Just Got Thrown Out of Two Alt Left Facebook Groups

I have now been thrown out of two different Alternative Left groups on Facebook.


That is actually rather funny. I believe one was called Alt-Left and the most recent one was called Alt-Leftists. The Alt Left group were just PC Cultural Left SJW’s who were mad at some even more insane Cultural Left types who they felt had gone too crazy for even the crazies to bear. So it was crazy people attacking crazier people.

I finally figured out that the group had two, two, I said two separate moderators, both of whom were transsexuals! And I had thought one was a woman all along! A  weird looking woman but a woman nonetheless. So the group was run by two transwomen, which is a statement right there because that sort of thing should not be as common as weeds like that. Transsexualism to me is a once in a blue moon type thing, but it’s turned into a blades of grass in a field thing – there are a huge number of them, and they are everywhere. Every time you turn around, there’s some transsexual something or other. It’s madness.

Further, the group was full of homosexuals, gay men. I was on one thread, a commenter asked who was gay, and most of the commenters started lighting up the screen saying they were gay, or bi, or poly or pan or whatever the Hell. I was just about the only cis straight man in the thread. As such, I was a weirdo. See what I mean? The Cultural Left is trying to make it so the freaks are the norm and the normal people are the freaks instead of the other way around the way it should be.

It’s getting to the point where if you are not down with whatever the Cultural Left weirdness du jour is, you are some sort of an uptight, puritanical prig who is against fun and hung up about sex because you won’t go out and suck a penis like all the other hip “bi-curious” guys are doing or let your wife peg you with a strap-on and cuck you with some Black bulls like all the other hipster husbands are doing. To be a cis straight guy now is almost like being a stern, censorious party-pooper.

I started going off on transsexuals in the way that I usually do and they all freaked out. But before they had started attacking me on race, homosexuality, feminism and lots of other Cultural Left hot buttons. The way they responded to me was straight out of the SJW handbook. They even attacked me for using the term Cultural Left which they claimed I was using as a cover for Cultural Marxism, which is a concept and conspiracy theory that I do not even happen to believe in. It was not long before I was booted.

With these latest clowns, all I did was say I founded the movement, these were the core founding principles, and what do you all think of them? They started unloading on me all over the place.

The “Alt-Leftists” group was full of economic conservatives, Libertarians, supporters of the Republican Party, neoliberals, free marketeers of all sorts, etc. One of the founding Alt Left principles was that we rejected all of that. If you believe in that, you are out.

The pillars and principles of my version of the Alt Left have been laid out carefully. Others have made manifestos and principles about their particular take on it. My attitude is, “Everyone form their own faction.” That sounds insane, but wait a minute. If you go down the line and see my principles of the Alt Left in my pieces, do you really agree with every single one of my views? Come on.

So your own “faction” would be your own particular Alt Left principles, values, and positions on a variety of political issues of the day. Your “faction” could be you just go down my list of principles and say you agree or disagree, and any caveats you have in addition to those two statements. Got it?

Look, few people have the same values, principles and positions as other people. In a way, it seems like when you have 30-40 different issues that you are working on as we are, most people are going to have a different take on that set of issues. They will agree with some, disagree with others, and agree or disagree with qualifications on others.

However, we do have some boundaries around the Big Tent. At some point, you are just not Alt Left anymore. In order to be Alt Left, you have to be down with at least the very core principles of the movement that we will not budge or compromise on. Agent Commie has listed some of these over on his site. I have listed them many times myself, and if you want, I will list them again in another post. You go beyond a certain point, and you’re just out. Bye bye.

Now obviously just because I founded the Alt Left (along with a few others not far behind like Rabbit, Ryan England and Prince of Queens) doesn’t mean that I get to take the movement in any direction I want to. Others can carry the banner and run off and splinter away all they like.

Imagine if someone had invented a movement called “Conservatism” in the early 1800’s after the French Revolution as Burke pretty much did. He and some later folks, especially Kirk, laid down more basic principles. Now suppose the movements that called themselves Conservatives started taking off in directions that the founders had not envisioned?

Well that’s perfectly fine of course, and this happens to movements all the time.

How far away is modern feminism from the feminism envisioned by the founders of the movement in the early 1960’s like Friedan, Streisand, Abzug, Greer, Wills and some others? Who knows? Movements take off on their own once birthed by whomever, and there’s no rule or law that says that movements have to exactly like what the founder wanted. And it’s not immoral or improper for a movement to do so. Movements can do whatever the Hell they want to. It’s perfectly fine for them to veer off in their own direction, even if it is quite far from what the founders wanted. That’s perfectly acceptable, and that’s the way or the world.

You give birth to kids, raise them to have certain values, and they turn out however. Maybe they completely reject the values you instilled in them. What I am saying is that just because you give birth to something – anything – there’s nothing stopping and nothing wrong with the thing you birthed taking off in whatever direction it wants to, not caring what the person who birthed it had in mind.

Turns out all these Alt-Leftist idiots care about is being radical skeptical scientistic atheists. It’s all about Islam. Islam is the issue of the day. Oh, and Christianity too. Oh, and by the way, we hate all religions, did you know that? Another aspect of them was a jihad against SJW’s. Now I hate SJW’s as much as anyone, and they hate me too. Actually they started it between them and me.

But they’re not what’s important. What’s important is stopping these fascist freak Libertarian Minarchist maniacs who took over the government from destroying our whole society once and for all. The war is against Trump, everyone who is with Trump, the entire Republican party and the very principles of conservatism in general. Trump and this new insane government is the five alarm fire in the American neighborhood. Fighting stupid SJW’s or ranting about religion or even Islam is like going after the boy playing with matches while the disco down the street burns down with 100 people inside of it. There are these things called priorities.

And really which is worse, SJW’s or radical social conservative reactionaries? Who’s worse, Trump and the Republicans or the Cultural Left? Come on, people!

As much as I hate those SJW’s, I will ally with them against the Republicans because the Republicans are the enemy right now, particularly the maniacs that have taken over the US government.

And commenter Tulio is correct. This indeed a fascist movement. We have been yelling and warning about this at least since the 2000 election was stolen. Maybe they had some fascist characteristics before then, I have no idea. But it’s been getting worse and worse, and I believe somewhat more fascist (George W. Bush was almost a crypto-fascist, pseudo-fascist or pre-fascist) with every election, to the point where we now have a full-blown US fascist movement of our very own that looks exactly like people like Upton Sinclair said it would look like back in the 1930’s.

Everyone who is with the Trumspter fascists is a fascist themselves, whether they realize it or not. And certainly everyone helping them at the state and local levels is a fascist. I would go so far as to say that the US Republican Party is now a fascist political party, particularly the Trumspter faction. Everyone wants to leave out the Never Trump Republicans, but trust me, I know them very well, and they are pretty fascist themselves, about on the George W. Bush level. The Trumpsters are the grownup fascists, and the rest of them are the teenage fascists who wear the latest outfits all the time so we can’t figure out what they are.

I will throw down a challenge right now. Show me any significant Republican Party figure, and I will see if they are fascist or fascist-like. I do not think there are many non-fascists left in the party. But let’s play the game.

Here is my post on Alt Left and Radical Center, a group that has not thrown me out yet.

Just got thrown out of another Alt Left group. This was  Alt-Leftists. They have gone so far away from my vision that I am renouncing them. It’s all “fight Islam and fight SJW’s!” Hell with that. To me, the task of the Alt Left right now is to fight the Right. One of our founding principles is Anti-Conservatism. We do not accept rightwingers of any way, shape or form with exceptions for social conservatives, race/gender realists, etc. And we are not militant atheists.


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7 responses to “Just Got Thrown Out of Two Alt Left Facebook Groups

  1. The alt-leftists group was founded by some guys from a Facebook group called the Sam Harris Party Boat – basically a sh!tposting page for Sam Harris fans. This explains the liberal, anti-Islamic slant they tend to have. Not that I think this is bad, simply pointing it out.

    • Whatever. I founded this thing and these dickwads had the temerity not only to completely split off the original direction but also to throw the founder of the Alt Left out of their little Alt Left group.

      If that’s the way the Red Templars are, they are out of the Alt Left or least my Alt Left. I honestly do not see why these morons should be part of our movement anyway. Radical atheists who hate religion and worship skeptardism and scientism? Who spend all their time bashing Islam? Who think that SJW’s and Islam are vastly more important than fighting Trump. Most of those guys told me could care less about Trump. Bashing Islam was so much more urgent.

      As far as I am concerned, they are out of here.

  2. They screwed up bad. They are mad about illegals, trade deals and globalism so they elect the most rightwing man on Earth, a man at the far end of reactionaries, who is frankly and out and out fascist. Then he fills his cabinet with the most nightmarish reactionaries in the land.

    See that “Left” in Alt Left? That’s actually important. To me, the Alt Left is a “never say die Left group.” Alt Leftists should never vote for any conservatives, reactionaries, fascists or rightwingers anywhere ever. The Right is the enemy. The Right is the Alt Left’s worst enemy of all. To us they are deadly enemies, and there will be no peace with the Republicans. This fight is going to go on to the end until one side takes the other side out. There will be no peace with the Republicans.

  3. John Carl

    Robert Reich is an old warrior and pretty cool guy.
    He resigned as Secretary of Labor under Bill because he objected to NAFTA…..they call him “socialist”.

    He has a genetic disease causing him to be only 4’9”. He had to get help from older boys in the neighborhood not to be bullied. One of them was Michael Schwarner, murdered for registering Blacks to vote in MS…giving him leftist inspiration to ‘stand up to the largest bullies’

  4. The Cultural Left is trying to make it so the freaks are the norm and the normal people are the freaks instead of the other way around the way it should be.

    Well said.

  5. Daniel

    I am so tired of faggotry and all it’s attendant perversions. Currently I attend College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas to learn a trade (Autobody repair). There is this one dude parading around campus, wearing a dress with a receding hairline, a fuzzy beard and huge breasts. He is apparently head of the LGBTQ….whatever, caucus. I was observing him hold forth and I approached him and said “You are sick. Get help. You are not a woman and never will be”. I was immediately setup upon by his blue haired, ring-nosed, fatty, harpy army. They surrounded me, hounded me and called campus security, vowing to get me expelled from the school. I just laughed at them and walked away, but they followed me out into the parking lot, taking photos of me on their iphones. I do believe that if they had the power they would expel me from the school. So far nothing has come of it.

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