The Strange Case of Magic Johnson’s HIV Infection

Gondwanan: But what explains Magic Johnson?

People have been wondering about that forever.

Not one of the many (1,100) women Magic had sex with has ever been known to have HIV. The woman who supposedly gave him the HIV has never been identified. It is quite a mysterious case. There were rumors that Magic was bisexual for some time before he came down with HIV. Yes, Magic was having sex with all sorts of call girls and sports groupies, but so were many of the big stars in LA in sports and entertainment. People discussing his case often note this. “Even though so many other men were doing exactly the same thing that Magic was doing with women, only Magic got HIV,” they note, leaving the implication up in the air. “Now why is that?” they ask. Rumors continue that he got it from a man.

On the other hand, Magic’s case is said to be so mild that even after all these years, he has not yet started on HIV drugs, and this is said to be compatible with his having gotten it from a woman because it is thought that female-male HIV transmission is so difficult that even when it does occur, the mode is so inefficient that the man only gets a weak dose of HIV.

People do not understand viruses. It’s all about viral load. You can be exposed to HIV and not get it, and in fact this happens all the time. If the titers are low, it simply will not transmit. This is the case in saliva. Yes there is HIV in saliva, but the titers are 99% lower than in semen or blood, so it is effectively impossible to transmit it.

There is also some new thinking that female-male HIV transmission is so weak that the man may require multiple dosings over a period of time in order to come down with HIV. In other words, he could get a bit of HIV each time he has sex with her possibly via vaginal fluids, but the titers are too low to infect at each time. However, with repeated dosings of low HIV-titer body fluid, perhaps a high enough level is built up that a threshold occurs beyond which infection can occur. But in this case, the mode was so inefficient and even the contracting dose or doses so weak that the theory is that the man may only get a weak HIV case.

And yes, your HIV case does depend on your viral load. With a low enough load, one may have only mild symptoms and may survive for decades, but with a high enough load via a very effective mode of transmission, HIV can kill you very rapidly, even within a year. Such cases continue to occur. Many such cases occurred in the gay porn industry and continue to occur to this day, especially among the “bareback” stars. HIV is so prevalent in the gay porn industry that I am not even sure that they test for it, and they let a lot of HIV-positive actors work anyway. Apparently if you fired all the HIV-positive gay porn stars or required only HIV-negative gay men to work in gay porn, you would not have much of a gay porn industry anymore.


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25 responses to “The Strange Case of Magic Johnson’s HIV Infection

  1. SHI

    RL, back then you had literally saved my life with these informative articles on HIV transmission. I can’t thank you enough.

  2. White Dawg

    Isaiah Thomas was Magic’s best friend. But, Isaiah being the little punk crybaby could not let an opportunity to trash someone who was infinitely more popular. So, O’Isaih told the news that Majic was gay and that was how Magic became infected. Magic is still popular and hopefully, Isaiah lives in a gutter somewhere.
    I did not know anything about Magic having a low viral load. He quit playing basketball and went into some type of medical review.
    Magic had the Hollywood celebrity chicks salivating. If Chamberland had sex with some 2 billion women, I imagine Magic could have also.

  3. jon jenkins

    Would like to share this & numerous other articles of yours on my Pinterest Boards

    • Sure you can do that, but if you are going to use my stuff that way, you really ought to donate. Not saying you have to, but it would be nice. If you are looking for a good figure, a lot of commenters are giving me $10 lately.


  4. jose

    Is really so difficult the HIV transmission from woman to man? Because in this case I will evaluate do not use condoms anymore, at least with girls that seem clean. I always had afraid from HIV, but sex without condom is much better.

    • Yes, it is not that easy at all. You need to have sex with an HIV positive woman 2,800 times in order to have a 100% chance of getting HIV from her. You would have to have sex with her every day for over nine years!

      • jose

        I looked for information on the Internet and read that in poor countries the risk is greater. Anyway, Argentina is probably one of the richest countries in the third world, but I am in the poorest region of the country, which is also the region with the highest percentage of people infected, so I am a bit afraid of not using protection anyway . And also because, as often happens in science, tomorrow there may be some study that contradicts the above and shows that the risk is much greater, I do not know …

        The problem is that I am used to not using protection (with stable couples), so now that I am single, I can even loose erection sometimes (during each sexual relation) with the condom (and also obviously that the pleasure is much bigger without it).

    • Tulio

      You should still continue to use condoms. Antibiotic resistant strains of STDs are rising. Antibiotics are becoming less effective in many types of infections due to over-prescription and super bugs that are evolving resistance to even the last line of medicinal defenses. I’d definitely wrap it up unless it’s a girl you absolutely trust. I’ve heard the side effects of Hep treatment are damn near as bad as having Hep itself.

  5. cool, it can’t be transmitted thru saliva, so it’s fine then to take uncovered blowjobs from prostitutes? Either way I think i’ll still use condoms. But sometimes in the heat of the moment, if the girl is really good or I’ve been with her before, I might kiss her on the lips right before orgasm.

    • Of course, but you can get gonorrhea from a blowjob. A friend of mine got it from a Black streetwalker he picked up one day. She had it in her throat. You can definitely get gonorrhea of the throat and it often does not have a lot of symptoms. You might also get Herpes but you can get that with a condom now anyway and half the country’s already got it so who cares about it?

  6. In the porn industry the most major outbreaks occurred when American crews traveled to Brazil and hired local women to mix it up in pro-am shoots (These are always chaotic as I know something about the shooting of adult material).

    The men who performed anal sex with the Brazilian Mulatto and Mestizo females then contracted the disease and returned to California where they then spread through anal hetero sex.

    One or two pornographers spoke up about anal sex and double anal sex and the risks of AIDS.

    • Tulio

      Not sure about that. From what I’ve heard most porn actors get the virus from the people they have sex with in their off camera life. I did watch a porn called “Split that Booty 2” where you can actually witness a woman getting infected with HIV from an anal scene.

      • TULIO Darren James the black actor of SPLIT THAT BOOTY performing anal sex scenes in Brazil with infected local actresses (Women who were not professional porn actors who came in off the street to do sex scenes because $1,000 is a great deal of money there) and infected the female performing that scene as a result.

        Gay Porn performers contract AIDS much more frequently on film shoots. It does not make the news.

        John Holmes died of AIDS contracted as a result of performing in a gay film at the end of his career to support a $1000 a day freebase cocaine habit.

        • Tulio

          I don’t understand how the on top in anal sex gets HIV. From what I thought, it would be nearly impossible to get it if you are the top. But obviously for gays they do both top and bottom. And bottoms get ejaculated into where there is lots of blood vessels in the colon and lacerations from the friction and a high viral load of semen being ejaculated. But how does the virus get from a rectum through the skin of a penis? I would think the cases of a man catching HIV from anal sex with a woman to be almost non-existent. Can anyone shed some light?

        • Jason Y

          John Holmes died of AIDS contracted as a result of performing in a gay film at the end of his career to support a $1000 a day freebase cocaine habit.

          The Republicans need to support drug use. That will sure get those lazy bums working. 😆

        • Jason Y

          So was the gay sex movie why on Boogie Nights, those redneck guys in the truck beat him up and call him a donkey dick faggot ?

      • One can never be sure where the males contract HIV but it spreads from the infected anus of the woman to those males who have sex with her one camera because the female rectum was not intended to be roughly pounded for 30 minutes by a 10 inch penis.

  7. JASON Y

    In real-life Holmes robbed the Arab with his gang BEFORE making gay films by several years. He was known to be bisexual and may have contracted AIDS in jail during his stay after the Wonderland Murders and given it to his co-star in the gay porn film PRIVATE PLEASURES OF JOHN C HOLMES.

    The Wahlberg character was selling gay sex on the street and I think this was why the rednecks beat him up.

    Most of the time, gays are attacked at such public meeting point places.

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