In Praise of Racism


Transphobia FTW! Get help freaks!

There is no shame in racism! Be racist and proud, don’t be shy! Don’t let those liberal dogooders stop you!

I’m a racist! A proud racist! A defiant racist! I love my race, the human race! If there’s one race I hate, it’s the nonhumans! That means you its, whatever the Hell you tranny things are! I don’t know what you are, but you sure ain’t people. Humans are either male or female, period. If you can’t make up your mind if you are male or female, I’m going to call you “it.” If you’re neither male nor female, you’re a thing. Real simple. You are not part of my glorious race. You’re one of those lower races, you know, the nonhumans.

Heshe’s got lost!


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13 responses to “In Praise of Racism

  1. The LGBTQ thing just went too far : the backlash will know no limits. “Cultural Marxism” as they call it (actually I just doubt that the leaders of the real Frankfurt School would have enthused the least for such an organized elite-led degeneracy, given the very high intellectual and ethical level of each of their works) has just hit a wall, in the vey same way Trade Union Marxism hit another one about 1980 as they had neglected ordinary menial workers in favour of privileged bureaucracies and government service workers. They say Trump is about to break his promises. He will break many as all presidents do. But that one he will never break : derailing for good the train of “moral progressivism” in the same way as Reagan derailed for good the train of social progressivism in America. After Reagan any involvement in the betterment of the living conditions of the working masses had become unamerican, you may still push for the betterment of your own life as a worker but as an individual only at a great disregard for your class. Same thing is about to happen with all minority liberation fronts as they call them, especially sexual, but all other minority bandwagons that accepted to be drawn by the feminist-sexual locomotive : you will still be able if you have the money and contacts to push for your own individual sexual and minority rights, but only in a very Victorian way, in as much as you accept that they don’t apply to the great mass that must be kept traditionally-minded for corporate use, but only to yourself and a few privileged others keeping your things private if you have managed to join the elite while it was time.

    Once such a train hits a wall, reaction knows no limit, first in the form of a trainwreck, then in a reversal of all train schedules in that region. It must be remarked that in both cases the decision for organizing the trainwreck and reversing the schedules have come from Zionist Jews of a particular kind quite unlike the mainstream Jews of America and other western countries, and connected fare more directly to the Israeli rights and some Jewish circles from Oriental lands located far outside the progressive western paradigm. The Thatcher-Reagan social trainwreck was in great part due to the action of Likudniks and Iranian Jews supporting the Israeli neoliberal right : all other more modern Jews that had identified with social progress in the marxist sense had to adapt to secure their rank as intellectual elite people in a world where progress was to be corporate-sponsored so as to take place on the moral front and ally with social regression. That other trainwreck comes from the very people in Israel who have identified with the building of the Jerusalem wall and also want Jewry to become as secluded and veiled as the Islamic world in its own way. All other Jews that have identified with moral progress will have to adapt once more to secure their rank in a world where progress will go on big-religion-sponsored on the technological front alone.

    In a certain sense, this will prove better for workers, even though by incidence only, not by any merit from Trump and his ilk : the LGBTQ thing and all the minority bandwagons that are attached to that locomotive eat up the working man’s revenues most directly, by devouring all new social investment. Technical competence alone will grow back into favour and this will result into an East-Asian-style (Corporate Japanese or Thai mafia) return to relatively high revenues for dedicated workers on the forefront of technological progress.

  2. JUDITH I was 6 when Reagan beat Carter but just as people were tired of anti-authoritarianism, hippies, discos, drugs, Black Panthers, free love and anything liberal by 1980 now the Silent Majority is tired of Leftists.

    Whether this actually prevents the Middle Class from sinking is questionable but the intent is for blacks, hippies and gays to stop standing in the middle of the highway.

    So I agree.

    • Strange though I may sound, the Reagan drive of the 1980’s prevented the workingman’s standard of living to fall faster, actually it was maintained and even recovered up to about 1972 level (just before the oil crisis) during the whole decade while of course most of the spectacular economic growth of that period went to the business class : the really nasty period for the workingman happened to start with Bush and go in full swing with Clinton. Why so? Because the liberal professional class, from the hippie movement onwards, had decided through most of its intellectuals’ mouth that material progress for the greater number was a thing of the past, that the traditional American and, by extension, Western hope of bequeathing a world a little better to one’s descendants was to be deemed sinful from then on and typical of the White dead males, that was the conclusion of practically all successful university studies in so-called human sciences. There was just no hope but the philosophical acceptance, with the help of yoga exercises and various oriental cults, of an increasingly impoverished existence by identifying with the people who voted for Carter, the president under who the Georgia Guidestones were erected (by the way these faux megaliths were erected by people who were then gravitating around the Co-Evolution Quarterly Magazine, not by the present-day Globalists proper : not very powerful people but very typical of a whole intellectual elite class that had built a profession out of fighting any impulse towards greater progress for the greater number). The hippie movement, by itself, had been a very reactionary movement, full of contempt for the very idea of progress, by identifying quite explicitly with India Eternal. I was by my lifestyle a hippie and lover of India myself for want of a better grassroots cultural alternative to the anglo-saxon culture I don’t really like, bu I was always very critical of hippie ideas and even more so of India as a society. When it came to study and visit India, I identified with Indian communism, not Hinduism, and that was before my own discovery that Hinduism as we know it is a latecomer (14-15th century) in the History of religions : before that religion the sub-continent had known far more progressive religions.

      By any rigorous class analysis performed as per the Marxist method, the East Coast and California style liberal mentality is one of the most reactionary ever, which should be classified in the extreme right together with the neo-nazis, actually the only variance with the Nazis is one of Jewish rather than mere Aryan supremacism. Had the East Coast Democrats presented their ideas in France about 1930 or even 1965, they would have been put far at the right of most right-wing leaders of that time, especially as regards multiculturalism and the kind of cultures that are highlighted in the framework of this multiculturalism. Trump, on the other hand, would have been classified as reformist centre business-minded outsider, like Bernard Tapie, as is generally done with most people who identify with their personal interests and grandiloquent tastes they would impart to the whole nation, rather than with their mere class interests.

  3. Juan Carlos

    I was watching the PBS Newshour Friday and Mark Shields said “the democrats need to let go of social stuff; like LGBTQ, and focus on having their own Carrier moments”

    It looks like some alt-left-ish ideas are making progress.

  4. If a country can be socially progressive while Trump de-regulates business and practices crony capitalism so that the economic pie shrinks further I am not sure.

    I suspect his law-and-order platform will be an alibi to reign in Occupy Wall Street, BLM, gays and anyone else who has no white-collar job with time on their hands to protest on the street.

  5. Is this a serious post? If so, I agree. Why create 6 million genders just because “you feel like you were born in the wrong body”? It’s called mental illness.

  6. I agree with Robert. They’re people with mental disorders that are also usually unstable people in other areas of life as well. I think a lot of people who wouldn’t care so much about what they do are pushed into extreme “transphobic” views because the lgbtq people on’t want tolerance, they want celebration and submission. It’s not enough to say” I don’t want anyone to beat you to death on a fencepost. ” No that’s not enough. You have to openly admire the “courage” of Caitlin Jenner or say “yeah two guys fucking dozens of men on a Bahamas cruise does not make me retch. Its beautiful love.” and if you dont say these obvious progressive truths then you’re Hitler. Also, they blatantly lie and disregard nature. They can’t say ” Hey we know we are a God damn freak show, please just let is be so we can dress up and sodomize other guys in dresses.” They have to say that we heteros are equal to their kinks and both are valid options. That they can use your bathroom and if you mildly disagree you’re depriving them of human rights. You’re Idi Amin. Bullshit! But when some boneheaded dumbfuck goes on about creationism or the Ark, then all the sudden it’s evolution, science, biology…etc. GTFO!!

  7. “Intersex describes a wide variety of combinations of what are considered male and female biology. Aside from having an ambiguous-looking external genitalia, true intersex in humans differs from pseudohermaphroditism in that the person’s karyotype has both XX and XY chromosome pairs (46XX/46XY, 46XX/47XXY or 45X/XY mosaic). Some people who are intersex have both testicular and ovarian tissue.” wiki

  8. Lin

    Would you include robots into the ‘race’? The more advanced robots become, the more likely they’ll have minds of their own and more likely to ask for ‘slavery’ compensation and start ‘Androids Lives Matter’.

    White nationalists lament their ancestors didn’t pick cotton themselves, and decades from now, humans will ask how didn’t 20th/21st century humans do welding in car assembly plants.

    Worst are yet to come; androids will likely have flexible combinatorial/plug-n-play gender sets, and they will campaign for polyamory (earthlings, ET, biological,synthetics…included..) equal rights. Sodom and Gomorrah forever! Yaweh will have cast waves upon waves of fire and brimstones (likely meteorite showers..) at the sinners.. and the righteous will build interstellar Noah’s Ark and sojourn in the cosmic darkness for 40 centuries…

  9. “Just let people live how they want to without degrading them.”

    That sounds very tolerant of you.

    What do we do if “letting people live how they want to” starts degrading society?

    How long do we tolerate that?

  10. I am just screwing around with them in this post for kicks and laughs. I don’t really feel that they are not human. Of course they are human. They sort of are not acting human though, sorry.

    If I met one, I would probably be very nice to them because it’s just another human being. You should not hate people just for being mentally ill. It is offensive the way they are celebrating their mental illness and obviously they are encouraging and promoting this mental illness and a lot of impressionable people are voluntarily giving themselves this mental illness just to be hip. It’s absurd!

    • Jason Y

      Definitely, right wing libertarians are mentally ill. However, they justify it by saying they have a God given right of freedom of speech, and whoever attacks them is a politically correct wuss.

      Oddly enough, these same assholes will also bash the mentally ill, even though they’re in the group. It’s like a self-hating black guy calling his wife a nigger lover for marrying him. 😆 (On Dave Chappele episode – the blind black Klansman)

  11. Matt

    Every time a bell rings, Tumblr makes a new gender!

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