Why Mao Is Still a Hero to So Many Chinese

As for your Central Planning, it led to famine, but of course Russians are basically white so the argument against Communism is universal.

Do you know how many famines China had before Mao or how often they occurred?

“Central planning” didn’t cause those famines. They did the transition to collectivized agriculture too fast and the whole thing was such a mess there was a famine for a few years. And in the USSR, a lot of the famine was due to wheat rust epidemic. Also the kulaks set their fields on fire of harvested the crops and piled them in their fields until they got rained on so they got moldy. Also the kulaks killed 50% of the livestock in the several years before the famine. So they destroyed a lot of their crops on purpose and they killed half the livestock in the country. You wonder why there was a famine?

Do you realize that even during the Great Leap in 1958-1961, the death rate in China was still lower than it was in 1949?

The death rate in China collapsed under Mao. Sure, he killed some people, but he saved way more.

Failure of central planning to feed people? China and India were at the same place in 1949. That’s how screwed up China was before Mao. It was as bad as India! Can you imagine? If it wouldn’t have been for Mao, China would be like India right now? India?! Can you visualize that?

After Mao, the malnutrition rate in China is 7%.
After Indian capitalism, the malnutrition rate in India is 51%.

If you wonder why so many Chinese still revere Mao, it’s because of things like that. Chinese people are not idiots.


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49 responses to “Why Mao Is Still a Hero to So Many Chinese

  1. Mao was also a brilliant general. One of my poli sci professors retired my senior years and gave interested students pieces from his Chinese propaganda collection that he had in his office. I got a Resistance recruitment poster of Mao preaching to his troops.

    Another element of Russia food problem was Lysenkoism. I’m not aware of that theory being followed in China.

    • I think the Chinese are in general a little more pragmatic on issues like this. I think Robert himself posted about this some time back, about how Whites are more likely to have and hold concrete views which are completely wrong.

      I mean think about how China has gone from Communism to some hybrid Communist/Authoritarian Capitalism without missing a beat. It’s still technically the same regime.

  2. Yee

    Central planning was’t wrong, forbidding all private businesses was. Because it oppressed economic vitality. So the policy now changed to centual planning + encourage private investment.
    Central planning is still in place to direct state capital. And it’s planned by those who got a Phd from US universities, kind of funny.

  3. I am always amazed why white man totally believe in the capitalist lies that laissez faire is good and will go to war to defend it. The Chinese longed understand that a strong central government is essential to protect citizens against elites, in other words, to protect the weak against the government itself.

    A weak government is a scenario where capita can do whatever they want on helpless citizen.

    The white man are so hopelessly brainwashed.

    I dont see such narrative change soon. There is no future in USA. USA will be like Rome and will break apart. Anyway, white man civilization has shown incapable of reining elites, and incapable to hold empire for long.

    Only Chinese state is able to do that.

    • Because the Capitalists convince the working class that they too can be rich and powerful and benefit. You see time and time again, hapless worker drones railing against “Socialists”, because that Socialist is going to shut the door to wealth and privilege to them. The system gives some crumbs, mostly through property ownership and housing ponzi schemes, to make them feel in on the game. In reality, its based on unsustainable debt, which is why it fizzles every decade.

      They back the plutocratic class because they believe they can be part of that too. It’s aspirational politics. Also, because one in 100 make it, it just proves even further that it can work. For everyone, of course…

      It took of in Australia in a big way with the Howard government.

      Hope is a powerful force. Like religion, the promise of an afterlife you don’t have to fulfil is enough.

    • CREADERS Strong government in China exists so Ministers can steal. Thousands and millions of Chinese would not be immigrating to any Western country that will take them your government actually treated your society like a family.

      B.S. again.

      • Yee

        Corruption has nothing to do with a goverment strong or weak, high ranking officials in weak governments steal even more. Just take a look at your southern neighbouring countries, or India, or Taiwan, whose former president is in jail for corruption.
        China will deal with the problem, and it’s not that difficult a task. Certainly not as difficult as keeping the big cities safe with 10 mil migrant peasants flooded in each. It will take some time though.
        As for immigration, people always move to places where they can make more money. It’s just humam nature. A lot of westerner move to China too.

      • USA is world most corrupt country.

        I doubt your IQ.


    20th Century Australia was built by lower-class British immigrants and many English children of these poor Brits would NEVER have gone to college or had a decent job if their parents had remained in England. I’d say Australia is more Egalitarian than America or certainly U.K.

    You’d find more successful Paul Hogan types or poor Albanian Melbourne immigrants borne into wretched poverty who manage to climb up the social ladder to middle-class or upper middle-class success in Australia than the United States.

    Able-bodied layabouts in Australia are able to have a one-room apartment off the dole instead of simply lying around drinking cans on the street in the U.S.-Keeping lazy useless codgers from shitting and pissing and begging on the roads is probably worth the government expenditures.

    Oh there’s no shortage of hard men in Sydney hotel bars as well as the odd vicious Melbourne Balkans or Italian mafia madman (More in the Howard-era of Chopper Reid police corruption than now) BUT streets ARE safer.

    Early 90’s was sort of Socialist in Australia and Howard was a reaction-some family friends were Australian this what I remember.

    More millionaires will emerge from countries with basic social safety nets than those with de-regulated, Gordon Gekko type Capitalism because wealth distribution is so harsh that far fewer ascend the social ranks.

  5. Yee

    TRASH, are you trying to be stupid? Corruption is linked to social development not race.
    Among the developed countries, Singapore, Hongkong, Japan are far better then white USA.

  6. YEE

    No country in Northwest Europe comes close to the corruption of Taiwan, China. I’ll allow that Spanish introduced corruption to the Philippines and that Chinese immigrants simply encouraged it. Malaysia and Indonesia

    Hong Kong ran on corruption. So did Taiwan. Chinese are famous for corruption in Asia even by the standards of South Koreans now in the middle of their own corruption scandal.

    • Yee

      The least corrupted countries are the Scandinavians, + New Zealand+Singapore+Canada, these make up the top 10. South korea is actually worse than Taiwan who is ranked 30. Japan and HongKong made top 20.
      A lot of countries are doing better than China, but nothing to do with them being “white countries”.

  7. Me Cane You who took over Singapore from his English overlords was educated in Britain and enough scraps of Anglo-Saxon legal training clung to him that he more or less kept their system.

    Indians in Singapore would probably disagree that it was an Asian miracle for them.

    South Korea has had its government fiddled with by the U.S. to prop it up as a buffer state of sorts. Koreans, in my opinion, are the most backward and stupid of the East Asian tribes.

    I won’t discount that Italy, Malta and Spain are also corrupt.

    • Yee

      So what Lee was educated in UK? Mugabe was too. I don’t see Zimbabwe became anything like Singapore. And most of Philippines presidents was educated in US too, look how good a job they’ve done.
      As for the Koreans, they are not backward, they are brain damaged.

      • Americans in Philippines were a low breed of cattle and the same could be said for the Americans in Korea.

        British in Singapore were more intelligent and Lee Kwan Yu was intelligent enough to take the best aspects of their colony. I did not call Kwan Yu stupid.

  8. YEE England hung around to participate in Singapore as a semi-colony through the blessing of Lee, who loved British because of his experience at the hands of Japanese soldiers (Read his biography of nearly being executed).

    Philippines and African countries “threw off colonialism”. Not that I blame them much.

    Koreans brain damaged? I don’t really know how to respond to that.

    • Yee

      TRASH, why don’t you decide first whether it’s the people, the leader or the systems that makes a country. You seem to be shifting all the time.
      If it’ the leader (with a western education), then Zimbabwe would be fine. If it’ the systems, then India and Philippines would be fine, as the systems were set up by UK/US. If it’s the people, then China would be fine, we just need time catching up.
      The Koreans are ridiculously self-important and irrational, they must be suffering from brain damage.

  9. YEE More simple than that.

    Americans never ran colonies as well or efficiently as Britain. Philippines was an abject failure and Iraq was also a waste of money. Both places told the United States to f*ck off (Like Duterte).

    South Korea feels the same.

    English colonies seem to produce loyal subjects of which Me Kane You was one.

    • Yee

      Funny the British never recognize Singapore as democratic. So, no matter how loyal, he told the Britain to f**k off too, not in as many words of course.

      • Lee never told the British to F8ck off…he pleaded for money from Britain to phase out of colonialism when they were weary of looking after the place but it remained a British “protectorate” until 1960’s. Lee never “revolted” like African colonies because he need British loans and military support which was wise because the Brits hung around gibing both.

        Britain maintained an advisory position (Sending money and equipment and technology) until 1975 when THEY told Lee enough was enough (Because Britain was in bad economic shape at that time).

        Lee himself was once “bitch-slapped” by a Japanese soldier (Read his bio) and grateful for the British.

      • Singapore was a British protectorate long after Britain wanted to keep the place because Kwan Yu need money and equipment.

        Britain told HIM to f*ck off in 1975 because by then Britain could not afford subsidizing former colonies.

        Me Cane You was smarter than blacks by not revolting but sucking money and arms and equipment out of Britain for as long as possible which is why their country is far ahead of Zimbabwe.

        Chinese were doing nothing but drinking and growing Tapico when Britain showed up.

  10. America is lousy at running colonies and India was a mess before Britain arrived as well as afterwards.

    Singapore is not as poor as Philippines but it does have pockets of poverty and most of these people are Indian or Malays. In a Chinese colony if you are not Chinese and do not speak the language you can expect to be a minority in poverty like the Tamils and Malays in Singapore.

    Iraq is a mess, Philippines is a mess etc. Nowhere that the Americans every wanted to bring democracy did anything come of the place but refugees headed for England.

    Anglo-Saxon legal frameworks seem to restrain the natural Chinese inclination towards corruption, under-the-table corner-cutting etc. But Me Kane Yu has had to be a dictator.

    • Brian Damage

      It doesn’t matter whether it is the British or Americans, it is the people. I live in a very diverse city in North America with a good mix of Indians, Hispanics, Blacks, Chinese, and others. When I am at the community pool, the only people that are stupid enough to swim back and forth doing laps are the Whites and North East Asians. No Indians, Blacks, Hispanics or Filipinos. I walked into a library, the same thing. If you look and the general developments of many countries, you can tell the ones that are successful. Heck you can also look at the Olympics medal table.

      Success in life require plenty of pre-planning, discipline and perseverance. To start a small business takes lots of planning, savings, hard work and delayed gratification. It is the same with pretty much anything else that requires real effort. Sure, IQ is useful but without the above nothing will happen.

      It is the IQ, culture and the people. Confucianism is very similar to Protestantism. The only difference is the Anglo rule of law which made it possible for the Anglosphere to expand as much as it did. Other than that the values are close. Couple that with IQ, you have a bunch of countries doing much better than the rest,

      • Confucius would have been more like Catholicism.

        Indians will be at home beating up their wife or trying to get a sex slave to marry through an arranged marriage. Unless they are Sikh and then they will be a security guard at the library.

        Filipinos will be giving a man a BJ to supplement their service job or having sex with other Filipinos in their work barracks if they are male.

        Hispanics are sort of similar-an Indio and Spanish dregs mixture-but more macho and likely to be in a gang or jail.

        Blacks will be in the prison library and cannot swim anyhow because of a lower fat count than East Asians or Europeans retain due to cold weather evolution.

        • Brian Damage

          Catholicism is a ritualized version of Christianity. Protestantism got rid of the rituals, less emphasis on the old testament and more on the new. Protestantism is an admixture of Christianity, Anglo culture and work ethics. In that sense it is very similar to Confucianism but with the rule of law.

      • Brian Damage

        That is the reason why the “Fuji” people can come to the Philippines and prosper. It is also the reason when the Indonesians or Zimbabweans tried to take over the businesses set up by the NEAs and Whites, they failed miserably. In addition, the distribution channels collapsed and many goods became scarce leading to starvation. In Indonesia they took over the distribution channels. Sort of like kicking out the middlemen. Didn’t work. Being a distributor is a difficult job. The balancing of the meeting the needs of the “demands” and getting the right price from the “supplies” is a very delicate job. It requires superior cash flow management, hedging for rainy days, inventory management, efficient flow of goods and marketing. It is not just buy the goods and sell them to the retailers whether they want it or not.

        • Philippines gets the dregs of China-illegals, drug dealers running shabu labs, criminals and just plain fools. However they came at the right time while the U.S. ran the place and most (Though not all) prospered.

          Spanish Mestizos or Pil-Ams would have prospered no matter if the Chinese were there or not-actually they hate one another.

          I agree compared to Malays they can do well. Malays themselves migrated from Taiwan or Thailand 3,000 years ago and dominated the Austronesian headhunters.

        • Brian Damage

          I doubt it. (In reply to the post below). The ‘Fujis” are about 2.5% in the Philippines and 1.5% in Indonesia. They are market dominant but they do not make policies.

        • Malays are stupid as shit compared to Fuji Chinese, no quarrel. Their women are always trying to “breed out” with any other race be it Indian, white, Chinese or Hispanic. They are alcoholics in the bargain. On their own Taiwan would look like Borneo. No quarrel.

          This does not make Fuji peasants terribly bright and the Philippines gets the dumbest from Amoy because it is nearby. Fuji in Thailand or Laos are also as dumb but Malaysia and Singapore are further away which probably means the Chinese who immigrated there had more money and more intelligence.

          Malaysians and Indonesians are always roasting, raping and killing Chinese people in riots. They did not do this to the European colonists even though these folks invaded their countries militarily.

          Filipinos are so flash-money orientated they’d rather kidnap some Chinese kid and get a ransom.

    • Yee

      Greed is human nature. Given the chance, everyone will become corrupt. Social development will restrict it, by legal actions or other means. Stop singling out the Chines.
      I’m curious when are you going to start bashing the Jews in USA. As minority they dominates US economy as much as overseas Chinese does SE Asia. And there’re poor people in US too.

      • Fuji Chinese peasants had enough money to start businesses in Indonesia or Philippines post WWII when those people had zero money. Malays in Singapore are not economically dominated by Chinese because the playing field was level and Indian Singaporeans are the business geniuses there.

        Jews do not dominate the economy of the U.S. nearly as much as dumb Fuji peasants in a place like Indonesia or Philippines because Koreans, Germans (Trump), Gujarati, Persians, Japanese all have an IQ as high (or higher) than the average Jew and an equal capacity for doing business along with financial backing.

        • Brian Damage

          The Fuji peasants came with nothing and worked hard. They are coastal people that were able to escape the turmoil at the turn of the century. Cantonese left for the US, the Fujians went to South East Asia. Inland Chinese were less fortunate and were stuck with Commie Mao.

          Many started as laborers. Many worked in the plantations. Savings and encouraging the next generations to do better were what led the “Fujis” to prosper.

          The Jews can’t dominate the US because majority of the US people are of European descent and can be quite competitive. The “Fujis” had carte blanche, especially after the Spanish left and the Americans came in. Indonesia and Malaysia had to resort to religion to get their own people together and control the “Fujis”. Thailand’s model is probably the best. Assimilation. Probably due to similarities in religion and some culture.

  11. The worst Amoy dregs end up in the Philippines, no argument. Chinese Fuji shabu chemists, drug-dealing gangs, gambling addicts, loan sharks. They’ve been an equally disruptive force in the Philippines because Spanish Mestizos/Pil-Ams who still run politics and form the aristocracy do not care what happens on the street (Until some cop got elected).

    Northern Thai people ARE Yunnan Chinese from some prehistoric migration.

    Malays from Taiwan displaced and dominated the Austronesian people who were in Philippines before they sailed over 3,000 years ago so it has been a case of one primitive people over another in a caste system with a few half-white Spanish Mestizos at the top.

    I’d say Cantonese overall are a bit brainier than Fuji people.

  12. CREADERS Lee was beaten up by a Japanese soldier and nearly shot by a firing squad (read his bio, I’m white and I did) but saved by British.

    Chinese lived in total poverty in Singapore into the 60’s when Lee managed to get the white tax payer Englishman to send British finance, technology and metal to build factories.

    Malaysia would have invaded Singapore because if one Malay Muslim pisses on the ground 30 Chinese fall down but the British Navy guarded the place and donated Air Force planes (Later built factories) because Chinese Singaporeans were too poor and illiterate at that time to self-industrialize or self-organize such technology (It was simple then, but nevermind).

    Like most former colonial subjects you wish to bite the white hand that fed you out 30 years of white English tax money to drag you out of a jungle where you were drinking, growing Tapico and making babies in total poverty.

  13. Lee was smarter than Mugabe or Filipinos or Gandhi. He let the British taxpayer drag Singapore out of poverty with finances, military and factories by remaining a “protectorate” until 1975 when Britain was totally broke and nothing more to give.

    Yellow and brown and black people have contributed technology or money to whites but Chinese were intelligent enough to suck resources out of Britain and stick to treaties instead of just shooting at them until they left.

    Thus Hong Kong and Singapore prospered.

  14. CREADERS Fact #1 Lee Kwan Yu acknowledged that he suffered brutality at the hands of Japanese captors and was grateful British liberated Singapore from the Japanese. I would be too.

    Fact #2 Kwan Yu did not revolt against the British like India or Africa so the British remained in Singapore until the 1970’s.

    Fact #3 Britain contributed money, military equipment and factories to Singapore to launch their industrialization.

    Fact #4 Chinese were poor and had nothing in Singapore before they split off from Malaysia and went under the wing of the British.

    Fact #5 Tamils were imported to Singapore and other Indians. They’ve probably contributed to the human productivity.

    Please point out the B.S.

  15. British military had to run Singapore until the 70’s because Chinese could not do it, much less defend their own territory.

    Lee Kwan Yew rode the British empire at the right time or Chinese would still be drinking and growing Tapico all the time.

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