Why Are Straight Men Generally More Depressed and Repressed Than Gay Men?

From Quora.

My answer: 

They aren’t. Repeated studies done over many years have shown that gay men have much higher rates of depression than straight men. And anxiety for that matter. It’s not even debatable. Now why this is, is not known.

Repressed? Well gay male culture is pretty wild, and sex is a lot easier to come by. Gay men have told me that getting sex in gay culture is as easy as filling up your gas tank.

Straight men have to deal with the inhibitions of women, so that may well make us more inhibited. It’s just not so easy to get sex from women if you are a straight man. It’s much easier to obtain sex of you are a gay man, which is why gay men statistically have far more partners than straight men.

Straight men have to be careful about everything we say and do. Talk to the wrong woman? Whoops, you’re a creep. Looking at that woman over there? Call the cops, that’s creepy! And that’s not to mention anything remotely resembling a come-on, where people’s reaction often seems like you set off a grenade in the room. And on and on forever and ever.

Straight society is full of cockblocking idiots of both sexes. Married men are some of the worst cockblockers of all. A lot of young married men seem to have no other goal in life but to cockblock all the single men in sight. Modern feminism is extremely puritanical, and the idiotic specter of “sexual harassment” looms over much if not all straight interaction in public and even in private. When I go out in public, it often seems like the whole world is deliberately cockblocking me. White people are by far the worst cockblockers of them all, vastly worse than Blacks or Hispanics.

Gay culture is much more Wild West when it comes to sex, and they do not have to deal with a lot of the anti-sexual nonsense that women put out as the gatekeepers of sex.

Still, a lot of straight people are really opening up about sex and having lots of sex nowadays, so we are less repressed that we used to be. But most straight men would probably be uncomfortable in orgies and maybe even threeways. On the other hand, the number of gay men who have gone to such things as orgies or have threeways is extremely high. Group sex is definitely a common aspect of modern gay life.

What with the orgies, threeways, very high partner counts and general anti-Puritanical atmosphere of gay culture, it should be no surprise that gay men are more loosened up about sex than we are.


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9 responses to “Why Are Straight Men Generally More Depressed and Repressed Than Gay Men?

  1. An ugly man with no money should cut his penis off goes an old saying.

    Straight men have to go to great lengths to get sex as adults. Sometimes they endure divorces and lose everything. They end up with children to support. How many of us bought a girl drinks all night and left the bar alone? How many of us resorted to prostitution (Though prostitution supports many women who would otherwise have nothing)?

    Penis size is what matters to women. Black men who never worked hard in their entire life, have no education, to feelings of empathy to women, are violent, can attract women simply for having 2 or 3 inches on a white male.

    Likewise I live in Asia and many Asian women have cheated on their boyfriends or husbands with me in order to have a larger white penis inside them. They may stay with their husband or boyfriend but will leap into bed with a white male because of his penis and muscularity.

    One Filipino female, married, told me “I really love white bananas”. And Asian women do, let’s face it. I am lucky I was not blown away by an angry Asian or Indian husband considering the sheer number of married Asian females I shafted.

    Women are wired to love large penises. So, I assume, they feel this way about black males no matter how wretched, violent, despicable or criminal that man is.

    Gay men can get a blowjob whenever they feel like it. Had a hard day at work or need to relieve some pressure? Cruise for two minutes and get a blowjob.

    No matter how poor or unattractive a man is, if he is gay he will have sex on demand.

    Moreover the pressures of children do not affect gay men. They don’t worry how they will send their kids to college, or if those kids will get into trouble, or drugs, or raped at a fraternity party.

    Their life is a playground.

    At the end of the day, the man divorces and has nothing.

    Straight men get no reward from society for being a good provider when his wife divorces him and takes his children. He is simply middle-aged, no longer attractive to younger white women and has to use prostitutes or beat his meat to hairy Jewish studs on the computer.

    So of course straight men are unhappy. Black males are less unhappy because they always have access to black females. Asian females are restricted by a patriarchal code that preempts the sort of behavior of white females.

    Straight white male has little to look forward to in a white society.

    In Asia he can have access to more women however.

    • Casper

      Perception of penis size is what matters to that specific type of woman, not reality. Black penises don’t work as hard or rather they can be large flacid but don’t grow as much as a whites from flacid to erect, like hulk vs superman. “Straight white male has little to look forward to in white society.” True but I ? its whiteness.

      • Straight white males get less sex than any other group: the upside of this is that white CHILDREN have more advantages than blacks or Hispanics because white women’s institutionalized demands-child support, community property, alimony.

        Black males for example get more sex with women with less demands but society has to cover the cost of millions of unsupported and forgotten children.

  2. Gay men can shoot their load every day and feel fulfilled from it. The sex is great because the partner is new.

    Straight men trudge off to Lady’s Night at some club or another where they sit there with hard-ons watching the girls bitchily reject males.

    Week after week they fill the bank accounts of the bar owner getting teased and rejected on Lady’s Night.

    Meanwhile the gay man shoots his load whenever he feels like it. Perhaps a blowjob before entering the club and then an orgy afterwards until morning to put the glow on the next day.

    Contrast that with the misery straight men endure at the hands of women to get sex once in a while. Having to pretend you give a shit about her petty life with blaring music drowning out the trivialities she sputters out of her mouth and her shallow problems and her pointless existence whose only real merit is a mouth and a vagina.

    Unless sex is her business, she is probably not that good at it. Gay men give blow jobs-I think but do not know for sure-like porn queens. In fact, in the porn industry gays are brought in to train female porn stars how to give blow jobs and take penises in their anus.

    The gay man’s life is full of great sex and hedonistic happy-go-lucky fun while the straight male is hunched over his calculator and his bills while his wife complains about how broke they are.

    Eventually she divorces him and takes his children and he is then middle-aged and nobody will have sex with him for free.

  3. BabetheBlueOx

    White guys get cucked like crazy by their worthless black male “friends”. Bull dikes are the biggest cockblockers. White men with game do better than black, mestizo, ect. players. Laid back hockey haired white boys with naturally flawless looks get the most love from the ladies, this group is in a league of its own.

    • You male or female? Love your stuff.

    • If I were a black male I would be laughing hysterically about it. “Whitey” is always running around concerned about Jane’s “feelings” and paying attention to his grooming and hitting the gym while the black man is having sex with more white girls in a week than he will cram into an entire lifetime.

      I can relate to this because I lived in Asia.

      However the laid-back flawlessly handsome males are a small fraction of the population.

      Bull dykes are so masculine and aggressive that you have to be really macho to hang out with them.

  4. MR WONG I’m not sure in an Asian society that Asian males get less sex than white women who are unbound and unrestrained by an sort of tradition or custom at this point.

    Asian societies have, if anything, a more healthy and realistic view of human sexuality.

    In the West, men are arrested for paying some poor unemployable female for 20 minutes of friction.

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