More Marxists Against the Alt Left

Well, against my Alt Left anyway.

This is from Lost Generation, a reddit purportedly about the economic troubles of the Millennial Generation, but which seems to be populated mostly by Marxists for some odd reason.

All of the usual charges that get leveled against me by the Hard Left types are here: I’m a racist, sexist, fascist, crypto-Nazi Alt Right guy masquerading as being on the Left. What’s ridiculous is that I hate all of these people and have never felt at home at any of their websites. I am usually appalled by their racism, sexism, fascism, Nazism, etc. and I really cannot stand most Alt Right sites for similar reasons.

There is just about no one I hate as much as fascists, and I’ve never found a racist website where I felt at home and was not bothered by their hard racism. I also hate Nazis. And one of the main reasons that I hate the Manosphere so much is  because it is so misogynistic and sexist. In other words, I cannot stand sexist Manosphere sites. They’re awful and it’s their misogyny that I hate so much. I love women, I don’t hate them.

All of the attacks on me and my ideology are italicized.

Here’s the critique:

digdog303: Why isn’t there any alt-left?

Get_Erkt: I saw some dudes using that, but they seem keen to ignore everything we’ve learned in the past 100 years about how patriarchy and white supremacy/ imperialism are more effective impediments to revolution than police repression. Like they’re mad they might have to stop macking on comrades or share the spot light with others, and they think socialism means having a PS4 pro and $4K TV.

SayingStuffOnReddit: Ugh, exactly this.

I found this guy’s WordPress blog the other day, first one I’ve seen that was an “Alt Left” blog. He regularly bans people for very petty things, and it’s always race-related. He’s always hurling racially or religiously charged insults at people who say the slightest thing that makes HIM uncomfortable, and he always points out how someone is “ARAB” or a “JEW” even if there is zero evidence of them being that, it’s like “Hey, I think you look like you’re from X, so I’m going to call you a name associated with that area of the world.”

It was fucking ridiculous. Very little discussion of actual socialist theory and a whole lot of whining about “SJWs” and “feminism” while not really putting forth anything that really distances his views from a typical Alt-Righter.

For a self proclaimed Leftist (he had pictured of Stalin and Lenin, for example) it is pretty disgusting to see this kind of crap being spread as “valid” forms of agitprop for “socialism.”

Dude identified as a “race realist” and basically spews Nazi propaganda 50% less of the time than an actual fascist would.

I mean, I hate being called a brocialist, because I’m not one, but I’ve had people irresponsibly throw this at me when I’ve tried to critique Identity Politics and such in good faith. This guy, however, totally fits the bill and totally showed me why the term exists and is used as an insult to begin with.
They want “liberation,” but just none of that icky stuff that has to do with race, gender, or anything outside of class.

It is truly strange and something I cannot remotely relate to. I can only imagine that his “activist” group (if he even has that) is just a bunch of angry White dudes, which, in spite of me being a White male, I simply can’t get down with.

I live in a predominantly Black area, and this kind of shit would never fly in public, it is the product of upper-middle class White folks playing the role of revolutionary from their gated-in communities in the ‘burbs.

I hate sounding so condescending too, because I know it isn’t helping, but sometimes people really do need to meet you half way, and this guy is one of them; he’d do better to just shut up and read a book than spew more of this incoherent “Alt Left” bullshit.

pikapizza: The double-edged sword of the Internet is that it gives any idiot or socially-marginalized weirdo a voice. Embracing the ‘brocialist’ smear (anyone to the left of Hillary = hates women and likes the KKK) because you found one such idiot or socially- marginalized weirdo is not the way to go.

SayingStuffOnReddit: I don’t embrace it as a smear, I was just saying that I now understand why people might so easily sling it around when people like that guy are basically fascists appropriating left-wing aesthetics and terminology.

pikapizza: People using that epithet aren’t thinking of this guy. The whole ‘class politics = racist and sexist’ meme only got traction because millions of young Americans weren’t doing what they were told and started voting for the evil brocialist Bernie instead of the devout feminist and anti-racist progressive Hillary.

They have in mind the 22 year-old college student who has the disgusting, privileged audacity to think economic justice might be more important than smashing the patriarchy, and insults like this are their way of telling him to fuck off, that left-wing politics are not for him, and to go vote for Trump.

SayingStuffOnReddit: I know what you’re talking about, but I’ve seen it used in many other forms than the one you just mention. I was citing one instance.

And tbf “smashing the patriarchy” and “economic justice” have to go hand in hand. I don’t see them as at odds with one another, that’s all I was saying. Hillary supporters obviously can’t make the connection there, and doubly so for the right wing. People like Robert Lindsay see them as “polar opposites” which really just shows his lack of understanding of what actual feminists (the socialist ones, at least) believe. Instead, he lambastes caricatures of what feminism actually is or just takes pot shots at random individual actors without grappling with any real ideas.

He and his ilk spend more time talking about what a woman decided to wear to a “Slut Walk” than what her views are on “patriarchy,” how she might define it, and why she came to such an event in the first place. In a way, he doesn’t “dismantle” feminist critiques of society; he inevitably proves their legitimacy.

pikapizza: But they clearly don’t go hand in hand. We’ve just witnessed an election where the self-described feminist and standard bearer for progressive Identity Politics in the US was also a multimillionaire, staunch neoliberal and hardline imperialist who openly spoke for the interests of business and the very wealthy. Her campaign overtly used gender politics to dismiss economic justice as a sideshow issue (if not a sneaky cover for the Left’s closet racism and sexism) and smear any criticism from her left as veiled misogyny.

This is the new political reality. Thinking you can ignore it and keep on pandering to identitarianism with ‘oh, that’s not MY kind of feminism!’ or whatever is quite stupid.

SayingStuffOnReddit: Dude whatever i’m not gonna argue with you about the importance of gender and race and its relationship to class.

There’re books that talk about the significance of these, even when people try to insist class is some kind of “be-all” “end-all.”

If your idea of progressivism is “don’t talk about gender or race,” and you essentially equate any discussion of gender or race as “Identitarianism” then you’re just driving away people.

I feel like we’re talking about two different things, and you seem to be insisting that I’m promoting some kind of neoliberal Identity Politics. That’s not the same as taking an intersectional approach where we acknowledge that class is the key unifier of all oppressed identities.

Furthermore, Hillary isn’t nor has she ever been the “standard bearer” for progressive anything.

That is catering to and propagating neoliberal media narratives and ultimately capital interests.

There’s many different angles one can discuss gender and race, which I’m completely fine with so long as they’re rooted in anti-capitalist critiques.

Get_Erkt: Brosocialism existed before Sanders but referred to men who didn’t care about women’s issues, like whether we ought to discipline or expel men who preyed on women from socialist organizations. There were several high profile cases of rape cover-ups in Leftist organizations recently, but marginalizing women and relegating them to “women’s work” was something even the Panthers and Soviets were guilty of.

Patriarchy was the first form of economic class and exploitation, but brosocialists don’t want to hear it. Our organizations aren’t dating services, and comrades are held to a professional, disciplined standard of behavior in our personal interaction, but brosocialists don’t want to hear it.

The people who used Clinton’s gender as a lasso or whip against opponents were cynical opportunists. Clinton is no friend of women or anyone. But the Left has to struggle against internal sexism and racism nonetheless because we are products of a racist, sexist society and understanding the struggle revolving around class is only the first step to liberation. Patriarchy and White supremacy/settlerism/imperialism are manifestations of class across physical human characteristics.

pikapizza: Brocialism has been around for awhile, sure, but it’s never had that sort of narrow definition. It’s always been an ideological pejorative for any left-wing politics critical of or hostile to Identity Politics (you can be a woman and be a brocialist). So it was very much consistent and predictable that it was picked up by the Hillary campaign. The ruling class’ embrace of ‘Leftist’ Identitarian ideology and politics in support of imperialist policy, state repression, curtailing civil freedoms, divide-and-conquer political strategies et al. has been ongoing for many years.

And Clinton’s Identity Politics were only cynical opportunism if you’re still clinging to shitty and delusional assessment of Identity Politics that hasn’t moved past the 1960’s where racial and gender politics are still radical and revolutionary and haven’t been thoroughly integrated into modern bourgeois ideology and the daily functioning of big business and liberal bourgeois democracies.

It’s based on this completely unfounded premise that there is some secret and intrinsic connection between Identity Politics and the Left when the plain reality is that these are basically right-wing, anti-Marxist conceptions that dovetail perfectly with neoliberal politics and ideology. A right-wing multimillionaire shill for Wall Street like Hillary becoming the standard bearer for Identity Politics isn’t an aberration or a ploy, it’s a perfectly logical outcome.

SayingStuffOnReddit: There is an Alt Left, but it’s basically a bunch of “left” wingers in denial of their White Nationalism. They claim to be separate from the Alt Right, but it’s all propaganda that any well read socialist can point out.

An easy one is they have a distaste for “Cultural Marxism” in common with Alt-Righters.

Yet nobody seems to want to admit that “Cultural Marxism” is just a nice dog whistle for actual Nazi propaganda that was used during WWII.

It’s just that back then, it was called “Cultural Bolshevism“.

It’s funny how much this phenomenon has in common with the modern Alt-Right as well. Any symbols representing the authorities of the current prevailing order, if disrespected through art or expression bring shame and derision from the Alt-Right types, yet these are the people who are supposed to be the “revolutionaries” and “rebels” of the current time.

You’d think a bunch of revolutionaries would be more interested in disrespecting and subverting authority than supporting (let alone protecting) it.


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60 responses to “More Marxists Against the Alt Left

  1. Living in a black neighborhood but is the guy WILLINGLY living there? I know most white people would not choose to live in such areas and are only there because they can’t afford to leave.

    The guy would be better off just packing his bags and getting some English teaching job in China. At least then he’d be living in a relatively safe place.

    This is how bad it is becoming in America, that white people would rather flee to shithole 3rd world countries than live near the violent ghettos of America that are made up mainly of mexicans and blacks.


      As the ghetto and barrio populations increase White Flight was first to suburbs, then exurbs and eventually Whites will have to leave North America.

      When Redneck posters talk about what a backwards “shithole” Arab countries are I laugh because if they actually had the opportunity to LIVE IN DUBAI they would not leave. Roads are clean, no street crime of any kind exists (Penalties are SO SEVERE) and the skyline makes their little brick city of Springfield, Illinois or Dead Stump, Arkansas look prehistoric.

      A white man is safer in most Arab countries than he is in Detroit, Atlanta, East Los Angeles, any Indian Reservation, any barrio and even maybe Little Italy.

      I’ve lived like a king in Southeast and East Asia and India for $1,000 a month for more than ten years and you are not living in a shithole if you even have $500 to spend in Asia.

      Malays and South Indians and East Asians are more MELLOW than blacks, Latins (I lump Sicilians into this category) even poor rural whites.

      The women are sweeter and like sucking men’s penises with their mouths and nice tight vaginas (Arab women with their anuses) and tending to the house. The tropical sunsets are soft and colorful.

      WTF wants to spend their life in Flint, Michigan waiting for the jobs to come back?

    • MAGNETO I did.

      Rednecks on this site go on and on about what a “Backward shit hole” Arab countries are but Dubai looks much more modernistic and clean than Flint, Atlanta, Harlem, East Los Angeles, South Chicago.

      Would you rather be poor in Dubai or Detroit if you were white.

      North Africa is a different story because they are partly black as is Somalia but pure Arabs are basically no different than Jews.

      Arabs sometimes drink but they do not use crack cocaine, meth or heroin so they won’t kill somebody to try and get money to buy more.

      Arab women like it up the butt hole which I also enjoy penetrating and although they are religious and decent women they are raised to please males sexually whom they consent to have intercourse with. I’ve known several British men married to Dubai Arab women and they are more feminine and passionate about sexually pleasing a man then some blonde with a fake tan who was spoiled by her daddy and will someday be blowing her ex-husbands cash on some young stud at a Cougar Bar.

      • Why anyone would wanna live in a hyper-repressive Middle Eastern society is beyond me. No public drinking? No thanks. Get your hand chopped off for stealing a candy bar? May reduce crime, but again, no thanks. Fucks somebody’s wife and receive the death penalty? NO THANKS!

        • DUI is the crime that really gets you F8cked in Dubai or Kuwait. Its like 3 years in a dungeon. Your embassy will get you out after like 18 months…maybe.

          You can drink in hotel bars or in your house.

          Minor theft won’t get your hand chopped off but you’ll do like 6 months in a dungeon eating rotten goat meat.

          If you have the urge to steal candy bars…you probably should stay home, wherever you are from.

          The standard of living and wealth and health care is better in Dubai than in Flint, Michigan or Dick’s Knob, Arkansas.

    • Matt

      But you don’t understand. Once they see how much love and light he spreads, everybody will link arms and sing that song from the 1970s coke commercial.

      • MATT I was born in the mid-70’s so I cannot really comment on this.

      • MATT It works with males and females to an extent. Another words once a white male screws an Arab female and makes her pregnant and she has to rely on him as a provider (Many Englishmen are married to Dubai Arabs) or a Hispanic female (You see this in California) then basically biology takes over.

        I assume when a successful black like Tiger Woods does the same thing the same process occurs.

        But if you have a penis and the other person of another color has a penis then unless one of you likes a penis in your butthole there is going to be no peace and light.

        Hollywood, electronic media and porn have tried to push Lesbianism but in this does not work with females either: Anglo women tend to be more aggressive than Asian women, Italian and Mexican women are more aggressive than Anglos, black women are the most aggressive. Women of different colors do not get along either.

        • Hotdog

          Women will often obsess over a petty difference like hair color, typically brunette vs blonde. Fat women are often insecure and dislike thin women. A womans lack of aggression is to her credit.

    • 3rd world shithole countries full of Asians are going to be safer than 2nd world European countries full of Southern Italians or Slavs and 1st world countries full of NAMS are going to be most dangerous of all.

      Sweden was safe when I visited there 20 years ago on student holiday. Now it is as dangerous as East LA.

      Its the people, not the place.

  2. MAGNETO Sadly you are right.

    Thais and Indians will likely not kill a white male living a cheap beach hut in the poor part of Phuket or Goa. They will say: that white is “bankrupt” and he does not have a vagina to penetrate so who gives a shit about him and will be on their way.

    NAMS belong to much more homicidal and aggressive races.

    If you are a white crashing on Detroit’s river shores for a single day you will be killed simply because NAMS or sometimes white teenage punks are bored.

    U.S. is a LETHAL place due to uneven wealth distribution.

  3. Matt

    I find it mystifying that people think there would be an advantage for an alt rightist posing as a leftist. As for brocialist, I would put it on my facebook page as my political orientation if I were a little more courageous.

  4. America is the best country in the world, and it’s not that hard to stay away from the blacks/Hispanics/rednecks.

  5. RUHKUKAH Have you BEEN anywhere else in the English-speaking world? How would you know? Or are you even a North American?

    The fact that America put the first person on the moon does not help the average person compared to the average person in Australia or Tokyo.

    It is only my opinion as a middle-class white male with only an undergraduate degree however.

    Earn under $30,000 a year and you will be less safe in America than in dozens of other countries.

    Mexicans will actually attack you in Southwest cities for no reason faster than blacks. Don’t ask me why.

    • Hotdog

      What group(s) behave similarly or closest to that in Asia and the Middle East?

      • HOTDOG

        You’ll find the very early genes for behavioral traits in North American regions in specific places.

        Scots and Northern English are similar to rednecks in the South, minus the long bad history with blacks. Really similar. Loud, inarticulate, unfriendly, coarse, rude, sometimes violent. They love guns. And moonshine too.

        Scots bars are really dumb for a stranger to step into.

        Filipinos are slightly like Mexicans but less violent. I’ve been to Spain and there are nothing like American Latinos. Not one bit. But Spain itself is quite a bit like Northern Arizona and California and you can understand why Spanish adapted easily there.

        New Jersey Italians sort of seem Arab. Most are from Sicily very near North Africa.

      • Even Africans attest that most of the African-Americans trace their roots to the most primitive tribes in West and South Africa.

        British believe the same about the Appalachians who received their Lake Country immigrants.

        Filipinos are kind of similar to Hispanics.

  6. BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD? I am an American and I wonder how this is measured.

    I have not missed the place in 17 years.

    Best free health care? No.

    Best economy? Not really.

    A Superpower? So was Russia, how did this help people waiting in breadlines?

    Huge country? Yes, but between Chicago and San Francisco there are many poor unemployed people.

    Diversity? Yes, but Florida is expensive.

    Multicultural? Blacks and Mexicans shove everyone out of the cities eventually whether Swedish-American or Chinese-American.

    Violence? Actually Canada and other countries are not AS SAFE AS PEOPLE BELIEVE. I’ve been to them.

    Freedom? The U.S. is a police state which is why low IQ NAMS always screw up and go to jail for their little bit of marijuana or their open intoxicant or whatever.

  7. Jason Y

    Marxism doesn’t mesh well with social conservatism or race realism because those philosophies are anti-egalitarian, so it’s like mixing fire and water, though I can see why Robert is opposed to the extreme cultural left. For instance, stuff like, I don’t know, transgendered Eskimos or something. 😆

  8. Show me a Marxist who wants to live in a barrio or ghetto. Most of the social conservatives are whites who are lower-class to middle-class, have followed the conservative patterns of marriage and children, are losing ground in terms of wage and living standards and are more prone to attacks on the street by NAMS than a Marxist UCLA professor.

  9. Sami

    How do I join the “Patriarchy“?

    Is it enough just to be a dude? Does my cock confer admission, and all of its attendant privileges?

    Any insight, Robert (or anybody else)?

  10. Hotdog

    I believe a large part of the younger generation is over the Nazi scare and think the idea of throwing jews in the ovens is funny, not literally. A lot young guys I talk to in person seem to think it’s funny, which’s new and not just an online phenomenon. As a WWII revisionist it’s not really good to perpetuate the false belief of mass killings in gas chambers, ovens, ect. as the average person believes in them.

    • Jason Y

      It’s probably just some punks, probably young Republicans. Anyhow, that’s the downside of a Martin Luther King Jr. world, it becomes cool to be for racism rather than against it. Because anti-racism becomes the status quo.

  11. Jason Y

    The main problem with white supremacists and the like is the appalling lack of compassion or empathy. Now note, though, in their cruel assessment of things, they may be right on occassion. For instance, if the US is run on credit, then at some point the credit will run out and NAMS won’t be able to survive as government help will collapse, and WNs are more likely to think like that than anti-racists.

    However, note, just cause I think things will collapse isn’t a hi-five for white nationalism. Instead, it’s simply a realization that the conservatives in your life are less muddled in thinking by rainbows and sugary dreams like your humanities college professor.

    • JASON

      Brooklyn mean street Jews raised on ample diets have enough muscle mass to be a match for any gang of skinheads or black Muslims.

      Skinhead gangs have actually faded from importance since the eighties when they still ran a few street corners in Seattle or somewhere.

      Whites do not want to spend life in prison while Hispanics and blacks are resigned to going there whether they belong to a gang or not.

      • Jason Y

        I’m thinking Seattle would be enemy territory considering the massive amount of extreme cultural left liberals.

        • In the 80’s skinheads still ran a few blocks there and in some other Northern cities but their No-Drugs policy never gave them an economy to stand on, really.

          Even the youngest Mexican vato might have a kilo of uncut cocaine in his pocket. Asians gangs used to extort small businesses but corporate America has shrunk this to a few Chinese restaurants.

          White skinheads are tough in jails but on the streets there are not enough whites willing to throw away their life anymore.

    • Hotdog

      It’s compassionate and empathetic Whites that take the barrel full of non-White whines and cries of racism. The more logical and less emotional Whites will need positive reinforcement instead of punishment for human behavior.

      • …Jews and Italians do not give a bloody shit man, as examples of other white groups in America.

        Meet any white American man who has left the United States. He won’t even PRETEND he gives a shit, as I don’t (I’m married to a Thai-Chinese).

      • Jason Y

        I think empathy and compassion should be shown, but honestly, I think the US is headed for a meltdown, another depression, and the government cannot save people. I like socialism, but it’s just not feasable in the current mode. It won’t survive. It will start eventually turning into a Night of Cannibals Thing for the USA.

        • Jason Y

          Here is a video basically showing why some think an economic collapse is coming: (not spam) Basically the first crash came in 2007, so now the big one comes next because the government is being propped up on shaky credit. Statistically it just won’t last.

        • William

          Primary economic concerns today;
          1. Technologisation/Globalization is causing some people to be essentially kept out of the economy, which creates more inequality and will, at least eventually stunt growth overall.
          2. Thatcheristic monetary policy (low interest rates trigger low risk environment, leading to low investment by large companies and low growth.
          3. Wages are dropping in the few ‘old jobs’ remaining because so many are greatful just to have a job, they’re not asking for more wages.

        • William

          Although our crazy bureaucracy may not help, it appears that some industries; vital industries have caused consumers to be at the whim of the companies; the good is absolutely necessary for them to have and they will pay the price no matter what.

          This is why countries like France nationalize these industries; healthcare being one.
          I wonder if the Obamacare replacement will be like that.

        • Jason Y

          Steve Forbes has even stated the dollar will fall. It’s not conspiracy theorists.

  12. Actually the days of White Gangs like the Royals in Chicago (Swedes, Irish, Germans, Hungarians) or the Wanderers (Italians) who did commit racial attacks are gone.

    Even the Skinhead Era of the late 80’s made famous by Geraldo is really in the past.

    Jews do not face any real threat anymore in the U.S. anymore.

    • Jason Y

      Depends on the area. At my local community college, they constantly bully liberals calling them nigger, nigger-lover, gook-lover, faggot, wuss, saying they suck, calling them cock-suckers, trying to provoke fights.

      So in my view, the racial hate is at an all time high. It’s not organized racist violence, but it’s just locals who band together and pick on people. In other words, they have such number they can band together and harass without feeling any fear from police or school authorities. But of course, it’s less so at colleges with more ethnic diversity, in that case, it’s kind of an under your breath hate that comes out occasionally.

      • JASON Y Offer them $500 plus free travel fare to walk through Brooklyn wearing a Swastika shirt on the Sabbath through throngs of tough street Jews.

      • JASON I’m sure they would walk through Little Cambodia or Koreatown calling the gangs “gooks” in LA.

        Sad to say but all human beings when outnumbered or even matched have a self-preservation instinct.

        • Jason Y

          Becuase they’re pussies. They always act bold when they’re the majority, but not so as the minority.

          But even at a more ethnically diverse university, there was some hate, but there are so many different ethnic groups and students from different parts of the country that there isn’t the place where there can be “harassment for locals” going on much.

        • Jason Y

          Well, NAMS bully just as harshly, but definitely these redneck whites are a tribalistic group on par with NAMS. Some try to write off these rednecks as though the stuff they say is just baby stuff, nothing to worry about. But probably NAMS are more likely to jump you, but again, at what point would rednecks cross the line from hate speech to kicking your ass ??

      • Jason Y

        Like well, let’s see. I was walking in Wal-Mart and some guy runs by, hit and run,, and says “You suck nigger !! 😆 It was some young college student that I saw again at the community college where, I was strolling by after class going to my car and he with some girl, and she called me nigger, and then he started laughing, mocking the situation.

        I went to a fast food restaurant after hours in Bristol Va and was called a nigger mockingly by someone there.

        So there is a conspiracy of hate going on. It’s not random attacks.

        But definitely, I would like to get even with that bastard. But I don’t know his name cause the pussy is difficult to pin down, but I did turn in one girl for bullying cause eventually found her name. She was harassing me in math tutoring a few years back, but later I had a class with her and found her name.

        • JASON Y I’m confused…You are Scots and presumably have the ruddy complexion and light hair of the Pict or Celt.

          You claim to be part Cherokee (Like every other rural white).

          Why would he call you a n888er?

        • William

          Seems like Jason has the same problem as the family of President Warren Harding;
          “for Harding, raised in a vastly different era, when Jim Crow governed much of the country and the Ku Klux Klan was making a comeback, it was a weapon wielded against him. Operating under the so-called one-drop rule that any “black blood” at all made someone black, racists used genealogy to try to discredit opponents.
          With Harding, it stuck for decades. Abigail Harding, his grandniece, said last week that her family told her that when she was a baby in the 1940s, a woman came up to her carriage on the street and said, “Just wanted to see if she was black.”
          From the 1960s to the 1990s, the story was cited by black authors in pamphlets and books like “The Five Negro Presidents” and “The Six Black Presidents” to argue that several presidents had mixed heritage. More recently, the question was revived with Mr. Obama’s election in 2008.
          The historian Francis Russell, in his 1968 biography of Harding, traced the story back to Harding’s great-great-grandfather Amos, who supposedly told descendants that a man spread the rumor that he was black to avenge being exposed as a thief. Another Harding biographer, Robert K. Murray, had a different explanation, writing that when the future president’s abolitionist family moved to Ohio, it lived in the same area with black residents and there was mingling.”


        • Jason Y

          JASON Y I’m confused…You are Scots and presumably have the ruddy complexion and light hair of the Pict or Celt.

          You claim to be part Cherokee (Like every other rural white).

          Why would he call you a n888er?

          I have dark frizzy curly, hair, but that’s not really motivating the hate, at least I don’t think (It did motivate bullying in middle school.) Mostly word got around I was a bleeding heart, so I became a target for mockery.

        • Jason Y

          There is this whole clique or network of peckerwoods, in fact, one family is even notorious at the community college and they all think alike – the peckerwood family. So this group punishes whoever they don’t like with teasing, and often, like in the math tutoring sessions with that girl, it’s so brutal it actually justifies a fight.

          My last encounter with one of these monkeys what at a chemistry lab. One of them called me a cocksucker, and then they started giggling calling me a girl, due to my longer hair and because another one the network was in a linear algebra class, one of the sweathog types, and he was calling me a girl, a fag etc..

          One time I got a haircut and went to class and he said “I though he was a chick.” 😆 It was just little stuff like that. Once I accidently used a calculator on the test and teacher told me to bring it back and the sweathog mocked me saying “No, you can’t use a calculator, pussy” :lol;

        • Jason Y

          Seems like Jason has the same problem as the family of President Warren Harding;
          …“for Harding, raised in a vastly different era, when Jim Crow governed much of the country and the Ku Klux Klan was making a comeback, it was a weapon wielded against him. Operating under the so-called one-drop rule that any “black blood” at all made someone black, racists used genealogy to try to discredit opponents.

          I think it’s a different time, but in certain places, and I think basically all-white community colleges would be one such place, you see the stuff as back in Harding’s day. There are racist cliques and they hate liberals and they want to mock whoever they hate using the worst language imaginable and it’s mind-blowingly harsh. It’s almost as bad the stuff you see on the movie School Ties, about a Jewish kid being hated at a New England Prep School in the 50s.

          It seems like people would have grown up from that time period, but nowadays, in certain areas the kids are just as mean or meaner than kids in the past.

        • Jason Y

          The problem with schools, where any race is the majority, is the massive tribalism. They gang together and when their minds are not on their schoolwork they pass the time by punishing people they deem as the enemy. But in reality, what a person believes in, isn’t none of their fucking business Right ??

        • Jason Y

          And people will claim it’s my lanky weak appearance bringing on bullies but actually it isn’t. Note Harding could put up a fight and was strong, but it didn’t deter enemies from ripping him apart. Basically, they don’t care about the physical appearance, they just want to hate people they don’t like, who are normally of opposite politics, a different race, someone they perceive to be gay, someone they feel is a loudmouth that disrespected them, and especially those who they are jealous of.

        • Hotdog

          My dad has curly, all the old ladies who get perms will envy you. Sucks to be a minority, I remember a pack of blacks used to harrass a little person and follow her around singing the oompa loompa song at my school.

        • Jason Y

          My dad has curly, all the old ladies who get perms will envy you. Sucks to be a minority, I remember a pack of blacks used to harrass a little person and follow her around singing the oompa loompa song at my school.

          I never said blacks and other NAMS were any kinder to misfits than racist whites.

        • Hotdog

          I never accused.

      • Jason Y

        The boldness which they harass people is amazing.

  13. Jason Y

    Anyhow, I want to have a leftist regime, but can Robert explain how such a regime can fund government programs if the US is run on shaky credit that eventually will run out (The stats strongly bear out that the credit line keeping things normal will run out at some point, probably soon)?? That would be a good blog post.

  14. Jason Y

    The Harding thing is kind of funny because now all sorts of people are dating blacks, and outside peckerwood havens like the community college I mentioned, nobody really cares. I think even in Harding’s time there was race-mixing going on with lower classes, but the problem is when someone rises to a high class then they run into the racist cliques, “The white only people etc..”

    Nobody cares if someone is mixed but there some trailer-trash Dollar Store shopping nobody that lives mostly in a black neighborhood. It becomes a problem going higher up, unless they go to a more diverse campus like the University of Tennessee, where so much identity politics and the presence of diversity deters a lot of bullying.

  15. Jason Y

    They may claim I was a troll on Facebook and that motivated the hate at the community college. But in reality, if they didn’t like political views they could always un-friend me, but they keep around for laughs. Also probably friends view other people’s Facebook page and start mocking my posts because I’m the big bleeding heart wuss etc…, idiot etc…

    All in all, the whole peckerwood network of people around my area somehow figured out who I was, even though I never posted my picture, other than some video of me playing music once, and I became the “enemy of the people”.

    It’s unbelievable the power of gossip. It’s beyond comprehension.

    But see if I was in NYC, outside of this dipshit area, most people are worried about their own problems, their not sticking their noses in everyone’s business, but that’s the past-time here. That’s the downside of small-town life.

  16. Well I’m basically Marxist myself, and I don’t really recall references to patriarchy or white supremacy in Marx’s writings. Patriarchy theory was crapped out by one William Fourier, of whom Marx was a critic. He and Engles strayed into feminist territory a bit, with ideals the later would explore a bit more in “The Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State.” But forms of socialism that emphasized race or nationalism they would have considered “reactionary.” They said next to nothing about racial and sexual identity, and it came down to later “Marxist-feminist” theorists to hash out what has since become the dogma of the far left on those matters, which is generally inapplicable and puritanical.

    I chuckled at the guy who said that patriarchy and white supremacy were more effective impediments to revolution than police repression. I can’t help but wonder how many “angry white dudes” who are really angry at their economic prospects, or lack thereof, have been put off of leftism in the last forty years due to how anti-white and anti-male it’s become. Leftism today is exactly what Marx was critical of in his own time: romanticization of some idealized past or foreign culture. In a lot of ways, this is what the alt-right has become also, only it’s their own feudal past rather than some African or North American society onto which they’re projecting their own disdain for technological society. As to the woman question, idealization of women typifies repressive and puritanical eras like both Queen Victoria’s and our own. Male feminism reeks of a desire for young male radicals to regress to a child like state where Mommy knew best and mommy was revered as nurturer.

    Historical materialism and scientific socialism were critiques of “socialists” who idealized either their own pasts or some other culture’s. Pretty much what the left has been since 19th century romanticism was resurrected on such a massive scale by the 1960s flower power movement.

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