PUA/ Game: Want Hollywood-Style Wild Love Affairs with Women? Act Alpha.

There are many men out there who are relationship retards. They just do not function well in relationships with women either because they are not cut out for this or they repel the women they are with so much that the relationship is lousy when it lasts at all.

Women may marry and even have kids with relationship retards, but they don’t fall head over heels in love with them because relationship retards are not very lovable men. It is not uncommon for these men to go through their whole lives never having any woman fall in love with them because there is nothing there to fall in love with. There has to be something at least a  bit wonderful, glorious, heroic or beautiful about a man for any woman to even fall in love with him at all in the first place.

And men who regularly have women falling crazy in love with them, especially the point of being wildly jealous, possessive and even combative with rival women over the man tend to have one thing in common.  These men tend to display “Alpha” traits. That does not mean they are statistical Alphas but more that they are behavioral Alphas. If you want women to fall wildly, movie style, Romeo and Juliet head over heels insane in love with you to where she is possessive, jealous and even fighting other women over you, you must act Alpha. That’s how you get women to act that way, and women tend to respond to Alpha behavior in that madly in love, love affair of the century style.

Beta not to mention Omega behavior in men simply does not generate that Hollywood style love affair of all time passion. Behavioral Betas are rather drab men, and they just do not generate passion in women very well. Omega behavior by definition is not only drab and unable to arouse passion but often is actually downright repellent of women’s passion.

A man has women falling head over heels in love with him regularly where there even two or three women mad in love with him at once? He’s a Behavioral Alpha. Almost by definition he cannot be anything else.

Women are actually fighting each other over man? He’s Alpha. He cannot be anything else. Women don’t fight over Betas. Betas fight other men over women. Remember?

A man is getting regular marriage proposals pretty quick into relationships? He is probably an Alpha. Alphas are so irresistible that women start clamoring to marry them forever at a very early time in the relationship. Alphas spend a lot of their time turning down marriage and cohabitation suggestions from women if they are single.

If women are saying, “I want to have your baby, dammit! I want to have your kid!” Guess what? The guys an Alpha. That’s what women say to Alphas.

Sure, women have kids with Betas, but it’s more like, “Let’s have a baby,” or “Let’s you and me have a baby,” or “Do you think we should have a baby?”, like that. She’s having the kid for the couple, not for her. She doesn’t want to “have his kid”; she wants the two of them to have a baby together. See the difference?


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25 responses to “PUA/ Game: Want Hollywood-Style Wild Love Affairs with Women? Act Alpha.

  1. Juan Carlos

    Omegas are “behaviorally drab” but not mentally drab.

    where would we fall in this theory?

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  3. The mean intelligence/education of a population anywhere can be measured by the number of women who have sex with violent, dominating, even sociopath Alpha Males and produce his neglected bastard children.

    In underclass districts it is common and white collar suburbs non-existent.

    Educated upper-income females who might possess but will suppress this deep urge to be inseminated by a brute while Beta male is out collecting berries in the modern sense. Or they will have an abortion. In suburbs you will meet no women who will bear these brute Alpha’s kids.

    Women with high school or GED education/under 105 IQ will bear children for Alpha male brutes/thugs/slick sociopaths.

    Gross generalization but you will see this pattern with NAMS and poor rural whites and in the UK with chavs.

    Dad is the tall, tough, strong, sometimes charming and macho local sociopath loser whose bastard personality stupid women find rakishly charming who wants little to do with his biological children because he spends his money in the bars/drugs or on his vehicle/motorcycle.

    He’ll father 2-4 such children between 18-35 when his youthful Alpha status is worn down to the point that he has no appeal for stupid women 18-25 and he is dead/jailed/debilitated by drugs/drink.

  4. Every woman in a police station filing a restraint order or seeking Section 8 or simply peddling ass to support 2 bastard children was inseminated by an Alpha male who shot his load and walked off to be with “Bros before the Ho”

    He would be a strong handsome loser who was a tough biker ex-con if white and black thug-life gangster if black and a macho Latin if in the barrio.

    Soon he is back inseminating other women whose IQ’s are under 105 and his children are forgotten.

    By the time his kids are 15 he is 35 or 40 and cannot ever have any money anyhow because he has a petty criminal record if white and is in jail for life or dead if he is a NAM.

    Beta males sometimes pick up the slack.

  5. SHI

    There has to be something at least a bit wonderful, glorious, heroic or beautiful about a man for any woman to even fall in love with him at all in the first place.

    Atta, Robert, my man. Holy fuck, I love being a man. There’s so much you can do when youknow that you are confident around women. No faking it.

    Only a year and a half ago, I was in Poland, fucking my way around that country like table knife through butter. This was a strange country I knew nothing about before I got in there. I got lucky in other places of Europe too but Poland was like a chick magnet’s dream come true. In my town, I won’t claim success with all women that I set my eyes on, but I do know enough of them that are ready to marry me, just waiting for me to pop the question. They wait eagerly for my text, blushing like 12-year old schoolgirls when I’m around. I’m telling you, I’ve been around the block so much lately that it’s become like second nature for me to act in a certain way that women find appealing.

    A lot of girls have confessed to me that there’s something they find really irresistible about me. The evidence lies in the fact that almost every man that I meet, if he’s around his wife/girlfriend, views me as a threat. And when I haven’t even flirted, smiled at her or had any inclination to make her cheat on him.

    All right, here’s the lowdown on where exactly that irresistible bit lies. If you’re a man, and you need any woman that caught your fancy. First, get a few things straight. Here’s what you don’t need.

    1. Lots of money: Let’s take the owner of this blog, Robert Lindsay. He says he’s always broke and I have reasons to believe that, but given the plenty of dating anecdotes that he has to recount, I have every reason to believe he’s indeed speaking the truth about his success rate with women. From one playa’ to another, I understand how this old fox must operate. He’s glib, intellectual, and possibly very affectionate to his girlfriends, but a rich man surely he is not. That sure don’t stop him from grabbing ’em by the pussy (sorry, couldn’t resist that 🙂 ).

    2. Good looks: While being handsome is definitely an accelerator when you already have some game to begin with, and it does draw women to you initially, if you want to be a keeper of women, or even succeed in a one-night stand, good looks aren’t enough of a deal. In fact, in many cases, they become a deal-breaker because many women happen to have a low self-worth (I would venture to say, all women have low self-worth) and are easily intimidated by a model-looks man with an aggressive, macho personality. I can’t repeat it enough, it doesn’t matter if you’re a good-looking guy or an ugly one. You gotta have game on top of your looks. A good-looking guy with zero personality and poor communication skills is a dealbreaker for most women. They also happen to be the most lonely and depressed men you’ll ever meet in a bar. I’ve met plenty of good-looking men who can’t fathom what they really lack in being able to pull the women they want.

    3. A perfectly sculpted body and big biceps: Whew, fighter. I always found going to gym a waste of time. Recently, I was down on my luck and was evicted from my apartment and forced to stay in a hostel with other men. All three of my room-mates were muscle rats with zero brains. All they ever talked about was exercise. I used to hate those conversations. But guess what, none of them knew how to attract women to save their lives. One was married though but his wife lives in another town and they don’t see each other very often. I’m sure she’s fucking some cute, sensitive guy on the side just to piss him off.

    I hate exercise. I do keep in shape though. Just don’t get fat. EVen if you do have a few extra pounds, as a man, don’t worry about it. Let women worry about their self-image and looks.

    See, the reasoning is simple. Just like a man isn’t supposed to give two shits about knowing how to cook and clean, neither should he give a fuck about how he appears to women. It’s totally irrelevant really. It’s her job to look nice to you, not yours. Women subconsciously hate it when men try to “out-look” them (just coined that word, pardon me).

    OK, so now let’s move on to what a man really needs to attract women.

    1. Confidence: Being Alpha is definitely important, but that fact is really being overemphasized with so many PUA books written on that topic. I would consider an overall positive state of mind to be a more decisive factor in your ability to pull women. One word. Confidence. It boils down to the simple, straightforward reasoning that most women are downright, depressive maniacal creatures. They can’t think straight and are constantly in need of the proverbial male shoulder to cry on. If you can pretend that you give a shit about their silly emotions, you’re like halfway through. Trust me, most women become unbearable once they act emotional. And clingy. That’s when it’s time to bail out. Run from her and never look back.

    You can use the word “Game” instead of “confidence”. The simple rule is don’t ever be the soppy, sentimental man that needs a woman to “share” his emotional burden. Fuck that shit. Quit that emotional claptrap immediately if you want success with women.

    A little known secret to doing well with women in social situations, is something called frame control . You can Google on that one. It’s really about keeping your emotions in check. You must expect her to insult your manhood by trying to ignore your attention, playing mind games or betraying you. You gotta wise yourself up to those tricks and let it be known very clearly that you’re not a pushover. Be strong and subtle. Don’t fight. It’s just a silly game but you gotta start playing by her rules, and then make her bend over and submit to yours.

    2. Do improve your standard of expectations: Most men are happy being with just about any woman that gives a fuck about them. From a reproductive standpoint, that’s healthy. Otherwise, most women wouldn’t have any man to produce babies. Honestly, most men don’t know where to draw the line, and will do anything, These are the betas who will bend over backwards not to “lose” her. Fuck that. Always treat her as if you don’t give a shit if she’s gone, even if you do. A couple of heart-breaks are healthy. They make you a stronger man. But, really, stop taking shit from women.

    In the words of a playa’, that I respect deeply Never allow yourself to be used by women. Become a user 🙂 /

    If there’s any woman in your life, let it be known to her what are your standards of expectations from her. She might try to stoke your jealousy with other guys in her life. Don’t fall for those tricks. Be punitive if and when she crosses the line. There will be consequences if she ignores your affection. She’ll be discarded from your life like a dirty cockroach on a dirty floor. Don’t show any pity or chances of reconciliation. Make her beg you to reconsider her in your life. I love that feeling when a woman is literally begging you back in her life.

    • Muslim Indian men are the Alpha males of India: some wife will raise his neglected children while he drinks and visits prostitutes and fights in the street.

      Despite marriage he will father children with other dumb low-IQ low-caste women of any religion.

      Thus Muslims stay poor because the women are attracted to macho tough guys who always drink and never have a decent job and have 12 children.

      Baniya caste will be the Gammas or Betas. Their wives and mothers dominate them and they have no balls. However they do not make many women pregnant and have 1-2 children so they have money, resources, social mobility.

      • SHI

        Muslim Indian men are the Alpha males of India

        Actually, it’s the Punjabi men who are the real Alphas. Also, the ones from Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and other Northern states.

        The only Muslim men in India who would be considered Alpha are the descendants of Pushtoons (or Pathans). Their families migrated from Afghanistan in last 200 years.

        The Pushtoons are an honorable race unlike the other Muslim subcontinentals.

        I agree with your remaining points.

        • SHI

          Here’s a Pashtun, a Pakistani cricketer turned politician called Imran Khan. He looks more Aryan to me than Adolph Hitler.

        • Pathans actually migrated from Central Asia to Northern Afghanistan and Pakistan about 500 years ago. Any Khan is a Pathan, even a white Gora knows this. Salman etc.

          Sikhs are big and tough but do not have a macho behavior pattern of fathering kids with multiple partners or being street thugs like Muslims.

          Punjabi women are rather tough themselves and really do not tolerate multiple sex partners/children outside of marriage.

        • I’m talking about athletic prowess, Sikhs own that, I’m talking about scummy thuggish borderline criminal in the street Alpha behavior like children with multiple women you cannot pay for and drinking and generally being a scumbag. Kashmir Muslims can be lumped into this group, I agree.

          Anybody named Khan is a Pathan and as the surname indicates they are actually Central Asians who migrated into Afghan/North Pakistan borderlands 500 years ago. Salman Khan is a pretty typical Pathan.

          If you were to ask every child with an absent father who was a drunk and street thug what religion he was, it would Muslim in India.

    • You have an advantage as a foreigner in any country no matter what color. Whites will do better than Indians in India, Indians will do better in Eastern Europe, Blacks in Northern Europe, Northern Europeans in Asia.

      Whites have the advantage of rarely being poor or unemployable but also being reasonably tall and masculine (Compared to a Tamil or Chinese) with chiseled features and muscular build in addition to a slightly bigger penis.

      • SHI

        So, many Indian women you fucked so far? Ballpark.

        • I’m now 43 and unable to remember because I have been coming and going from India for 17 years. I’m like Tom Alter but less successful. You MIGHT know my name.

          I have no hatred towards India. I was paid and once or twice low-caste people pushed me around for being white but nothing like what Indians experience from white racists in England.

          I’d be offended if somebody said Indian call girls are bad or trash because they are nice girls by Western standards. For $150 they are nice, honest (Don’t steal your wallet when you are in the shower) and have a good attitude (Hinduism has a realistic approach to sex and life in general) unlike some snotty Russian nurse who is in it only for money, hates being in Mumbai and thinks she is better than you are.

          Some drink a beer first or smoke some Ya-Ba but are not “junkie” addicts like white prostitutes in London who just want another “fix”.

          NB Some regular Indian girls will have sex if you smoke free Ya-Ba with them but I do not like the high.

          About 100 Desi women in my lifetime. I like them. They are clean, usually shave the pussy if they are having sex for a living, good at what they do.


          If underage girls are your thing, India is not your destination. Underage prostitutes are trafficked minors who are scared and desperate. If you like grown women 25-40 for consensual testicle-busting experienced sexual pleasure than Indian is a great place to go. Indian women are not as trashy as Russian or African women so even the prostitutes are “nice ladies” by Western standards.

          NB Many Indian women get into prostitution freelance because they love f*cking. Indian women no matter how poor who hate F8cking will never be prostitutes. Don’t ask me why.

          Bangladeshi women who are Muslim are actually some of the best at oral sex in South Asia. They will be in their 30’s or 40’s but for an eye-popping ball-busting BJ one should visit Dhaka. They seem to love the oral with no condom. These South Asian women are quite horny especially after beer and into their 50’s.

          Punjabi women look almost white and some will screw you if you get them drunk but only then. Who wants to have sex with a drunk hairy chubby Punjabi woman.

          “Women Markets” are really ill-advised. The girls are not even really Indian. Some are trafficked and underage. Muslim thugs will sometimes kill a white who is down there and they run these places. I’d tell every Gora to avoid these places.

          Bengali prostitutes are natural pros from Calcutta to Wasco Beach in Goa.

          Whites “who don’t pay for it” run the risk of getting beaten up in discos picking up Indian women.

  6. I am white but if I told you my name you might recall it from STARDUST. I’m similar to Tom Alter, but much much less successful.

    1999 I first entered a particular industry and immediately spent my pay on Wasco beach prostitutes in Goa. A FEW (Not many) Indian women who are bored and married will have sex but it is more difficult AND sometimes lower-caste Indians will be beat up a white trying to pick up Indian women in discos.

    Pros I prefer. Indian prostitutes are actually by Western standards “nice girls”. They are cheerful, honest (They won’t steal), $150 is a decent amount of money for them (Goras pay more of course) and generally want to please.

    Bangladeshi women are Muslim but I have had sex with a few for free. The White Colonial thing is still present there and some think it is an honor to be shafted by a white man. I’ve used prostitutes there as well.

    Some like to drink or smoke Ya-Ba pills but they are not addicts like most Western street prostitutes who just want another “heroin fix”.

    Unlike African girls who are being pimped or Russian nurses who hate what they are doing but want money and think they are better than you, Indian prostitutes do not have an attitude.

    • SHI

      About 100 Desi women in my lifetime.

      That’s an impressive number. I think it’s something to do with “melanin”. Pale skinned women from Northern Europe aren’t nearly as passionate in bed as Indians, Arabs or Latinas You really have to coax them to put themselves out there, and they’ll damn well not please you (as a foreigner) except for a blowjob. Slavic women from Russia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic etc. are infinitely better though than say, Germans or Dutch. I’ve had only one American girl so far so cannot generalize for the USA.

      The only White women who are passionate in bed happen to be from Spain, Italy, Portugal and Latin America. They’re similar to their melanin-endowed sisters in that regard, and different from Northern Euro’s.

      • SHI

        Who wants to have sex with a drunk hairy chubby Punjabi woman.

        That’s funny, and true. Punjabi girls in their early 20s are very sweet but as they age and mature, they end up turning into fat pigs with a harsh voice and tons of hate and jealousy, and if you’re a softie, she’ll walk all over you. No winning with them. Plus, they always have asshole brothers and cousins who are gym junkies or into violent hobbies. Overgrown man-children with a tendency to “punch first, and talk later”.

        To be fair, not all Punjabi women are hairy. But, there is some truth in that. Body waxing is very popular with Punjabi ladies.

        Punjabi women are ANIMALS in bed though. They will fuck you for hours at a stretch, and passionately. You might get tired but she won’t. It’s hard to compete with them in anything, even sex. LOL.

  7. Jason Y

    OK, so a family man is a wuss. However, isn’t the cultural left elitism? Sure sounds like it to me. Isn’t that whole message given via Hollywood? Don’t shows like The Simpsons try to show a family man as a bumbling idiot (Homer Simpson) or a pansy (Ned Flanders) ??

    • JASON Y JOOS might be heavily involved in PRODUCING this material but do you think Hyman the animator takes shit from his wife in the home he pays for?

      Anglos are sheep. They question nothing. If I dipped my penis in chocolate sauce and told some Anglo it was an Ice Cream cone he might suck it.

      Jews and Asians do not complain that PORN is wrecking their families. So-called Christians complain they cannot stop pounding the pud to pictures of Ron Jeremy’s hairy fat stomach hanging over his wiener.

      Dude himself has stated he doesn’t even WATCH PORN HIMSELF.

      Mexicans do not complain their kids are junkies smoking crack. El Chapo’s kids are not sucking some penis in an alleyway to get crack or smack.

      Anglos are fools. I say Anglo-Americans because Brits tend to be wiser.

  8. Well this makes me feel better about life. Mostly been fucking prostitutes but the two indian girls I had a fling with the past year both told me how much they were “in love” with me, even though I felt nothing for them. Funny how that works, the less I feel for them, the more they claim to love me. The second one even knew I was married and was asking me “please divorce your wife and let’s run away together”. I never took her suggestion seriously of course because I am not going to divorce my wife. She was then making indirect suggestions like she wanted to have my baby, so I finally banged her but pulled out and blasted on her stomach, and she said “Outside?” in disappointment. The chick actually would have been willing to have my baby even though she knew I was married.

    I just kind of gave up on all that and realized that banging prostitutes is a lot easier and allows me to focus my mind on work and earning money rather than chasing women. PUA is good for single guys but it’s risky for married guys cause it’s pretty hard to keep affairs hidden and so that’s why prostitution is mainly used by married men. A prostitute won’t stalk you, call you 20 times a day, etc. Oh yeah, the first girl was fucking calling me 20 times a day, so I had to turn off my phone most of the time.

    • “You pay the hooker to leave, not for the sex” one prostitute is quoted for saying.

      In any event, Indian call girls are the best and for $150 you can enjoy a clean, professional, no-frills good time.

      By Western Standards Indian call girls are actually “nice girls”. They are not junkies like many white prostitutes (Some smoke Ya-Ba or drink) and they won’t steal from you.

      I’ve been using them all of my adult life.

  9. Tulio

    “Beta not to mention Omega behavior in men simply does not generate that Hollywood style love affair of all time passion. Behavioral Betas are rather drab men, and they just do not generate passion in women very well.”

    Most men are Betas, and most men are perfectly capable of being good husbands, fathers and providers. This is probably the reason that women’s sexuality has been strongly controlled under a patriarchal society where a woman’s father must approve of her choice in men, because the father’s choice would be the most rational choice and her fickle emotions would play no role in it. In the long run, society is better off for it. This is how it still is in the traditional countries. It may be politically incorrect in this feminist era, but there’s a certain wisdom I think that underlies arranged marriages. There must be some reason why it’s been almost universal in all cultures, advanced(until recently) and primitive that women do not get to marry and mate with whoever they want without severe social consequences.

  10. Black ghettos are the exception where Alpha males rule the roost and women run around pregnant with children the guy is never going to pay a single dime for.

    Alpha male societies have loads of illegitimate kids running around the streets like stray dogs.

    Asian societies fare best as a result.

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