Gay Day on Robert Lindsay

Sorry folks. The site’s going to be all fagged out today. There’s going to be nothing but a bunch of gay posts. I have to get all this pent-up fagginess out of my system. After that, I can breathe a sigh of relief and carry on as usual.

So today’s Gay Day. Today on the site it’s the queer, all the queer and nothing but the queer. Should be lot of fun here today, but you might want to watch your back or be careful when you bend over until the day’s over. After midnight, you can relax again and not worry about whatever odd or queer thing might be lurking in back of you.

Anyway, hoping you all have a gay old time today!



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9 responses to “Gay Day on Robert Lindsay

  1. Jason Y

    Most people called gay are actually nerds and probably the people doing the teasing know it.

  2. SHI

    I’m so gay I get turned on by the very shape of Eiffel Tower.

    I’m so gay I wanna cum in Mike Pence’s homophobic mouth.

    I’m so gay I have a collection of rainbow boxers with an orifice on both sides.

    I’m so gay that the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg just released a postage stamp honoring my penis size.

    • India could use a few homosexuals, as Russell Peters remarked. You’re gender preference is not a bad thing.

      • What about ladyboys? It’s short of a gray area. Is it really gay, since technically it is a man attracted to a female? Just that the “female” happened to be born a male and has a penis?

        Some of the ladyboys around the world are quite fucking hot, hotter than real women.

  3. Ok gay man, I know it’s Gay Day, but I’m banning your gay ass. Now back to the Castro district.

    • SIP, come on, it’s Gay Day for Chrissake! How come you’re not being gay? Come on, it’s only for 24 hours. Then you can go back to being yourself. A little homosexuality never hurt anybody. What are you afraid of?

  4. Astroglide or KY…For today, that appears to be the question.

  5. Jason Y

    Christmas is fucking gay and it was way before .1960s counter-culture Elves wearing ballerina clothes, faeries ??? Roasting chestnuts? Who are we kidding here? 😆

    We need to give Christmas it’s due credit in being the Godfather of the Cultural Left

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