Throwing a Lot of People out of My Life

I cannot believe how angry I have gotten over the last election. It’s never been like this in any election in memory.

I have been throwing everyone I know who supported Trump or the Republican Party completely out of my life. That’s with some necessary exceptions. Those few, along with a few more or less progressive Trumpsters who have been kind and friendly to me, are still with me. But for the rest of them, I’m just done with you. I don’t think I want to know any Never Trumpers either. They seem like they are just as bad as Trump. Show me what the Never Trumpers want and who their heroes are.

I’ve never done this before.

Thing is, here in  California, almost every White person you meet is a conservative. Even the liberals are conservative. What I mean is that they are all economic conservatives. There’s no such thing as a White Californian who is not an economic conservative. They don’t exist.

And the ones who would not be categorized that way are basically Democrats who are down with Hillary Clintonian neoliberalism + neoconservatism. They hate working class Whites, are all very into money (and some are ludicrously flagrant in their conspicuous consumption), hate public transit, say, “But that would be bad for the economy!,” support free trade and love all the trade deals, love mass immigration (with a few exceptions), support US imperialist foreign policy to the hilt – in other words, they are lousy DNC corporate Democrats. They suck.

People keep saying this state is so liberal, but the White people sure aren’t. I don’t know about the Blacks and the Hispanics. Most Hispanics are too stupid to have a political opinion on anything, and they are so irresponsible that most of them don’t even vote. Blacks are good and vote straight Democratic, and they actually know quite a bit about politics.

People in the rest of the country keep saying we are crazy liberal out here, but someone needs to show me where these liberals are so I can go meet some of them. The average liberal Democrat that I knew would be a guy making $75,000/year showing me the new $100 ballpoint pen (waste of money) he bought. Then he would turn around and describe a meal at a $100/plate restaurant where they hardly even give you any food to eat in those tiny servings (complete waste of money). I hope they offer seconds! He defended this meal because as he told me, the dish was small, but it was “absolutely perfect,” as if God himself had made it. So it’s worth a hundred bucks. Bull.

There’s your “California liberal.” See what I mean, they suck.

Anyway, if you live here, are White and live around Whites all the time, the only people you ever meet are conservative Republicans.

Doesn’t matter what they do for work, how they dress, how they live their lives (get as imaginative as you want here), they are all conservative Republicans.

Yeah, that includes bisexual, smoking, heavy drinking dressed in black, lace and leather punk goth rocker decked out in all the latest punk fashion at the crazy punk rock show? She loves Ronald Reagan.

That major cocaine dealer in San Francisco who has three houses in the City, one where he lives, one where he keeps his stuff and another for who knows what – he votes straight Republican on his ticket and so do most of his coke-snorting drug underworld friends.

Most of the early punk rock bands out of Orange County where I lived were made up of conservative Republicans, believe it or not. Most supported Ronald Reagan in 1980. That’s what it’s like to be White in California. You either have conservative Republicans, rightwing Democrats, or corporate DNC Democrats as friends, or you don’t have any friends. And I like to have friends. Well, I used to like to have friends anyway. When I was younger, I had all sorts of friends. I had phone books with 100 names in them. I was that kind of guy, and in a very weird way, I still am. So anyway, living in California from 1978-2016, I am finally sick and tired of having conservative friends. I am done with them. Enough is enough. This last time was the killer. No more. This next four years is going to be an absolute nightmare.

I am deleting almost every pro-Trump person on my Facebook with a few exceptions. I am  thinking of giving political quizzes to any new women I date. It’s going to be this way for the rest of my life. You have no idea how serious I am about this.

Conservatives have never helped me in any way, shape or form as far back as I can remember. The never did one single good thing for me. Instead they have been beating the crap out of me for 35 years now, and I am tired of getting beat up.

I’m done with conservatives. I’ve been hating them my whole life, and it’s time to say goodbye. And it was not nice having you over.


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39 responses to “Throwing a Lot of People out of My Life

  1. Great! An American Conservative is a misnomer : there is nothing worthwhile to conserve in America, there is no historical landmark or cultural value worthy of that name and the few that could have been have been pulled down thanks to Conservative greed. Therefore an American conservative is a traitor to America. America was designed as a futuristic entity, prohibited by its unwritten constitution to look backwards, and whoever sells himself off as a conservative is sold out to globalism. My only hope is that Trump turns out to be the ultimate devourer of all Conservatives. America reclined into a black hole’s orbit when they voted in Reagan, after so long free decline here is the black hole in person, in Trump’s.

    • Jackilb

      I agree..but America does have truely amazing things going on. Your arts, your diverse landscapes and wildlife and some amazing cities. There is greatness in the US of A, but these great assets arent respected nor recognised by half your country.

      • JACK Our government is so de-centralized that California doesn’t give a shit if West Virginia or Alabama does not respect it.

        Half the country-FLYOVER LAND-has is worth less than the economy of 3 Northeast States or California itself.

        These folks will always be backward armpits so nobody gives as shit about them anyhow.

    • JUDITH If you spent any amount of time in Australia, Canada, Dubai or even Hong Kong you would realize America is not “futuristic”…it has fallen far behind other developed countries in terms of infrastructure and standard of living and health etc. etc.

      Go to Dubai (I worked there) and observe the futuristic skyline of “primitive Arabs” while Detroit and Chicago neighborhoods look like the set of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK-you expect young Kurt Russell to be walking around as “Snake Plissken” in parts of Flyover land.

      Many small city buildings were built in the 1900’s. Compare this to Sydney’s skyline.

      You’ll never find the backwardness you find in Flyover Land. If more Americans traveled (Which they cannot afford to because the economy moved to Asia) they would realize how far they have fallen behind.

      • I agree, America is falling into ruins, but that doesn’t give the ruins the status of historical landmarks. Bahrein is far more modern, but they have a timeless islamic civilization. America has no non-imported civilization, except for the hunter and gatherer ones that existed prior to European colonization.

        • Australia has no non-imported civilization either and neither does Canada. They both boast better infrastructures and living standards than the United States.

          As for imported cultures, New Jersey seems to have the same shabby Italian corruption and corner-cutting mentality as Palermo. Detroit looks like Haiti. And so on.

        • JUDITH

          Trump flatters himself on the Immigrant issue. Nobody except Mestizos from Latin American cesspools and Eastern Europeans from backwaters like his current wife are trying to immigrate to the United States. It’s not an attractive place anymore to other Westerners. I doubt many Australians, Swedes or New Zealanders want to immigrate to Pittsburgh.

          Presumably your own grandparents or great-grandparents were immigrants. When was the last time Dutch, Australian or even German people were packing into steam boats to immigrate to North America?

          Sad to say that Europe and the rest of the Western World no longer finds the United States an attractive destination.

  2. Jackilb

    Anyone who thinks they could justify voting for Trump is seriously fucked up. No one can blame the fake news they read about Hilary, they can’t blame their poor wages as a justification for voting for him nor the threat of globalisation etc etc etc for their decision. Just no one. There was no excuse for putting a cross to his name. None what so ever. None none none. I live in a different country. I never grew up with Trump as a prominent citizen of my country. But it is OBVIOUS to most here in Europe that he was going to be a far worse threat to every citizen over Hilary. I saw Martin Scorcese being interviewed who likened Trump to ‘Bill the Butcher’.

    Your country (like mine too) has a big problem with truely fucked up people voting for devastation and horror. I am beyond feeling sorry for these people. And after experiencing the Brexit vote here, I am beyond enjoying the ‘fuck you to the establishment’ attitude too. Voting Trump wasnt about being ‘anti elite’. It was a vote for total destruction to anything progressive.

    Good for you Robert. I am totally convinced there are many decent intelligent and sane people in California. You just need to widen your circle of friends.

    • Juan Carlos

      Bob Stark is convinced Hillary would’ve gotten into a Syrian war because of her views on Russia.

      How do people in your country see that?

      • CARLOS Oh lot’s of 20 year olds will volunteer for that war and die in the Syrian desert after growing up on reports of how much money and soldiers died in Iraq without us seeing a single drop of oil.

        Some DRAFT-DODGER’S WIFE is going to convince 20 year olds who are so lazy, spoiled and disgusted with the the U.S. economy they cannot even get out of bed to enlist.

        Good luck selling that one.

        Europe would really want another 100,000 gazillion refugees.

        Sure, Hillary would have sold that.

        • Juan Carlos

          Yes I know. Preaching to the choir.
          She may have if anything just amped up involvement.

          That is especially the case since she would’ve surely entered office the most hated president ever.

        • @Juan C.

          Yep. Most hated ever, except for the thing who “won.”

  3. Thats what I thought. I live in Australia, so it doesn’t affect me directly.

    But after I’ve seen the kind of people who he’s appointed, I don’t hold much hope that he will break the establishment. I’m not fond of nepotism, of Free Marketeers and Goldman Sachs stooges. I’ll wait and see what happens, but I’m not holding much hope.

    America is still an economically driven, neo-liberal state. I don’t think that good economics alone will halt the decline. The Alt-Right consider Trump some God-Emperor. He’ll smash Political Correctness and stop America becoming Brazil. So they think.

    I think it was largely projection. I didn’t hear much from Trump about him being the antidote to political correctness, except his Alt-Right and Conservative supports who wished he was.

    • Australia is has 2 advantages being A) Near enough to Asia to reap the trade awards as the world economy shifts there B) Settled mostly (Not entirely) by Europeans.

      The middle-class thrives to a greater degree than that of the U.S. No massive underclass exists. Wages are higher and even the dumbest Bogan can get some kind of labor that pays off a mortgage on a small house.

      Aboriginals are such a small underclass that they can be “bought off” and persuaded to quietly booze themselves to death in the Outback. There simply are not enough of them in the cities to riot or have political power beyond what they are granted.

      • We had a “White Australia Policy” which many considered shameful. In my opinion Australia wouldn’t have stood a chance to become what it is without it.

        Australia could have become a very different nation but there was an active focus on keeping it a Western outpost.

        As for Aboriginals, in Melbourne you barely see any. Mainly in the city centre, even there, its just a few who are homeless. Your more likely to see a Black African than Aboriginal. Perth, different storym but you are right. They arent a significant minority like African Americans.

        Im not sure about the US, but Ive thought that some European cities are ahead of Australia in terms of infrastructure and culture.

    • ASSEMBLY LINE Being non-PC is like farting loudly at a dinner table instead of muffling it…reality is not changed.

      IE Aboriginals must receive enough money to booze themselves quietly to death far from the cities of the East and West Coast like Perth or Sydney in order to keep the peace.

      IE Melbourne’s organized crime problems began with the arrival of Greeks, Italians and Albanians in the 1960’s and got worse when Lebanese arrived.

      All this is true, of course.

    • Being able to say the word “faggot” in public again will not revitalize the economy, improve public schools or make the economy grow.

      So Trump puts PC out of fashion. What concrete physical advantage does that have apart from preventing Bull Dyke transgenders from using toilets with little boys?

  4. What is Trump going to do but return to Reagan’s “trickle down Economics”, really. Maybe massive de-regulation will create a few jobs.

    Blacks will actually end up in worse squalor with various programs slashed to ribbons.

    Latinos now in their 3rd generation in the Southwest are US-born legal citizens born in the U.S.-longer than Trump’s German-born father or British-born mother- will continue to dominate agri-business and construction because by now the people hiring them and owning the companies are 2nd generation Hispanics.

    HIV rates will rise because Trump’s law-and-order policies imprison the downtrodden working-class “low-hanging fruit” of teen car thieves, petty drug addicts, drunk drivers on their third offense, shoplifters, career junkie street prostitutes.

    Tariffs will simply make the price of goods rise so Americans cannot even be a consumer economy anymore as people drive the same beat-up car for 11 years or stop buying the latest I-phone.

    In terms of Foreign Policy more dictators in Third World toilet bowls like Philippines will call the President “a son of a whore” like Duterte called Obama while still receiving subsidization.

    Nobody wants to volunteer for foreign wars again after Iraq and Syria. Trump will lack the military strength to actually threaten anybody with boots on the ground.

    • America is the equivalent of a lung cancer patient. Trump is the person offering America the promise of getting back to form so they can smoke a pack a day again.

      Aside from the protectionism (which I support), the breaks to the wealthy is what created the mess in the first place. In this sense, Trump isn’t a revolution. He wants to take some steps back on the wrong economic path the USA has been on, and walk forwards again.

      • America never recycled money as well as Australia. Compare the skyline of Sydney to New York or LA or Detroit. American capitalists were simply never taxed enough to put money back into infrastructure or overall social improvements.

        MAYBE if you went to the absolute backwaters of Australia you’d meet some aboriginals in the same sort of poverty as 10,000 Americans in any city.

        U.S. is thousands of miles from the economic center of the world in Asia while Australia is near enough to benefit from the trade while still posting beach signs saying “YOU WILL NOT BE RESETTLED HERE”.

        So Australia has the best of all worlds.

        America was only successful because of a) vast raw materials b) Europeans flooding in were willing to work for nothing like Vietnamese in Perth (Greeks and Italians seem to bring wealth to melbourne) c) a world hungry to buy these things.

      • Australia has the benefit of being near Asia’s huge economy while being separated by water from its worst parts.

        America borders Latin America which is a feudal racial nightmare of Indian and mixed-blood masses being exploited by a few wealthy Spanish elites. Sort of like the Philippines.

        So the flow of third worlders is non-stop and never ends.

        Aboriginals are a small minority. There simply are not enough of them to make your cities no-go zones even if they have the same pathologies as our minorities. Like Native Americans, they quietly booze in the desert somewhere.

  5. Juan Carlos

    This Russia stuff is just bizarre to me.
    I think although we can find ‘common cause’ on things like Syria, Putin does NOT have our best interests at heart. We fought the Cold War for 46 years. Why would he?

    Eastern Europe is the last hope of EASTERN EUROPEANS, not Whites in general. This mythical pact of Trump + Putin to save Whites is, well…:)

    Race is not the only issue in the modern day. Lots of the Alt-Sphere is convinced that it is. They will be in for a rude awakening.

    • Juan Carlos

      In reference to “Hillary starting a war”, I mean.

      Russia is manipulative, this is just a fact.
      But not as bad as Israel.

      The best analogy was “Israel’s Bitch” 2016 versus “Russia’s Bitch” 2016 🙂

      • CARLOS How can the U.S. muster up a volunteer army to fight on icy plains of Eastern Europe/Russia against battle-hardened Soviet troops.

        Gee, a great many of now 20 year old Americans who grew up during the Iraq War are going to be wanting to rush off and fight that war.

        Nobody would show up for that war.

        Iraq was the last time the U.S. public could be conned into supporting a useless and costly war with no benefits. Never happen again.

        Good luck with the Ukraine.

      • Who’d show up for a 15 year war between Russia and the U.S. I’m sure millions of 20 years olds raised on the disaster of Iraq and Afghanistan want to rush off to die on the Russian front in the frozen snow.

        France would speak Russian before that would happen but of course there are so many Arabs in Western Europe the Russians would face another war.

    • Yee

      What is so difficult to understand? It’s very simple, Putin is happy to keep what little influence Russia has left since 1991, and Trump said he has no intention to take any more. So shake hands and deal.
      Not a very good news for China though, as it will allow Putin to focus his efforts on thoes Stans in central Asia, whom we’re trying to win over.

      • The last Central Asians one over by China were Manchus and Uighur people 300 years ago and even that has been spotty.

        Actually Manchus kind of ran China for awhile.

      • Yee

        TRASH, you slept through your history lessons.
        Manchu conquered both China and Xinjiang and ruled for 300 years. China was never good at wars. We expended our territory by losing wars.

      • Juan Carlos

        Okay, that’s more reasonable. But the issue still is;
        it’s always more than that. Putin will venture into Eastern Europe as he did with Ukraine, it’s just a pattern. How does the expansion of Russia benefit us?

        It won’t. It’s all about this crazy pat Buchanan paleocon stuff that trump and Putin will ‘unite to save Whites’ or whatever.

        And trump is borderline illiterate (just has intuition/social skills) from what I understand so he’s going to be a tool.

      • Yee

        JUAN, don’t worry too much. Russia has no money to expand into anywhere. It’s lucky Putin can keep what’s in his hands.

  6. No. It’s been Republicans who have been pushing for invading Syria (since 2010) and brinksmanship with Russia over the Crimea and Ukraine. The Dems have never pushed either of those things. Hillary changed her mind on the TPP, also. The Republicans are the ones that started all the NeoLiberal economics shit. They pushed it. And they’re still pushing it.

    Meanwhile, Old “anti-Wall Street Trump” continues to appoint Goldman Sachs executives to high cabinet positions. And his Anti-Labor Secretary is a fast-food mogul who believes in screwing the worker. Republicans were “pro-American Worker” last when? 1980?

    How did that work out? Oh, yeah, the Repubs pushed protectionism and tariffs and kept jobs at home. Oh, wait, that didn’t happen! But you trust in Trump to not screw the American worker? There are virtually no American workers left. Manufacturing and union jobs- almost all gone. They helped destroy them. And now they claim to be the savior of them…

  7. Gay State Girl

    I went out of my way to reach out to Trump supporters even though I live in the bluest state in the country. We need to show them what a con he is and they will come to realize. We can not afford to isolate them.

  8. GAY STATE GIRL If he accomplished 1/5 of what he promised, it would be a miracle.

    To be fair to Obama, Bush left him a lousy country.

    A 7 year long pointless was in Iraq that did not yield a drop of oil and cost trillions.

    An economic bubble that was bound to burst.

    High gas prices because of these things.

    Obama will be regarded not as a bad president but as mediocre president caught in a bad situation which he did manage to improve slightly.

    • Gay State Girl

      They Republicans managed to convince their minions that

      a). Obama was responsible for the recession.

      b). He was a socialist and that the recession could be attributed to socialism.

      A lot of people are convinced that the recession can be traced to socialism.

      • These folks stood to benefit the most from socialism, whether they wanted to admit it or not.

        At the time of a Depression or serious Recession, socialism is the only answer.

        Trillions were spent on a war that bankrupted the U.S.

        Whatever you say about Israel, they do not get bogged down in long ground wars. The U.S. did get bogged down in a long ground war for 7 years that sent gasoline up and ate away at the treasury.

        In 1999 the budget was balanced and unemployment was almost zero (Granted this was before the internet really wiped out so many service jobs).

        Fast forward nine years.

  9. I’m ready to support economic socialism but first all of the immigrants have to be removed and immigration has to stop 100%. Otherwise, it will be like Europe, where millions of subhuman barbarians from 3rd world countries flood into Europe simply to get welfare.

    Socialism only works if there is a strong community feeling, a pride in one’s country, because only then will people want to help each other.

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