“A Bit about Northeast Indians,” by Magneto

A Bit about Northeast Indians

by Magneto

Not many people are aware that there’s an entirely different race of people living within the boundaries of the Indian nation. On the far eastern side of India to the north and east of Bangladesh, there are seven “Northeastern” states consisting of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura. The population in these states is basically Asian, and they look like a mix between Chinese and Thai.

They have a totally different culture than Indians, and quite frankly it doesn’t make sense for them to be living within the boundaries of the Indian nation. In fact, most Northern people are quite unhappy with India and Indians and hate Indian people to boot. A lot of the rape that happens in the big cities is targeting Northeastern women, who Indian men perceive to be easy.


Two Northeastern women.

Northeast girls are quite beautiful, and if you like Asian women, you’ll like them a lot. They are a lot more culturally open than Indians, and they are mostly Christian. Northeastern people face a lot of racism in India, but a lot of it is probably due to the fact that Indians are jealous of them because Northeastern people tend to be a lot more intelligent than Indians.


More Northeastern women.

Many Northeastern peoples are fighting for and demanding independent countries because they are sick of being abused, raped, and tortured by Indians. Indians are a vicious, racist, and psychopathic race of people, easily the most racist people on the planet.


Beautiful women from a beauty pageant.

Northeastern people are living in the 21st century, and the women wear mini-skirts, short shorts, tank tops, and other revealing clothing. This drives the morally hypocritical Indians insane and in particular makes the men go crazy as they drool in lust over them. If you’re a White guy living in India, I would suggest entirely avoiding Indian women (unless you have a fetish for them, as I unfortunately do) and go for Northeastern girls instead. They all speak very good English and are very culturally compatible  with Westerners. Northeastern girls have hot bodies and don’t have any body fat. It’s extremely rare to meet an Indian girl who doesn’t have body fat, but Northeastern chicks have good figures,and that’s another reason they are quite popular in the prostitution market.


Some hot women from Mizoram.

The food is quite interesting from the Northeast. They don’t use a shitload of oils and butter like Indians do, so their food is a lot healthier. It mostly consists of rice, light soups, steamed leafy greens, and a few interesting other vegetable dishes.

All in all, the Northeastern people would be better off if they became independent from India and perhaps even joined China. China would definitely develop their area and make it ultra-modern. It could also help China’s marriage problem, since there are a shortage of marriageable women in China.

If an Indian ever accuses you of racism or “White privilege”, just ask the Indian about how Indians treat Northeastern Indians in their own country or African students, for that matter.


Some pretty Northeastern women around college age.


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64 responses to ““A Bit about Northeast Indians,” by Magneto

  1. adfsdasdasd77

    So how many those “NORTH-EAST Asians” there are in India?

    • Quite a lot. There’s probably 1 or 2 million of them in each major city but they all live in the same areas because they don’t mix that well with regular indians.

      • If all Indians acted like North Easterners India would be better place. Also another thing about North-Easterners is as they are mainly Mongoloid they have higher IQ than other Indians. Plus they have Christianity. I think apart from Assam the other Seven Sister states are like 80% Christian!

        • XYZ

          Not really “80%” according to the census. Arunachal is 30% Christian, Manipur is 41% Christian, Meghalaya is 75%, Mizoram is 87%, Nagaland is 87%, Assam is 3.5 % and Tripura is 4.3% Christian.

  2. SHI

    Northeastern people are living in the 21st century, and the women wear mini-skirts, short shorts, tank tops, and other revealing clothing. This drives the morally hypocritical Indians insane and in particular makes the men go crazy as they drool in lust over them.

    Massage parlours in my Indian city are staffed by ladies from North-East India. They do SOARING BUSINESS even on weekday afternoons. Next to these parlours, you’ll find hordes of Indian men waiting in line for an hour or two, to be treated to a massage by these beautiful girls. It’s very expensive for Indian standards, INR 1600 (or about US$25).

    North-Eastern girls are culturally prudish though. They refuse to give handjob or happy ending unlike the Thai girls, or women from Kerala. Indian male customers are total SHITHEADS, and the girls will have them thrown out quickly for demanding sex during a massage session. No refunds.

    A few North-eastern girls date the minority of mainland Indian guys who are decent but most prefer sticking to their own.

    • Actually the correct rate is to pay 1000rs at the entrance counter and then when you’re in the room, 500rs for handjob, 1000 for B2B and 2000rs for full sex. How is it that a white guy gets better prices for prostitutes than indian men?

      I’ve never seen long lines of men outside those places. But yeah NE girls will definitely not tolerate shit from indian men and they consider indian men as rapists. That’s why NE girls don’t really want to marry indian men. One NE friend I have, she wants a white guy or even an African man but she would never marry an indian male.

      • SHI

        I wasn’t referring to prostitutes. NE girls take the massage trade very seriously and the parlours I’m referring to aren’t a front for sex work. Yes, there are many massage parlours that are operating out of shady shopping complexes. But, they’re operated by mainland Indian girls, mostly prostitutes. That’s a crucial difference. As far as I can tell, it’s rare to find a NE girl working as a prostitute. They have way too much self-respect for that. It’s usually girls from Nepal and Thailand who are into sex trade in Indian cities, apart from mainland Indian women from West Bengal, Kerala, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and even Punjab. Im yet to see a NE prostitute. I’m sure they exist, just not that common. They face enough harassment as it is from Indian males, without plying a trade that would confirm the worst stereotypes Indian males have of them.

        Massage is a sophisticated art, and has immense therapeutic value. You gotta respect your masseur for their valuable service and tip with a thank you. Unfortunately, many Indian males just don’t quite “get” it.

        • It’s interesting that a white guy knows more about the prostitution industry in India than an indian himself. The majority of prostitutes are bengalis. Next most common is Nepalis. Then you have girls from various areas of India, mostly the poor states. But there indeed exists some NE girls too, and they aren’t too expensive, 2000rs generally.

        • SHI If a white male can find the best prostitutes in India how hard would it be for an Indian to find one?

          If you wish to have anal-sex with an Indian woman or deep-throating such women are available for relatively cheap.

          Why attempt to pressure a Northeast woman who never gave a BJ in her life and might scream for the management in a Delhi massage parlor when the Punjabi student/call girl who charges 3,000 Rupees (Probably 2,000 for Indians) will take a penis to the bottom of her throat?

          But….that is Indian thinking. There is an illogical component to it. Of course this lack of logic has produced a great deal of art, metaphysical study, architecture…but Indians simply are not as logical as whites.

  3. SHI

    According to a statistic, 81% of North-eastern women faced harassment by males in Delhi. That city has a reputation for sleaze and groping women but if you’re a North-eastern girl, you are advised not to walk the streets alone.

    81% of northeast women harassed in Delhi: Survey

    While 23% of respondents said they have been harassed by landlords, 42% said they faced verbal abuse. A total of 26% reported heckling and molestation. Alarmingly, there seems to be little trust in police as 80% of those who were harassed did not approach them. But those who did didn’t have a good experience.


    There are quite a lot of women from China, Japan and Korea who get mistaken for North-eastern girls, and are harassed accordingly. Predatory Indian males see these Asian girls as too MODERN for their own good.

    • SHI

      An experiement. This guy calls this North-eastern girl “chinkie” but most passebye Indians don’t care.

    • Another part of it is that NE girls are lighter skinned than normal indians and so indian men go crazy for that and start stalking them and wanting to rape them.

      NE girls are hot but I still prefer indian chicks.

      • Pratibha Singh

        That’s not the case at all bruh, I’m a white north Indian and have many friends from the north east but not all of them have a fair skin(I’m talkin bout the general north easterns).And I’m certain that Ya know that they ain’t a match for a white north west indian chick.Bear with it pal.I respect your opinion cochise but that’s a bit overboard.In any case,God bless ya.

  4. SHI


    What is so special of the North East girls?

    What is so special of the North East girls? We need to find out the motives of the Delhi people or other Indian’s mindset that leads to frequent eve-teasing, molestation and rape of our girls?

    “North East girls are very beautiful”, said one of the Editors of a premier fashion and modeling magazine based in National Capital Region (NCR). “Their skins are flawless…they are little angels, we need new faces from these regions.” I got this remark while working for a Fashion magazine as Executive Editor. Today, I am quoting his words in the backdrop of the recent molestation and harassment of North East girls by their landlord.

    The tragic incident in the early hours of December 13, 2008 where the landlord knocked at the door of a rented room at Sikandrapur, DLF Phase-I in Gurgaon is another crime meted out to our girls in Delhi and its adjoining areas. The two girls had come to Gurgaon on December 11 in search of a suitable job. In the very week of the International Human Rights Day, our girls are humiliated and discriminated. And the law of the country is protecting the culprits, as usual.

    According to a reliable source from the New Delhi-based North East Support Centre and Helpline (NESCH), the two girls were sleeping when at around 2.30 a.m. on December 13, their landlord knocked the door. The girls had suspected his attention and refused to open their door. The consequences was not good, he repeatedly barged the door, abusing them for the delay in letting him in. Frightened and hapless, the girls had pleaded for mercy. They even requested to meet them in the morning. The landlord was adamant to sneak into their room. The girls tried to call SOS of Police, which did not work out. Later they raised an alarm for a Manipuri friend, who also stays in the same locality. When they came to rescue the girls, the landlord and his gangs had beaten them and chased away. Thereafter, the two girls were tortured, abused, and molested. They were confined to secluded room and even threatened to rape them. All their belongings were looted- money, cloths and camera.


    Punjabi and especially Sikhs are NOT REAL INDIANS. Even the Sikhs themselves claim descent from Scythian mercenaries who intermarried with Iranian Arab tribes already inhabiting Northern Indian who may have some genetic distant link to Greeks or Turks.

    For lack of a better term, Sikhs are hairy crude Arab nomads who have nothing to do with real Indians. They’ve been semi-absorbed into Indian culture but you’d never mistake a Sikh for a Tamil in Chennai.

    My guess is that the animals who rape these Northeast girls from areas disputed by China anyhow are Punjabis.

    • SHI

      i have a theory on why Northern Indian males make such prolific rapists, and why Delhi is the rape capital of India. Being direct descendants of Aryan migrant nomads from the Steppes, rape and pillage is in their blood. Aryan invaders of India who mostly settled in the North, were bigly into rape, plunder and violence. Later, that region was troubled by Muslim invaders for 1000 years who were also bigly into rape and plunder. The collective history of 2000+ years has transformed Northern India and Pakistan to hotbeds of violent, rapist men. Though not all Indian men are that way, it’s a huge problem indeed.

      In certain parts of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, it’s considered a certain rite of passage for young men to rape an unsuspecting girl, mostly from a lower caste. Male descendants of Indo-Aryans LOVE to brag about their rape exploits. It gives them more street cred, winning peer respect.

      • SHI

        True, North Indians are descended from rapists and looters. The film ALEXANDER actually depicts Collin O’Farrell’s looting on the Punjab river.

        I suspect that the mellow cattle-herding Ukrainian Aryans arrived as families both male and female so were less the rapists than pillaging packs of Afghan Arabs, Greek renegade soldiers , Scythian horseman, Huns who invaded through the Khyber Pass. Brahmin are fairly wimpy and feminine and I suspect so were the actual Aryan tribes from the Ukraine or wherever.

        • That Alexander movie was very nice, I sometimes wonder what would have happened had Alexander successfully invaded India and conquered it. Would India be 100s of years ahead of it’s present development?

          Either way you guys are talking about the Aryan invasion THEORY. There’s another THEORY called indigenous Aryans, which suggests that the white race originated out of India and spread worldwide. That would at least be in line with the teachings of the Vedas.

        • Billy Y

          Whites originating in India is Indian nationalist bullshit. Trash is right that many Indians lack logic. The Indians alter History so much one’s better off looking outside of India for the truth.

      • SHI I think the rapists and looters were Arabs from Persia/Afghanistan, Greek soldiers, Scythian Horsemen, Mongols, Huns, Pakistanis.

        But this is basically the truth. North Indians are descended from rapists and looters like Alexander’s men from everywhere and anywhere.

        The original mellow Ukrainian cattle-herding Aryans probably arrived as FAMILIES from Eastern Europe so were less likely to rape than intermarry.

        • Yee

          Where do you get the idea that “cattle herding” peole were mellow?
          They were not. Whom do you think we built a wall to keep out?

  6. Had the British never colonized South Asia India would never have existed and the people in the Northeast would never have been part of India. Many of the states in the Northeast were invaded and annexed by India after the British left the subcontinent in 1947. Here is a list of land invaded and annexed by India since 1947:

    1947 Annexation of Kashmir

    1949 Annexation of Manipur

    1949 Annexation of Tripura

    1951 Annexation of South Tibet:

    1954 Annexation of Nagaland

    1954 Attempt annexation of Sikkim and Bhutan (Failed)

    1961 Annexation of Goa:

    1962 Annexation of Kalapani, Nepal:

    1962 Aggression against China:

    1971 Annexation of Turtuk, Pakistan:

    1972 Annexation of Tin Bigha, Bangladesh

    1975 Annexation of Sikkim (the whole country):

    1983 (Aborted) Attempted invasion of Mauritius

    1990 (Failed) Attempted annexation of Bhutan:

    2006 Annexation of Duars, Bhutan:

    2013 Annexation of Moreh, Myanmar

    • SHI

      Not a supporter of neocolonialism, but North-East Indians are way better off as part of India than its problematic neighbours like Bangladesh, China and Myanmar (all of which have a serious problem with minority rights violations). India has greater tolerance for ethnic and religious freedoms. Minorities have all the right to practice their way of life without federal interference.

      While NE’s face a lot of racism and sexual harassment in mainland India, for the most part they can freely roam around the country, preserve their unique culture without federal government interference. Of recent, there is much more awareness to their plight. The terrorism situation in NE is gotten much better compared to say, the 80s and 90s.

      Racism sucks at the end of the day, so making no excuses.

      I feel the North-Eastern states should be given some measure of autonomy to manage their internal affairs. If they are given outright independence, then they will be cut off economically. All North-Eastern states are landlocked. Without mainland India, they don’t get access to ports to export their products. Also, North-Eastern youngsters are able to tap into the job market in Indian cities including the high-paying jobs. They are eligible for a bunch of high paying jobs with the federal government. Noone wants to give up on such privileges.

      One more reason most NEs wish to remain a part of India is because it’s a strong counterbalance to China. If India leaves the North-east region, China or Myanmar will just walk over one day and conquer the North-East, just as they did in Tibet.

      • YEE If a Siberian tribe from the Northwest had not invaded China then Taiwan might never have even been discovered.

        The whites were already there when Chinese warlords fled to Taiwan running a trading post but at any rate China’s history is full Chinese being run out of China by invaders and destabilizing other adjacent regions.

        • Yee

          TRASH, I suggest you stop talking about history, particularly history of China. It’s too well recorded to let a foreigner talking BS and not getting caught.

          Earliest record in history about TW is at 230 AD. But none of the emperors throughout history cared anything about the little island.

          In 16th century, it was the Portuguese that “discovered” Taiwan. Almost a century later, Dutch and Spanish colonized it for a few decades, until a defeated warlord named Zheng from the mainland chased away the Dutch and settled down. 20 years later, the Manchu emperor of Qing dynasty sent navy to take it back. Not because he wanted it, but because the island insisted to “against Qing restore Ming dynasty”. The emperor would never tolerate that. All of these happened in 17th century.

          Now, you should pay me tutor fee.

        • Chinese knew Taiwan was there, more than 1700 years (probably longer), according to canonical chronicals. Local Chinese most have likely much longer information of Taiwan.

          No one occupied Taiwan until Chinese decide to kick out the white tyrant, who sailed 20,000km.

        • Hi Yee, this Trash guy is a German Jews, whose grandfather got kick out from Weimar by Hitler.

          He got strong hatred against Chinese and defend every Jewish perversion. He rub wouund into every white man misfortune white washing every crime of Jewish banking cartel, partly responsible for it.

          He claim Russian Jewish oligarch are talent, and self made.

      • “India has greater tolerance for ethnic and religious freedoms. Minorities have all the right to practice their way of life without federal interference.”

        Absolute nonsense. India is famous for its intolerance and communal violence. Indians believes humans belong to different Caste and some groups doesn’t even belong to a Caste and are untouchables. Tolerance indeed. Indians racism towards Africans are well-known, including Gandhi. Northeasterners are constantly taunted with racial slurs (Chinkis) and it is not uncommon to hear of Northeasterners got beat up by Indians, some even to death. In fact it got so bad that huge protests in Delhi of violence against Northeasterners happened a few years ago. Violence towards the untouchables and Adivasis, Northeasterners, Africans ….are common. And everybody knows that rape is a huge problem in India. Indians are a sickening people.

        The resentments of Northeasterners towards India are high and India knows it. This is why most of Northeast are under a law that allows the Indian law enforcement to detain or kill anyone with impunity. The law is called AFSPA (Armed Force Special Power Act). It is a law that is imposed on area India deemed ‘disturbed’, such as the northeast and Kashmir. AFSPA is specially designed to intimidate the locals and suppress dissent. There are widespread insurgencies in the Northeast and Kashmir against India rule. No Northeasterners like to be part of India, they either want to be independent or part of China. But is it any surprise?

        Even Indians like to get out of their country if given a chance. I don’t blame them. India is extremely filthy, backward, has no good roads, has no clean water, has no reliably electrical, is not safe especially for women, people are extremely poor, many are malnourished. India is a hell-hole but thinks that the people where the land it invaded and annexed wants to be part of this hell-hole is disillusioned to the nth degree. But disillusioned is another characteristics of Indians.

  7. YEE

    Wall did not keep the Manchu from Siberia from routing your rulers ALL THE WAY SOUTH ON THE OPPOSITE BORDER to Taiwan and ruling China fairly quickly.

    Funny to think Siberians on THE RUSSIAN BORDER led Chinese migration to Taiwan. Tartars and other Northern Eurasians had been getting through the wall earlier of course but Manchus totally changed Chinese history.

    Taiwanese aboriginals might have been better off if the Europeans had remained there, much like Spanish in the Philippines or Dutch in Indonesia.

    It’s funny to hear Fuji Chinese on this site rave about Jews “controlling an economy” when as soon as they show up in places like Taiwan, Philippines or Indonesia (They’ve started riots in Singapore too) the places become hotbeds of corruption, propped-up criminally insane lunatic dictators like Marcos or Suharto, starving natives living in shanty towns, any Taiwanese or Filipino with a vagina fleeing to sell her body on the Dubai roads or marry 80 year old Germans.

    Mind you, I’ve used a few Chinese prostitutes and unlike Filipino women they will still sell their bodies AFTER THEY MARRY THE OLDSTER and THEN ASK THE CUSTOMER TO TAKE THEM TO THE MALL TO SPEND IT.


    Correct, dealing with Fuji Chinese in the Philippines is a hassle and headache because they lie and steal and are sometimes just dumb thugs but in all fairness most Chinese Singaporeans are a bit more sophisticated because Malays and Indians create a balance of power.

    Also, Fuji Chinese are the worst specimens and Cantonese are little bit more tolerable. Manchurian Chinese almost like white people being from Russia Siberia and I can stomach them as well.

    However, my wife is Yunnan Chinese-they are more common in border countries like Myanmar and Laos and Northern Thailand.

    Despite having two children together, a white male in Asia secretly loathes many aspects of the Chinese character and culture.

    Beware of that if some Dutch banker in Singapore ever marries into the family.

  9. YEE

    Indeed Fuji Chinese come into existing European colonies like 1600’s Taiwan or Spanish Philippines and a nice colony gets trashed.

    BRAIN DAMAGE summed things up: regrettably I am married and have two children with a Yunnan Chinese woman whose father indeed regards me as a bit of a deadbeat.

    In all fairness, my business dealings with Fuji Chinese in the Philippines allowed me to build this house we live in today.

    But of course I still detest Fuji Chinese in the Philippines.

    • I dont give a damn you like us or hate us. We are going to show we win. Its best you hate us.

      • Yee

        I don’t know enough Jewish history to form an opinion, so I’d better shushut my mouth on the subject. No point making a fool of mysef

        • YEE

          Crucial difference. Jews on average are fairly smart but so were the Romans, Gauls, Slavs, Greeks, Arabs.

          Fuji China is the nearest point in China to tropical Asia and Malays are really dull and weak-minded (Taiwanese included) drunks with a bad character that Filipinos are famous for (Lying, prostitution, stealing, petty crime, homosexuality, gossip, bad money management, addiction).

          So Jews never “ran” Europe as CREADERS believes.

          For one thing, they never intermarried with Christians to the same degree as Chinese intermarried with Malays in Philippines or Cambodia.

        • Say whatever Trash you want to say about Chinese. Watch us win and rise, and become supreme over all Nations.

          The Chinese nation will reign nations.

          And You are watching it happening now.

        • Better the Chinese take over than the fucking Indians. Chinese aren’t great but they are a hell of a lot better than Indians. At least they keep their country clean.

      • Even the Tamil Singaporeans have proved a good match for you.

        I’m not even sure your hold over the Philippines is as strong as it was in the Arroyo/Aquino era because Duterte is a stupid policeman but his dismantling of corruption and your drug trade there has weakened your hold over the Philippines.

      • Yeah, yeah, Indians say the same thing. Scary that Chinese living in Singapore for 300 years still have this loyalty for China like you and not your Malay and Tamil brothers.

        Singapore will probably collapse someday after another riot between the yellow and brown people started by some Chinese throwing bottles.

      • I hope you Chinese kick the shit out of India. Indians are braindead subhumans and everyone hates them. China isn’t brainwashed by political correctness so you guys can openly beat the fuck out of India whereas white people have their hands tied because of all the anti-racism brainwashing.

        • Why does India’s business concern white people?

          Europeans 3 years ago were still traveling to India and Palestine to protest Human Rights violations and SAVE THE WHALES.


    • Yee

      How many times do I have to tell you? The Manchu are not Russian, nor are they white. There remotely white-like people in ancient China were the “colour eye” ethnic group, which were Arab, Persian, Siberian all in same group, they were the ancestors of today’s Hui Muslim. They don’t look “colour eye” now of couse, not after such long time of interbreeding with locals.

      As for the Fuji, Taiwan has a 76% majority of Fuji population, I don’t see it become anything like the Philippines. The USA made a mess with your own colony, and you blame the Chinese under your rule? What’s the sense in that?

      • YEE

        Where are Manchus originally from? Not China. Siberia is Russia, no?

        They are paler, taller and have a longer nose than a Cantonese. Uighur people are Arabs, that’s obvious.

        Some people CLAIM that Manchus are identical to Koreans but I disagree.

      • YEE Where are Manchu people from? They invaded from somewhere and I can spot them as being taller and paler than a Cantonese.

        Some people say Manchurian people are identical to Koreans but I disagree.

        Educate me.

        • Yee

          The Manchu were just one of the nomad groups in the North. They live in today’s Northeast three provinces (border N.Korea) and east part of Inner Mongolia.
          We have 56 ethnic groups in China. You don’t have to put us either Han or Russian.

        • Yee

          Oh, if you wife is Yunnan Chinese, there’s a good chance she a minority too. There are a lot of minority ethnic groups in Yunnan.

          It’s late, I’m off now.

      • YEE You associate U.S. with White Colonies like most Yellow people but it was Spain that mismanaged the Philippines for 400 years.

        Americans did not want colonies and the U.S. only owned the Philippines for 40 years.

        As they always do, the Spanish ran around creating mixed-race orphans and a Mestizo class system with natives at the bottom.

        Chinese came in various waves but the last and largest one was AFTER World War II when Mao started his Great Slaughters Forward.

  10. SD

    ‘…Indians are jealous of them because Northeastern people tend to be a lot more intelligent than Indians.’

    I’m not too sure if they are a lot more intelligent. While I think Northeast folks are awesome people, and I find them very easy to get along with, they are not particularly known for their intellectual accomplishments. They are not the descendants of the sophisticated Buddhist civilizations of neighboring Southeast Asia, they were wild and savage hill tribes some of whom were headhunters even three or four generations ago.

    They converted to Christianity in the early and mid-Twentieth century (I think Belgian missionaries had something to do with that), a result of which the northeast Indian states today have the highest literacy rates in India. Most of the Northeast folks I have known are extremely well-behaved, and the women are really sweet, but there’s also a strain of Christian conservatism among them. Alcohol, for instance, is banned in the Northeastern state of Nagaland. You can still get drunk on locally brewed traditional spirits, so the ban is kind of meaningless.

    For some reason, they are heavily into Korean TV dramas and music, and one good thing they have done is to stay clear of the noxious influence of Bollywood movies.

  11. CREADERS Write something thoughtful if you are going to comment. What is the point of childish insults?

    For example I would say that Fuji Chinese are dumb ox peasants who live off the natural resources of unwary Malays like a bunch of cockroaches in a kitchen.

    You’ll try to bribe a garbage man and the best place to have sex with a Hakkan woman is in supermarket were she can stare at what she is going to buy.

  12. CREADER When Fuji Chinese take over the earth it would look like Cebu, Philippines.

    Singapore is as nice as it is because Indians create a balance of power between you and the Malays you have rioted against in an attempt to create a Chinese country in Malaysia like 1965 (Lee Kwan Yew went with the White man instead of Mao which is why Singapore is better than China now).

    Fuji Chinese would appoint themselves top positions from which they would steal or accept bribes, which is how they totally ruined the Philippines.

    Orphans would roam the streets like stray dogs in a poor country because Chinese men love making children outside of their marriage they cannot pay for-maybe three or four.

    They would support politicians who were criminally insane like Suharto or Marcos in order to keep wages down so that everybody has to choose between leaving the country as a mail-order bride and working at SM for pennies.

    Corruption would start at the top and run down to the garbage collector. Shabu Amphetamine dealers and gambling addicts everywhere.

    Wages would drop until people lived hand to mouth.

    A Chinese-run world would be a pile of feces out of a dog’s anus.


    Luckily yellow dogs and dark dogs fight even easier so India, Africa and even Singaporean Tamils will keep you tied up from “taking over” Israel, for example.

    I doubt you will even “take over” Korea or Japan.

  14. Pingback: Menengok Wajah Mongoloid di Timur Laut India

  15. Rudra Chatterjee

    Yeah a lot of stuff what you have said are true.. It hurts to see them cause I’m an Indian myself. I just wonder when the typical Indian mindsets gonna change!!

  16. Ranyat Bara

    I have read your comments on north east indians. I find the comments relevant. In a nutshell NE Indians are better off being indian than chinese !!

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