Three Drinks a Day

That is what I drink. Is that considered to be acceptable, or is it too much? I am hearing different things.


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15 responses to “Three Drinks a Day

  1. SHI

    That’s too much, man. I hit the booze only on the weekends, that too occasionally. But, I have personally known smokers and drinkers who have lived long, well up to their 80s and 90s. Old bastards never quit because they don’t fucking listen to anyone. Think of Clint Eastwood.

    If you’re planning on drinking more frequently, the least you can do is rehydrate yourself with at least eight 10-ounces of water. Gentle breathing exercises (Pranayam in Yoga reverse many ailments).

    • Interesting, I was doing that same pranayam. It’s part of kundalini yoga.

      • SHI

        You’re no White colonial man, wannabe Tom Alter. You’re a brown-skinned Indian, I can almost smell the curry in you by the way you write. C’mon own. Where’s the harm? I’m Indian, not very proud of it, and don’t agree with much of what Indian culture is about. Still, that doesn’t mean I go around the Internets posing as a White man. At the end of the day, you are who you are. Must wear it as a badge of honour.

        At least TRASH has authenticity when he says he used to live in India as a Western expat.



          Brahmins basically run businesses like a caste-pyramid scam. They themselves are good for nothing, really, except appearing more intelligent than other Indians.

          Punjabi Brahmin are the most belligerent of Brahmins and some of them will get physical-one editor swung at me when I did not pay him for some shoddy work.

          Mostly Brahmins are pussies. Indians claiming they “break into low-caste houses” to rape lower-caste girls as an initiation are full of shit. Baniyas the same, they would not rape a chicken.

          A great many are homosexuals, if male.

          I’ve screwed a few married Brahmin women and their husbands don’t care and know and their marriages are arranged shams anyhow.


          South Indian women have less body hair and smoother bodies in youth. They do not age well. They won’t do much to thrill you if you pay them for sex but lie back and wait for you to finish.

          Bengali women. Their appearances range from Asian to vaguely Arabic and I suspect this is the Muslim influence. They are naturally naughty and will suck your penis and do doggy style sex and love to smoke YABA and drink beforehand.

          Punjabi women look like Arabs and have hairy vaginas and asses like Arab women. I think they are pretty nice. They will suck you penis if hookers but if you are into BJ’s and balls-out nasty porno-style sex it is Bengalis that you need.

          STREET LIFE

          Caste-wise IQ variation is vast. Brahmin are probably 110-120 IQ while your average low-caste or Muslim is down around 90.

          The so-called “Dumb Sardar” and brainy Tamil Brahmin is overstated somewhat. Tamil Brahmins are good at rote learning and IT jobs but this is like being a great mechanic…you don’t drive the race car. Sikhs seem pretty instinctively cunning in business and so forth.

          The whitest people in India are sissies, not macho. North Indian Brahmin the color and appearance of a Greek will never fight and cannot fight. They live in white neighborhoods at the same standard as a white-collar Asian or Jew. In East Vancouver you will not be stomped by Brahmin street thugs on drugs.

          Indian posters writing that Brahmin brutally break into lower-caste houses and rape low-caste girls as initiations are TOTALLY FULL OF SHIT. No Baniya or Brahmin caste Hindu rapes a low-caste female in some gang rape.

          Getting BELOW the merchant caste Indians have about the same self-control and manners of a ghetto NAM. No surprise that in Canada and UK, where ghetto USA NAMS never existed that Sikhs and Bengalis have filled that void.

          Tamils and Keralites have a scurrying rodent mentality and usually get jobs as accountants to steal. Sikhs will act like rednecks and puff themselves up for a physical bluff but won’t steal from their accounting job-usually.

          Low-caste life is shit Muslim or Hindu or Catholic. They don’t care about going to the emergency room or jail because in their heart they know their life is a living breathing hell that is poverty. They’ll never break out of it and their kids will never break out of it.

          Indians who truly hate/wish to revolt against Brahmin superiority live in Kerala. North Indians of every caste are sort of resigned to things slightly more.

          Punjabis are Central Asian anyhow. They are dangerous. Pakistanis are dangerous. Bangladeshis are dangerous.

          The MOST dangerous places for whites are Canada or London. Here there Indians who will kill you to support a drug habit. I’d rather be IN KASHMIR THAN EAST VANCOUVER.

        • rw95

          What’s so wrong about being Indian?


          Lubricating prostitutes with drugs/alcohol:

          Indian prostitutes never smoke weed. Their drug of choice is YA-BA and worth giving them because it makes them horny. Alcohol also makes them horny and many hookers will want a beer first.

          For the best blowjobs in India one must pay Bengali women. None of the coy hesitant tongue licking or mechanical let’s-get-this-done with going through the motions of Punjabi call girls (Though having your penis in a beautiful Punjabi woman’s mouth might be a turn-on).

          No for ball’s out dirty urgent sucking of your penis one must be faithful to Bengali prostitutes or lovers.

          However, the Bengali woman’s vagina has strong odor and if you get into the hard porno-style doggy-style sex to the point where they are lubricated this odor is really strong.

          Punjabi women have hair anuses because I have also had sex with them there. Bengali women won’t do anal sex.

          South Indian women are not really worth the screw. Don’t bother paying them they will lie underneath you stiff and unhappily. You’ll never get penis sucking from darker Indian women if you are a Gora who has to pay for it.

          PENIS SIZE

          7 inches is fairly large for India even if it is not that impressive for whites. Indian women also appreciate girth.

          Bengali women will actually cum and get into the sex especially if they drink or used YABA. Punjabi women are like porn models…hot but just doing a modeling job.

        • DRUGS IN INDIA

          YA-BA is popular and especially with Indian prostitutes.

          Whisky is what Indian males drink.

  2. doug

    american heart association recommends 2 drinks per day for males. You’ll be fine.

  3. If you drink beer, you may get weak joints. The purines acts on joints.

  4. ruhkukah

    I’d suggest upping that to 5. But seriously, I’ve done 3 drinks a day for long stretches and I just gained weight. Nothing else is wrong with me, though.

    • ruhkukah

      And I don’t even know if I could attribute my weight gain to the alcohol, rather than shifts in my gut microbiome or metabolism or something…

  5. Sami

    I’d be concerned about the number of calories I’d be taking in. But, if you have a fast metabolism, work out enough, and/or regulate the rest of your diet in a healthier way, probably not a big deal.

  6. What drinks are they? Beer, wine, or straight hard liquor? Or mixed drinks with hard liquor?

    I used to drink like 6 or 7 servings worth of alcohol a day and I’m fine, just gained some weight. I’ve upgraded to low-level opiate use a couple times a week so I’m done with alcohol for the most part.

  7. Guy from Montréal

    Robert if you have Celt blood I wouldn’t worry about 3 a day, though you might want to keep it at 1 to 2 drinks a day just to be on the safe side, might also variate with beer and wine, hard liquor only is harder on the system.

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