“Report from the Ground in India,” by Magneto

Report from the Ground in India

by Magneto

Many of you might have heard about Narendra Modi’s extremely bold move to remove 85% of India’s currency overnight. He announced about a month ago that 500 rupee and 1000 rupee notes would be banned and no longer be accepted as legal tender. While I and many others applaud his intention, which he said was to eliminate black money and bring more taxes dollars to the government, the way it has been implemented has been total chaos.

There were lines 100s of people long at ATM’s, although recently the situation is slightly better and now there are lines of about 50 or 30 people at any working ATM. The new 500rs and 1000rs notes are a different size from the old one, so this requires recalibrating ATM machines to be able to dispense the new notes. As it stands, most ATM’s aren’t even working, and the ones that do run out of cash within a few hours after being filled.

India is the worst country to have tried this experiment on. A lot of people, especially the rural poor, do not even have bank accounts, so they are fully dependent on cash. This has caused a lot of chaos in India, and many people are fearing that riots may break out if the government doesn’t do something soon to fix the situation.

If the government would hurry up and recalibrate the ATM machines as well as get with it and print the new 500 and 2000rs notes, it would ease the situation a lot.

Many people are unable to afford rent, electricity bill, groceries, etc, because they simply have no physical cash. I have been living without cash ever since this began and have been using Uber to travel, buying food from big grocery chains, and paying my rent and utilities bill through netbanking. So the upper-class urban people have not suffered that much, but the rural and urban poor are suffering a lot now.

I am also worried about what will happen if the situation doesn’t improve soon. I don’t think there will be large scale riots, but the Indian economy has literally imploded overnight, and sales have dropped by anywhere from 50 to 75% at most shops.

One good benefit I see out of this is that the obnoxious auto rickshaw drivers are being put out of business, since anyone with the means to do so is now traveling by Uber instead. An auto rickshaw is basically a go-kart with a covered seating section in the back. It’s a bit hard to explain, so I’d suggest just Googling it. Auto rickshaw drivers are the rudest people you will ever meet in India, and they are constantly trying to scam and overprice you. I’m happy to see the bastards being put out of business.

The auto rickshaw drivers have also been protesting for a while now against Uber because they claim Uber is taking their business. This is an idiotic excuse. By that same logic, horse drivers should have protested against cars since cars put the horse-driver carriage industry out of business. Once again, many Indians refuse to evolve and actually want to stop all progress in society.

Either way, this goes to show how dumb most Indians are and how they need Whites or Arabs people to manage their countries for them. Indians are too dumb to run their own country. Back when the Muslims and British ruled India, the country was much better off and much more organized too. If Indians don’t want to be ruled by Whites or Arabs, then why do Indians keep flooding into White Western or Arab countries?

Maybe once Indians wipe themselves out due to their own stupidity, White people can start settling India just like they settled America and start developing the country. India is a very nice country in terms of geography, resources, and scenery, and it’s a shame that such a nice country is going to waste being managed by a bunch of genetic subhumans. If White countries would ban all immigration from and cut all aid to India, we’d see Indians wipe themselves out within a couple of generations.

The Vedic scriptures say that Aryans are the supreme race, so shouldn’t Indians want the “supreme race” to come into their country and develop it? Indians are brainwashed from a young age to hate White people and to consider Whites and “the British” as the cause of all of India’s problems. If it wasn’t for this anti-White racist brainwashing inculcated in innocent school children in India, I think Indians would be a lot more open to White people coming and developing their country for them. But hey, if Indians are content to have such a horrible living standard, then fuck them. Most Indians are too arrogant and ignorant to accept change anyway. If you give them good advice, they get angry at you.

The sooner we can implement full isolation of India and Indians, the better the rest of the world will be.


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9 responses to ““Report from the Ground in India,” by Magneto

  1. My only mugging in India was by a rickshaw driver. They are basically criminals and many are heroin junkies.

    No white should ride a Rickshaw because Taxis are so cheap although some pull that “will you stop by the tailor and pretend you want to buy something so I’ll get a tip from the tailor shop owner nonsense”.

  2. Yee

    I wouldn’t expect Modi to print banknotes in a great hurry if I were an Indian.

    While all the talks about collecting tax and fighting curruption are ture, Modi has a ulterior motive as well. I believe he wants to pool cash into the bank and use it for investments. Just like a clever little businessman would have pooled the whole family’s money together to start a business. Printing money fast certainly works against his goal, which is let the money stays in the bank. He will print them slowly.

    Reducing cash flow is very harmful for the economy, he must have a bigger fish to fry to do it.

    • Yeah there is probably some plan he has but who knows what it really is. The Elites probably have a plan and manipulated Modi into taking this action. The Illuminati will push for a global cashless society because it’s a lot easier to control people if their entire money is digital.

      • Kartik

        Magneto, There were couple of motives behind this:
        1. There were 19 trillion fake Indian currency notes which Pakistani terrorist networks had minted to be injected into the Indian economy. This is a massive amount of fake cash in the denominations of 500 and 1000 rupees.
        2. Estimated 20 trillion Rupees human trafficking industry, which was broken down as well as a result of this move. http://www.livemint.com/Politics/p9VrQTy6jY4Cs4H6CqpbZO/Note-ban-breaks-the-backbone-of-Rs20-trillion-trafficking-in.html

        The maoist rebels are surrendering day in and out because they had stored some 700 crore Indian rupees to fund their rebel activities against the Indian establishment.
        Only 10% of the black money or illegal cash exists in the form of hard cash.
        There is a nexus of the Non Government organizations which basically heckle our industries.
        The terrorist activities in Kashmir have fallen down. Not a single protest seen in the Kashmir region. No stone pelters, no riots. Because no one has to money to fund them anymore.
        Real estate business is very dirty in India. They were running a parallel economy. An average Indian cant buy a house anymore with honestly earned money. Because, its simply not enough. That has fallen now now.
        There was a two year ground work done by Modi before implementing this move. This is not an ill planned move as being narrated. 20 crore bank accounts were opened for the poor. A lot of money has been deposited in these accounts post demonetization move. How come?

        This move is the key for the Indians to get rid of the culture of corruption for good. We are all tired of that shit!
        We are tired of migrating to the west, because we have no quality life here. This is our chance!

  3. rw95

    Nigga, if you hate India so much, why the fuck are you there in the first place?

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