The “Jews Help Fund the Bolshevik Revolution” Canard

From the comments:

While it’s true that wealthy interests from America and Western Europe helped fund the Russian Revolution, this was not the BOLSHEVIK Revolution. True, Bolsheviks fought in the initial revolution to overthrow the Czar (the February Revolution), but after that the (Pro-Western) Provisional Government was set up (which is what the wealthy interests such as Jacob Schiff wanted), so the Bolsheviks initiated a second revolution (the October Revolution) against the Provisional Government.

Western forces from 21 different nations then invaded Russia to protect the Provisional Government but ultimately failed (to the Bolsheviks’ credit). If the Western elites wanted the Bolsheviks in power, why would they support such an invasion of Russia? Again, they funded the February Revolution to get rid of the Czar and open up Russia’s resources to Western capitalists, but the October (Bolshevik) Revolution was not at all part of the plan.

I always wondered about this odd charge which seemed so nonsensical to me. Why would very rich Jews want to fund a Communist revolution which was going to do away with most of their wealth? It never made any sense. Nevertheless, this has always been a favorite of rightwing antisemites, including Nazi types. This ties into the whole “Jews are Communists” thing which was one of the main reasons that Hitler wanted to kill them in first place. He was fighting a war against “Jewish Communism” remember?

The canard continues long past WW2, when Jews are charged with being behind every Communist movement that arose on Earth, including the Chinese one I suppose. “Jews are Communists”, “Jews push Communism”, “Jews push Leftism”, and “Jews are behind the Western Left.” It goes on and on. According to the Nazi types, this is one of the main reasons why Jews need to be killed – because they were and are behind Leftism in the West which is seen as corrosive.

\This Jewish-sponsored Leftism is purportedly a plot to destroy the White race in various ways, including by subverting the traditional institutions of the West and therefore undermining out moral culture and causing the decline of our civilization. This is what is behind the whole Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism Theory, which I find a bit silly, though I would like to look  into it a lot deeper. A bunch of Jews screaming “conspiracy theory” and “It’s a lie – an anti-Semitic!” just doesn’t cut it for me as it does for most people. If it’s a big lie, how about proving it?

Now we have the answer to the riddle. The Jews only funded the initial revolution to get rid of the Czar because they hated the Royals so much. And this was not a Communist revolution in any way, shape or form. It was a democratic revolution, and it had some progressive and even socialist elements about it, but this government did not want to seize private property or anything like that. Another one of the reasons behind it of course was the desire of these very rich Jews to open up Russia’s resources to these capitalists so they could make money off of them.


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19 responses to “The “Jews Help Fund the Bolshevik Revolution” Canard

  1. Jews can be fervent idealists. Socialism tends to run deep in their inclinations, perhaps because they are a tribal people.

    Lennin was not Jewish, or was a quarter Jewish or something. Stalin was definitely not Jewish. Marx did not single-handed invent Communism.

    People on this site give to much credit to Jews. They are not geniuses by any means.

  2. First poliburo, Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Stalin, Sokolnikov, and Bubnov, — 4 Jews. Lenin, quarter Jews.

    Together with numerous party cadre.

    Thing changed after Stalin purged.

    Hitler said Bolshevik are Jews.

    • Hotdog

      “There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews.” Winston Churchill, Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People:

      • Jason Y

        Jewish leaders need followers and with oppressed poor people and oppressed nerds (with the cultural left thing), we see armies of soldiers for Communism and the Cultural Left, respectively. The rich and the normies have reaped a bad karma.

  3. Since Communism was intended to lift the poor laborer out of the shackles of capitalist exploitation why would rich JOOS attempt to distribute their own wealth.

    Bearing in mind that most JOOS were dirt-poor in Russia at the time of the Pogroms and fled to the United States.

    More conspiracy nonsense.

  4. Jason Y

    As I mentioned in another comment, normie assholes created the cultural left with their bullying. Ironically now these same bozos post Facebook memes complaining that people are wusses and people are too sensitive. 😆

    I don’t see how Jews created any of it. Jews are simply another group among many that were rejected and pushed around by normies of the 1940s, 50s etc..

  5. Jason Y

    The Communists came into power as they do everywhere because the rich classes were pushing the poor around for eons and now the poor has their revenge. It’s sort of the same thing as I was saying with nerds etc.. being pushed around by normies and now the cultural left is revenge.

    How did Jews have anything to do with the fact that Russian landowners kept the poor classes in miserable ignorant poverty or Vietnamese landowners terrorized poor farmers, hence causing the Viet Cong to win the Vietnam war?

  6. The Jewish bankers wreck Germany economy.


    • The Versailles Treaty and the Great Depression wrecked the German economy.

      • You can never draw conclusively how Goldman and others like Soros leads to 2008 crash.

        Looking at the demographics profile of banks in Weimar Germany immediately raise suspicious and parallel to Wall St today.

        And later Hitler solve the economic problem in just 2 years– all by creating sovereign credit– taking monetary power to the states.

  7. Jews in this forum will find a way to let these folks off hook, and claim not my fault.

  8. Jews plunder Yeltsin Russia. 10 out of 10 Oligarchs are Jews and they claim they are “talent” and every one else stupid.

    They say they high IQ that is why they are rich.

  9. 7 out of 10 Oligarchs in Russia is Jewish, not 10 out of 10.

  10. Most self-made millionaires have quite high IQ’s, unless they won a lottery.

    • Jewish oligarch are self made?

      Should let the truth out.

      • CREADERS

        If you were to compare the damage that Chinese economic dominance has done to Southeast Asia to 7 out of 10 Russian tycoons in a country run by KGB ministers anyhow, I’d say Philippines comes out worse.

        Jews do not start riots like Chinese have done in Singapore throwing rocks at Malays or dragging Indians into buildings and killing them.

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