“India is Not Safe For White Female Tourists,” by Magneto

There was a story three years ago about an American female student who went to study in India on a student exchange program and came back to America diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I know my first reaction was “Oh, this is just some crybaby Western Woman who is exaggerating,” but after second thought, I began to understand the real trauma she had been through.

Imagine you are a woman and everywhere you walk, you have hundreds of men staring at you, some of them making obnoxious comments toward you and sometimes even grabbing your ass or breasts. Having to endure that kind of abuse for months would cause someone to have a bit of a mental breakdown.

After the gang rape in 2012 of that girl in New Delhi, tourism rates dropped 25%. Even the embassies of some countries have issued travel warnings for women talking about the very real dangers faced by foreign female tourists in India.

The worst part of all of it was the reactions of some Indians. A few Indian women replied with comments along the lines of, “Women are abused everywhere, not just India.” One Indian woman mentioned she felt like she was being stalked when she had lived in Paris for a year. And of course Indian men wrote comments basically saying, “How dare you try to hurt India’s image! Don’t you know that America has a higher rate of rape than India?”

It was the typical idiotic nationalistic/patriotic bullshit, as usual. Indians cannot handle even the slightest criticism of their country, even when women are getting openly raped and murdered in the street!

A large percentage of Indian men blamed the rape on the victim, saying things like, “She shouldn’t have been out that late,” (It was only 9 PM), “She must have been dressed in a slutty way,” or “She must have provoked the men by arguing with them.” Fuck it, I’ll go ahead and list the full quotes below, just so that you can see how evil a lot of Indian men are:

“A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy.”

“A decent girl won’t roam around at 9 o’clock at night. … Housework and housekeeping is for girls, not roaming in discos and bars at night doing wrong things, wearing wrong clothes.”

“If a girl is dressed decently, a boy will not look at her in the wrong way,” Khattar told reporters, “Freedom has to be limited. These short clothes are Western influences. Our country’s tradition asks girls to dress decently.”

“All by herself till 3 a.m. at night in a city where people believe…you know…you should not be so adventurous.”

“We have to strike a balance. On the one hand you want to have a promiscuous culture, and on the other hand you want a safe and secure environment for the people,” and “Should couples be allowed to kiss in public?…Should they be allowed to indulge in all obscene things?”

Magneto’s comment:

What the fuck is wrong with you? Seeing other men and women kissing and holding hands in public will drive you to rape them? Sorry, but this is not about sex. This is about your Beta male envy and rage. Does anyone remember Elliot Rodgers? He went around filming couples holding hands and kissing in public and making envious and jealous comments about them. He later went on a shooting spree and killed a few people, and his motivation was because he was a 22 year old virgin who couldn’t get a girlfriend. This is not about sexual repression. It’s about mental illness.

Most Indian men are Beta males who cannot stand to see other men be successful with women and will do anything to sabotage them and cockblock them. They are so busy hating on successful men that they have no time left over to work on improving their own Game and trying to become successful with women themselves. They would rather just sit on the sidelines and criticize successful people than do anything to improve their own lives.

This is just so fucking petty. Indians are an incredibly envious group of people, and that’s why they are such nasty, passive-aggressive people and why no sane person wants anything to do with them. That’s the reason why Indians end up living isolated within their own communities and ghettos. It’s like they never matured out of that early teenage phase where if you see a girl talking about sex with a man, you feel really angry, jealous and insecure. Indian men have literally never matured past a pre-teenager level of maturity. It’s no wonder Indian women hate Indian men so much nowadays.

(end of Magneto’s comment)

“The victim is as guilty as her rapists…She should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop.”

“Women are ‘equally responsible’ for crimes committed against them.”

“Women should not venture out with men who are not relatives.”

“What is happening is we have imbibed the US. We have lost all the values we had in cities.”

Magneto’s comment:

Indian men blaming everything on White people, America, and Western culture, as usual. Nope, the real reason is because you Indian men never matured past your puberty stage of development, so you act like a bunch of immature, petty, envious, Beta teenage boys. If you see a boy and girl kissing or holding hands, you burn with jealousy, and all you can think of is, “How can I stop them? How can I destroy their relationship?” Beta male rage can literally lead to rape and murder.

Alpha men do not attach value to any particular woman or put women on a pedestal, so an Alpha male would never consider a woman important enough to want to kill her or kill for her. People think Alpha male behavior causes violence but actually it’s Beta male behavior. Beta males tend to repress their anger and envy until one day it just explodes and they end up doing something horrible like killing someone. That’s why guys in the Manosphere who are training men how to be Alpha are actually saving lives.

(end of Magneto’s comment)

“Where ‘Bharat’ becomes ‘India’ with the influence of Western culture, these type of incidents happen.”

-“If consensual sex with a 16-year-old is not rape, why can’t girls be married at 16?”

Magneto’s comment: Well actually I would agree with this one. The age of consent is a joke. As long as a girl has reached puberty, and has developed physically (breasts), it is not pedophilia. It was perfectly normal for men to marry 13 or 14 year old girls for centuries until the modern feminist culture made such practices illegal. It’s normal for men to be attracted to young women.

I remember one guy even telling me, “God designed women to be at their most attractive right at that same time when they are experiencing puberty.” And either way, it’s totally normal for 14, 15, or 16 year old girls to be having sex nowadays. So why should it be illegal for an older man to have sex with them? I guess all those feminist spinsters who spent their youth chasing their career only to find out that there’s no Prince Charming waiting for them after they hit the wall at age 30 and they end up growing old alone with their 10 cats feel extremely bitter if they see a man of their same age going for an 18 year old girl. Ugly, bitter, older single women are probably the real cultural force behind the demonization of older male-younger female relationships.

(end of Magneto’s comment)

“’Pretty women’ who protest against rapes are ‘dented and painted.'”

“Just because the country attained independence at midnight, is it proper for women moving at midnight?”

Rapes are on the rise because “men and women interact with each other more freely now.”

If women dress provocatively, then “rapes are not in the control of the police.”

Magneto’s comment: Sure, if I see a hot Indian chick wearing short shorts or a mini-skirt, I’ll indeed look at her and check out her ass. Maybe that makes me a male chauvinist pig or whatever, but I have never had the urge to grab her and drag her into a dark alley and gang rape her. All of the rape in India is not caused by sexual repression but by some deep psychological/sexual issues that Indian men are clearly suffering from. “How dare that hot woman dress like that? I’ll teach her a lesson by raping her!”

Here’s a better idea. Instead of raping a woman, learn some social skills. Stop being an autistic retard. Learn how to flirt with women. Learn how to dress instead of looking like some idiot wearing bell bottoms out of a ’70’s disco movie. Learn how to escalate with women and how to take control and seduce them.

But nope. Instead of improving themselves, Indian men would rather just sit back and act like a bunch of Uber-Beta losers. Angry that they’ll never have that hot girl, they will sit there and whine, “Why is she such a slut?”, “Why does she dress like a whore,” or “If she gets raped, she deserves it.” This is all simply caused by Beta male impotent rage.

At the same time, because India is a matriarchal society that is ruled by women, Indian men never have any positive male role models to aspire after. And Indian women themselves will viciously tear down any masculine, strong, Alpha Indian man, resulting in there being no masculine Alpha male role models to follow. It’s a vicious cycle, and Indian women are not completely blameless either.

Ultimately I’ve simply come to the conclusion that the Indian race is a subhuman race, and this is caused by their genetics, their DNA, and there is nothing they can do to ever change. The question the West will need to ask themselves is, “Do we want to keep importing these subhumans into our countries or rather should we ban all immigration from India and isolate India politically, economically, and culturally?” I hope that the West will evolve out of it’s “antiracism” childishness and into a more mature “race realism” mindset, because only then will Westerners be willing to make such hard decisions. And unless the West takes such hard decisions and takes them very soon, the entire Western world is doomed to destruction and extinction.


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  1. Hey!
    I am an Indian girl,20 and I really understand the problem of female tourists in my country.India since later Vedic times has been a male chauvinist country and I have no shame in saying so about my country. It definitely won’t make me less patriotic. The problem rests in the core of the country (villages) where a lot of men lack higher education and still believe that a woman should conceal herself and make their every choice according to the males of the family. It definitely hurts their ego if they find any woman managing things on her own. It doesn’t matter where she is white or brown the problem lies in the manner the Indian men think.
    They have no shame in eve teasing any girl but if the victim is their own sister they are ready with guns and goons. These male chauvinists even pollute the metropolitan Indian cities which are now-a-days have become a symbol of men and women equality. Yes it is true that they are jealous, envious and can’t stand anyone’s success.
    Thankyou and I really loved your article but it is not a problem with white female tourists but with white female aryans (me) and females of other races as well in India.
    And yes you know that at Chennai(TN), India in August a man tried to woo a white Dravidian girl and she gave him back saying that he was black and of a low caste (the girl was a Brahmin). After stalking her s few days that man murderd her by stabbing her at Railway Station during peak hours and this shows the mental illness of males in India and I must also mention here that not all Indian man are same. 🙂

    • Actually I don’t really find India to be that much of a patriarchy. I find it to be a matriarchy, because if you look inside most Indian homes, it’s the wife/mother who is running everything. There are no strong male role models to follow because Indian women turn their sons into momma’s boys and never let them grow on their own and be independent.

      Literally the only alpha guy I ever met in India was from Kashmir and he was a pretty cool guy, very westernized and he had no trouble at all gaming and banging western tourist girls. Then again he looks quite white, he doesn’t really look indian.

      You call yourself Aryan so I am assuming you are of the brahmin caste and probably have lighter skin? I’ve met 100s of indian men and they all ask me “Can you get me a white girl?”

      So it’s true, they are literally obsessed with white skinned women. But indian women are also obsessed with white skinned men so it works out in my favor too. I’m enjoying my white privilege quite nicely here.

      • Yea you got it right I am a brahmin and yes Indian women do manage everything at home but still they lack a sense of self respect because of which they don’t protest even if they are harressed at home.

      • yea u are right I am a Brahmin(North Indian)

      • SHI

        If India were a matriarchal society, women in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh or Uttar Pradesh wouldn’t be subject to so much abuse. What happens in these places is that boys from rich families treat the rape of young girls, especially of a lower caste, as a “rite of passage”. Female foetecide is rampant and so are dowry killings and bride burnings. Also, honour killings among Jatts and other Kshatriya castes.

        Deep down, India is still a chauvinistic society at par with Pakistan, Afghanistan and other patriarchal cultures. This definition holds true for at least the Northern half of the country.

        But yes, parts of South and North-East are the complete opposite and indeed a matriarchy. Kerala and Karnataka stand as examples of matriarchal societies as are Sikkim, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya etc.

        • SHI

          Sahara Knite and other Indian women have taken to doing porn and now they are in many videos so.

          If an Indian woman went to some Florida beach town with a BAD REPUTATION and a) bathed topless all the time and b) was a junkie or hard drug user and c) hung around local dickheads who were obviously unemployed idle dirtbags…she’d be raped too.

          This is the Goa scenario, where most of the rapes of Indian females take place.

    • Blue Gum

      If you pose as an underage girl on yahoo chat it turns into a feeding frenzy with Indian men being the most common predators, there’s vid. of this on youtube. Even if not all Indian men are the same, the bad apples spoil the barrel.

    • Here’s a great analysis on why ugly subhuman infested shithole India has become worst place ,specially for good-looking Caucasian type women. Those half-australoid mongrels can’t resist beautiful things. But they are too ugly to get girls, so they have to rape! After polluting all aryan types , they now don’t have any natural beauties left, so they are now like hungry hyenas….

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  3. Imagine you are a woman and everywhere you walk, you have hundreds of men staring at you, some of them making obnoxious comments toward you and sometimes even grabbing your ass or breasts. Having to endure that kind of abuse for months would cause someone to have a bit of a mental breakdown.

    This happens in NYC all the time.


    Foreigners go to Goa for sun, fun, booze and drugs.

    Indians who hang around will be drug dealers, hucksters and a small number of rapists who target foreign women. Some Indian women will be prostitutes, who I have used. One or two Indian women are “Hamburger Hookers” who for a nice meal and drinks will do “half-and-half (Oral and sex).

    I’ve never HEARD of a white man raping an Indian woman although in British Raj days a few soldiers did it. THERE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN INDIAN PROSTITUTES BECAUSE MANY INDIAN WOMEN ARE HORNY.

    Rapes usually occur on beaches. The last one involved dumping the beaten English woman in the water-the Goa Tourism Minister’s SON was the culprit.

    Sometimes the Indian befriends some hippy and then rapes her. Sometimes the hippy is a man and Indian rapes him.

    But mostly it is hit and run, drag the foreign woman in the bushes and rape her.

    Russian hookers in Mumbai run about $150. Too expensive for low-caste Indians or Muslims from the slums.

    • I’m pretty curious about the prostitution scene in Goa. You had mentioned there are a lot of bengalis living in beach huts and you can go inside pay them and fuck them. Can you describe the prostitution scene in Goa in as much detail as possible? I’d like to make it the basis of a future article, actually, so your comment won’t go to waste,, don’t worry.

      • MAGNETO Very Well:

        I worked in a Malayalam industry and my first gig there paid well.

        In 1999 aged 26 employer let me have a week off and I headed for Goa for marijuana (I smoked in the 90’s) and fun and swimming.

        Of course I wanted to laid but European girls did not interest me: if you’re white in India, why have sex with the same blonde, blue-eyed girls you’d meet back in the West?

        Once Indian women get married some discover they like sex a great deal and if their husband works in the Gulf you might get sex from them but this requires hanging around a 40 year old housewife. Plus hubby’s brother might do something anti-social.

        SO….I asked a taxi driver where the Indian female sex action was. He told me it was Bengali women at Wasco beach who rent their own huts for three months. There was a great deal of underage sex action (I don’t approve of this) with 13 and 14 year old Indian girls.

        A loud confident Bengali woman who had a knockout body and a hard face/tough voice about my age or maybe late twenties came out to ask me if I wanted a girl and she had a bunch tiny 14 year old girls around her. So I said I would take her.

        She said good and was quite eager. She had massive tits and seemed quite happy to be with a white guy.

        She stripped, did a wonderful BJ and then I had sex with her which she was quite passionate about with no rubber at all. She was quite into the sex unlike white prostitutes who have this “I hate this and only want money for heroin/crack” ambiance. She was chatty and rather upbeat and casual. I paid her $25 and it was the best sex of my life. She kissed me goodbye (Bear in mind when a young white man uses an Indian prostitute his own age it is probably different than if I was 55-I was reasonably handsome and had a hard physique).

        White prostitutes never seem to like what they are doing and hate the males as if we are paying to rape them. Indian female prostitutes are resigned to their function in society and seem quite accepting of it. But I have never mistreated one and was always polite.

        NEXT GOA EXPERIENCE WAS WITH A “MESTIZA LUSA” and these are the kids of Goa Indian females and Portuguese men. Goa has a mixed-race population of Portuguese-speakers like Latin America.

        Another taxi driver suggested a house of prostitution some distance away from my beach cottage. I was stoned on marijuana and it was a regular house and the prostitute owned it. A single Lusa who looked Mexican in her 40’s. I was 27 then and would not have chosen a woman in her late 40’s but I was already there and paid the taxi guy like 400 Rupees.

        She was obviously a hardened hooker and a hard drinker/smoker with kids. Top-heavy and curvy. I paid $30. She drove a harder bargain because it was her house etc.

        This “Lusa” did not screw around and got right into kneeling down for a blast-off BJ and even trying to stick her tongue up my ass crack which I balked at after tonguing the scrotum sack.

        Then we did doggy-style and she finished by jerking me off all over her face.

        This was in the year 2000. I’m sure she is like 65 years old by now!

        Third time was an Indian-American girl at a Full Moon rave. Most Indian-Americans who visit Goa are actually Punjabi. She was kind of working-class looking, New Jersey Gujarati “Sahara Knite” trashy kind of chick.

        She was on Ecstasy and we were dancing and after the briefest of exchanges went back to her hotel and I screwed the hell out of her because I was stoned and she was high off her head on Ecstasy (However if the sex is UNPAID A WHITE WILL NOT GET A BJ FROM AN INDIAN FEMALE THE FIRST TIME THEY HAVE SEX). Anyhow she was staying with other friends and I left her room before they got back.

        • Fucking nice, man. Thanks. I’ll turn this into a guest article and see if Robert will publish it.

        • That won’t happen until Trash becomes a guest poster. Trash will have to pay at least $20 in order to use this platform for his work. It’s a deal because you can write as much as you want. Although knowing what a piker Trash is, I am certain that he will not pay that fee. ,

        • Jason Y

          Good business idea. Pay for guest posting. With a large audience, a lot of people might want to use the platform either for commercial use or just for an audience or for an audience for a non-profit website.

        • Jason Y

          Some guest posters might demand a link back for the 20, but it would be a good deal to get traffic to their website.

        • Jason Y

          A big block to getting paid guest posters would be the controversial content interpreted by some as racist, so you’d have to look in certain special areas to advertise. I don’t think DigitalPoint.com would go along with ads from controversial websites of this magnitude, nor would WarriorForum.com

        • Yes actually it is an outrageous deal. $20 and you get to write as many articles as you wish! On a great platform that gets 6,000 hits a day! I will not make much money this way, but I do get a tiny bit from this.

      • MAGNETO Bear in mind I have not been to India since 2009. I was there from 1999-2009 frequently and lived there for months at a time. Things changed but here’s the Goa Sex Scene then:

        ANJUNA BEACH’S Hamburger Hookers: These are sad women from the South like Karnataka who hustle foreigners on the beach selling trinkets but if you’re a white dude they’ll ask you to by them dinner and give them “taxi” and then lie down stiff as dead body for some really unromantic sex. Tried this once, it was unpleasant.

        WASCO BEACH Bengali prostitutes (Bear in mind the police might have cleared the area by now 17 years later): These are Bengali women and girls as young as 12 or 13 who live in shacks and ply their trade. Going rate when I used them was $1500 rupees. Like I said, Indian women who are prostitutes do not seem to have a higher ambition and hate every minute of it like some white junkie hooker who just wants money for crack. Their fun, passionate and even seem to enjoy what they are doing.

        They are career prostitutes. Quite polite. Good attitude. I attribute this to Hinduism’s realistic view of sex and life in general.


        These are Indian women far away from Anjuna Beach who are mostly Lusa women (Portuguese) in their 40’s. They are hard and professional and will do anything. Most are hard drinkers. They own their own house, I should add.

        They act like cruel headmistresses when you walk in (But I was 20 years younger than they were in my 20’s) and are all about businesses.

        However, they get right down to action and know every single trick. They’ll deep throat you and titty f*ck you and jerk you off and even try to stick their tongue up your anus-which I objected to.

        NB When you OBJECT to the sex acts they are doing they get a little offended and stand-offish. “You don’t like that?”

        It always ends up in doggy style and then they’ll jerk you off on their face with their eyes wide open. They are that hard.


        These are American slutty stoners from New Jersey of Gujarati or Punjabi descent who come for the raves. They have that Sahara Knite trashy ambiance. They are no different from any other American girls. If lying on top of a chubby and drunk American Indian female for some vanilla sex is your thing fine. I’d rather pay for the pros.


        Goan “beach boys” are gay hustlers who will suck a white man’s penis or let the white man suck their penis for $10.

        Bum sex costs a bit more. Like $20. It’s done in the foreigners hotel room or even on a beach in public.

        Mostly these are locals but also Kashmir heroin addicts. I get the impression Kasmir Muslim males molest little boys often and they are used to these transactions.

        NB Brits seemed into this.


        British Welfare white receivers live in Goa because welfare goes much further in India and the British government is glad for them to be somebody else’s problem.

        They are all heroin junkies. Cocaine and Ecstasy are expensive and Ya-Ba was not around back then.

        For enough money you can pay to screw them for their next fix.

        Never did this.

        These are the white trash who get gang-raped, I should add.


        These women are bored and hubby works in Dubai or Abu Dhabi his whole life.

        DaSilva was one such woman and again, a mixed-breed Portuguese. About 45. She was a part-time tourist guide and I paid her to take me to St Xavier’s tomb.

        She started brushing up against me in the church and in the van it turned into rubbing my leg and then while she drove she was give my dong a rubdown. Her husband was an accountant in Dubai who had not been hoe for years.

        I went back to her house and shafted her right on her living room floor twice. No BJ however as most civilian Indian women won’t do this for a foreigner.

        The guy who introduced me to her said that some neighbors had already started gossiping that I had screwed her so I decided to move from my cottage and never went back. Maybe husband’s brother might get offended.


        These are also available but never my thing.


        All this was in the 2000’s and I am not sure if Goa is the same now. Kingfisher has sort of commercialized the place and the Indian government has stepped in to make it family friendly.

        Info could be out of date.

      • GOAN SEX SCENE Circa 2000’s

        HAMBURGER HOOKERS (Foreign Slang)

        These are sad Indian women who sell trinkets on the beach. They will suggest you buy them a meal and pay taxi. Afterwards they will wordlessly go back to your room and lie stiff as a board on your bed as you screw them like it was rape. I tried this once, no fun. I was young then, 26. I can be forgiven

        NB When the foreigner brings an Indian girl to his room everybody knows and talks. Indian men usually think it is funny.

        I was shamed and left the hotel on Anjuna because the staff was gossiping. Also, it almost got back to my boss, but I denied it later on.


        These Bengali women follow the tourist trade but also service English sailors. They range in age from 12-30. They don’t mind white males, truthfully. Quite happy to service us. They find us polite and clean.

        “Bengal Tigers” is white slang for horny Bengali man-eaters and most Anglo-Indians are the byproduct of English men and Bengali women.

        They live in a cluster of shacks on the side of the beach. The one I paid was 28 and said she paid the police to stay away so I could do it with her right in her shack.

        1000 Rupees or 1500 (I forget) and she got right down to business with passionate BJ and ball-licking and then doggy-style.

        Indian women who ARE prostitutes do not have that I’m in this for heroin vibe of white women. They’ve made a life decision and its a career for them. I SUSPECT in a moral country like India that grown Indian women who CHOOSE prostitution like sex and men. Especially Bengali women.


        These women are local of mixed Portuguese and Indian descent. Usually their Dad or Grandad was Portuguese and owned some land and they have lived in the house their whole life. They are all in early middle age-late 30’s or 40’s.

        When you enter they come on really hard and business-like. They seem like cruel headmistresses. Once you pay they get right into the action however: deep-throat, ball-licking, rimming (I balked at this) and doggy-style and will jerk you off on their face without closing their eyes. Price is $30.

        NB When the Lusa who I paid who would now be in her 60’s started trying to stick her tongue up my ass I balked and she got slightly offended. If you OBJECT to a sex act they get a little stand-offish.

        SEX FOR GAYS

        “Beach Boys” are Goan male hustlers who will suck a white man’s penis for 500 Rupees and let him f*ck their ass for about 700. Most are “gay for pay”.

        This goes down right on the beach or sometimes the foreigner will stand in the water and the beach boy will go underneath it and suck his penis under the water.

        Mostly Brits and some Israeli soldiers engage in this.


        Many of these women screw around with foreigners because hubby has been in Kuwait as an accountant for 20 years. I did not.

        I once heard of a Swedish hippy who got his ass kicked half to death by two grown sons of a 45 year old housewife he was screwing IN THEIR LIVING ROOM ON THE FLOOR WHEN THEY WALKED IN.

        They beat up saying ” STOP F*CKING MY MOTHER”.


        British government allows its welfare receivers to go elsewhere and live while still receiving money-the government is thrilled for them to be some other country’s social problem instead of theirs.

        Their money goes so far that many of these folks OD on heroin in Goa. Nobody really cares.

        At any rate some of the junkie British women will sell it for a fix. About 2000 Rupees.

        When you hear of some British girl being gang-raped its usually one of these junkies. White men mostly would not pay 2 rupees but some Goan Indian men will out of curiosity to sleep with a Gori.

        • Yeah Bengali women seem to be the majority of the prostitutes in India and they are also my favorite type of women anyway. They are very simple, affectionate, but quite passionate too. Bengali Tiger is the right word. And they really enjoy sex, they aren’t faking it. I’ve felt a few of their pussies get super wet, so no way were they faking it. They are also quite happy to fuck white men since a white guy is like a prize for them and it’s a lot better than fucking some retarded indian man.

          Too bad this fucking stupid demonitization shit has absolutely destroyed the economy or else I’d go enjoy with a few bengalis too. I have zero physical cash cause the fucking ATMs are all broken.

        • Jason Y

          I’m trying to imagine how Russell Brand would be treated walking the streets of Gao. 😆

          Has anyone seen that movie where those American guys take a train trip across India?

        • Baji Rao 1


          Indian guys can fuck better than a White guy can. Also Indian dudes last longer in bed than White guys. We are more passionate with our women. That Bengali woman is just using you for money. Even White women tell me Indian guys make good lovers.

          Indian women deep down love Indian guys. We are the first prize; White dudes like you are second prize for them.

      • GAY SEX SCENE For our homosexual tourists.

        Goa has a huge gay hustler scene. Huge. They are known as “beach boys”. They service mostly British men.

        For 500 rupees they will go in the water and go underneath and suck the white’s penis. This is their regular way.

        For 1000 it is bum sex and this occurs on the beach or anywhere.

        I’ve heard most of these guys are “gay for pay” and straight in their private life.

        Note their AIDS rate is pretty high.

        • SHI

          Haha, TRASH is hilarious.

          On the subject of India not being safe for White female tourists, it’s partly true. But, not the complete picture of a whole country. A White female tourist would feel perfectly safe, all by herself in Gujarat, Mumbai, Kolkata, the North-Eastern states and large parts of the South except for the biggest cities of Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore which have recently acquired a reputation for sleaze, porn and vulgarity.

          White women’s chances of getting raped are higher in popular tourist spots like Pushkar in Rajasthan, Agra in Uttar Pradesh, and Goa. This is because of sheer numbers., these places serve as automatic magnet for would-be Indian rapists.

          Rapist Indian man 1, “Bro. I just saw a porn flick featuring hot blonde chicks. I wanted to shove my cock in her. I wanted to rape her so badly. Why can’t we get such beautiful women here in India?”

          Rapist Indian man 2, “That’s because bro. They don’t really like to visit our small town of Rapesville.Who would, really? Let;’s go to Goa or Pushkar and try our luick there. Does anybody have money?”

          Rapist Indian man 3: “I can ask my dad for a small, “business loan of 50,000 rupees. Let’s go to Goa and book some cottages.My friend told me there are lots of women from Scandinavian countries near Anjuna Beach.”

          Rapist Indian man 4: “I heard these White women are crazy about Indian men. They like aggressive and macho men. They’re just waiting to be fucked, bro. I tell you that. ”

          Rapist Indian man 1: “That sounds OK. But, what if we get arrested for rape? The cops take the rapes of foreign females very seriously. We’ll be grounded.”

          Rapist Indian man 2: “Don’t worry, man. These White womena are all into drugs. We’ll sedate them first, spike their drinks, whatever it takes.”

          Rapist Indian man 3: “And, if the worst happens. My dad knows some good lawyers. We’ll be out in no time. Let’s go have some real fun.”

          Rapist Indian man 1: “All right, gang. Let’s go fuck some White women.”

          New Delhi has taken great steps to address the female sexual harassment. There are emergency helpline numbers. Parts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand are a no-go zone because of complete lawlessness, and bandits roaming everywhere.

        • Optimus Prime

          That’s right, Trash is an extraordinarily gifted writer in spite of being wrong on many occasions. Too bad if he doesn’t write for a full-length feature film or at least a dark satire magazine. Trash, you said you’re broke, you must get that filthy lucre somehow with your writing skills.

        • Lin

          “I’ve heard most of these guys are “gay for pay” and straight in their private life.”
          According to Christopher Isherwood whose ‘Goodbye to Berlin’ the famous movie ‘Cabaret’ (hey,8 Oscars and my favourite) is based on, the gay prostitutes in early 1930s Berlin, then Europe’s Bangkok&gay capital,were mostly hetero who needed to whore their asses to survive in harsh economic time.. Some even said Hitler was once a gay whore in Vienna.

        • Hotdog

          Berlin was cesspool before Hitler tasked Goebbels with cleaning it up, a lot of children were selling themselves for sex as well. jews seemed to be thriving and influential there.

        • John Carl

          it was far worse by the end of the war;


          Hitler’s aggression triggered all this.
          Funny how you leave that out.

        • Hotdog

          As if I would deny the mass rape of German women after the war was worse….
          Perhaps I should name the jew with every post too.
          ”Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty.” Ilya Grigoryevich Ehrenburg
          Guess his ethnicity.

          Hitler didn’t trigger such evil, it was there all along.
          Thanks for bringing attention to it though.

        • Hotdog

          “If the translation is accurate and the photograph below is in fact the original Russian article”
          Where are the photos at all?
          Best case scenario he’s still a genocidal maniac, excerpt taken from link:
          “We know everything. We remember everything. We understand: the Germans are not human beings. From now on, the word “German” is for us the worst curse. From now on, the word “German” discharges the gun. We shall not discuss. We shall not get excited. We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one German in the day, your day is wasted. If you think that your neighbor will kill a German for you, you do not understand the threat. If you do not kill a German, the German will kill you. He will take your loved ones away and will torment them in their accursed Germany. If you can not kill a German with a bullet, kill him with bayonet. If there is calm in your sector, if you are waiting for a battle, kill the German before the battle. If you leave the German alive, he will hang a Russian man and violate a Russian woman. If you have killed one German, kill another – nothing is more joyful for us than German corpses. Do not count days. Do not count miles. Count one thing only: the Germans killed by you. Kill the Germans! – begs your old mother. Kill the Germans! – begs you child. Kill the Germans! – screams your native soil. Do not miss. Do not miss the aim. Kill!”
          (Red Star, 24 July 1942)

        • My point was regarding your allusion with him and rape.

        • As for the picture, the site was deleted so the picture would be as well.

    • Hotdog

      In what specific place is British cultural and racial imprint most felt in modern India? Is Goa and this British-India fusion area patriarchal?

      • Goa was a Portuguese colony for 400 years until 1967. It’s Catholic and feels like Brazil.

        Anglo-Indians mostly live in the South and East. Out of 100 Indians at least 12 would have one English male ancestor.

        • Kusha


          You are so uninformed. Anglo-Indians only make up 0.1 %. Your statement is ridiculous.
          About 12 out of 100 Indians having one English Male ancestor. Nonsense. That would mean 12%?? 12 percent of 1 billion is 120 million. Anglo-Indians are only some 300,000 in number, which is 0.0003%.

          You are pretty stupid.

  5. I agree with this Magneto guy on all the points besides the marrying a girl who’s just entered puberty thing….oh and the sub human racist shyt of course.
    A girl needs to be mentally mature before entering in such a union other wise a lot of dirty old men would be taking advantage of young minds in grown up bodies…any body with a daughter would be appalled at the idea of her marrying anyone at that age.
    As for the Indian rape phenom I agree its in part some beta male (and a lot of delta gamma males) pushing up on these women in such a horrid fashion.
    I also think it goes deeper. I think it has a lot to do with a society that has severely oppressed women for eons and now has been exposed to a sexualized western culture and out of this mix you get this perverted phenomena were we have Indian males thinking they can grab on and act out their sexual desires on western women. these guys probably only see White women in porno’s ,pop videos and Hollywood films. All over sexualized expressions of women. You combine this with a culture that already treats women terribly ie: honor killings and bloaw you get these ugly acts becoming more and more common. Like all human behavior this is an aspect of India cultural environment. The only way to change this is for India to changes its cultural and religious outlook towards women and start teaching and training their boys to grow up to be men who respect and honor women. Anything less these rapes of women will continue.
    P.S. Also Western countries could band together attack and invade India but India’s a nuclear power and has the 3rd largest army in the world….not exactly a beef you want to start when you could force India’s hand in other ways -ijs

    • “A girl needs to be mentally mature before entering in such a union”

      The German philosopher Schopenhauer said that women reach their full mental maturity by age 18, whereas men don’t even begin to reach it until around age 28.

      “I think it has a lot to do with a society that has severely oppressed women for eons and now has been exposed to a sexualized western culture and out of this mix you get this perverted phenomena were we have Indian males thinking they can grab on and act out their sexual desires on western women.”

      That just goes to show how braindead most Indian men are. They look at a porn video on the internet and assume all white women are easy whores and they can just grab her and she will be ready to fuck them. They have NO IDEA about western culture.

      “Also Western countries could band together attack and invade India but India’s a nuclear power and has the 3rd largest army in the world”

      I hope one day that White people will unite and conquer India and take it as their own. As it stands, India is just going to waste. White people could utilize the land and resources a million times better than Indians could.

      Also, the Indian army is mostly a joke. China kicks the shit out of India every time there is a small conflict.

      • xoinosuilleabhain

        Yeah, due to the increasingly vicious Nazi-like tendencies/attitudes/rhetoric toward Indians revealing themselves on this site, it’s rational for any Western male of Indian heritage reading this who is of sufficient social standing and ability to make it a conscious priority to pursue relationships and marriage with white women (as long as you get off on them or at least like them as much as in comparison to other races). Countering this sort of disease requires recognizing that this mind virus is indeed very real and taking appropriate pragmatic steps in the every-day world.

        It’s interesting. Some people will soon start to learn that it can be dangerous to discover certain mindsets emerging online without taking steps in their own lives to counter-assert dominance over bad ideas. And others will need to think more carefully about certain attitudes they reveal over the internet (though its good this group is undermining themselves all the same….I just hate to ever feel unfair, so I’m often compelled to point stuff out helping to keep world views on all sides, even the ones I don’t agree with, stay consistent).

      • Lin

        ” hope one day that White people will unite and conquer India and take it as their own..”
        Are u aware of what u said ? Taking over India? One of the smartest things post WW2 Uk did was get the fuck out of india fast. Look at the French mess in Vietnam and Algeria. As a Chinese, I’m glad that there’s a natural barrier called Himalayas. No sane country could dream of getting any net worth from India. One example:
        The Bangal Famine in 1943(Churchill sure was an asshole): The hindus blame Churchill of not sparing food grain from US and Australia to feed the starving people there. You are talking about very harsh time when the Russians(with 20 millions dead) were starving and fighting the german and even the yanks had food rationing..
        Lets say the English let the hindus to get independent before WW2. Would the brown Aryans Brahmins join the anti-fascist alliance to fight the white german Aryans? I would say at best they would stay neutral.

      • White people do not want India, Philippines or any other colony. Economically they have still colonized it as outsourcing goes there.

      • Hell India doesnt need any Anglo’s to make their country better. They’re doing dayum well after being raped(no pun intended) by the Britts for 200 years. Today India has the 7th largest GDP & the 3rd largest GDP (PPP) I dont think thats going to waste & a 7th & 3rd ranking for a former colony is dam good & anyway the European model of conquest is to subdue the native population,keep them poor, ignorant & back wards then rape the land for its resources. Last time Whites took India “as their own” millions of people starved to death & mass plague broke out several times.
        As for girls maturing at 18 im like c’mon your still a kid at 18 & a 18yr old chick is no match for a 28yr old man muchless a 30 or 40 yr old which im sure are the types seeking marraige with young “teenage” women. Now there are always exceptions but you got to have societal controls on this type of shite. Back when the life expectancy was 35 or 40 yeah marry at 14 but today we live to be dayum near 100. Those old rules dont apply. Thats whats wrong with India and alot of middle eastern & African countries they still follow medieval & iron age cultural practices

        • Lin

          While one shouldn’t make unjustified comment on Bharat, I must remind you the Euro colonisers didn’t rule Bharat out of charity. Bharat was once a market and raw material source but the net profit from such occupation has diminished. Natural resources/capita of Bharat has decreased over the centuries and things like iron/manganese ore are no longer that important. If making bharat more prosperous to become greater market of UK goods to the net benefits of the latter, the hindus would be kept colon-ised. As I pointed out at other threads, unemployment is a BIG problem of Bharat no colonial master could solve and persistent occupation could only precipitate in more blames. Even though poultry, industrial products and many other unsubsidized bulk food and commodities are cheaper in US, hindus of independent Bharat can comfort themselves with ranking of PPPee GDP… or India is superpower…Great, isn’t it?

        • I think India is an inspiration for all former colonized nations. For that matter so is Brazil. Brazil ranks 9th & 7th in world gdp/gdp-ppp. Americans in paticular are quick to hold on their notions of “backwards” non-White non European countries but many of these former colonies are on the rise. Also I am a student of true history & I analyze all the environmental & cultural impacts on human behavior before I jump to the usual “those guys are inherently debased on a biological level” argument far to many Whites easily jump too. The very notion India needs “White folk” to help them run their country better is laughable when you understand were its actually at today,that it is still growing, that it was Europeans that fucked it over for 200 yrs & the historical fact that the South Asian Indian was wiping his arse with silk when North Western Europe was in tribal villages & huts picking lice out of their clothing & hair. Its like when the Japanese got all high & mighty after industrialisation & got all racist with the Chinese. Its like the forgot they got they’re very writing system from China & paid the Emperor tribute for centuries hoping he wouldn’t sail over & truly conquer the place. This attitude must clearly be a common human dynamic because I see it displayed by so many people. Not realy having a world centric unskewed view history helps this mentality proliferate also. If you study history even the uncivilized savage can rise & rule the day. Europeans should know this better than any group save the Chinese (Ghengis,Mongol hordes & all that) The very countries & peoples who dominate the world scene today are decendents of the barbarian tribes that ransacked Rome….ijs history proves the point

        • Hmmm I am 59 years old and I date hot 18 year old girls right at this very moment as you are reading this. I guess you think that is morally outrageous or something, but I am quite ok with it. I don’t get my ass kicked either though maybe a lot of people would like to beat me up for doing that, not sure.

          I will tell you one thing though, getting 18 year old girls at my girls is insanely difficult. I have no idea how I even pull this off. It seems like climbing Mt. Everest. The vast majority of women age 18-30 seem to want absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with me in terms of sex, romance or dating and they make that quite clear to me most times I deal with them, which is usually behind a counter or helping me with something in a store.

          I really do not think most guys my age could do this. I am not trying to say I am better than they are or special or anything like that, but I almost never see any middle aged men doing this sort of thing.

          It started being difficult as Hell to get young women at age 47, and it’s only gotten worse ever since. This is practically the hardest thing I have ever done in my life except getting that damned Master’s Degree. Actually it is about as hard as that degree was. Most guys would just give up but I love a challenge and the more murderously hard the challenge is, the more I like it.

          I hear people say all the time that any middle aged man could do this, that it is simple and trivial and easy as pie. OK well go find some middle aged guys and tell them to try to do this. See if they can do it. I bet 90% of them can’t.

          Once again, I am not saying I am better, but I do think there is something “special” about me when it comes to this sort of thing. I have no idea what it is. I call it stuff like magic and casting spells. I actually literally do this. I use magic on women regularly and I cast spells on them quite a bit too. It sounds insane but it seems like it works. I have no idea if it is real or if there is some known scientific mechanism for it.

        • Well that kinda why I said theres exceptions & I more addressing the
          “As long as a girl has reached puberty, and has developed physically (breasts), it is not pedophilia. It was perfectly normal for men to marry 13 or 14 year old girls for centuries until the modern feminist culture made such practices illegal” type comments Magneto(ohh & i use to like that charecter ha – jk)
          18yr old is the age of consent my friend so have at it & like you said not every one can do this. Also you correctly seemed to infer not all 18yr olds or younger chicks flock to you. I date younger chicks primarily but a 20 sumtin or 30 sumtin for my 46 yr old self is a win. My nieces berate me about this alot but I dont think ive dated a 18yr old in quite some time so “thumbs” Rob. What im saying is if we remove societies norms & values surrounding this subject you’d have these predator types like Maggy (yeah Magneto your kinda predatory bub) & far worse taking advantage of this instead of the few guys like you with an unknown “je ne sais quoi” having your fun. Society rules keeps this balance just as the rich guy & the true alpha male stud gets more pootang than us betazoids. I regard my self as a high beta & a bit of a sneaker male (are you familiar with the sneaker male phenom in nature? Pretty interesting …betas with “je ne sais quoi” i’d say) http://evolution.berkeley.edu/evolibrary/news/080501_octopusmating
          In high school & college I pissed jocks off & perhaps I have an alpha male mentality & I got the handsome pretty boy thing down packed but im not 6ft 180 lbs handome & swinging a 10 incher <- thats the true biological alpha male. In human society we have the intellect,charisma & charm to factor in also but again societies mores keeps it so only the select few older gents of extraordinary charm & allure might be able to date younger more impressionable women. Oh also the age of consent isnt the result of some “femi-nazi” movement. In America it was established by the very White male run government in 1885. Another reason to restrict guys with Maggy’s mentality to prostitutes

        • Oh just to emphasize. It would seem not “all” 18 yr olds or younger chicks are open to your charms….i know they’re not to mine & this again is a balancing of nature & human society. I’d say only certain types of younger woman are attracted to you. Probably more mature types. I know I have no connection mentaly with most 20 sumtins. They just seem silly & end up irrataiting me. Again this is the balance. Also im a bit of a magician myself. Ive studied Enochian magic & other occult practices. Ive never tried magic on a chick but im sure they’ve hit me with a spell or two lol

        • Damn I am really liking you now, Huchiper! You are one of my favorite commenters right now. Love these comments about women, Game, older men and younger women and the whole nine yards.

          Just donate a few bucks and you comment here forever. 😉

        • Mos def…ill contribute along with my wikipedia donation later this week

  6. ShallowWaveintheBrittleSky

    Magneto, this imay be the exact reason why India retook Goa by force in the 60s. It seems likely the Indian elite are pretty aware there are probably a lot of whites who feel the way you do and they were well aware that it was only an act of brutal force that would suffice as a language people like you could understand. I mean Gandhi was great and all, but why should Indians take any risk when there’s even a single person who thinks like you in existence?

    And the whites didn’t do shit. They were like “we’re definitely being undermined but fuck Portugal, too miscegenated.” lulz

    I must admit, it’s sort of fun that your “kind” exists because it gives me a concrete genetic enemy target class to play with. Entertaining because you always know you’re probably being more rational in any given exchange and so you will always be on the “doing the conquering” side in the end. You’re just like a little monkey.

    Also, I’m going to fuck a lot of white women in the next couple of months with a special thought in your direction bud. Lots of cute, nerdy CS chicks around who’ve been on my dick for months, finally have a little spite to use as an excuse for a some well earned fun. It’ll be fun :):):) Never declare yourself a predator (the core of the what the Red Pill cucks are all about when they say “alpha”) in comparison to another group on the internet and not expect real life consequences. Dummy. There’s only one way to respond to those people and it’s to assume their actions are having some concrete social effect in every day life and to counterexert predator-hood on their “in-group” in the midst of them doing it to us (although people like me have no racial in-group, I can certainly act in opposition to the toxic element you represent, which is negative in-goup, out-group interactions).

    But what do you care? There’s no way you actually give a shit that white girls are being played by an enemy alpha acting in trolling spite of you? I’m totally wasting my time right? Well, I’m going to be having lots of sex. And that’s always awesome. See why I say “it’s sort of fun your “kind” exists”? Getting riled up is also great for me because I’m smart enough to use that energy to make the necessary social initiatives start to be felt. Having my attitude makes it so that I can’t loose. These are finally fun times.

    “It’s going to feel so hood, white girls with tight asses taste real good.”


    • Poor wittle indian man with your little man syndrome.

      You have smaller penises than white men and also you are physically weaker by far. Any white man could kick your ass.


      If Russia or the Unites States had owned Goa and wished to keep it, they would have. Just as China kept their border territories in the war you lost with them (In two weeks).

      Sikhs fill your army because they are some sort of Central Asian/Soviet tribe of morons who are capable of combat.

      Goa is a strip of land on the Malabar coast that is not really terribly valuable anyhow and some half-Arab backwater in Southern Europe was not interested in a place halfway around the world.

      • True, Punjabis/Sikhs are idiots because they fight to defend the very country (India) that hates them. Most indians rightfully hate Punjabis because of how greedy and arrogant and rude they are. I actually don’t have much of a problem with normal indians other than them being braindead. But Punjabis are fucking scum, and I’m happy that in 1984 the indians decided to kill as many Punjabis as possible. I think 10,000 punjabis got killed in 1984, too bad that body count wasn’t far higher.

        • PUNJABI people are the only group in India large enough and tough enough to be a fighting force because they are some sort of unholy Arab/Soviet-Central Asian hybrid race.

          The reason they did kill Gandhi was because she had to use them as bodyguards as Indian Dravidian people are not capable of being bodyguards.

          Sikhs are not terribly intelligent and if they ran their own country it would look like any other Central Asia or Arab backwater but I digress.

        • MAGNETO Punjabi are not REAL Indians. They are some tribe of Arabs from the Central Asia steppes bordering Soviet Union who migrated into India. Maybe from as far as the Volga River.

          The reason that Gandhi was killed was that they were the only ones fearsome or intimidating enough to be her bodyguards-which is how they got close to her.

        • I know they are not real indians, they are basically Arab invaders. But because they are larger than the average indian, they walk around with a massive ego thinking they control India. I’ve gotten in some of these guy’s faces and they backed the fuck down real fast though. Punjabi men are pussies when it comes to fighting a white guy.

          Anyway if this is what Arab men are like, it’s no wonder Arabs are so hated in the West. The whole race just needs to be exterminated, they contribute nothing of value to the human race and just blow themselves up whenever someone makes them angry.


      I am sure they will all be 13 because to young girls your small penis looks huge.

      Where would an Indian who probably still lives with his parents when he is 25 “get laid” with “a lot of white girls”.

      White prostitutes are not as cheap as Indian ones and you probably don’t have a job that allows you to afford the cost of a Russian hooker.

      In fact, you don’t meet many white people because you either live in India or the Middle East or you live in some Indo-Canadian slum where no whites want to walk through.

    • SHALLOW Indian elites equal Baniya caste who give you their table scraps for fighting their wars, cleaning their temples and do their labor jobs.

      You’ve been fighting in Kashmir for 20 years and you still have not won.

  7. SHI

    How many Indian women in a white country would flood to a beach town with a reputation for being a hedonistic den of sin like Goa?

    When they go there they bathe topless?

    Oh, and they are junkies or heavy drug users not just of soft drugs but heroin?

    Indian women have good instincts with males. No Indian female will act slutty around white males.

    • Are you saying indian women will act slutty around indian men? Because the indian girls I’ve been with, the normal ones I mean, they were pretty aggressive, and asking if they could come over to my house.

      • Indian women have a better grasp of base male nature. If they went to Goa and bathed topless on the beach and got stoned with strangers they would be raped to.

        Its called common sense and Indian women develop it early in life in a patriarchal society.

        Swedish females are the children of hippies and Leftists who gave their country away to Muslim rapists. They have no sense when they come to Goa. They immediately start going topless on the beach and befriending local dirtbags who are obviously unemployed beach bum party animals. They do drugs with them. The obvious happens.

      • MAGNETO If you are white you will have a hard time in India as a stranger getting sex from Indian women for free.

        You’ll MOSTLY have to pay for it, like I did.

        If you are white and carry on with some married woman you are stupid. You might even go to jail.

        Indian women seem to have a basic instinct about males and do not get raped as often. This might be different in America.

        • Not true. In the big cities, times have changed very fast and if you use Tinder, Facebook, OKCupid, and other methods to meet chicks online, you can get quite a lot of easy sex.

          And some of them WILL be ready for sex on the first date. Others will require 3 or 4 dates and THEN be ready to fuck. If you’re a single white male, you can fuck tons of indian bitches. It just depends on how widely you cast your net. Wider the net, the more fish you will catch.

    • SHI

      How many Indian women in a white country would flood to a beach town with a reputation for being a hedonistic den of sin like Goa?


      Times have changed. The current generation of Indian females are totally into smoking, drinking, free sex and carry none of the guilt baggage their older sisters had.

      If you can get an Indian girl drunk enough, she WILL sleep with you.

      Still, rape is rape. I agree with you. Indian women have a stronger instinct about the intentions of predatorial males compared to European women who are more attuned to letting their guard down, and loosely mix with strangers.

      Not all European women though. In Eastern Europe, women don’t smile at stranger males and keep their distance.But, the good thing is it filters the women that do seem interested in you, from the ones that aren’t.

      I found places like Poland and Czech Republic very similar to India in that aspect. Compared to women from Western Europe, they happen to have a lot more guilt, shame and emotional baggage.

      • For a Gora it is actually funny because no matter how down and dirty a 45 year old prostitute gets once your in her house and you’ve paid she is very respectable when you ring her door. You’re thinking “this rigid and proper acting woman is going to do sex”. Ten minutes later she might be on all fours trying to ram her tongue up your anus but when you arrive and when you leave she seems as moral and proper as a school teacher.

        Indian hypocrisy exists for a good reason however. The presence of superficial morals prevents total social disorder and unlike government which has always been weak and corrupt it is these behavioral standards that has maintained some degree of stability. I admire Indians for that.

        Sahara Knite and other triple-XXX Indian porn stars might do videos with 2 penises up their anus at the same time but in public they act like decent nice Indian girls when they aren’t getting paid.

        I’m sorry but the English and German girls have no sense at all. They swim nude in Anjuna in front of Indian guys and the one will get into a van with 10 to smoke drugs.

  8. SHI

    Goa is also not really India. It is Brazil. The people are mixed-race Portuguese speaking Catholic minority and even Goa building look Latin.

    The place is an anomaly: I believe it was Indian until 1967.

    • SHI

      Not entirely true. At least, 50% of the population is Hindu. Mostly Konkonashta Brahmins. They make some beautiful, classy, hot women, the kind I’m sure would get your Gora dick wet in no time.

      While the Portuguese rulers freely intermixed with locals for 400 years, very few have mixed Portuguese ancestry. Maybe 5 or 10%. The rest are descendants of Christian converts.

      Last time I checked, a lot of Goan-Portuguese actually moved back to Portugal or Brazil. The ones that could directly prove Portuguese ancestry, that is.

      • Brazilians also have little Portuguese ancestry but the cultural stamp is there in the religion, buildings, names.

        The 5% with Portuguese ancestry are still a powerful and wealthy minority in Goa as the landowning class.

        I’d say there are more Catholics than Brahmins in Goa.

        True enough that there are no longer any white Portuguese people in Goa. They left in 1967.

        Goras cannot really easily get sex for free in India anywhere. I would not recommend it because somebody’s brother or husband is going to be quite pissed off since they know you are a tourist who is going to leave and are only using their sister/wife/daughter.

        I’d say prostitutes are safer. Nobody cares if a white man uses them in India. Actually they encourage it as it does help the economy somewhat.

        • SHI

          Goras cannot really easily get sex for free in India anywhere. I would not recommend it because somebody’s brother or husband is going to be quite pissed off since they know you are a tourist who is going to leave and are only using their sister/wife/daughter.

          They’d welcome you though if you were planning on marrying her. Come down to India again, I’ll introduce you to 18-year old girls for marriage. Have to pay my commission.

        • SHI

          Hot Konkanashta Brahmin woman in her 40s. I’d fuck her in a heartbeat over any White woman.

          The hands are a bit rough, otherwise they’re the best. I think I find that sexy. They really like to please.

        • SHI

          Some more picks of horny Indian MILF cunts of the konkanashta Brahmin strain. I’m a feeling horny now. Gotta rape someone this week-end.

          “Grab her by the pussy”, that’s the way to do it.

          As TRASH would agree, Indian women are so much better in the department of pleasing a man. I don’t appreciate them enough.


    At the time I first visited Goa I was a Travel Writer for publication based in the Middle East.

    You don’t know who I am or what I do. However, you might know some of the people I worked with. If you are a Desi, you would DEFINITELY KNOW THEM and might remember me.

    Feature film business does not pay well since the internet replaced DVD/BLU-RAY. Independent film’s bread and butter was the video store and since it was wiped out nobody can make any money. YOUTUBE and other free viewing sites do not help either. Major motion pictures are still released in theaters which is where they make the majority of their money but video rentals as a revenue source are gone.

    Suffice to say I WASN’T ALWAYS BROKE.

    But I had a good run for a German-American from a middle-class background (Father biologist, mother school teacher) in an unimportant Midwestern city somewhere.


    It’s pretty shocking the first time you ring the doorbell of some 45 year old Indian prostitute’s house. No dildos outside or XXX pictures or red lights.

    You’re looking at the taxi driver as the respectable Indian woman who is well-dressed and really strict looking opens the door with an unsmiling, stern look. You’re think “I’ve got the wrong house and this respectable middle-aged Indian woman will call the police and say a white perverted man is at her door”.

    10 minutes later she naked on all fours tonguing your balls and trying to rim your anus in a total sweaty sexual frenzy.

    Much has been written about Indian moral hypocrisy but I think it is necessary to keep social stability in India as government parties come and go. India has not slipped into anarchy and retained some degree of cohesiveness as society only because of this moral hypocrisy.

    English and German tourists don’t get it at all. They think they can dance nude on a beach and then pile into a car to smoke heroin with 7 beach bums they never met and they won’t get raped.

    Even the biggest Indian porn star in the world is not this stupid. You’d never know Sahara Knite did 3,000 anal porn videos if you saw her in public. Indian women have as SHI noted a good head for predatory male behavior. They know that if they rely on the inherent decency of males they’ll be treated like dogshit.

    • SHI

      Also, compared to their Western counterparts, Indian women are more into Kinky, perverted, no limits sex. As you mentioned, stuff like rimming, licking off sweaty balls.

      European women are very strait-laced and unimaginative about sex, except for the Southern Europeans – Italians, Spaniards etc. are more like Indians. Here’s what happens when you’re naked with a White woman, from say, Germany.

      No foreplay. She’ll get down to business in less than 10 seconds. You get 3 options –> 1) BJ 2) Missionary sex and 3) Woman on top. Or, Anal if that’s your preference. If she’s letting you fuck her from behind, than you only get some oral in addition. No kissing, some of them even frown on aggressive touching. She literally sees you as nothing but a DICK who should be turned on enough at seeing her naked. Otherwise, it’s a rejection of her sexual self-worth, that makes her doubly pissed at you. Also, the Euro bitches expect you to cum only once. If you came too early, sex is over. No arguments or she’ll call the police and say that you raped her.

      One may write this off as menu from some hooker’s brothel but no, it isn’t. While Euro hookers are no differen from the regular women in redefining the art of boring, unimaginative sex. When you take home a girl in a European nightclub to your hotel room, you better be ERECT on an instant. Or else, you’d feel like shit whole night.

      I really had to force myself on those White bitches at one point after playing those mindless games. They just drive you crazy with their insane rules. But, the European girls do love it after a while when they realize that forced sex can be such a pleasure. Most Euro males are Beta as hell, and would never say anything to the contrary of what Euro females expect.

      In contrast to Euro bitches, Indian women give you a moment to COLLECT yourself. Touching, kissing, fondling, playing with her hair is encouraged. Indian women are not in a hurry to leave you when you’re handling them. You can cum as many times as you want to.

      I happen to still prefer White women over Indian women. It’s crazy. It has something to do with “after sex”. White women always make me feel ELATED and ON CLOUD NINE. Indian women have a tendency to BRING YOU DOWN and MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE SHIT afterward.

      • That’s your opinion then. I’d take an indian woman any day of the week over a plain vanilla white woman. And it’s true, they are wild as hell and enjoy sex. Even the prostitutes in the West have a bad attitude, so it just goes to show how fucked up the majority of western women are.

        • Hotdog

          No girl was born a white cis male hating feminist, low quality western women stem from jews dominating western media, academia, ect. Women have typically always been leaves that blow whichever way the winners want and jews have always blown shiksas toward the sewer. The root of the problem is the western men who get off their natural throne to go in the sewage and go underneath and suck the jews penis.

      • Sad to say I cannot speak about Indian women in the dating scene, because white males have to use prostitutes in India.

        However, after you’re done the Indian prostitute is respectable again and wants you to leave.

        I got the feeling in Goa that many of the local women were probably doing illicitly and only with well-paying ($30!) white men who were going to be gone in 4 days anyhow.

        • SHI

          Sad to say I cannot speak about Indian women in the dating scene, because white males have to use prostitutes in India.

          Indian pros. are really good at pleasing. They love and enjoy sex. The best hookers in the world by a mile.

          As for regular Indian women, who said anything about “dating”. That’s nonsense. Dating is for Beta males who spend hours and days sprucing up their Tinder and Facebook profiles, fishing for “likes” and “email responses” as a measure of their success rate with women.

          Indian women, like women anywhere in the world, prefer a strong Alpha male who is assertive, not afraid to make his demands very clear. What you gotta fear anyway? Rejection is a good sign. The more you get rejected, the finer your game becomes. It’s important to grow a really thick skin when it comes to women, and not take anything they say or do, personally.

          I’m an average-looking guy who gets rejected ALL THE TIME by both beautiful and ugly women, but I can simultaneously claim a disproportionately high success rate. It boils down to sheer numbers. The more you put yourself out there in those “awkward situations”, the more your success rate goes up. It’s a GAME, and you’re a PLAYER. You can either win or lose, but you never QUIT.

          I’m at a mall right now where I have been chatting up new females. No luck so far. That doesn’t stop me. I’ll put myself out there again tomorrow evening. What I really like about me is that I am making efforts to introduce myself to new females every time I ready myself.

          When it comes down to the importance of GAME, women are same everywhere.

  11. You could marry and love and cherish a woman but every night her hand strays to her vagina with thoughts of an alpha male penetrating her from behind while pulling her hair.

    Betas are what women settle for in order to have the higher needs of food, shelter, warmth, protection and food.

    Alpha males are the ones whose semen they want to guzzle.

    • Hotdog

      Same applies to race. The reward for being a racial beta is the racial alpha gets to do what he wants with the betas women, in the anti-white jews eyes he’s breeding down his biggest threat by promoting miscegenation. Perhaps Bengali Tiger tongues are going a little too deep in some guys asses to see the big picture….

      • I’ve been around Jews much of my life (From Greater Detroit, Michigan). I’m unimpressed with their capacity to dominate the world.

        If some 5% minority can do this than the rest of the human race must be pretty stupid.

        When was the last time you even spoke to a Jew?

        • Hotdog

          I speak to jews often, it’s not as if every jew is an elite Rothchild or a media boss like Sumner Redstone. The post you responded to claim jews promote miscegenation(primarily BM/WW) which’s quite obvious if you turn on your tv, watch porn, ect.

  12. Here’s a great analysis on why ugly subhuman infested shithole India has become worst place ,specially for good-looking Caucasian type women. Those half-australoid mongrels can’t resist beautiful things. But they are too ugly to get girls, so they have to rape! After polluting all aryan types , they now don’t have any natural beauties left, so they are now like hungry hyenas….

  13. Slim

    Indian men are known for having small schweens.

    • In porn films over the years many Asian and Indian women have leaped on the bandwagon but India like China is yet to produce a John Holmes, Ron Jeremy or King Dong.

      Indian men who watch porn (Most do) must feel denigrated by the sight of Indian women enthusiastically receiving 12 inch white penises in their orifices.

      I’ve noticed that Indians tend to prey on white girls who are young, from the lower-class, unintelligent and poor.

  14. Deshasta

    Say what you want to say but you get avoid the inevitable.

  15. Nobody wants to invade India because it is full of Indians so you are wasting tax payer’s money buying from Americans these planes.

    Your war with Kashmir has gone on for 30 years with no result in no victory.

  16. Hey does anyone have the statistics on the percentage of white American men who marry Asian or non-white women? I can’t find that info anywhere.


      Virtually ZERO white females live in Southeast Asia permanently. It is a white male phenomenon. Contrary to popular belief, white males can easily get a blowjob 4 miles away in their nearest crack-infested city red-light area motel. Few whites LIVING in Southeast Asia do so to have a steady supply of prostitutes.

      REASON 1 for marrying a Southeast Asian female

      Educated white males in the 5-figure income bracket want to flee America for other developed countries. Ghettos and barrios are not going away, they are reproducing at Brazilification rates. As Robert points out, a Caucasian can move deep into rural areas but these economically deprived and rednecks are only one step high on the evolutionary chain.

      It’s the ultimate “white flight”. Young qualified Millennials are headed for Australia or New Zealand or Canada. But these countries are hard to enter as permanent immigrants. They want brain surgeons, not run-of-the-mill college graduates.

      The middle-aged white American who marries late settles for Southeast Asia, essentially.

      REASON 2 White women are frigid after age 30 and want a great deal of money

      Do the math: being married to the average white woman costs $300 per grudging screw over 15 years until she divorces you.

      She will hit “Cougar” bars with other divorced women on hubby’s alimony and be much more thrilled by young hard penises attached to firm hard bodies (I know, I was young once and did these things).

      Ex-hubby will be reduced to snotty expensive East European craigslist hookers or young women on heroin who lie there thinking of their next fix or…Ron Jeremy’s internet porn.

      Even when the white guy finds a younger white female to screw it will a) Not last anyhow unless he is Trumpian rich (Even then she’ll probably screw around with the poolboy on the side) b) young white female will not know how to please a man sexually being inexperienced herself (Though maybe I am wrong as I am 43 and it has been 20 years since I was in college).

      REASON 3 Physical Safety

      Even if you are down and out in Korea or Thailand, young men are not fueled by race-hatred. You won’t be attacked by Asians as frequently as whites in Section 8 Housing are attacked by NAMS.

      Young Asian males target rich white males, not poor ones.

      REASON 4

      Asian sexual marketplace is so harsh that the divorced female cannot DO any better. If you’re married to a 40 year old Chinese woman, she’ll stay with you because unlike white women they are pragmatic.

      If they do divorce you then you will not have to pay any alimony or child support.

      REASON 5 American PC is garbage & Who Gives A Shit

      You do not have to care about “BOWEL LOADS MATTER” in Seoul or Bangkok or Singapore.

      REASON 6 Very Few NAMS & They Are Rich

      Poor NAMS are restricted to military bases. They used to get “leave” until the rapes in Okinawa and now they cannot get off the base in Southeast Asia.

      Spanish Filipinos tend to be rich, so they do not behave like barrio denizens.

      • Yes I’m aware that white women hate Southeast Asia. I used to troll white women online about this topic and tell them how white women are not wanted in Asia because white women are all having fun with Asian chicks. Then the white girls get all defensive and say “Oh well those white men are all losers anyway”. If they’re losers, what do you care if they are interested in you or not then?

        Asia is a heaven for white men and a hell for white women. Not that I feel any pity for white women. White women have made the West a living hell for white men.

        • MAGNETO White women would define a white male loser as somebody who a) has a useless university degree like Engineering that has long been outsourced and not some service-sector cop, plumber or teacher who will end remaining in the same job for 30 years b) any white male who wishes to mortgage a house at 25-30 and never live anywhere else because he has to pay it off c) wants to lose everything he worked for in his life including his house and money if she decides to divorce him and sit in some Cougar bar soaking up Margaritas and screwing much-younger men d) wishes to get sex with a woman who will do anything he wishes 3 times a week and is in fact naturally horny more often (White women are only horny 2 times a month and for all the talk of sexual freedom you will not get a great deal of sex from a Dutch female…My suspicion is that this has to do with the sheer evolutionary hardship of life at the frigid top of the world where every resource mattered and children could not be fed with a banana off a tree which bottlenecked the more horny women who died off).

          To me a White Loser Male is some poor asshole who lived in the same city his entire life and has never seen a tropical sunset or experienced a wonderful blowjob from a dusky Bengali lady who is genuinely passionate and held some thankless steady job as a street cop or plumber his entire life and then his wife gets bored and divorces him to sit on her fat pale ass on his alimony and he loses his house.

        • and why should you give a flying fuck what some bitter white chick living in Asia thinks? White women need to fuck off back to America because in Asia no one really gives a shit about them and whining about how no white guy will give them the time of day doesn’t change anything. White women are simply out of place in Asia.

          Why would you choose a white girl over a hot exotic brown Asian chick?

  17. MAGNETO I am married to a Thai-Chinese woman and the percentage varies by region in the U.S.

    New Jersey has more white males married to Indian women than Kansas and less Chinese married to Irish-Catholic males than Northern California.

    Truly successful Asian-American males including Indians will marry hot blonde female bankers or professional athletes or lawyers.

    Less desirable Asian-American and fat, unattractive Indian-American women will learn to suck cock in high school well enough to keep a man and marry semi-successful white males with a DECENT job. They figure their kids will have some of the traits of white men-taller, muscular, chiseled features.

    Red Hot Educated Asian Females will marry extremely successful white men-often these will be Jews or WASPS with an occasional Irish-Catholic thrown in IE Nikki Haley, Huma Wiener, Murdoch’s wife.

    • Nice analysis. Yeah it seems indian women living in the West are all desperate to marry a white guy. But they won’t marry trailer trash whites. They generally pick the more beta types, intellectual, non-aggressive, etc. Alpha white men generally go for the hot white women, whereas mid-range and beta white guys get asians and indians.

      White trash lower class whites just fuck around with white trash trailer park white women.

      Indian women are quite intelligent so they would never mix well with a trailer park trash type of white guy.

      • MAGNETO

        If you were a White Male with power like Nikki Haley’s husband who is a Colonel in the Military, why would you not want to have a reasonably submissive Indian female with a nice body who will give you sex on demand?

        You might have to do what she says sometimes and use your power and connections to give her a few things like Governorship but what difference does it make when a hot Punjabi woman is sucking your wiener and sitting on your face?

        Indian women are not stupid about sex or love. They are realistic about both. They don’t believe if they marry some worthless white redneck thug or black gangster that love will conquer all.

        • Yeah indian women are definitely quite calculating and use sex and marriage as a weapon to achieve their goals. As for Nikki Haley and Punjabi women, I don’t find them attractive at all, which works in my best interests since Punjabis are

          quite ugly (only reason men like them is their lighter skin)
          bitchy (indian men put them on a massive pedestal)
          cold, calculating, not affectionate at all

          I wish the hot darker skinned indian women had more freedom and equality because maybe then they would be accessable to us white guys.

  18. Reasonably hot Indian-American women like Governor Nikki Haley (Nimrata Radawah) with an education recognize than in a white man’s country they can marry up to the higher-tier of White males with long-standing political connections and high-earning power because:

    a) North Indian women tend to have hot bodies and are fairly satisfying in bed.

    NB They’ll give the guy sex of his choice once a week while the white woman will lose interest in sex with her husband because it is no longer “exciting”.

    b) White males with money and high salaries are less likely to beat, abuse or desire they stay pregnant in the kitchen like a Sikh male might

    c) The powerful white guy will assist her in her own career objectives

    d) The powerful white guy only wants one or two kids.

    e) He is not a lower-class Italian or redneck white. He is a Jew or WASP from money.

    Or the reasonably hot Indian-American woman can marry some Indian man, usually from the old country who

    a) Really only wants her for his citizenship and will probably have affairs with white chicks

    b) Want her to have 4 kids and be a sex slave in the house with no job

    c) Want a HUGE dowry

    d) Beat her on occasion for stress relief.

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