An Alternative Left Position on Transsexualism

Betty: Following the logic of your article, it would be ok to harm these people as the human rights don’t apply to them which is not right. I don’t get why it bothers people when trans humans want to be the opposite gender? Does it have an effect on your personal life in anyway? Are humans and their personality only defined by their gender? Definitely not. They still have emotions, thoughts and needs just like everybody else. They aren’t worse in their behavior than other people only because they feel wrong in their own gender.

And by the way they don’t choose to feel wrong. It’s the same as being gay, you can’t choose it. So it’s not ok to call trans people “things” or “nonhumans” only because they feel to be wrong in their own body/gender. If you define human beings ONLY over their gender then there’s something wrong with your view of humans in this way. Just let people live how they want to without degrading them. That’s not okay and it’s not just “saying your own opinion” when you say that you don’t like them in such a humiliating way.

The Alternative Left should support full human rights and tolerance for transsexuals. We do not wish for them to be harmed in any way. We do not agree with any crazy people being harmed. We believe people should be kind to transsexuals in person because that is how fellow humans who are not hurting anyone else should be treated. We support nondiscrimination against them in employment, with the caveat that you might be able to discriminate if they have to meet the public because they might harm your business by driving customers away. We do not support discrimination against transsexuals in housing, education or any government services. We feel that transsexuals are crazy, but we should be kind to the mentally ill.

We feel that there is no evidence that this is biological. The rate of it has exploded ~100X what it was in the 1960’s. There’s one on every corner now. We feel that that is very strong evidence that it is not biological and that it is some epidemic form of mental illness we are  experiencing. We also feel that it has become a fad and many people are becoming transsexuals because it is the cool thing to be. We believe that most transsexuals are simply homosexuals.

Many homosexuals identify with the opposite sex. It’s rather normal for them to do so. 

We think that in thethe past such folks would simply be the typical homosexual who acts like the opposite sex and they were perfectly happy that way, but nowadays with the transsexual identity open to them, many such persons are choosing to be transsexuals instead of just opposite sex-identifying homosexuals. In other words, we believe that if the people identifying as transsexuals now were alive in the 1960’s instead of 2010’s, 99% of them would not be transsexuals, and presumably they would be fairly happy and well adjusted nevertheless.

Obviously we see no need for people adopt this identity, and we note that in societies that do not tolerate such things, the rate of transsexualism drops up to 99%. In societies that promote or encourage transsexuals like Thailand, there is epidemic transsexualism. Thailand probably has the highest rate of transsexuals on Earth. Apparently the more you promote and encourage transsexuals, the more of it you end up with. Obviously this speaks against a biological disorder and in favor of a societally constructed condition.

13% of transsexuals re-transition. We say If it’s biological, why can’t they make up their mind if they are men or women? We note that there have been documented cases of completely spontaneous cures in which all symptoms of transsexualism lifted, the person simply dropped it as an issue, decided to identify as the birth sex and went on to be happy and healthy. 60% of underage transsexuals (kids and teenagers) lose all symptoms by adulthood. If it’s biological like homosexuality, how come it goes away a lot of the time?

Transsexuals are mentally ill. It’s a mental illness. But it is a mental illness that is being celebrated and  promoted and it is encouraging a lot of people to adopt this mental disorder just because it is the cool thing to do. We strongly disagree with the celebration and promotion of mental illness and especially with encouraging the spread of mental illness. It’s infuriating.

What if anorexics formed a group and called themselves a protected minority like these transsexuals and cheered on their anorexia, promoted anorexia to the world at large and encouraged others to be anorexic? Would this be acceptable?

What if schizophrenics were celebrating their symptoms, asking to be a protected identity minority, and encouraging other people to think they hear things, see things, believe things that are not true like the CIA is after you and act in very irrational ways? Would this be acceptable. And we believe that just to be hip, a lot of people adopt the Schizophrenic or Anorexic Identities to be cool, we would even get a new Identity Politics for them and they would become yet another identity protected class. We believe it would be very bad for society if anorexics and schizophrenics did this, and this is exactly what transsexuals are doing.

Alt Left position on transsexuals:

  • Bare minimal human rights for transsexuals.
  • Nondiscrimination against transsexuals employment with some reasonable limits.
  • Kindness and tolerance, but no more than that, to transsexuals because they are after all only humans with a mental illness.
  • Recognition that transsexualism is a mental disorder and the treatment of it as such.
  • A halt to the celebration, promotion and encouragement of the mental illness called transsexualism because it is bad for society and it is senseless to celebrate, promote and encourage mental illness.

* I had a transsexual as a potential client, and I was very nice to him too. I would have taken him on as a client also, and I would have been very nice to him.


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6 responses to “An Alternative Left Position on Transsexualism

  1. Matt

    I occupy the middle ground here. I think transgenderism is a real thing, but I think most of the people claiming to be that now are actually just transvestic fetishists who have gone a step beyond.

    But when you have a person who, from the earliest age, insists that they are the opposite assigned gender, show behavior patterns markedly atypical for their biological sex right down to sitting to urinate (if male to female), etc., I say there is something hardwired into neurology or biology going on. I also think the real deal is very, very rare. Such a person probably can’t disguise their nature even if they want to, so I would be skeptical of someone who “comes out” at age 50 or beyond after a long, successful life in their biological sex. That means you, Bruce.

    What should be done about it? Maybe in these rare, rare cases transition and surgery is the best answer. But we need more actual science.

  2. Ultra Cool

    If a person says they wish to be the opposite sex, they are definitely sane, albeit weird. If a person says they objectively are the opposite sex, they are mentally ill, though probably harmless.

  3. I live in Thailand and ladyboys are never real women because they have the desires and sexual behavior of a male. Another words a lack of discrimination.


  4. Thai Trannies can make about $1,000 a month. Huge money. Some Filipino trannies or Chinese ones will visit to sell their body. It’s huge money.

    Insofar as males who use trannies, probably it is easier to access an anus than a vagina because society puts a premium on ovaries.

  5. Jason Y

    No, I don’t think mental illness should be a hip thing. Possibly mental illness is over-diagnosed. For instance, some guy who never exercises, eats junks food, chain smokes, and drinks 24/7 will also claim to have several mental disorders. However, just maybe lol, it’s his unhealthy and lazy lifestyle that is really making him sick. How would taking pills help the situation? But anyway he’s probably just getting them to sell on the side.

    So likewise with many kids suffering from ADD whatever else, they are possibly eating junk food all day, laying around etc. and now they are mentally ill. Should we be shocked?

  6. The more the merrier, right? For heterosexual men, the less men who choose to act as heterosexual men, the less competition for women, right?

    And for those of us who are sexually aroused by feminine ladyboys, it’s a plus for us too.

    Look, transexual porn is the 4th most searched for porn genre. A LOT of men are interested in ladyboys but won’t come out and admit it.

    The way I see it, it’s not homosexuality because it is a man who is attracted to a female (who just happens to have a penis). So the heterosexual principle of male attraction to female is still in play.

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