“Diary Written by a Half-Asian, Half-White Guy,” by Magneto

Diary Written by a Half-Asian, Half-White Guy

by Magneto

I came across this site and was blown away by it. The guy who writes it has dedicated an entire blog to talking about how fucked up the children of White Male + Asian Female unions are. The self-hatred vibe of this guy is just off the charts.

Anyway, it’s quite an interesting read.

One point I remember is how he points out that a lot of these school shooter types are the Hapa (half Asian, half White) children born of White Male + Asian Female parents. This holds true for Elliot Rodger for sure.

The whole blog is article after article ranting about how White men who marry Asian women are losers, Asian women who marry White men are whores, and the children produced by such a union are fucked up. He has devoted hundreds, maybe even thousands, of articles to this exact subject, which is quite shocking because how often can you rehash the same topic over and over again, hundreds of fucking times?

The guy sounds like a ticking time bomb, and I’m surprised he hasn’t shot up a school yet.


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36 responses to ““Diary Written by a Half-Asian, Half-White Guy,” by Magneto

  1. White Dawg

    Doesn’t sound like the writer ever heard of Tiger Woods and a personal favorite – Tommy Chong, amongst many others.

    • Given the level of self-loathing on that blog, I’m surprised he hasn’t done an Elliot Rodgers and walked into a shopping mall with a machine gun, LOL.

      • Elliot Rodger could have gone to Thailand or Philippines and gone on a porno escapade. He was young and handsome enough that he would not have even had to pay a quarter for it.

        Once you have been blown by two Asian beauties at the same time you’ll never give a shit about any American barbie doll whose cracks will start showing at 30 ever again.

        Ultimately this is why white women loath Asia, Asian females and white males who walk out of the U.S. for greener pastures…IF EVERY WHITE MALE SPENT HIS REPRODUCTIVE LIFE IN ASIA HAVING A GREAT TIME WHITE WOMEN WOULD BE LEFT IN A SHRIVELING ECONOMY WITH NOBODY TO PAY THE FREIGHT COST.

        Instead Rogers hung around a college campus where bitchy pasty white sorority girls who will be costing some poor asshole his house in 15 years sit around with their fake orange tans not giving a shit about the feelings of frustrated young men because their own sexual value is at a premium.

        Had he gone to Asia or even Europe he would have shot his load and realized how small and unimportant campus bullshit really is and probably never left Amsterdam or Philippines.

        When a man moves to Asia or overseas he realizes how trivial and unimportant 9 square blocks of college campus are but sadly Rogers did not live long enough to acquire that perspective.

        • Jason Y

          Well, honestly a lot of white women, and especially at university, are snooty bitches. Bu then again, as Trash was saying, he needs to broaden his mind and go somewhere where nobody gives a fuck about all this university caste system stuff and he can just fuck or get married to women who want what he has.

        • I read that dude’s manifesto and fuck, it was a pretty depressing read. His parents sent him off to some middle eastern country but he couldn’t handle living outside of America and freaked out and begged to come back.

          The guy was so obsessed with social status and living “the American dream”. He could have just chilled the fuck out, stayed in that place, and started banging local women. But no he wanted WHITE women and was obsessed with white women.

          Asian and Indian men have this huge obsession with white women and in some cases it turns deadly, like it did with Elliot.

          I think his father actually offered to take him to see a prostitute but Elliot refused. So the father wasn’t such a useless guy after all.

        • Jason Y

          The exotic always offers a temptation. I have noticed non-white guys want white women, particularly blondes, and white men want Northeast Asians, Thais, Filipinas etc.

          Maybe it related biologically to a desire to provide more hybrid vigor to the offspring, so it’s hardwired to some extent in men or women.

  2. Elliot Rogers mother was a makeup artist or some such thing. She was hardly a prostitute.

    At any rate, he should have followed his father’s example.

  3. Jason Y

    Another self-hater, oh big deal, there are so many even in my family (One member who won’t grow his hair out even 1 centimeter cause he thinks it will be an afro, and another who whines 24/7 about negro hair even though she keeps it straight and even dyes it brown from its natural black color). I can’t stand them !!!

    But of course, your typical WN or Asian racist will jerk some tears for this guy and his pussy ass blog, even though they otherwise hate mixed raced people and other races.

    These people make their own bed of misery with their self-hate which rivals that of transsexuals. Now they want to put down their daddy and mommy, even calling them losers and whores. Where is the respect for elders?

    • Jason Y

      Now if these kids grew up in Northeast Asia I could see why they would be psycho, but not America. Northeast Asians are incredibly racist and bully anyone even 1 percent different. It’s a fact. That’s why I don’t really like them that much, even though I might fool myself into doing so. I know privately they are a cruel bunch, especially the kids, but the adults aren’t much better.

      • Yee

        Oh, Jason, please don’t take the Koreans for all Asians.

        The Koreans are just a bunch of brain damaged nuts, ridiculously self-important and self-victimazied. They are such ways because their country has ALWAYS been under the influence of other powerful nations, first China (and forever as we’re not going anywhere), then Japan, and now the USA. They are insecure and act out in an opposite attitude. No point taking them seriously. Mainland Chinese see them as irrational fools. Who cares what they said, they’re just the tip of the little finger.

        You should treat them like 3 year olds and keep it at that.

    • JASON

      As TAXI DRIVER demonstrated, most nutcases are already male, gun-obsessed, unfeeling loners obsessed with porn BEFORE they meet some chick like “Betsy” who rejects their clumsy advances.

      • Jason Y

        Yeah, I agree. This whole half-Asian crap has nothing to do with the author’s real problem. The problem is that he’s an uptight low self-esteem pervert. Well, myself, I’m a pervert, but I don’t think I’m uptight, and I’m not going to shoot up a college campus.

        • JASON

          ASBERGER’S DISEASE seems to be the trigger for many mass murderers.
          De Niro is suggested as having it in TAXI DRIVER.

          Second trigger is not getting any sex from women, being warped by hours of watching porn and simulated rape, paranoia (“You Talking To Me?”)

        • JASON Y

          Aren’t some of your ancestors Siberians? Every rural white claims to have one Indian ancestor and they are most certainly East Asia.

        • Jason Y


          ASBERGER’S DISEASE seems to be the trigger for many mass murderers.
          De Niro is suggested as having it in TAXI DRIVER.

          Second trigger is not getting any sex from women, being warped by hours of watching porn and simulated rape, paranoia (“You Talking To Me?”)

          They’re not getting sex from what society deems are attractive women But then again, who the hell is? 😆

          Anyhow, I don’t understand why these guys want sex from thin women, but they don’t want to bust their ass in a gym for even 1 day a week. I don’t get it.

    • Jason Y

      Again also is another family member, a young university student, in the self-hate McCoys who has frizzy curly hair, and he doesn’t hide it, but he’s now a big gigantic right-wing Facebook commentator.

  4. Rogers was textbook, if slightly better-off than most and minus military experience:

    Childhood transient and rootless (Shuffled between England and the U.S. and Malaysia) which prevented him from forming lasting friendships.
    Father, British, a stern disciplinarian who sometimes physically abused him.
    Complaints of headaches.

    De Niro has the same.

    Early divorce, loathed his Arab step-Mom.
    Early mental health problems. High-normal IQ (Most mass murderers are smart like the De Niro character but have Asbergers/OCD tendencies). Was on anti-psychotic medication, went off.
    Inflicted and received violence in school. Incidents of brawling.
    Provoked to violence against girls when clumsy advances rebuffed. He once tried to throw two girls off a balcony, resulting in a brawl.

    De Niro in TAXI DRIVER reacts similarly storming back to Betsy’s office.

    Threats of suicide.
    Paranoia Rodger’s believed roommate stole from him, people were out to get him.

    De Niro’s famous “you talking to me?”

    Textbook, but no racial component.

    • Jason Y

      Oh poor rich boy !! 😆 Why would I give a fuck about some pampered brat like that ??? Now he claims the world has oppressed him when there are so many poor men out there and also men who have been disfigured in some fire and other freak accidents making them what society says is ugly.

      Come on !!!

      • Dirt poor people find it hard to commit mass murder. They are making ends meet and meeting lower-class women whose standards are lower.

        You have to have a great deal of money to buy $5,000 worth of weapons.

        Anyhow, he was first sent to a psychiatrist and prescribed Thorazine at 8.

        So clearly he was crazy all his life.

  5. JASON Y

    If gun stores ran medical histories on every customer (Ever seen a psychiatrist? Ever taken anti-psychotic drugs? Ever been committed to an institute for mental illness) Columbine, V Tech and Isle Vista would not have happened (Though maybe some Cholo would have sold the dude the gun anyhow).

    Rodgers was clearly a homicidal maniac who was first sent to a psychiatrist AT 8 years old.

    He was prescribed anti-psychotic medicine at 12.

    Killed his half-brother’s pet at 9.

    Read his history.

    He happened to be half-Asian. Most are white shooters. A very few are black.

    • Jason Y

      Right, but WN idiots will point out his mixed race as though it was a cause, or in fact, the main one.

      • Do White Nationalists ever stop to remember they are “part Injun” and these Asians seem to have lower IQ’s than Koreans, Japanese.


        Am I the only white man on this planet who notes that most American white nationalists DON’T REALLY KNOW WHERE THEIR WHITE ANCESTORS ARE FROM AND MOST HAVE AT LEAST ONE INDIAN GREAT-GRANDMOTHER?


        They tend to have really STRAIGHT LANK HAIR LIKE ASIANS even if is blonde.

        Their eyes are wider apart than Europeans or East Coast whites.

        They have enough Amerindian to have flatter rounder faces than most Europeans (12%).

        They have the lanky build of Amerindians.

        They have the curved incisors of Indians.

        Their skin is slightly more reddish.

        • When I saw “lank build” that made me confused as I would’ve thought they would be stockier as Asians and Latinos relatively are, but then again that doesn’t seem to be the case with Northern ones.


          They were described as variable and, if I were to guess, the more lanky ones would have the dolichocephalic heads, indicating more phenotypical influence from their Jomon-like ancestry which would have a lankier build, while the brachycephalic ones would be more berginian influenced.

  6. JASON Y West of Chicago and East of California you could feed every White Nationalist that did not have at least a single Amerindian (Siberian) ancestor with a single can of beans.

    Down in the South perhaps people are pure English but in Flyover Land South of Upper Midwest everybody has Indian blood…Or so THEY say.

  7. William

    There is the stereotype that mixed race (one parent pure or mostly pure of one race, the other parent pure or almost pure of another) are more frequntley mentally ill, and I assume the statistics bare that out.
    But I’m not sure where this notion that specific subset of the mentally ill- mass shooters, are represented by the mixed race, much less Asian-White mixes.

    Most are of one race (typically White when talking about mentally ill kids I only recall that Oregon CC shooter who was half AA half White.

    • Jason Y

      Hmmm… Mentally ill ?? But is it genetics or just a result of childhood bullying? My guess it’s bullying.

    • Jason Y

      Most are of one race (typically White when talking about mentally ill kids I only recall that Oregon CC shooter who was half AA half White.

      So what? There are thousands of mixed raced kids all over the USA, even in my hometown. Obviously, only a small percentage are school shooters, maybe 0.001 percent so how would that make for statistical news?

  8. William


    A lot of it relates to perception, and how that effects the mixed person’s identity. African-White mixes are virtually always accepted as 100% African American. They are seen as “mixed” by Whites so in some ways they get the “best of both worlds”.
    With Asian-White mixes this may not be the case.
    In some ways Obama being half White may have been reassuring to Whites; he probably wouldn’t have some deep seated hate of Whites if his mother was White. Yet he was loved/accepted as completely AA by AAs.

  9. Elliot Rogers mother was a Malay, not an East Asia, and he looks like a great many mestizos you would see in the Philippines.

    Malays are not East Asians.

    • Khaine

      Elliot Rodger’s mother Li-Chin is an ethnic chinese with Malaysian citizenship.

      • lots of chinese in Malaysia. lots of Tamil indians too but they are definitely a step up from indians from India. But the only reason Malaysia is a relatively clean and developed country is because the Asian majority are in charge and running things and indians are treated as an underclass. If indians ever became the majority and got power, the country will become a trashy shithole like India overnight.

  10. Kneau Reeves is the son of a Chinese man and English woman and he is not that ugly. He was once a Hollywood heartthrob in his youth.

    Just as an example.

  11. MAGNETO Not sure if Malays are that bright.

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