The Cultural Left Freakshow Goes On


Good God, it seems like every time I turn on the news, the Freakshow has come up with some new weirdness. I think the most important point to make about these people is that this whole Cultural Left Freakshow is all about a bunch of people who think they are a lot more interesting than they really are. No?

The conservatives want to pathologize everything weird and say everyone has to be normal.

The liberals say most people are and should be normal, but some people are deviant or weird, and that’s just the way humans are. “It takes all kinds to fill the freeways,” the liberal says. The liberal urges tolerance, but little more, and says the odd and strange should not be celebrated or promoted as normal.

The Cultural Left says the normal people are the weirdos, deviants and freaks who should be pathologized and shunned as old-fashioned. The Cultural Left wants to make the weird normal and the normal weird. The strange and odd are not only to be tolerated, but they are to be celebrated and even promoted to society at large.


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11 responses to “The Cultural Left Freakshow Goes On

  1. P.C. was a reaction to the 1980’s Morning in America which itself was a reaction to the 60’s and 70’s free-thinking liberality.

    Pendulum swings one way, then the other.

    Unlike the Reagan-Bush era, however, the U.S. is tired of war.

  2. Jason Y

    Obviously, the normalization of sexual deviancy is not good for society, but Nazis and the like want to expand this hatred of “odd things” to include the handicapped, mixed race, and others who had no choice in how they became who they are.

    Of course, now with Trump we see a fascist turn in the other direction which possibly lowers the tolerance for sexual deviants, who chose to be weird, but also for those who were born different.

    So a mixed race person or mixed couple getting dirty looks from some asshole is wrong, but someone looking like Marylin Manson getting weird looks is another matter.

    • Juan Carlos

      I believe it was George Takei that said “Justice Thomas won’t vote for gay marriage, yet his own interracial marriage was illegal in the South until 1967″………
      I think the idea is that interracial romance AND gay romance is a real/valid thing, that has occurred well documented whenever races were in contact, while this shit is just made up.

      • Of course inter-racial relationships are a real thing. Maybe Jewish men have a higher percentage level of being attracted to black/asian women, and many white guys nowadays have an Asian fetish or Indian fetish.

        Comparing interracial sex and homosexuality as similar seems a bit weird.

        • Juan Carlos

          “Comparing interracial sex and homosexuality as similar seems a bit weird.

          Well you know how the bleeding heart liberals/gays are “true love” and all that shit.

  3. Sapiosexuality is such a joke that only hipsters and idiots talk about.

    No, men are attracted to women with big boobs, a nice ass, etc.

    Women are attracted to physically attractive men as well as rich and powerful men.

    Sapiosexuality is fucking nonsense. Sure women are attracted to men who are smart and charming and have good social skills, but studies show that the MORE intelligent a woman is, the less likely she is to find a mate.

    Intelligence in a woman is a huge turn off for most men. We don’t give a fuck how smart you think you are because you read some new age mumbo jumbo bullshit from Oprah, no all we care about is if you got a nice ass, big boobs, and are a good fuck.

    • This is we hear so little from the children of yesterday’s Great Leaders and Idols. Mom was a hot ex-model without much intelligence and the kids inherited her genes.

      • Matt

        Yet the actual science says that people with high IQs also are more physically attractive and athletic than the average dum dum.

    • The article also seems to promote the ‘mixed race, curly haired geek’ image.

      Sapiosexual isn’t a way of saying you want an intelligent partner. It’s a way of displaying your virtue because you yourself are intelligent and ‘above’ physical looks.

      Horseshit indeed. Like women who say “looks don’t matter.

  4. Matt

    The sapiosexual thing is so ridiculous that I can’t really bring myself to get pissed off about it. People just don’t act that way. I suspect that people will talk about it for a few more months or years, then it will never be heard from again.

  5. Matt

    This is what I hate about the cultural left: rather than encourage people to become better, they want to force people to deify weakness and victimhood, and bring down anyone who tries to rise above these things. Crabs in a barrel.

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