Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Malignant Narcissism, and Sociopathy/Psychopathy

Whitedawg: I was kind of wondering, commenting about the personality traits/qualities of regular everyday people or elected officials, more so than Teddy. There is little doubt Ted crossed a lot of lines.

But it’s not so evident to most that President-elect Trump may have some serious problems that can influence his decision making and tweeting. Many people know non-serial killing psychopaths, sociopaths, and malignant narcissists. And some of those traits are looked at as positive.

I am not sure how many non-pathological Malignant Narcissists there are out there.

George W. Bush was said to be sociopathic and the same was said about LBJ. Hitler was clearly a psychopath, and he also had Paranoid Personality Disorder.

I have known a number of people who had what I would diagnose as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. At first they may seem likable, but there is something pretty awful about them somehow even when they are being good. The one I knew best caused massive damage to me in my life until I severely restricted contact with them. Another person close to me got to know two NPD’s very well and has recently fallen out with one of them.

NPD’s are harmful! If you get involved with an NPD, you are probably going to get harmed or damaged. It’s just what they do. They harm people. That’s their nature. I would advise any of you if you have any NPD’s in your life to think seriously about whether you want this person in your life or not. It’s possible to have them in your life while causing little or no damage, but more often than that, there’s something toxic about them. If they haven’t hurt you yet, they probably will at some point in the future. I don’t cotton to assholes much, and I’ve suffered far too many of them for one lifetime. I don’t have any NPD’s in my life, and that’s the way I like it.

It’s generally a good idea to get all of the Cluster B Personality Disorder types out of your life. Cluster B is Antisocial Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

I have dealt with a few people who seemed pretty sociopathic in my life. They all harmed from me. Some of them stole from me. There is one I know to this day, and he is one of the most frightening people I know. The worst is you think he is nice because he has this sort of awful charm about him, so you go make friends with him again, and that’s always a big mistake. He came into my house, stole a $275 Guatemalan knife hanging on my wall when he had my back turned to him and was out the door. I was told he sold it for $10 to buy weed. He is a Bulldogs gang member, has scars from bullet wounds, and I believe he has a criminal record.

I knew his brother, and he came to my house one day carrying a small gun under his jacket. It was larger than a pistol but smaller than a rifle. I guess it was a semiautomatic. Not knowing guns, to me, it looked like a sawed off shotgun. He was bringing it to the local school where he attended in case he might have to fight his gang enemies. He told me he didn’t care if he lived or died anymore. He was only 19 years old when he told me that, a mere boy.

Last time he came over, I let him in and we sat down and watched some videos. He took out a very large knife and put it on the table. He said he did it to put me at ease. I actually did not mind that he did that. I prefer that if people are armed when they see me that they remove their weapons and place them on some furniture near us. That sort of evens the score a bit and shows a lot of trust. I suppose either of us could grab the weapon and murder the other person but it never happens. Plus I sort of like to live dangerously like an outlaw, and this is in line with that image.

A destructive sociopath comes into your life like a whirlwind. All sorts of wild and crazy things happen to you for a while, and it is like you are caught up in an exciting tornado thunderstorm. It’s all pretty wild and crazy, and nothing makes much sense, but you just go along because they seem so fun and charming, and these folks have a sort of a “pull” or attraction to them. I know of no other way to describe it but you might call it a forcefield. There is something about them, possibly in the very look in their eyes, that sort of hypnotizes you and sucks you into them and their world.

At some point, the sociopath vanishes from your life, whirling away in the distance like a funnel cloud. You look around at your life, and everything seems to be in ruins. It’s like someone came into your house and turned everything upside down, threw a lot of stuff on the floor, and now everything is a mixed up mess. You and your life have been seriously damaged by some unknown entity. You don’t even know what hit you. You look around at the human wreckage and think of the times when the sociopath was whirling around in your life and you think, “What in the Hell was that, anyway?”

These people don’t make sense. I have been studying sociopaths forever, and I have even done some psychological counseling with sociopaths. If they are young enough, you can still work with them to some extent and maybe prevent serious damage in the future. After decades of studying sociopaths, they still don’t make sense to me. I think the only way to understand sociopaths is to be one.


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16 responses to “Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Malignant Narcissism, and Sociopathy/Psychopathy

  1. Sorry, I highly doubt that narcissists or sociopaths respond to therapy at any age. Although I also question the value of therapy in general.

    I became fascinated with sociopaths after encountering a number of individuals in college and on my first job who seemed to fit the professional description of psychopath to a T. They start off seeming really kind and charming, and then they stick around if they think they can use you somehow in their plans, because they’re always scheming. Always And you like you said, they’re able to get others caught up in their plans because they’re usually gregarious and outgoing and bold, and most people are pretty shallow and insecure themselves, so they’re attracted to fearlessness in others.

    Anyhow, there’s two reasons why psychos/socios don’t respond to therapy, at any age: firstly, psychopaths and sociopaths aren’t really mentally ill, in the sense that their perception of reality is inherently disturbed or incorrect. Sometimes, they may be paranoid or have delusions of grandeur, but their paranoias and delusions always have a grain of truth to them. They’re not like schizos who have full-blown hallucinations and completely inaccurate beliefs about reality, like the sun is falling out of the sky or something.

    And secondly, psycho/sociopaths just use the information they gain from their therapy sessions to help themselves further build their facade of being a nice, normal, caring person, while secretly they’re planning to kill their wife to take all of her savings. They completely lack empathy, and they only pretend to have it so that they can achieve their aims and goals in life. Their incorrigibly evil, and they’re totally happy that way.

    • I had good results doing therapy with a teenage girl who was high on the sociopathy scale. She came to me for help with her condition, which is something they almost never do and it is an excellent sign. Therapy consisted more of convincing her that living her life in a sociopathic fashion and doing lots of bad or illegal things was simply not an intelligent way to live her life and it was not a good way to achieve her goals and get what she wanted out of life. She also become aware of her lifelong lack of empathy for the first time after I pointed it out to her. As far as changing the basic mindset, they do not want to change that and this was the case here also.

      It’s not “Get rid of the sociopathy” because that’s not going to go away.

      Therapy is more like “Let’s convince this sociopath engage in fewer and less severe antisocial behaviors in the future, and let’s see if you can minimize severe antisocial acts.”

    • There is a woman who had good results with sociopaths recently and she has published her work. Therapy was simply convincing them that serious antisocial behaviors would seriously get in the way of achieving their goals and getting what they wanted out of life. Telling them that serious antisocial behaviors are morally wrong will not work because they do not care about that.

      But if you can convince them serious antisocial behaviors are STUPID, apparently you can through to some of them because these people are really into living life in what they consider to be a smart and cunning way and they hate stupidity and gullibility in others. Sociopaths think the rest of us are stupid for not being sociopathic. To a sociopath, there is no worse thing to be as an idiot or a sucker.

      I think this woman is onto something, but let’s see how the therapy works into the future.

      • Therapy was simply convincing them that serious antisocial behaviors would seriously get in the way of achieving their goals and getting what they wanted out of life.

        Except that’s only true of low IQ sociopaths. High IQ sociopaths benefit greatly from their sociopathy, particularly in certain, highly competitive, arenas that depend on risk-taking (finance, law, some areas of surgery, daredevil stuntmen, politicians, gamblers, professional confidence tricksters). Combining a cunning mindset with a high IQ is the most winning combination a person can have. And some accuse Jews of encompassing these traits to a T.

        I agree that sociopaths see the rest of us as stupid and gullible. They especially love to target people who seem particularly vulnerable, in addition to being gullible and stupid.

        • Sure but you can reduce the frequency and severity of the antisocial behavior that they do and hence lessen the damage to society. She’s published her work and apparently it worked. You convince them that it’s not in their best interests to commit serious crimes, beat people up, rape people, kill them, etc. If you can convince them that doing that stuff is STUPID, apparently it works. Well that is the latest research anyway.

        • Anglos are not more moral than some Jewish divorce lawyer or porn producer or dentist…Anglos just don’t feel like graduating from university as often as an Asian-American or a Jew and so end up working at a gas station or something.

          Anglos start taking drugs earlier, start screwing earlier, mature faster, are more likely to get pregnant, to grow up in small towns where everyone is on welfare. Blacks are more likely to take drugs earlier, screw and have kids earlier, grow up in ghettos on welfare.

          You’ll find an equal number of sociopaths in Alabama or Watts, LA but Anglos and NAMS lack the money to stay in school or their parents won’t bother to pay for it.

  2. I think there are a few misunderstandings here. I also developed a fascination with such people based on having met a few of them in real life over an extended period of time and being almost in disbelief at what I saw. I’ve read tons on it and often find the literature to be mistaken.

    First, these people are not “perfectly happy” to be this way, although this is a popular misconception – people who suffer from this condition are riven by envy, jealousy, rage, hatred, and contempt for others. These are not pleasant emotions, to put it mildly, and yet these emotions are literally all they can feel. Intense envy in particular is their dominant emotion, and they are consumed by it.

    These people are completely cut off from any positive emotion – love, friendship, appreciation for beauty, really enjoyment or appreciation of anything in life is denied them.

    Thirdly, these people are severely anhedonic. Basically, their life is an unrelieved dreary misery punctuated by extreme envy and anger and cut off from any good and positive emotions.

    This is why they are driven to spend so much time and effort hurting other people.

    And lets be clear here – they don’t merely “lack empathy”, that is a common misconception but hugely misleading. They expend huge amounts of time and energy in hurting others, and are obsessed with “proving” themselves superior. This goes far beyond a mere lack of empathy.

    There is an enormous fear at the bottom of all this.

    When you understand it this way, its easy to understand why therapy doesn’t work. They are driven by compulsions they cannot resist – fear, unbelievably intense envy and jealousy of happiness in others, and anhedonia – and not a simple desire to live “successfuly”. Their behavior is frequently pointlessly self-destructive – if they can only hurt someone else, it takes the edge of their misery even if only briefly.

    While all this might evoke pity (as it should), you should still stay well away from these people, as they are incurable, and will do everything they can to destroy you – or anyone they come across – or exploit, abuse, and use you.

    Finally, I would say that these people are indeed clinically insane in the sense of being cut off from reality – narcissism and solipsism and years of self deception will do that – but it is a kind of high functioning insanity.


    Psychopaths tend to enjoy controlling others and often have to resort to crude violence or threats. They also receive brutality as well as inflicting it.


    Narcissists are not interested in controlling others. There are those with whom we develop some favor or gain and those we cannot and these folks are simply like rocks in a driveway to us.

    Psychopaths are often poor, unemployed, have prison records. Narcissists are more likely to be elitists. We like the right people, the right foods, pleasure, high-living.

    Narcissists actually look younger and fare better than others because we are often self-absorbed. That uncle with the boat and no kids and a bloated bank account is narcissist.

    I’m willing to bet narcissists have less conflict than most people because we don’t give a shit what somebody thinks or feels about us they have status or power that will aid us.

    Narcissists will usually not use violence. If someone is hostile, we move on quickly. Most of us are hedonists and materialists at heart, no interested in conflict with no gain.

    Narcissists spend less time in jail or prison. Usually.

  4. AMERICAN PSYCHO and SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and other films portray the psychopath as wildly successful but usually like Dahmer or Manson or Ramirez he lives on the fringes of society. At best, he holds down a menial job despite being intelligent. Few serial killers were ever running highly-successful corporations-they live on the bad side of town, or are transients who haunt red-light areas or are drifters.

    There are exceptions but few manage to subdue their urges long enough to graduate from college even if they were raised in normal homes (None of them are so this is relative). Most are alcoholic for some reason. They also like to steal and ratchet up a series of minor felony convictions preventing them from every possessing a decent job like Patrick Batemen.

    You can avoid most psychopaths because few are successful as portrayed and most live hand-to-mouth in bad parts of town due to long stretches in prison, insufficient educational qualifications to obtain any sort of steady white collar job, no mortgage.

    Some DO venture after women in middle-class neighborhoods but your average loser dirt-bag psychopath like Dahmer with one semester of college and a bad military record will not go after more successful males in a suburban neighborhood where he does not live and cannot afford to live.

    Ramirez was the exception in that he broke into victims houses but he did not LIVE in a nice neighborhood.

    Bundy lived on college campuses and was a young student at the time. But most psychopaths who are in the larger world are restricted to attacking prostitutes and people who use drugs or are homeless.

    The narcissist is usually much, much more successful. So is the benevolent non-violent sociopath who is out to “use” people.

    Most psychopaths are always in jail for random sudden crimes. They have records of arrests, bad credit, some history of attacks on women or deviance, drink heavily or use drugs or both.

    • Trump is both : he is a narcissist with his business pals and with powerful people he just never listens to when he has no personal interest at stake with theirs (as was very visible during the three debates) or when he has no personal use for them, he is a sociopath with the average White voter. He tends to view all women including those of his own harem as prostitutes but he has got the money to get away with the physical attacks he submits them to. He is a real fascist leader, and is about to make America great again, or better said hate again.

      • JUDITH Trump did nothing personally except be born into the family of a successful real estate developer. I don’t doubt his IQ is fairly high but he accomplished nothing on his own. His older brothers built up the company.

        Oh, he’s a decent deal maker.

        Is Trump a run-of-the-mill sociopathic con. Probably.

        He does not even seem as clever or manipulative as Charles Manson. Nor is he as charming or charismatic as Bundy.

        Apart from being born into money, he is nothing. Not terribly handsome, not terribly articulate, not terribly skilled in law or geo-politics.

        He’s NOT AS STUPID as Bush which is to say he is not an alcoholic bum.

      • JUDITH Trump is neither amazingly articulate nor incredibly handsome nor politically brilliant. He seems like a landlord. Which is what he is.

  5. I think I could be described as a narcissist, psychopath, et cetera. My brain clearly works in ways like a psychopath, and my narcissism and delusions of grandeur are the engines that get me up in the morning.

    That said, I believe that these traits manifest in me in very pro-social ways.

  6. Santoculto

    Sociopaths are highly emotional, they are in the middle between histrionic/borderline personality and psychopathy.

    Psychopaths are usually very cold and most part of the time they mimic real emotions they simply “no have”. That’s the difference.

    I believe

    Some Sociopaths are corrigible

    Some non-criminal prone psychopaths are corrigible.

    Yes, basically anti social people express what we are in the natural world. Most of us are at some degree “pussies”, humanpets. We are overwhelming the dogs and the cats but some to many humans are just like wolfes and big felines.

    • Santoculto

      But but but

      Self domestication seems to be a commonplace among mammals. So maybe even in natural world we will not be “just like psychos” only if avg primate is psychopathic-like and he’s not.

      We still can to say because their predatory character anti social ones look more “natural” or definitely they are not self domesticated and they exist in other mammal and primate species.

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