“Announcing Two New Free Speech Alternatives,” by Magneto

Announcing Two New Free Speech Alternatives

by Magneto

Lately both Twitter and Reddit have been caught censoring free speech and banning people.

Twitter was caught banning Alt-Right posters and people who discussed PizzaGate, even though Twitter allows accounts that post soft (non-nude) child pornography.

Therefore, a new alternative to Twitter has emerged and can be found here.

Meanwhile Reddit deleted the PizzaGate subforum, even though Reddit allows a subforum for pedophiles to discuss their perversion. The Reddit CEO also admitted to editing and deleting threads he didn’t like.

A new alternative to Reddit has emerged here. I strongly urge anyone who values freedom of speech to boycott Twitter and Reddit and use the above two alternatives instead. Both Gab and Voat are exploding right now, and thousands of new people sign up each day. The communities there are a lot more organic to boot, since people feel comfortable speaking their mind because they aren’t afraid they will be censored for being politically incorrect. Free speech is the foundation of a free society. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and the mainstream media are doing everything they can to censor free speech, so these big corporations are now an enemy of anyone who values freedom.


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3 responses to ““Announcing Two New Free Speech Alternatives,” by Magneto

  1. Hotdog

    PC logic: exposing pedophiles wrong, child porn A ok.

  2. Hotdog

    I hope pizzagate topples the MSM that only attacks the researchers because the facts paint a picture of a pedo ring at the highest levels of the US government.

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