Alt-Leftists: An Alternative Left Diversion

Original post here on the Facebook Alt-Leftists group.
I am the guy who actually created this movement. It has now grown wildly beyond my craziest dreams, but I am also pretty out of touch with the movement in general anymore. Sort of like Deism where God created the world and then sat back and smoked bongs for eternity, I created the movement and then sat back and let others take over.
Recently a lot of the movement has gone in a direction which I completely renounce and reject. Mainly they have voted for and supported Donald Trump. Trust me, no original Alt Leftie would vote Trump except maybe if they were an accelerationist.
The original Alt Left was supposed to be Left and only Left. They are the sort of who say that they would not vote for a conservative if you held a gun to their heads. One of the main points of the movement was Anti-Conservatism. We simply dislike it in any way, shape or form and we dislike it at a deep or Burkean level. Conservatism is a whole way of thinking and we just reject that way of thinking in favor of the different liberal way of thinking.
The movement was originally considered to be multi-tendency. In fact, my attitude was to let everyone form their own faction or micro-faction as it were. As of now there are maybe 10 large factions of the Alt Left. You folks are definitely one of those factions. You can go over to Ryan England’s site to see where he names you and talks about you.
The Alt Left was also going to allow for social conservatism because that is not something we care about. In fact, there should be a whole faction called Social Conservatives. The one thing we will never compromise on is economics, and if you are not down with at least social liberalism and a welfare state, then you are out of the Alt Left. You need to go. We are considering letting some Left Libertarians in, but we are worried about some of them. Economic Libertarians or neoliberals have no place in this movement, and they need to get out right now. One of the other major platforms was Opposition to Neoliberalism.
Although I am a liberal-Leftist myself, I have little interest in fighting religion and am a bit religious myself, though you will hardly find a more secular Christian. I welcome all progressive religious people into the Alt Left. They need only be progressive on economics, for I am an Economic Man. The Left needs to stop driving religious people away to the Right. That’s the sort of thing that just elected Trump.
I am opposed to militant atheism, but nonetheless, you guys are not the problem, and in fact, I even see you as allies deserving of your own faction.
That said, I feel all of this anti-SJW stuff is distracting us from what is really important right now, which is fighting Trump and the Republican Party here in the US. Outside the US, I have no idea what the Alt Left should be doing, but I would say something similar if possible.
Also it is important to note the the Alt Left is a revolutionary movement. If you are not revolutionary, you are not Alt Left. In that sense, we are “the Left wing of the Alt Right” as some have called us. A while back, someone asked another person on Facebook what the Alt Left was. The other responded, “It’s the Alt Right, except they like Mao more than they like Hitler.” That probably sounds awful to a lot of you, but there’s more truth in that than there is falsehood.
We hate Steve Bannon, but he is correct in wanting to topple the whole system. We want to do the same, just from the Left, not the Right. If that frightens you or sounds Marxist, what I mean to overthrow the system would be in line with the project of the US Greens.
The US Greens are not reformists. The System cannot be reformed; it must be overthrown. The agenda of the Greens is to overthrow the whole system. If you observe their ideology and behavior at the moment you will see what I mean when I say they are going to overthrow the system. That is what they are doing right now, in fact. They are trying to overthrow the System as I type this and I cheer them for this.
If you are part of the System, you are part of the problem! And the Democratic Party is absolutely part of the System, so they are part of the problem. They don’t want to get rid of the System. They think running up the white flag forever is the way to win wars. Why are they running up the white flag? Because to stay and fight would jeopardize the System, and they will do anything to keep this System going. The Democrats will run up the white flag forever in the name of saving the System. That’s clearly not working now and in the future if not already, the consequences of endless surrender to the enemy are going to become a lot more dire, and that’s assuming we are not there already.
You guys are on some sort of a rationalist jihad, but I have my differences with the so-called rationalist crowd in that they are too scientistic, and they have turned science into a fundamentalist religion. At least 95% of the things that I believe cannot be proven by science. If you are sane, you will say the same thing. The rationalists elevate science to a godhead and in the process, they doubt everything to the point of refusing to believe many clear facts simply because they do not want them.
And their hatred of Conspiracy Theory as irrational is part of what is flushing down the whole country right now because the System runs on endless conspiracy. If you say conspiracies don’t exist, you are just going to let the enemy win all of their battles because every time they hatch another conspiracy and win another battle, you guys say the battle never happened, so you concede more territory.
As I said, fighting SJW’s and especially religion right now is a distraction. You guys should be fighting Trump and the Republicans now, not fighting these SJW three year olds. That’s what you are doing. When all you do is fight 3 year olds, you are saying that a bunch of three year olds are the whole problem with the System right now. They’re not. SJW’s are the three year old in the corner, screaming and raising havoc but not really doing much of anything.
So anyway, carry on, but the main enemy right now is not religion, even Islam. How is Islam a bigger threat to America than Trump? If you believe that, you must be crazy. Islam threatens nothing. At most they might kill a few Americans, but the Republicans will kill millions of Americans. Islam is not an existential threat to the nation. The Republicans are.
This is one of the foundational documents of the Alt Left. I leave it for you to look over if you wish.
I would be interested in any comments you might have about what I wrote here and in the foundational document post.


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6 responses to “Alt-Leftists: An Alternative Left Diversion

  1. I agree with a lot of this. The main problem with SJWs is THat they won’t LET you work with them at all. This fractures the ability for us to organize. They view us as the enemy as well. That’s why they’re Looney. They are also turning everyone off to the idea of a left. So I think they are a major issue not because they’re worse than trump but because they impede real organizing against him. Anyone who’s ever been to an organizing meeting knows how anti male and white they are. Its a status show. But trump presents a great opportunity to get people together as lots of people weren’t pushed to action under Obama

  2. I also want to add that the social degeneracy that is glorified by (((cultural institutions))) tends to be very Sjw controlled. Super liberal mainstream media is also pro market anti worker. There is a relationship between hardcore neoliberal rightwing economics and it’s compensatory social philosophy of insane social liberalism. So what to you or I would be sensible social policies would, to a tumblr revolutionary appear to be hardcore social conservatism. Even though they imagine a world of unemployed body positive trannies is somehow better than somewhat socially conservative workers empowered by a left economic platform.

  3. Matt

    I also have this sense that SJWs are a distraction. Their philosophy is so extreme that few can live up to it after they leave college. Those who do manage to hold onto such beliefs are often the least likely to have influence on society in any way. They are an easy target because they are so annoying and even vicious as viewed in their own sandboxes…. Excuse me, “safe spaces.” Abusing them is so tempting that I’ve even done it here in this post telling people to ignore them…

  4. I’m honestly not a big fan of the term Alt-Left. While I certainly would be categorized as such, I would never use the term to describe myself. I just dislike using terminology that borrows from the Alt-Right, I think we shouldn’t borrow anything from Fascist hentai enthusiasts.

  5. I definitely agree that combating SJWs is just a huge distraction. Let them complain about whatever cause du jour, while we will focus on fighting class inequality and seizing the means of production.

  6. Gay State Girl

    The alt left shouldn’t berate yuppies or bobos, and shouldn’t lionize the working class whites either either. There are plenty of ways neoliberalism can hurt educated middle and upper middle class professionals as well. You need to address them specifically in terms of how neoliberalism can jeopardize their children’s futures.

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