“Top Seven Hottest Women in India,” by Magneto

The Top Seven Hottest Women in India

by Magneto

I’d like to speak a bit more positively about India for a while and to be honest, one of the few positive things I can think about the country is the women. Then again with Indian women you either love them or hate them. Lots of younger White guys have a huge fetish for Indian women and I’m one of them. So I’d like to make a list of the top seven hottest Indian women, and most of these women you probably will not have heard of before.

The captivating Tina Dutta gets first place.


Tina Dutta, who I rate as most beautiful woman in India.

One more pic of Tina Dutta.


The gorgeous Tina Dutta again.

Next up at Number Two is Paoli Dam.

2. Paoli Dam


Paoli Dan, rated Number Two.

Next up is Dimple Chopade.

3. Dimple Chopade


The beautiful Dimple Choade.

Number Four is Mumaith Khan.

4. Mumaith Khan


Mumaith Khan, Indian beauty.

Number Five is Shweta Tiwari.

5. Shweta Tiwari


Shweta Tifari, all dressed up and ready to go somewhere.

Number Six is Devoleena Bhattacharyajee.

6. Devoleena Bhattacharyajee


Devoleena Bhattacharjee, looking sweet and innocent.

And rounding them out at Number Seven is Arrambam Nayantara.

7. Nayantara


The beautiful Arrambam Nayantara.


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43 responses to ““Top Seven Hottest Women in India,” by Magneto

  1. White Dawg

    Indian Women are definitely tops.
    I love the style of India, the colors and outfits.
    I wonder why this style of bright colors doesn’t catch on here in the states.

  2. SHI

    I guess beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. All the girls above are definitely beautiful but to call them the MOST beautiful girls in India is a bit of a stretch. Plus, all of them happen to be connected to the entertainment industry. So, they HAVE to look good to make the cut.

    In India,all I have to do is take a trip down to the local mall where there are literally hundreds of attractive Indian women any time of the day. Regular housewives, college girls and even shop assistants.

    Most White guys infected by curry fever, prefer olive and brown-skinned Indian gals. They are definitely GOOD but my preference is for light-skinned Indian girls of which there are plenty in my town. But, maybe not that many as in places like Iran, Turkey etc.

    • Yeah that is true, that there are tons of hot indian women everywhere, especially if you’re a guy with an indian fetish.

      As for preferring lighter skinned indian women, yeah I fully understand that indian men are obsessed with light skinned women. I’ve had tons of indian guys ask me if I can “get them a white girl”. And that sucks because you ignore all the superhot DARKER skinned chicks who end up feeling neglected in society. Hence such women remain out of bounds for us white guys because they are alienated from society due to the racist mindset of indian men to only prefer whiter skinned women.

      If you guys don’t appreciate the dark skinned hot girls living in your country then please send them to the West as immigrants so we white men can take care of them.

      • SHI

        Wait. I thought you were Indian. So you’re another Western expat to India like TRASH?

        • Oh wait I thought u were a white guy. You mean you’re just another rapist indian male?

        • Sunny Leone was probably the finest-looking Sikh female in India in her prime. But she is getting on now, almost 40.

        • Oh shit I misread your comment as “you’re just another trashy western expat”. My bad.

        • SHI


          I take offence to the word “rapist”, that’s not who I am. You don’t know me enough to make that kind of assumption. I seriously took you for an Indian before but I didn’t go to the extent of calling you names. Rape jokes are somewhat bearable but calling someone a rapist would get you punched in real life. Totally uncalled for.

          Apologize, shit-face!

        • I already told you that I misread your comment as “you’re just another trashy western expat living in India”. I have no problem with indian men as long as they are civil and behave politely. Unfortunately 95% of indian men are not like that, and are passive aggressive, weak little bitches that have an inferiority complex towards white guys. And this makes it impossible to trust the bastards cause they will stab you in the back at any opportunity they can get.

          Why don’t you do something useful like open up more sterilization clinics in the rural areas, so that the fucking mass human population explosion can be reduced?

    • Sunny Leone was probably the hottest Indian woman in her prime on earth.

    • It’s a little harder for a white man who speaks no Hindi to cruise malls for Indian women.

      I say stick to the call girls because the average Indian call girl is actually sweeter than the average white woman.

      • SHI

        If you’re a wimpy and nerdy kind White man, nothing wrong with that. Stick to women from Kerala, Maharashtra and Goa. Many of them are into Westerners.

        If you want a feisty Punjabi/Haryanvi/UP/MP woman, you gotta be much more assertive and relentless. You should be willing to get out your comfort zone and speak your fucking mind.

        Bengali women prefer the intellectual type but you gotta be assertive enough. They crave drama and emotional highs.

        • I paid a Punjabi lookalike Sunny Leone type prostitute-pale, full-figured, lot’s of hair-3,000 Rupees in 2004 to have sex with her and shoot in her mouth with no condom. She did it happily.

          When you are a young white guy in India the prostitutes are kind of eager and it is almost like having a girlfriend for a night.

          The Indian sexual revolution started in the mid-2000’s so I sort of missed out on the entire experience as I was too old by then.

          Bear in mind I have not been BACK in India (Or used Indian prostitutes) since 2009.

        • I never used Kerala prostitutes. Most of the girls are underage 15-18 that are being pimped or trafficked down there-really sleazy, nothing I would do.

          It is quite underground in South India.

          Goa is the best place to have hot sex.

        • Promoting false stereotypes again. Yeah north indian women are a lot more cocky than bengali or south indian women but it’s because they have lighter skin and because indian men put them on a massive pedestal.

          How do you explain black women in America who are super cocky and independent?

          I just wish indian men would stop this pedestalization of white skinned women and start putting brown and black skinned indian women also on the same pedestal so that such women can have freedom to mix with men. Beccause as it stands right now, most darker skinned women are doomed to work as maids because they are not given any higher opportunites in life.

          Maybe it’s “natural” for “wimpy jewish guys” to prefer darker skinned women but remember a lot of darker skinned women are quite fierce and quite dominant too.

    • There wasn’t a solid 9 in any of those pictures. Did you see the cankles on that one you would marry?

  3. SUNNY LEONE is probably the hottest Punjabi woman on earth in her prime.

    • SHI


      Come down here to Dotheadland. I’ll totally hook you up with a full-blooded Punjabi woman. They don’t like wimps, so you gotta be more aggressive. That’s how they roll.

      • SHI

        The only Punjabi woman I ever slept with was a Punjabi prostitute-full-figured Sunny Leone lookalike with pale skin and lot’s of hair on her head and vagina-in an upscale prostitution establishment for 3,000 Rupees in 2004.

        She let me screw her and then I shot a load in her mouth with no condom.

        I was fortunate to spend my 20’s and some of my 30’s in India and that is the best age for a white guy to be in India.

        Now that I am 43 years old and married in East Asia this would be unrealistic.

        Sad to say I was in India in the late 90’s when Indian women were slightly more conservative.

        Thanks for the invitation but I am slightly too old and missed out on the revolution.

        • SHI

          43 isn’t old. You can always find someone within your age group range. Punjabi women remain hot well into their 30s but tend to get fat after that.

        • Punjabi women tend to get fat after age 23 or 24, SHI. Believe me, I’ve known plenty of punjabi women and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM had more body weight and fat than any normal girl. It’s like Punjabi women cannot help but gain weight. And two of those chicks were hitting the gym almost daily. And those two were barely maintaining a slightly larger than average body frame. God help if they stop hitting the gym, they will blimp up really fast.

          Punjabi women also tend to get REALLY fat, not just some extra fat like indian women. Indian women are actually quite good at keeping a good frame but subhuman Punjabis cannot but gain weight. They have shit genetics.

          So give me a darker skinned indian women who has a healthy body weight, with a bit of extra meat on her bones, any day of the week over these noisy, rude, EXTREMELY FAT punjabi women.

        • And two of those chicks were hitting the gym almost daily.

          Exercise doesn’t lead to weight loss.

          Source: me. Am a personal trainer and nutritionist.

        • Hotdog

          Which non-mongoloid groups are most fit, least fat, and most petite in Middle East and India? My guess is Iranians because of healthier diet. but you guys have more firsthand knowledge.

      • you can keep those punjabi cunts. They are all fucking hideously ugly. The ONLY reason they are considered attractive is because indian men put them on such a massive pedestal.

        Why not start promoting darker skinned indian women as attractive? The women I’ve listed in my top 7 are mostly bengali and a couple are south indian. I didn’t include even a single punjabi cunt in my list.

  4. Wow these women are beautiful.

  5. Its surprising how similar they all look, except 4. I had to check they weren’t the same person. I see Magneto has a type.

    these gals are attractive but nah, Indian women are really beautiful and you could make a way better list than this.

    • SHI Sadly, you cannot be white and 26 and on Goa beach your entire life smoking marijuana.

      Moreover, Indians can do my job.

      But back then you could still find an Indian hot woman to have sex with you for 3,000 Rupees which is nothing for a white guy and I had a great time.

    • Sorry for not including lighter skinned punjabis but that’s typical of indian men. You only think lighter skinned women are beautiful and you completely ignore darker skinned women.

      The lighter skinned punjabis whom you guys so adore are actually fucking hideous. They are like a 2/10 ugly Mexican woman. It’s a shame that you guys promote such ugly beasts as the most attractive when there are tons of really fucking hot indian women who have darker skin.

      • What are you talking about? Most of these women on your list are light skinned. Its got nothing to do with skin colour. There are just more beautiful Indian women. I’ve saw better looking Indian and Pakistani women walking around my old campus on a regular basis. There’s no way these are top 7.

  6. Brown is the new yellow.

  7. shan94

    Dutta is a Kayastha ( scribe caste ), Upper Caste

    Tiwari is a brahmin

    Bhattacharya is a brahmin

    Chopade is a Maratha Landlord

    all the above are from ‘Aryan’ castes

    Nayanthara is a Syrian Christian, with sizeable Iranian ancestry

  8. SHAN Syrian Christians in Kerala are far from 100% Syrian. They came 1000 years ago.

  9. Tulio

    These “hottest women of India” look like slightly above average Colombian women.

    • Yeah well that’s the kicker. Even an average foreign woman is hotter than a “hot” indian woman. The truth is that modern indians have shit genetics and that’s why there aren’t really truly any HOT women in India.

      A 10/10 in India is a 4/10 in the West.

      • MAGNETO In all fairness Indian women raised in the United States are more attractive than Indians.

        • Yea but they also have massive fucking egos. Then again if you’re a white guy with at least some game you can bang them pretty easy. Another positive point is indian women in America tend to be darker skinned because they are the daughters of programmers and doctors and those guys are usually from the South.

  10. Mayur Varshne

    You clearly have a thing for the feminine types and the dusky types.

    Shweta Tiwari is more complete a package. She’s very hot, actually!

  11. Mayur Varshne


    What about this one

    She sure as hell is both dusky and feminine. Besides, she has curves. Her name is Mayuri Kango.

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