Amren Talks about Me

New article on the Anti-Anti-White Left, a follow-up to a previous article on the same theme, discusses me, Rabbit and some other Lefties and liberals writing along somewhat the same lines that liberalism and the Left has to quit beating up White workers, calling them names and lecturing them about privilege.

From the piece:

2) There is some confusion about the term “alt-left.”

Among racially conscious whites, “alt-left” refers to the handful of race realists who also support leftist policies such as the welfare state and gun control. There are a few websites dedicated to their ideas, such as Robert Lindsay’s blog and

Outside of these circles, “alt-left” means something else. Once Hillary Clinton promoted the term “alt-right,” pro-Clinton writers began using “alt-left” to smear other leftist writers—generally pro-Sanders people—who criticized Mrs. Clinton’s derision of Trump supporters or her focus on identity politics. In short, “alt-left” is a Clintonite smear of what I am calling the anti-anti-white left.

The first two paragraphs are correct, but the third is completely wrong. But oh well.

One piece points out that while Trump did not offer laid-off Rust Belt workers much, Hillary offered them absolutely nothing at all other “retraining.” Retraining has been the go-to liberal solution to globalization and horrific trade deals by neoliberal Democrats like the Clintons and Obama for decades now. It didn’t work back then, and it’s not working now. For one thing, it appears that this retraining was never even implemented. For another thing, it is dubious if it will ever be implemented, especially in this climate. More importantly,  saying “We are going to retrain all the workers fired by these horrible trade deals,” is just liberal handwaving and virtue signaling. How bout never throwing them out of their jobs in the first place? How bout that?

Clintonian Democrat: “Hey, we are going to throw all you White people out of your good-paying jobs so the top 10% of the population can get even richer, but don’t worry, we will retrain you to do something else, like, um…I dunno? But don’t worry! We love you! Don’t forget to vote Democrat!”

White worker: “Why are you throwing me out of work to enrich one of my class enemies in the first place though? Whose side are you on anyway? Are you on the side of me or my class enemies? Make up your mind.”

Clintonian Democrat: Bla bla neoliberalism, bla bla free markets, bla bla failed socialism, bla bla socialist failure, bla bla the budget deficit, bla bla trade deals are good for consumers, bla bla the world is changing, bla bla you can’t run away from globalization, bla bla globalization is great and helps build strong bodies 12 different ways, bla bla didn’t you know that.

Bla bla of course you are our friends, bla bla but the rich are our friends too, bla bla these are wealth creator, bla bla these are the people who give you your jobs, bla bla what are you racist or something, bla bla protectionism doesn’t work, bla bla protectionism caused the Great Depression lie, bla bla we have to get hip and get with the program, bla bla we are part of a globalized world now there is no avoiding that.

Bla bla free trade deals are good for the “economy”, bla bla trade deals are good for “economic growth,” bla bla trade deals are good for the stock market, bla bla most people are now invested in the stock market, bla bla mom and pop investors, bla bla most workers are investors now through their 401K’s and pensions, bla bla the stock market is about all of us, bla bla we all get hurt when the stock market goes down,

Bla bla financialization is the future, bla bla FIRE industry is the future, bla bla sell debt and get rich, bla bla destroy companies for no reason and get rich, bla bla fire lots of workers and get rich, bla bla why don’t you go back to school, bla bla anyone can get rich, bla bla Horatio Alger, bla bla the American Way, the business of America is business, bla bla automation is killing your jobs not trade deals.

If you lost your job to an illegal that shows you’re a loser lol, bla bla you are all deplorable White people, bla bla check your privilege, bla bla vote for us we are for women, bla bla vote for us we are for gay people, bla bla vote for us we are for trannies and every other freak,  bla bla vote for us we are for Hispanics, bla bla vote for us we are for illegals, bla bla vote for us we are for immigrants, bla bla vote for us support diversity, bla bla vote for us support Black Lives Matter, bla bla don’t be racist now, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.

White worker: Bye, you’re not even talking to me. Trump’s awful, but at least he’s talking to me. Maybe what he’s selling won’t work, but you aren’t selling me a thing. So I’m voting for Trump. I may be a fool, but I’m not an idiot.


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  1. William

    From ShamRen comments section;
    “The only reason anyone on the left is anti-anti-white is because the democrats got annihilated in the last election.”

    These guys are truly out of their minds. You just started this blog like after this election, right?
    There was no honest objection to this, it’s all just political opportunism.

  2. Barack Thatcher

    “If anti-anti-white leftists recognize that “racism” alone cannot explain the behavior of white Republicans, and that economics play a role

    They miss the point entirely. The point is that GOP Whites often times vote the way they do because of ‘racial protectionism’.

    Now, at least in private the blogger and most commenters here are HBDers, which means we acknowledge it is natural for Whites to feel this way, but race is still a behavioral motivator.

    I thought this was painfully obvious to anybody involved in “alt politics”

    I think ShamRen should stick to NPI for it’s “thinking”.

    I apologize for these rants in advance.

    • I’m surprised to even see it explained like that, rather if they were to be cynical about the use of “racism” it WOULD be to justify ethnic interests. Economic is sort of red herring.

      From my experience in reading comments, Amren commenters pretty much highlight the weaknesses of the alt-right WN “unity”, one being how many are reactionary to these topics with limited motivation to grasp more complex concepts.

      Other times you then see the disunity of a consensus with these guys to actually agree.

      To put it basically, to read an article and to skip to the comments in whole is like reading a satire about a guy giving a speech only to be compared to the subpar responses from the audience.

      • Barack Thatcher

        Oh yes there is a lot of disconnectivity between what is stated in the article and the comments.
        I think Jared Taylor is not a beloved figure in the alt right possibly just because of his Jewish family members and/or relatively moderate (at least until recently) views. A lot of commenters openly hold contempt for his views and label him “alt lite”, but do respect him as an useful ally to the cause. He’s a lot like Ann coulter i suppose- they don’t see him as a casual ally and not 100% committed

        • Barack Thatcher

          They do see him as a casual ally.

        • Barack Thatcher

          According to web analytics AmRen is not a gathering place for educated folks (compared to stormfront which is about average and the daily Stormer where readers are slightly smarter than average).

          A lot of it is the lack of talk about Jews. These people follow the belief “niggers and beaners run everything” just because they see Black or Mestizo figureheads everwhere. They lack the depth to understand tokenism- hence lower intellects.

        • Interesting assessment on Taylor, but where do people hesitate regarding Coulter?

          Dailystormer above average? Well I suppose that may make some sense, but that might need context as both had major shifts in climates.

          I guess DS had, at least at some point, better cohesion than stormfront and was more “focused”, but interms of character and grasp of scientific interpretations they were more hasty than Stormfront.

  3. Barack Thatcher

    These people weren’t with leftists for hundreds of years.

    The Alt-Left is necessitated because the Neolibs sandbag the whole working class with ridiculous semantics about poor Whites having privilege.
    BUT prior to that from the 1600s-1964, such was the opposite;

    If the Alt-Right gets their way, we’d see a return of life in pre-1964. All the poor crackas in the AmRen comments section will be sharecropping for Jared Taylor.
    These are our allies?

    • Jason Y

      Excellent point. The pre-1964 southern elite had their own version of class deception which was just as bad as the current liberal one.

      • Barack Thatcher

        Thanks Jason.

        A major thing about these guys is that they don’t ‘live in the real world’, so to speak. They seem to have this insane belief that White elites aren’t going to screw over poor Whites and that the Jim Crow south was just a big kibbutz for Whites. It could be argued justly that because Jews are more distantly related to Anglos than other Anglos it makes them more cruel to them, but make no mistake sharecropping was not good for the poor Whites in many ways.

        • Jason Y

          As I mentioned in other threads, the educated southern elite is still around and their agenda is always fucking over blacks and poor whites while pretending to be the friend of poor whites.

          The educated southern elite sends their kids to the military, police academies, and engineering schools where they bully nearly everyone they don’t like.

        • Actually what poor or middle-class white posters who dislike Jews don’t realize is that they themselves are the service-sector serfs-lawyers, private nurses, teachers in private schools, staff writers for publishing houses-of the actual rich elite of the U.S. of whom few are JOOS.

          A white with a high school education or community college degree who resents some Jew with a grad degree is pathetic but what he is unable to grasp is that these folks are not the ones who actually OWN Manhattan or Florida.

          “The real world” I am lower-class but live overseas and rich whites do not live in the Unites States or in places where great numbers of poor whites are concentrated in Appalachia or the South. They live in Manhattan or LA half the year, own a condominium in Thailand, spend summers in South France.

          A loud, fat, course single mother in Oklahoma who has three children at 21 and a GED is both repulsive to them and lives in a world they cannot comprehend.

          They do not live on streets that are dangerous and have security guards at the gates of their houses so police and safe streets make zero difference to them.

          The worsening situation in post-industrial cities does not matter either 1,000 miles into the interior. Depressed whites overdosing on Oxy makes no difference.

          Most of their children grow up overseas in International Schools and will have minimal attachment to the U.S. anyhow. The days of Trumps in the Big Mansion on the edge of town are over. They operate the factory from abroad or Hawaii.

        • Barack Thatcher

          Yes I suppose you’re right.

          It’s just a theory that they’d be more cruel to the poor Anglos than if other Anglos were still the elite, but Jews are more leftwing and progressive, even as elites, than Anglo elites.

          Keeping Jews where they are is probably better for the leftist cause.

        • Jason Y

          Possibly doctors and lawyers might be the exception. They live among the people due to their job. But no doubt they live a privileged lifestyle.

        • Jason Y

          The southern educated elite class is not the multi-cultural liberal elite class. The liberal elite class is what TRASH is speaking of. The southern elite class will try to remain in their local communities to some extent and normally are the ones bossing everyone around. They control the police department, government etc..

  4. Once they get their “ethno-state”, the neo-liberals and mercantile class will sell it out at the drop of a hat.

    Trumps selling out, and he’s not even in the Oval Office yet.

    Thats why I chose the Left-Wing of the Alt-Right, rather than Alt-Right proper. The biggest threat to Whites is the Capitalist class. They claim Communism is the problem, the major issue, but I ask, which countries in Europe are more homegenously white? The former Communist ones. Which people are most active in pushing for mass immigration? It’s big-business.

    If the Communists are out to destroy the White race, why didn’t they succeed in Europe. They didn’t even start. If they set out to destroy tradition and family, why is Eastern Europe still more conservative that the West?

    Yes, the Cultural Leftist whining about White homogeneity and ‘racism’ is annoying, but they keep backing the wrong class here. They keep trying to synthesise an ideology which is a mix of ethno-nationalism and economic rationalism and the economic rationalist side always betrays them.

    • Barack Thatcher

      I suppose it relates to the idea that communists funded rebellions against colonial governments by non-White peoples (Vietnam, Angola, possibly the Mau-Mau in Kenya).

      Fidel Castro also had a mass race mixing program as a “great equalizer”. Lula de Silva and Rousseff (Socialists who often sold out to neoliberalism) were also not known for doing ‘great things’ for Brazilian Whites.

      • Jason Y

        You have links about this race mixing program or is that some KKK conspiracy theory?

      • Jason Y

        To be honest, Cuba is a place for race-mixing anyway. If your feel like your race is threatened don’t go there. You’d be better off in Canada. You cannot preserve the white race that much in Latin America.

        • Barack Thatcher

          Jason I do not have a source other than anecdotal evidences.
          My paternal grandparents left the Island in 1960.

          My grandmother has an old class photo (public school) from 1947 in which 13 of 31 students are Black, the other 18 are White (one looks a tiny bit Amerindian, but we won’t go down that wormhole).

          This is in Havana of course, but I do not believe Blacks flock to the inner cities there like in the U.S. they work in sugarcane stuff in rural areas.

        • Barack Thatcher

          I don’t mind interracial marriage.

          I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I was just saying that may be why WNs dislike Castro.

          Ironically, a Daily Stormer writer praised Castro shortly after his passing “made Cuba a better place so we didn’t have to take in Negroes” all that stuff.

        • Jason Y

          Jason I do not have a source other than anecdotal evidences.
          My paternal grandparents left the Island in 1960.

          My grandmother has an old class photo (public school) from 1947 in which 13 of 31 students are Black, the other 18 are White (one looks a tiny bit Amerindian, but we won’t go down that wormhole).

          This is in Havana of course, but I do not believe Blacks flock to the inner cities there like in the U.S. they work in sugarcane stuff in rural areas.

          13 our of 31 is a lot and you said most blacks lived the countryside. Therefore, you can conclude blacks are everywhere in Cuba, and white people would be dumb to go there if racial purity was their main goal.

          Also, if Castro is encouraging black/white unions, well, that would be dumb too, especially among lower classes cause given the number of blacks and mixed race already, it would inevitable.

        • Barack Thatcher

          to clarify my grandmother lived in a rural area. That should’ve been one of the Blacker parts of the country.

          13/31= 42%.
          Now, the gene pool is only 20% Black, so these “Blacks” would really be Mulatto.

          It might be stupid because if they married a White Cuban (86% White), they’d end up just 21% Black and 72% White, many would pass for pure Whites. Not an “equalizer”.

        • Jason Y

          OK, so Cuba is full of mulattos, not blacks. But anyhow, if you’re a white person and want your descendants to look Danish, then you would want to avoid Cuba and many other Latin American nations.

        • Jason Y

          Ironically, a Daily Stormer writer praised Castro shortly after his passing “made Cuba a better place so we didn’t have to take in Negroes” all that stuff.

          Ahhh, isn’t the sweet ?? 😆 But what about the article those dickheads wrote about mixed race kids?

      • BARACK Spanish immigrants’ son Castro would have wished his daughter to be impregnated by a poor Afro-Caribbean?

        Whatever he preached I suspect he would have had such a black suitor imprisoned.

        Funny how your great leaders of the people in Latin America are always pale elites from wealthy families like Castro, Pinochet, Che, Romero in Salvador who would never have wanted an Indian or black to shaft and impregnate their daughter.

        Yet somehow your blacks and Indians are MORE ACCEPTING of this racial caste pyramid than they are of the Anglos.

        • Barack Thatcher

          “Yet somehow your blacks and Indians are MORE ACCEPTING of this racial caste pyramid than they are of the Anglos.

          TRASH I first want to say I rather like Mestizos (‘I’m not racist, some of my great friends are x!’ 😉 ) but Mestizos are generally very ignorant people.
          They have a Spatial > Verbal IQ. Their Spatial IQ is on par with Whites yet their verbal IQ is very low.

          A lot of them think their ancestors came from Spain and don’t understand they are part (or, typically, mostly) Indian.
          I suppose Spatial recognition should come into play, but idk.

    • Jason Y

      Eastern Europe isn’t like America in that it doesn’t have a lot of NAMS. Therefore, a communist regime in America is going to be anti-white, not like in Eastern Europe, because it would seem to redistribute money and power from the educated elite class, especially the southern one, to NAMS.

      However, in reality, a Communist regime in the US would also help out poor whites, but the elites want to emphasize the “anti-white” aspect of it to scare people, including the poor white class. The poor white class is poor like blacks but is also somewhat afraid of them.

      • JASON Y

        On one hand education and healthcare and adequate nutrition are necessary for any society to be civilized…but let’s be honest, bro.

        You would be paying your own money earned from teaching classes in Korea all day on your feet to support the absolute stupidest little white sluts who are 19 and never had a job or even finished their education because a worthless Meth head or thug felt like 20 minutes of fun he will never be willing to pay for or even able to.

        These sullen whites despise middle-class educated people.

        You are paying for the fact that the white-trash thug was wearing beer-goggles or was stoned when he had sex with some stupid young slut who defied her parents, teachers, authority for the sheer excitement of it and now want you to pay for the next 20 years.

        Rich Capitalists who own the restaurants where these folks are paid minimum wage so they can live in Hawaii cannot be parted with more of their bottom-line profits.

        You’re paying for his greed as well.

      • Jason Y

        Actually, the whole 19-year-old thing is a stereotype. Some of these men and women work hard and have good values. Plus the assumption everyone needs an education is elitist.

        Plus perhaps the failed life of high school grads who don’t go to college could be attributed to the trashy American culture, a product of being free to make choices which are often bad, rather than an economic system. So liberalism would work possibly if you could clean up the druggie culture etc…

        • Jason Y

          I can say for certain the redneck women, the ones who didn’t choose the preppie college path, in my family were fucked by the culture. That’s why generally their lives have been a drain of money from other people, and they haven’t produced nothing for society. If you had a socialist society though of people in their right mind, then you wouldn’t see these problems. For instance, giving a welfare check to fairly normal people would be a great benefit to society.

        • Jason Y

          The culture and also abuse, like I mentioned my sister was picked on for curly hair, and also with a lot of other people you had sexual abuse and all sorts of things like Trash described. They produce people who are out of their mind and generally drain money from a society. But if society can fix the psychological problems etc. then liberalism can work better.

        • JASON Y

          Yes, we have to pay for the woman who thought it was trendy to float around with black thugs because she admired Kim Kardashian and one of them made her pregnant with two children.

          If you are college-educated and single you might still be struggling in a hard economy as I have.

          If you are GED educated (If that) and have 3 kids you cannot pay for than you will require a great deal of public subsidization.

        • JASON Y Trashy American Culture and the IQ of idiots (Are they Jews or East Asians)

          “Porn ruined my family because I could not stop jerking off on my computer 3 x a day and then I slapped my wife in the face while she gave me a blowjob because I thought she would like it.”

          IQ under 100

          “When I was 16 I wanted to be cool by having sex with black thugs who got me addicted to drugs and left me pregnant.”

          IQ under 100

          “When I was 14 in 1983 I smoked my first joint. I’ve now been a meth junkie for 25 years. I’ve stolen jewels from mother, stole my brother’s credit card, stole my Dad’s TV.”

          IQ under 100

          “I got my third DUI and they found two guns and 3 ounces of cocaine when the police pulled me over and then I fought with the cop…I did 2 years in jail and was forced to suck the penises of NAMS in the shower with a screwdriver to my throat.”

          IQ under 100

        • Jason Y

          One way to avoid a trashy life is to avoid trashy people. However, as with the case of my sister, the preppies are often assholes rejecting people and driving certain people to become rebels.

          Possibly another big problem is the father. Even if the father is a good provider, he often alienates the kids and they don’t grow up with a lot of backbone. Hence the rejection of preppie kids smashes them. In that case, they become rebels, hang with the bad crowd, and become these social misfits Trash speaks of.

        • Jason Y

          “I got my third DUI and they found two guns and 3 ounces of cocaine when the police pulled me over and then I fought with the cop…I did 2 years in jail and was forced to suck the penises of NAMS in the shower with a screwdriver to my throat.”

          And that would be typical emotional crap that the educated southern elite would tell their poor white brothers to scare them into accepting white supremacy. However, of course, giving them a job washing their police car on Saturdays also helps. 😆

        • Jason Y

          Note that the elites, whether in El Salvador or Mayberry NC, always buy out a few yo yos among the poor locals.

  5. Jason Y

    Sadly as explained in other comments, Trump is either lying and is just a globalist like the rest, or he will be destroyed by the globalists around him.

  6. Once technology has separated intellectual and physical capitol the task of “bringing jobs back” even under protectionism is an awesome one indeed.

    • Jason Y

      There is a huge chance the globalists can pull a “smash Hugo Chavez” on Trump, purposely smashing the economy. Actually, according to real economists, not conspiracy nuts, the economy is scheduled for another crash at some point because Obama and others only recovered the economy by borrowing more money, not fixing fundamental problems.

    • Jason Y

      Once technology has separated intellectual and physical capitol the task of “bringing jobs back” even under protectionism is an awesome one indeed.

      All the globalists have to do is sabotage the markets which they have a 99 percent chance of doing. For instance, they could drive up a bubble (In fact there is a bubble right now comparable to 1939 or 2008 !!! ) and then pop it. Trump would be blamed by the public and CNN, NBC etc.. would go right along with it, with only Fox, which fewer people watch anyway, defending Trump. Trump would be another Hoover, and if history is kind only another Carter.

  7. Most people I know use “alt-left” to refer to progressive SJWs.

  8. Barack Thatcher

    it’s not a “race mixing program” in that the stick guns to the heads of Whites and Blacks and force them to bang.
    No, rather it’s just forcing acceptance of Black-White unions down the throats.

    It was bad in Cuba. I had a relation who was seeing the son of Arab immigrants in the late 1950s. He had a tiny bit of Black ancestry, as many Arabs do, and when he asked his Girlfriend’s father for her hand in marriage the dad flipped out because he didn’t want his daughter marrying a part Black guy.

    This would’ve been 1957. The groom looked just like a regular Penninsula Arab. He was even Christian.

    • Jason Y

      Well, I don’t really favor that. Some white girls might just happen to be attracted to a guy who just happens to be white. Seems like a legit reason and one that doesn’t really bring racism into the equation.

      • Jason Y

        That whole thing isn’t about racial equality but rather black supremacy. If it’s some situation where the government specifically encourages taking black grooms/brides.

      • Barack Thatcher

        a lot of this sort of thing happens naturally.

        People do have a slight bit of prejudice of those of different races but don’t loathe them inherently.

        Race-mixing will always exist in low numbers maybe 5%-10% of race. When you get numbers above that maybe one should question. But hell, 28% of Asian-Americans marry outside their race, more than that outside their ethnic group. It could be that they are a small population.

        • Jason Y

          Well, Asian American is a big category. You got east Indians and Chinese. If it’s east Indians, then it’s not really race-mixing as liberals like. Possibly the east Indians view screwing whites as screwing high caste Hindus.

          Possibly a lot of Chinese girls etc.. are rebelling against repression in their own nation and against their daddies. As for Malay groups, they love race-mixing with whites and everyone approves of it.

        • Jason Y

          In my area, and you would be familiar, only white assholes are picking on mixed race couples and only BBW women are dating black guys. But there are some exceptions, but nobody, generally speaking, is giving mixed-raced families a hard time assuming they’re quiet and avoid certain areas.

          One area would be my valley where they viciously harassed a black man/white woman with mixed kids out. There were smoke signals that looked like Klan fires, pamphlets being thrown in their yard and a white power sign hung from a house on the way to the couple’s house.

        • Barack Thatcher

          It’s all nonsense anyway.

          Assuming these Whites have low Amygdala function, and hate those of other races, race mixing still may not be a threat.

          After all, the proportion of the gene pool remains the same. Think about it. I suppose they could feel their women are victimized by the other-race men but it still doesn’t make sense, she’s helping to kill-off his race too.

          Whites, perhaps due to the fact that they are still a solid majority in the U.S., are marrying out at lower rates than non-Whites. They’ll exist in a pure or almost pure form longer than the other races. Hispanics and Blacks are already mixed!.
          White genocide is a myth.

          I suppose the argument could be made that non-Whites have a ‘safety net’ (homogenous countries elsewhere in the world), but the fact remains many EE countries are pure White.

        • Jason Y

          Rich white people like the high caste Hindus will always be whiter and possibly all white. So if people want to be white, then all they have to do is climb the social ladder. As of now, race mixing is mostly a lower class phenomenon, which probably explains why some lower class (along with the southern educated elite) are so violently opposed to it.

          You cannot really ban race-mixing as it’s too much an invasion of personal rights. So I don’t see much hope for lower class whites except to move to areas where few blacks are around.

        • Jason Y

          I can’t stand rednecks, especially the women who often are the worst ones. They are bitches from hell. Their daddies and culture indoctrinated them with this really hateful racism. They like to pick on anyone they think is liberal with dirty looks and rude comments. I ran into one at a restaurant and she (a waitress) kept on with harassing comments, of course, she did it in an indirect fashion, saying “I don’t know why anybody would want to have anything to do with Filipinos, blacks etc..” Knowing damn well I was there as I’m quite sure it was directed toward me.

          Generally, these women hate liberal guys thinking they are pussies and it seems there is aways an attitude from them.

    • Jason Y

      Oh wait I misunderstood what you said, You mean before Castro.


    Something of a Eurasian caste has begun to form on the West Coast where European men of means and education marry fairly intelligent career East Asian-American females creating a race of Elliot Rodgers.

    Poor white females from the lower-classes in the past 30 years have been getting impregnated by NAMS-Blacks but also Mexican Indians and Pakistanis…poor white females are becoming a public semen sink.

    Pale brown children are the new low-caste and Elliot Rogers type Eurasians are the high-intelligence children of prosperous white males and intelligent white women.

    As for Castro, he was the child of Spanish immigrants and belonged to the Cuban upper-class. It is doubtful he encouraged his daughters to become pregnant by blacks.

    • Jason Y

      A lot of this is voluntary. These white women like blacks guys and don’t mind having mixed children. In Northeast Tennessee, where there aren’t many blacks you can still see a lot of mixed kids running around and nobody gives them a hard time as long as they stay sound of certain neighborhoods/valleys etc..

      • Barack Thatcher

        “nobody gives them a hard time as long as they stay sound of certain neighborhoods/valleys etc..”

        • Jason Y

          Yeah, sounds about like it and it isn’t a liberal Hollywood stereotype.

        • Jason Y

          Even though I’m horrified by it, the situation of the family being harassed out of the valley seems comical. It seems like something right out of Blazing Saddles. 😆

      • Black males due to lack of opportunity will be less able to provide the sort of advantages for his Mulatto children that the white-collar male Anglo can provide for his Eurasian children.

        Therefore, Mulatto children end up disadvantaged and Eurasian ones with advantages.

        Thus a new caste system begins to emerge.

        • Jason Y

          Not always. Depends on what you mean by provide. The black guy with a white wife who was driven out of my mountain valley was working class. No, he wasn’t a west coast yuppie but he could provide for his family and wasn’t a criminal.

          However, elitists would say all people should get an education or they’re bound for a life of poverty.

  10. Barack Thatcher

    The situation in Cuba is complicated because so many White Cubans are OC swarthy.

    A lot could pass in the Indian subcontinent (White features but dark skin).
    I suppose it might be the Canarian/NW African ancestry in Cubans.

  11. Barack Thatcher

    TRASH all I can say about why Mestizos and Latin American Blacks accept my people over yours (despite my people’s abuse) is that they are very ignorant.

    It’s probably better to teach a Mestizo to be a mechanic or tutor ghetto Blacks in Math than to teach them culture or history.
    Their IQ subsets is Spatial > Verbal.

    • Barack Thatcher

      not to bash Mestizos. I just feel they’re gifted (or “on par”) in one field over another.

      Blacks are far more often great poets and writers, than engineers and physicists).

      There can be no Mestizo Noam Chomsky, but their could be a Mestizo Henry Ford. Spatial > Verbal.

    • BARACK Children of white Spanish or French immigrants were the ones who organized the great social movements in Latin America. Some Indians like Chavez in the military later rose in the system but it was the children of white immigrants like Fidel and Che who actually tore down the plantation system.

      You would think Mestizos would hate Ricky Martin or Al Pacino or Pitbull. Instead they are in love with them even though in the Latin American class system the Indians and blacks are left to fight over their table scraps.

      • Barack Thatcher

        A lot of it is culture.

        Maybe Fidel and Che weren’t instilled with dislike of the Mestizos and Blacks by their parents because their fathers were from Spain and really did not care about Mestizos and Blacks either way.

        My grandfather first visited the U.S. on vacation in ’57 (he took a bus from Miami to Atlantic City) and was appalled that their were colored and White water fountains.

        A lot of it is culture. HBDers/ShamRen WNs think everything is genetic.

        • Jason Y

          Wasn’t what said on The Help where that black maid shit in that woman’s food for demanding separate bathrooms in that rich household.?

        • BARACK There seems to be a subtle difference between Andalusian Spanish and Northwestern Spanish/Basque in Latin America with the absolute top racial caste of Latin America being Gallegos people.

          True that an Andalusian Spaniard like Antonia Banderas or a Sicilian like Pacino CAN PASS FOR MESTIZO (High cheekbones, a long nose, black hair).

          Gallegos whites in Latin America or Basques are clearly white. And even at the top of the white Latin caste system there IS a division.

        • Barack Thatcher

          I had an ancestor (GG grandfather) come from Asturia (NW Spain) in 1892 at age 9 and he became an accountant and later owned 3 large sugarcane farms. Baseball star Minne Minoso was born on one of them since his parents were sharecroppers. Certainly an immigrant success story.

          I had another ancestor (G grandmother) who came from Canary Islands in 1924 at age 12 because she was an orphan and had been raped by her guardian (an uncle). She had 4 illegitimate children (all by the same man, however). She was illiterate in Spanish until she died at 87.

          There definitely are differences, you’re correct.

        • Barack Thatcher

          Maternal Grandmother: NW Spanish- family occupations were Accountants, Businessmen.

          Maternal Grandfather: NW Spanish- Family occupations were Engineers.

          Paternal Grandfather: NW Spanish- Family occupations were Educators.

          Paternal Grandmother: ANDALUSIAN- Family occupations were fishermen. Illiterates.

    • BARACK

      You meet a few Germans in Latin America and the Mestizos and blacks seem not to even approach them.

      They are cold and arrogant. In some ways they are more German than the average German from Detroit or New York.

      Germans in Latin America seem to have zero interest in the culture or anything else. Somehow they run businesses and stay alive.

  12. Barack Thatcher

    TRASH is it impossible to believe Fidel Castro really didn’t dislike Blacks or thing bad of them?

    Che went in as an idealist but was disillusioned with Black ‘character flaws’, he was a genuine anti-racist and was disappointed with what he was exposed to.

    I’m not sure this was the case with Castro.

  13. Barack Thatcher

    TRASH non-stop talks about NAM pathology, idiocy and lack of impulse control yet can’t accept that Mestizos are tools 🙂

    It’s really that simple. Just low verbal IQs leads to idiocy in the political, economic and sociological policies Mestizos accept.

    Maybe Mestizos are the easily tricked autistics of the

    • They don’t believe a thing an Anglo tells them.

      Italians and Mediterraneans are Catholic which seems to help. There is some source of Mediterranean culture the Mestizo can relate to.

    • BARACK Mestizos seem to do well at crime for that very reason: spatial gifts and a low verbal IQ means they can be good mechanics (Many are) and street criminals/drug dealers (They are not bad at avoiding the police).

      • Barack Thatcher

        TRASH you are correct.

        Many very high IQ people from
        Richard Nixon to Ron Unz to Robert Lindsay have noted the subtle differences on mestizo versus Black crime.

        Mestizo crime is often times more premeditated and less hit and run as compared to Blacks. It may be relative k-selectivity and higher spatial (logical) IQ.

  14. Barack Thatcher

    One exhibit of why nationalism can be batshit insane;
    Ba’athism in the Arab nations. Rather than just have a wealthy Arab state or Nasser back in the day take Palestinians in, for their well being, it’s about hatred/harm of the other(Jews) over helping one’s tribe.

    • Yeah, the Jews didn’t steal their land or any of that. There are Palestinians living all over the Arab World and in the West. They can live anywhere they want. Arab countries do not wish to abandon the Palestinian national movement.

    • What part of “the Jews stole their land” don’t you understand?

      • Barack Thatcher

        Robert I am not criticizing the Palestinians.

        I’m just saying logically, assuming the Jews aren’t going anywhere could protect them by taking them out of the range of Israeli missiles; taking them into the Gulf nations or wherever.

        The problem is that it’s about hatred of the Jews (whether right or wrong), not a pragmatic defense of the Jews

  15. Barack Thatcher

    The Jews aren’t going anywhere.

    I was just saying why not actually look for a pragmatic solution for this instead of idealistically holding out and waiting to right the wrongs of 40 years ago?

    • What’s the pragmatic solution? All the Palestinians leave the West Bank and Gaza and go live in some Arab country? LOL that’s the Jewish plan. “Jordan is the Palestinian state.” The Palestinians will never go along with that. They are staying right where they are in the West Bank and Gaza.

      70% of population of Jordan are iPalestinians. There were many Palestinians in Iraq under Saddam. There are many Palestinians in Syria, but I am not sure of their status. In Lebanon they cannot become citizens and it’s hard to work and the Jews go on about this forever, but those laws were put in by the Christians in Lebanon to not upset the sectarian balance of Lebanon as allowing the Palestinians to become citizens would mean a lot of new Muslims in Lebanon. There were many Palestinians in Kuwait, but they supported Saddam’s invasion so they got thrown out. Hamas has its main office in Qatar. The PLO used to be headquartered in Tunisia. There are many Palestinians living in the Sinai.

      They live scattered all through that region in good-sized numbers. Your average Arab on the street would never support a transfer solution that you discuss, any Arab leader who suggested it would be regarded as a traitor, and the Palestinians would not agree to be transferred anyway. The whole thing’s a nonstarter.

      PS 20% of the population of Israel itself are Palestinians and they are not going anywhere.

      • Barack Thatcher

        “those laws were put in by the Christians in Lebanon to not upset the sectarian balance of Lebanon as allowing the Palestinians to become citizens would mean a lot of new Muslims in Lebanon.
        Yes but the Muslims are firmly in control now, no?
        I am sorry about this I do have a bias against Hezbollah, I have known a good few Lebanese Christians as friends.

        “PS 20% of the population of Israel itself are Palestinians and they are not going anywhere.
        I had no idea it was near that high. Wow.

  16. Barack Thatcher

    Israeli right wingers are a huge part. The Pallies are useful for keeping Jews on the plantation of fear.

    But at the same time I just don’t know what good is coming from PLO activities.

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