In Praise of Transphobia


Up with transphobia!

Transphobia FTW!

Get lost, freaks! Weirdos out!

Get help deviants! There’s no shame in mental illness. A mental health clinician is only a phone call away. Fight stigma now!


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15 responses to “In Praise of Transphobia

  1. Gay State Girl

    Great stuff!

  2. Good to see that we agree on this, Robert. They do need help, inverting or making new genitalia isn’t ‘help’.

  3. Gay State Girl

    Steve Bannon would say I’m a variation of transgenderisn because I’m a woman who doesn’t like kids.

    • @GSG:

      My sister is like that, and then any again, so am I. No kids for me. Cats, dogs, fish…Just no Homo Sapiens Sapien’s spawn for me.

      Nothing to be ashamed of. To many fucking people on planet Earth nowadays anyways. 😉 anyways. 😉

  4. By that logic all gay men are misogynists and straight women are too.

  5. Are straight men and lesbians misanderists for not liking dick? Of course people who think like this likely believe only cis het scum males can be sexist.

  6. Have we really come to the stage where the Conservative ravings about how men will have to take a dick in the ass or else be *phobic have become justified?

    I’m trans-gander. I identify as a male goose. I get called “goose” enough times by the spouse.

  7. Jason Yid

    I don’t think androgyny and trans are the same things. The act of “putting it on” or “cutting it off” is a mental illness. Also, I wouldn’t lump trans stuff with interracial marriage and dating which is normal.

  8. Jason Y

    Trans is bizarre and a mental illness. However, race mixing and androgyny to some extent are normal. However, WNs would lump it all together as transhumanism which is BS cause as Robert noted people have been mixing for centuries.

    However, there has been a trend in multiculturalism lately which seems to be a devious scheme. For instance, whites marrying African Americans is one thing, but letting in Muslims, who are often terrorists, is another thing. In other words, some cultures cannot coexist.

  9. I’ve been with a couple of ladyboys. It was a pretty hot and exciting experience, although I couldn’t bring myself to put my cock into their asshole (with a condom of course). Something about anal sex just doesn’t feel natural to me and so I can’t get hard enough to do that. Even still there is something very erotic about getting a handjob from a person who looks hotter than a real woman but has a penis.

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