“How Long Before the White Working Class Realizes Trump was Just Scamming Them?”


This has to be one of the biggest scams that anyone has pulled off in all of history.  I can’t believe how many of these idiots fell for it. Suckers! You got played, idiots!


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20 responses to ““How Long Before the White Working Class Realizes Trump was Just Scamming Them?”

  1. Gay State Girl

    He just nominated the COO of Goldman Sachs to head the economic council, after months of berating Hillary and Heidi Cruz. Sigh…

  2. Hillary is far worse. She is a personification of anti Christ. USA can only hope Trump is a FDR, and all his bankster hires are “JP Kennedy”.

    In the youtube below, Trump while not totally honest, has succinct idea what is going on. He is kind of likeable because he no “talk-perfect” and “politically correct” like Hillary.

  3. William

    Trump is a showman, he has no capacity for the stuffs of 99% of the office of Presidency.
    He is going to be like Dubya; easily controlled.

    We can just hope that the Neocons and Paleocons play off each other basically allowing none of the GOP agenda to go through.

  4. William

    From the article;
    “So what happens in two years when there’s a congressional election and two years after that when Trump runs for a second term? Those voters may look around and say, Hey wait a minute. That paradise of infinite winning Trump promised? It didn’t happen. My community still faces the same problems it did before. There’s no new factory in town with thousands of jobs paying great salaries. Everybody doesn’t have great health insurance with no cost-sharing for incredibly low premiums. I still hear people speaking Spanish from time to time. Women and minorities are still demanding that I treat them with respect. Music and movies and TV still make me feel like I’m being left behind. When Trump told me he’d wipe all that away, he was conning me. In fact, in many ways he was the fullest expression of the caricature of politicians (everything they say is a lie, they’re only out for themselves) I thought I was striking back against when I supported him.”

    Lol, no. People who still won’t admit Dubya was a bad President are not going to simply admit they were tools after just 2 years.
    Not gonna happen

    • Flashback to 1999 before an alcoholic bum was elected to President who never really had a job.

      The U.S. was still a Superpower. Clinton era seems positively Golden now.

      What if there had been no Iraq? No prolonged Afghanistan War?

      • Homer Simpson

        & no Obama @ all to keep on screwing everything up even more so than Duyba did. Not like our more recent presidents have been all too great ever since Richard Nixon, which by the way, was actually 1 of the best presidents in American history, if 1 is willing to look past the whole Watergate affair!

  5. I’m laughing my arse off at how White people thought a billionaire in the real estate game was the honest goods.

    Colour me shocked that he sold a pup. Shocked.

    Thats the thing with salesmen and businessmen, they appear, really, really convincing. It’s their game, their profession.

  6. Jason Y

    Actually, the white working class didn’t vote in Trump. That’s a big myth going around. The truth is that many people stayed home or voted in 3rd party candidates.

    • William

      Jason, he slashed the Democrat’s margin of victory
      Clinton, Trump, Other, % of voter population
      Under $30,000 53 41 6 17
      $30,000–49,999 51 42 7 19
      $50,000–99,999 46 50 4 31
      $100,000–199,99947 48 5 24
      $200,000–249,99948 49 3 4
      Over $250,000 46 48 6 6

      so he lost the lowest two brackets by 12 and 9 respectively. He won the third lowest by 4.

      Mittens did FAR worse;
      Obama, Romney, others, % of population
      Under $30,000 63 35 2 20
      $30,000–49,999 57 42 1 21
      $50,000–99,999 46 52 2 31
      $100,000–199,99944 54 2 21
      $200,000–249,99947 52 1 3
      Over $250,000 42 55 3 4

      Lowest bracket, Obama +28, second lowest +15, third lowest -6.

      SHIFT: +16, +6, -2.

      • William

        Not that I’m defending Trump…..
        but he did manage to sway a lot of poorer folks.

        The problem now is that he looks set to be a repeat of Bush II in some ways.

        If things go South with Russia his advisers will surely step in and make him go neocon.

        • WILLIAM


          Bush came to office when Clinton had solved the budget deficit (This was mostly because the Cold War was over in 89 and September 2011 was in the future).

          The economy was good at that time. Part of this was generous credit and the housing bubble would burst ten years later but Generation X used to complain about the quality of jobs they held (CLERKS, MALLRATS) while Millennials HAVE NO JOB.

          Globalization was in its infancy prior in the 1990’s so it was not an issue that Bush had to deal with (He did not have to deal with many issues at all in fact).

          As a result, Bush was able to convince the public that the Iraq War would be a great expenditure. It wall all about oil and the public knew this and WANTED cheap oil. Vietnam was 30 years old by 2003 and people had forgotten what being bogged down in a foreign war was like.

          Now we are TRILLIONS of DOLLARS in debt.

        • Americans are not going to get worked up enough to go to war with Russia.

          As for Syria, nobody believes that wars in the middle east can yield gasoline low prices anymore.

          Trump’s domestic situation is so wretched that nobody cares at all about overseas crisis. Not one single bit.

          Bush II came into office on the tail-end of the 90’s. This was that heaven-sent decade between 1989 and 2001 when the deficit was resolved and the biggest issue was whether getting a blowjob was marital infidelity.

          The 90’s was such a prosperous and peaceful time that the public had lost the cynicism of post-Vietnam.

          Wait until 2037 and then perhaps people will feel up to another war as it was 30 years between the Vietnam ceasefire in 1973-the year I was hatched-and the Invasion of Iraq in 2003.

  7. Trumpet true believers will react like Obots did when their hero outed himself as a neo-liberal stooge: by jumping headfirst into denial.

    Trump’s cabinet/junta of lunatic asylum rejects should give pause to anyone who still believes he will govern like Eisenhower. I think Trump is basically a clueless moron who will let his team of wack job “experts” govern while he reads speeches penned by Bannon that will keep his intellectually stunted fans in thrall of their big daddy.

    Then there is an arrogant and breathtakingly out of touch Democrat “left” (neo-liberalism + identity politics is not in any meaningful way ‘left’, sorry) that is still blaming Comrade Poutine, misogynistic racists and the real left for Queen Hillary losing to a Berlusconiesque reality show clown. Not a moment of reflection and introspection…just a doubling down on the insanity that lost them the election in the first place.

    Given how deeply divided and polarized America is, with each side living in an echo chamber and not even pretending to listen to points of view that challenge their own….my bold and very general prediction is that we are well and truly fucked.

    • Bernardista

      If he backs down on his resolve to stay out of Syrian and other Middle Eastern conflicts and back-peddles on immigration who knows what may happen? Either of these could be the last straw.

      I think there has been plenty of reflection as to why the Democratic “Left” lost but it’s all idiotic. I mean, people really seem to think Hillary could have won if there had been no hack of the DNC emails. The only way she could have won was if she wasn’t Hillary.

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