The Chinese will have non of that nonsense. Over the years, we civilized the minorities. We tell minorites change your shit way. Eventually minorities are clever and well behave. For example Chinese Muslims never believe in the shit of Saudi and remain patriotic of Chinese nationalistic causes.

    Below is Chinese Muslims

    • Nanjingaboo

      “Eventually minorities are clever and well behave”, hence the Nanjing anti-African protests.

      • No one in this world has better minority relation than China — we have 56 races

        • Yee

          How come the Indians and Arabs don’t have trouble in China? They have dark skin too.

          There’re more foreigners from Japan, Korea, India, US than anywhere else, and they don’t annoy the locals.

          The African should ask themselves why.

        • Malla

          People assume Africans to be primitive. I do not know why? It is not rational but it exists here in India too. A PhD student from Nigeria whose Dad is a doctor will be considered a jungle savage by uneducated barbarian rickshaw drivers and shop owners living in slums. I have tried reasoning these low IQ Indians that there are civilised and educated people in Africa too, but to no avail they laugh at me as if I am some idiot. They say’Why you care about outsiders too much?’ ‘You are a traitor to Bharat Mata (Mother India)’

          Seems like Israelis and Arabs have this disease too.

        • William

          I have heard that too. There are a handful of Ethiopian Jews and they are treated like scum in Israel.
          Ironically, they are treated like scum by the Mizrahis, who are poorer and more disadvantaged hence having more contact with the Black Jews.

          Ashkenazis are indifferent. It is much like the paradigm of Latte drinking White Neolibs and the poor Whites here in the U.S.

    • CREADERS “Civilized minorities”. I think the Malays and Indonesians and many Filipinos would like Overseas Chinese to get out of their country.

      Even in Singapore.

      You won’t of course, because China’s interior is still a 3rd world hellhole, but Singaporean Tamils, Spanish Filipino Mestizos and Indonesian Malays would love you to leave.

  6. William

    Hi Creaders. The quota system in SA does hurt Whites, but keep in mind many Blacks at the higher level formerly White schools flunk out after their first semester and are replaced by Whites Quota free. I can recall one elite college there is just 40% Black instead of 80% as one would expect from population/quotas.
    Keep in mind apartheid also harmed your neighbors – the Malays that had immigrated there. It also affected East Indians, but you’ve made clear you hate them.

  7. Malla

    Maybe Israelis and Arabs will come together in their hatred for Africans. Africans may hold the key to bridging the gap between Arabs and Israelis and bringing peace to the Middle East.

  8. William

    Robert, you should consider this:
    There is a lot of Ashkenazi and/or American gentrification in Israel. Maybe it is the poorer Mizrahis who can’t afford the cost of living in these nice areas that are forced onto the front lines of the West Bank.
    It could be a function of high economic inequality.

    I would not universally say “all Israelis are scum” or that all of any people are scum. As Jason has said most people just try to get through their daily lives.

    • I hate that country. It’s shitty. It’s as bad as South Africa. Most South Africans were probably regular folks themselves. But those Israelis in the West Bank are real dickwads. Israelis are extremely different from Western Jews. Israel was one of the only countries on Earth to cheer for Trump. It makes sense. Trump is a fascist. A pro Jewish fascist, but a fascist nonetheless. Israelis are Jewish fascists. That’s what they are. They’re fascists. You can say they were brainwashed or whatever, which is in large part true.

      The behavior of that COUNTRY is horrific. To the extent you can separate a nation’s behavior from its ordinary day to day folks is another matter.

      • William

        Robert- I suppose it may be splitting hairs, but isn’t Israel about the Jewish faith?
        I mean it’s not like they’re all secular Jews, they’re linked by faith just as much as bloodline.
        Jews by blood but who have never been religious are not granted citizenship to Israel, although they are allowed to immigrate/reside there (green card equivalent).

        And in the “international poll” Israel was not fond of Trump . He seems to be doing Likkud’s bidding now, however (unfortunately).

        There’s another poll, but it’s ludicrous (has Trump at 82% in the U.S., they were 36% off, lol.

      • Gay State Girl


        If you was raised by the crips, you gon be down wit da hood team.

        Unlike Western Jews, Israelis have grown up with suicide bombings, rocket launchings, SCUDs in their own backyard as well as random stabbings, more recently terror by vehicular homicide or arson. You become pretty hardened.

        I find the American Jewish lobby more repulsive.

    • Malla

      Well I did some research on this and it seems the Mizrahi had a more realistic opinion about Arabs and non Whites in general while the Ashkenazim (and maybe Sephardics) especially during the early days of Israel had a more idealistic opinion of the Third World. Besides many Ashkenazis came with socialistic ideas of kibbutz farming and hippyness. While the Mizrahi were more realistic.
      Check this interesting video

      Check out the Ashkenazi Mizrahi couple at 6:52
      So it seems more Mizrahi (Middle Eastern Jews) are more right winged and support predatory violent behaviour towards Arabs and Palestinians. While the Ashkenazis (Euro Jews) vote more left and are friendlier to Arabs (idealistic mindset). I do not know how the Sephardics and Ethiopians Jews vote.
      Besides Israel has a massive poverty rate, one of the highest in OECD countries. No wonder they get pissed by migrants from Africa taking way their jobs.

      But Israel has an overall high standard of living. Arabs in Israel in spite of whatever racism they face have a higher standard of living and social freedoms than most other Arab countries. Only Tunisia and Christian dominated Lebanon come close in social freedom and the Gulf states are the only ones who have more income among Arabs.
      This is similar to the case in Rhodesia and South Africa where the blacks had a higher standard of living than blacks in the rest of the African continent. Or Singapore, where the Indians and Malays have a higher standard of living than Malaysia and definitely (much much much) higher standard of living than India thanks to the huge Chinese population. Singapore’s quality of life is comparable to other Chinese majority developed places like Hong Kong Macau and Taiwan.
      One may ask that if Anglo-Celts and other Northern Euros never came to Australia would such an Australia (Australia full of only aborigines) be so developed as it is today or it would be more like Papua New Guinea.

      • MALLA Anglo-Celts designed the framework for Singapore and the Chinese have stuck with it. But the British have to credited for lending the money and military and everything else to Singapore when it was a British protectorate for its development.

        Mainland China didn’t do anything because China was still a Third World Country at that time.

        • Malla

          Yeah true, the same can be said about Hong Kong too. But India too was under British rule, so was Nigeria, Bangladesh, Jamaica, Guyana. North East Asians have something in them due to which the lands they inherit become technologically developed faster. In Asia, they seem to be the best. Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore.
          They also dominate sports in Asia as well as scoring highest in IQ.

  9. William

    It was all your guy, Andrew Johnson (He came from Tennessee 🙂 )

    Johnson was born really really poor and resented the White elites a lot.

    When he took office he allowed his personal pathology to get in the way of positive reform the Radical Republicans wanted to make. He wanted the elites to ‘kiss his ring’ and in some irony, showing mercy on them with regards to keeping their cheap Black labor was a power trip for him.

    Essentially, the Radical Republicans said to the Southern Elites ‘you want to keep the Blacks here as cheap labor? Then you have to tolerate them as full citizens; incurring the wrath of poor Whites’.

    A similar pathology could be drawn to Trump, regarded as a buffoon among his fellow billionaires, now appointing them to his cabinet in an ironic psychological show of power.

    • Jason Y

      Johnson wasn’t a very loveable man. He sort of Ebeneezer Scrooge in real life. “Damn, them niggers !!! Christmas is just another workday. Fuck Jason Y — nigger. ” 😆

      • Jason Y

        Look what Johnson said about Frederick Douglass –

        “iv’s seen them talk about Douglass. But he’s just another nigger – and he would soon cut a white man’s throat as not.”

        • William

          but Frederick Douglass had a White father and went on to marry a White woman.

          When trying to enroll his daughter in a White school he said to one of the student’s parents (who objected to his daughter’s enrollment)

          “You and I differ in just one thing; Skin color. And in that regard we actually differ very little”

        • William

          yeah he was a dick.
          I have heard that.

          He was also not the smartest President we’ve ever had. He allowed his pathologies to rule him and was incapable of treading lightly around an opposition super majority.
          But he was smart enough to side with the union despite being from a CSA state.

        • Jm8

          The White wife was his second (married near the end of his life I think) when his first wife (who was black) was dead.

    • Andy Jackson was typical poor Irish County Wicklow immigrant Appalachia charmer who had his face slashed by a British soldier and his Cherokee Lieutenant.

      He was fairly typical of the sort of Irish and Scotland immigrants showing up in Tennessee at the time.

  10. Barack Thatcher

    JASON What do Andrew Johnson, Frank Underwood and Trump all have in common?
    They believe in this statement;

    Trump is appointing his fellow elites (treated him as a bufoon) to his cabinet because of this.

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