“Is It Homosexual To Like Ladyboys?” by Magneto

Is it Homosexual to Like Ladyboys?

by Magneto

Unfortunately, I missed Gay Day otherwise I would have submitted this article for that day. Anyway, a lot of people say it’s “gay” to like ladyboys. But is it really?

The more feminine they are and the more a ladyboy looks like a real woman, the higher she will be able to charge. I only went with the highest quality ones, ones that if you saw on the street, you would think they were a real woman.

Homosexuality means being attracted to the same sex. But since ladyboys strive to look as feminine as possible, I don’t think it really falls into the category of homosexuality at all. It’s still the masculine attracted to the feminine.

The only real difference between a real woman and a ladyboy is that the ladyboy has a penis, although a lot of ladyboys are taking high doses of estrogen and other hormones, which makes it harder for them to get an erection, very difficult to ejaculate, and if they do ejaculate, it’s generally a very small amount.

I was on Misc at the Bodybuilding Message Board and some guy created a thread “Does anyone else get turned on when they see a cumshot?” This is another gray area. But obviously watching cumshots is pretty popular because you can find tons of Cumshot Compilations or Handjob Cumshot Compilations on any porn site.

So in this regard, being with a ladyboy it’s like watching a cumshot but with a female orgasm face. There’s something incredibly arousing about the whole thing. But it’s definitely not homosexuality. I don’t know how it should be classified, but there’re plenty of guys who are also attracted to ladyboys who are not homos and have no sexual attraction towards men.

Ladyboy porn is also the fourth most searched for porn genre, so it’s obvious that there’re a lot of guys who are into this stuff, but most of them won’t come out publicly  and admit it though.

My advice to gay men is this: If you want to have sex with normal heterosexual men, start taking estrogen and hormones. Get a good boob job done. Try to appear as feminine as possible, and then you will have no shortage of straight heterosexual men who are ready to engage in sexual acts with you.


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19 responses to ““Is It Homosexual To Like Ladyboys?” by Magneto

  1. Thai ladyboys will often look more feminine than the average 200 pound black street hooker supporting a drug habit outside Motel 8.

    Most John’s want to blow their load inside a human mouth. There is not much stretch between the horned-out mofo who shoot in the NAM females mouth and the John in Thailand who shoots in a ladyboys mouth.

  2. MatrixMuff

    Asian and Brazilian ones can look pretty passable. Unpassable ones get me sick to my stomach and I always see something manly in a fully White one, aside from the cock. Don’t kid yourself though, it’s a male orgasm face with gay mannerisms no matter how pretty. It’s in the grey area of sexuality.

    • More than unpassable, they look hotter than real life women. I also don’t really find many white ladyboys who look feminine. Nor African ones either. African ladyboys are disgusting. Check out Natalie Foxx or Jane Marie, those are two from Brazil

    • Optimus Prime

      Brazilian women are absolutely lovely….That butt is something to die for

      • Lin

        Sorry,I couldn’t find the reply button on the Hinduism/confucism tread.
        Regarding Trash, some of his stuff are deliberate distortion insulting the basic wisdom the average posters here have. It’s well known that only the more extremist Islamic countries impose death sentence on homos and obviously china isn’t one of them. If I point out his wrong claim on china, he will switch the topic to overseas Chinese. Or like claiming manchus are ‘caucasian’
        As a Chinese,I usually don’t feel necessary to defend against anti-Chinese bias. If someone claim Chinese are wicked,stupid.., I just couldn’t care less. He might try to be funny by assuming the average posters here are stupid.
        (BTW, according to historians, 15 of the 16 ming dynasty emperors were bisexuals or had fucked eunuchs)

  3. Wow, ladyboys. I wonder why most of them seem to be Thai or Filipino or Brazilian. Those places are where they’re most accepted.

  4. Jason Y

    I met some on the beach in the Phillippines.

    One said “HI, my name is Bambi” 😆 No joke. I’m not lying.

    • Jason Y

      The ladyboys walk the streets in the Phillippines, even in small villages. Sometimes they’re also on TV. I remember getting a haircut in the Phillippines, and this transsexual was in there, and this Filipino friend was joking, “Oh, he’s a gay.” 😆

    • What happened next? FINISH THE FUCKING STORY, MAN! Did you take her back to your hotel room on the beach and fuck her in the mouth and then in the ass and then you blasted your load all over her ladyboy tits?

  5. It’s either a small bit homosexual, or its a testament to the human ability to deny.

    Do guys who go with Ladyboys have in their mind that this is a woman, or a man, or a transexual? Because perhaps whats going on, is that the desire for sex kind of leads to some kind of subconscious rational thinking which kind of says “Yeah, its a woman, at least for the next 45 minutes”.

  6. SHI


    No thought is more unsettling than Chicks with dicks. I don’t care how “feminine” she appears to people out there. I have been to Thailand three times, and I’m aware that ladyboy bars are everywhere, and a lot of guys are into that sort of concept. I never even set foot in one, maybe because I wasn’t looking for that sort of shit. It ain’t my bag, will never be.

    For what it’s worth, I did run into some of those Katoye freaks in hotel lobbies and smoky bars, arm-in-arm with some pervert male tourists.

    Also I don’t really know any straight males that are into ladyboy porn.

    I don’t hate these ladyboy freaks but color me homophobic all you want. I’m with Mike Pence on this one: the katoyes are eligible subjects for conversion therapy.

  7. Jason Y

    I don’t get it. Even gay guys have a feeling in their dick so they can use for other guys. Why would someone want to chop it off? That’s beyond bizarre.

  8. jose

    It’s true that some transsexuals look like women, but I just want to have sex with “her” if I do not know she’s transsexual. It would be very shocking and disgusting to discover “his” penis. Only if “she” have a very feminine and cute face, and an acceptable feminine body, maybe I would accept receibve a blowjob, but nothing more.

    And the last part of your writing is a bit sick for me. If you are heterosexual, you will never have sex with another man (and I do not mean a transsexual), no matter how feminine he may be. If you do this is because you are, at least, a bit bisexual. I would reject any man that want sex with me, and if he would insist, I would hit him.

    • I’m not really sure what bisexuality is. Heterosexuality means attracted to the opposite sex and homosexuality is attraction to the same sex.

      The whole point of a ladyboy is that she needs to look as absolutely feminine as possible. Not only should she look like a real woman but ideally she should be even hotter than a real woman.

      You can go to forums that are dedicated to discussing ladyboys and they constantly deal with this question “are you gay if you like ladyboys”.

      My answer is no because it is basically a female you are dealing with.

      • jose

        But if you are attracted by “her” penis because it’s something exotic, you are, at least, a bit bisexual. The rest of the body can be very feminine and good, but the pussy is the main thing.

  9. If you like anything with a penis you are a homosexual.

    • jose

      Well, if he also like vagina, then is bisexual. And probably always a bisexual is more heterosexual or more homosexual. If you like a feminine person but you also are attracted in some way by “her” penis, then you are bisexual I think.

      For example I feel rejection toward penis. If is a very good looking feminine transexual, like I said, probably I only will accept a blowjob but nothing more (I don’t feel attraction for anal sex, even with women).

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